Volume 28, Chapter 339.3: The Curtain Opens

Huo Yuhao had heard from Chen An that this lady was very powerful. Many strong individuals had fallen to her before. While she still seemed very alluring, she had in fact been the Common Alliance Master for forty years! No one knew her actual age. Her cultivation was above An Litong’s. The backers of the Common Alliance even included some of the nobility in Radiant City...

As for the Duskwater Alliance, Nangong Wan represented the imperial family of the Sun Moon Empire. Because of this, the Duskwater Alliance was able to exert their dominance over the other two organizations. However, the other two organizations also represented people that hailed from the higher strata of society. Even the imperial family couldn’t completely suppress these people. Although the Common Alliance and Alto Chamber of Commerce knew that the Duskwater Alliance was composed of evil soul masters, they weren’t afraid, as they knew they had strong backers behind them.

It was under such a premise that this tournament was organized. On the surface, it seemed as if the tournament was a ruse by the three organizations to earn profits from tourists, but in fact, this tournament was very critical for each organization’s authority. The Duskwater Alliance wanted to gain more control, while the Alto Chamber of Commerce and Common Alliance wanted to gang up on the Duskwater Alliance.

After all three parties negotiated and reached an agreement, this ‘fair’ tournament was held. Just like what Huo Yuhao felt, this underground tournament was even fairer than the Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Tournament. There were too many eyes watching.

What was the greatest profit for all three underground organizations? Only the senior members of these organizations knew. They were given the opportunity to control the smuggling of rare metals!

The Sun Moon Empire had banned the sale and purchase of rare metals. Because of this intervention, the rare metals had become very expensive. Under such circumstances, smuggling rare metals was a surefire way to earn massive profits. However, they couldn’t earn this money openly, and the amount of rare metals they smuggled couldn’t be too much, either! Even so, this was a business they had to have.

Between the imperial family, the military, and the nobility, who didn’t want to have a piece of the pie? This was what they were doing earlier, too!

However, Xu Tianran had discovered all this as he slowly rose to power. The three-way smuggling operation caused the loss of rare metals to exceed what the Sun Moon Empire wanted to happen. Xu Tianran was furious, and made up his mind.

He couldn’t completely stop everything. The more he tried to restrain such smuggling operations, the greater the backlash he would receive. Moreover, he hadn’t actually taken the throne yet, and didn’t dare to completely offend the military and nobility. After pondering on the matter, he was the one who supported the underground tournament as a means of dealing with the authority held by the three underground organizations.

Whoever won this tournament would be given full control of the rare metals smuggling operations. Of course, the winning party still had to hand over the dues that they owed to the other two parties. It was only fair that way.

Compared to the other industries, the profits from smuggling rare metals were too attractive. All three parties vied for it. It was why the reward for winning this tournament was so lucrative.

Of course, all this was conducted behind the scenes. Not only was Huo Yuhao unaware, but the rest of the soul engineers in the tournament, including Huang Zheng, didn’t know about this, either.

To Xu Tianran, it was a way for him to control the underground organizations. He had to have a hand in smuggling rare metals, too. How could he do so? Through the Duskwater Alliance, or rather, the Holy Ghost Church. He was determined!


Lu Qi smiled as he stood at one side. He guided the leaders of the three underground organizations to the center of the stage.

“Let’s invite the three chairmen to give their speeches. First, let’s invite the Duskwater Alliance Master, Nangong Wan, to give his speech.”

Although Nangong Wan wanted to kill Lu Qi, he didn’t show it on the stage. He said, “This tournament is jointly organized by all three organizations. I think we can consider this a contribution to the industry of the empire, and it’s going pretty well, too. Tonight, the Duskwater Alliance is determined to win. I also believe that our competitors are capable of doing so, but the championship will belong to us! For those who have yet to bet, you might want to consider us.”

After he finished speaking, he stepped back as a sign that he had finished.

The second to speak was An Litong. He glanced at Nangong Wan and gave a pretentious smile. “It seems like Master Nangong is very confident! However, I don’t concur with you. The representatives from the Alto Chamber of Commerce are all elites from the younger generation of soul engineers. I’m absolutely confident in them. Right here, I’ll represent the Chamber of Commerce and stake ten million gold soul coins on them to win. As long as any of them wins, I’ll donate the profits to everyone.”

