Volume 28, Chapter 340.1: Sunmoon Divine Needle

Huo Yuhao nodded gently and didn’t say anything. However, there was a resolute look in his eyes. It was just that Nangong Wan didn’t know that he wasn’t determined just to win the tournament...

The seven judges were the next to be introduced.

They were all advanced-level soul engineers. There were three Class 9 soul engineers among them, and the remaining four were Class 8. As the seven of them appeared together, they seemed very imposing.

Their speeches weren’t as intense; they were more focused on the fairness of the tournament. They didn’t provoke the nine competitors with their words.

The seven judges were soon seated on the stage in seven comfortable seats that had been prepared for them beforehand.

There were now nine carving tables on this wide stage. These carving tables were each twice as big as the carving tables used in the previous rounds. At this point, the members from the three organizations were setting up the equipment and rare metals that they had brought along.

Before the tournament even started, the three parties were already pitted against one another.


Through his Spiritual Detection, Huo Yuhao observed the nine carving tables. Even though he was a composed person, he couldn’t help but be moved.

He’d never seen such a level of equipment, even at the Illustrious Virtue Hall. Every instrument and tool was exquisite! With all this, his speed and precision would be greatly increased. Furthermore, it might even be possible for him to create a soul tool beyond his class!

As for rare metals, he had as much as he wanted. There were even some rare metals that Huo Yuhao had never seen before.

The Duskwater Alliance had the greatest variety of rare metals; there were sixty-four different types! The glow from all these rare metals even tempted the judges on the stage.

They’ve really spent a lot! Huo Yuhao was in awe. He looked around to meet He Caitou’s eyes.

They had already made plans before they came. In the grand final, they weren’t going to hold back anymore. On the one hand, they could test their abilities. On the other, they wanted the lucrative rewards.

If they won, they could obtain a Class 9 soul tool, along with the Class 9 stationary soul cannon shell. Such things couldn’t be bought with money. Moreover, they would also win a ton of rare metals. Huo Yuhao was more attracted to things he didn’t know about. If He Caitou was given the opportunity to do some research with all these things, he might be able to invent new soul tools!


“Alright, the exciting moment is here. As the three parties prepare their equipment for the tournament later, we’ll let our seven judges safeguard our grand final prize. This prize has been prepared for our winner tonight. Let’s invite our chief judge for tonight – Class 9 soul engineer and the Starsky Douluo Ye Yulin – to present our grand final prize!”

An elder seated in the center of the seven judges stood up. He lifted his right hand, and a spot of silver light shot into the sky.

It was like a silver spark. However, it grew in size as it ascended. When it was a hundred meters in the air, it actually turned into a bright ball of silver light.

Starsky Douluo Ye Yulin? Huo Yuhao was stunned.

When he was in Shrek Academy, he had heard Teacher Fan Yu mention a few notable Class 9 soul engineers in the Sun Moon Empire.

The Starsky Douluo was a Class 9 soul engineer, around Rank 92 or 93. In terms of soul tool creation, he was a genius. He was comparable to Jing Hongchen, and specialized in creating all types of high-altitude soul tools, which was how he had gotten his title.

He Caitou’s Eye of Fear was invented by this man. It was rumored that his soul tools could turn into stars during a war, unleashing great offensive strength. He could even tap into celestial phenomena to attack. His namesake soul tool was called the Sunmoon Divine Needle. It was ranked as having among the highest levels of offensive power of all Class 9 soul tools.

The ball of silver light in the sky finally stabilized. Following this, a silver ray descended from the sky and landed on Ye Yulin. He didn’t make a sound, but mimicked a lifting action. Suddenly, a dim golden ball of light appeared within the silver ray of light.

This ball had a diameter of one meter. As it slowly rose, it resembled a sun, shining along with the ball of silver light until it arrived next to it.

These two balls of light coordinated with each other in the sky, revolving around an invisible center. They wove into a larger golden-silver ball up in the air.

There was no strong aura from these two balls of light. However, all the Class 8 and above soul engineers that were familiar with the Starsky Douluo were shocked when they saw them.

“Our revered Master Ye, can you introduce this prize to all of us?” In the face of Ye Yulin, Lu Qi appeared very respectful.

Ye Yulin was an elder with a bald head. His cheeks were rosy, and his gaze was electrifying.

He lifted his head and was a little reluctant as he looked at the gold and silver ball of light. He said, “Tonight’s grand final prize is a soul tool that I created. I call it the Sunmoon Divine Needle. The reason behind this name is because it is an anchor for the Sun Moon Empire. It’s able to make up for the flaw of my Sun Divine Needle, which only works in the day. 

“It is an offensive-type soul tool. It can rise sixteen hundred meters into the air, and has an effective range of thirty kilometers. With sufficient spiritual power, it can detect a target up to thirty kilometers away, and produce an accurate attack. However, I’d like to caution all our young competitors, this soul tool is my proudest work. I hope you don’t tarnish it! 

“At the same time, please do not dismantle it in an attempt to study it. Otherwise, you’ll only suffer from its backlash...”

Sunmoon Divine Needle!

Huo Yuhao and He Caitou were both shocked. A Class 9 soul tool with an effective range of thirty kilometers! It could also unleash immense spiritual power for detection and accuracy…it was too powerful.

This was their first time encountering a Class 9 soul tool. They only now realized why a Class 9 soul engineer could challenge a Titled Douluo even though his martial soul wasn’t very strong. In addition, they also discovered how a Class 9 soul engineer possessed an obvious advantage in a war.

In a duel, a Class 9 soul engineer was definitely inferior to a nine-ringed Titled Douluo. However, the Class 9 soul tools that they created were lethal!

Huo Yuhao had seen a Class 8 soul tool before. However, it was far different from this Class 9 soul tool! Of course, the Sunmoon Divine Needle was one of the top-ranked Class 9 soul tools, too!

He Caitou was a little excited as he whispered, “Little junior, this thing was custom-made for you!”

Huo Yuhao focused his gaze and glared at him. He Caitou only then realized that he had said the wrong words, and quickly shut his mouth.

However, Nangong Wan and the Third Elder both heard him mention the words “little junior”. Although they were a little doubtful, they weren’t suspicious, as He Caitou didn’t expose anything further, so they didn’t say anything. After all, Huo Yuhao seemed like an evil soul master who specialized in spiritual calling. With his great spiritual power, he was very suited to use the Sunmoon Divine Needle.

The Third Elder snorted and said, “Don’t be fooled by Ye Yulin. His Sunmoon Divine Needle is good, but it takes three days to charge. In addition, it can only be charged using Sun Moon Essence. Its offensive strength is great, but it can only be used three times after being charged. Furthermore, a lot of soul power is depleted every time it’s used! It’s very taxing. The thirty kilometer effective range is theoretical, too. However, it’s true that it can reach sixteen hundred meters into the air.”

Nan Gongwan chortled and said, “Third Elder, admit it. You are indeed inferior to Ye Yulin in terms of high-altitude soul tools. He’s also representing the imperial family. Why do you have to pit yourself against him? Although the Sunmoon Divine Needle is difficult to use, it’s still one of the best Class 9 soul tools. There are only benefits to be reaped by getting it. However, it’s best not to use it before you have nine rings, or you might suffer from a backlash. From what Ye Yulin said, I think he has some kind of self-detonation setting installed into it, too. Don’t try to dismantle it.”

While he was talking to all of them, he was actually looking at Huo Yuhao as he was speaking. It really felt as if he were a teacher guiding his student.

Huo Yuhao didn’t make a sound, and only nodded gently.

He Caitou laughed to himself. Those who are good are always meant to shine. No matter where little junior goes, he always captures attention! Even evil soul masters want to accept him as a disciple.

The introduction of this prize caused a huge uproar. The tournament was about to start! Tonight’s final in the western suburb was bound to cause a huge wave in the Empire!

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