As he said this, everyone was shocked. Ten million gold soul coins! Even if they were priced at evens, the potential profit was still ten million gold soul coins! It was an astronomical figure.

Even the Snow Empress’ Spirit couldn’t be auctioned for such an astronomical figure. Ten million gold soul coins was undoubtedly very attractive to soul engineers, who spent a lot of money. The Alto Chamber of Commerce wasn’t just showing off their wealth. They were also showing off their determination to win. Suddenly, many bettors started to become more inclined towards them.

At this moment, Shangguan Wei’er laughed slightly. She walked up and said, “The two of you are really confident! I can’t lose to you, am I right? The Common Alliance isn’t as rich as the Alto Chamber of Commerce. We don’t have ten million gold soul coins, and we can’t bear to part with such a huge amount of money either. However, we have beauties. Whichever soul engineer from our side that wins will be given the autonomy to choose any beauty that he wants. At the same time, I’ll give him three female dragons who have ancient bloodlines as slaves. They're all virgins.”

Female dragons? After hearing these two words, He Caitou, Huang Zheng and even Mocke were confused. However, Huo Yuhao looked shocked instead.

As the first person in Shrek Academy who was trained in the Ultimate Soldier Plan, he had gleaned knowledge from different aspects. He had once heard Elder Mu mention female dragons before.

What were they? They were special creatures that were half-human and half-beast. However, only the faces of female dragons resembled humans. They had scales on their bodies.

However, their scales would disappear during sex. When that happened, the female dragons would reveal their stunning beauty.

Once humans copulated with them, they could absorb the essence of the dragon blood in these female dragons and change their body constitution. This would gain them a dragon’s blood and aura within their own blood. It would help them evolve their martial souls once, and this evolution was bound to be beneficial.

It was just that such female dragons were very rare. They were only found in deep mountains and marshlands. Furthermore, they were all protected by curses of bad luck.

The first person to catch them would suffer from this curse and die. As a result, there were very few people who could find and lay their hands on them.

However, the Common Alliance was able to find three female dragons. This was unbelievable to Huo Yuhao.

Female dragons didn’t really help those whose martial souls were already very strong all that much. However, they were invaluable to soul engineers!

Many soul engineers consumed medicine and pills to enhance their martial souls. However, such medicine and pills often contained impurities. When their cultivation reached a certain level, they would find it very difficult to improve further. Some of them might even suffer from side effects. If they could copulate with a virgin female dragon, these problems would cease to exist. The power of a female dragon’s bloodline could remove the impurities in their bodies and evolve their martial souls. They wouldn’t face any barriers as they advanced to become Titled Douluo!

Yes, ten million gold soul coins was a lot of money. However, money couldn’t buy a female dragon! Female dragons were too valuable for soul engineers!

Regarding dragon ladies, Huo Yuhao didn’t need to explain them to He Caitou and Huang Zheng. Lu Qi was already going on about what they were. After hearing his words, Huo Yuhao could clearly sense Huang Zheng’s breathing getting heavier and heavier. On the contrary, He Caitou seemed very calm.

Huo Yuhao subconsciously nodded at He Caitou. He Caitou revealed a smiling intent with his eyes. Although he didn’t say anything, the answer was evident.

Xiao Xiao, you were right to choose second senior as your partner!

The three underground organizations took turns to express their stand, but without a doubt, Shangguan Wei’er stole the limelight.

Nangong Wan paled. However, he wouldn’t step up to speak again at this point. Furthermore, he couldn’t reveal that the Duskwater Alliance was willing to offer a Class 9 stationary soul cannon shell!

This proved one thing: in order to stand out, they had to act later than the rest!

Nangong Wan returned to the resting area and turned to look at Huo Yuhao. He said, “I want you to try your best to kill whoever they send up. You can use whatever abilities you have. If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility. Young man, do your best. When this tournament is over, you’ll benefit greatly for sure. I’ll get one of the female dragons that Shangguan Wei’er mentioned for you, too.”

Huo Yuhao was a little stunned. He didn’t know Nangong Wan regarded him so highly. However, it was expected. When he defeated Mocke earlier, his evil soul master tactics had convinced Nangong Wan completely.

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