Volume 28: Escape from the Sun Moon Empire, Chapter 337.1: Purple Golden Butterfly Dragon Transformation

Wang Dong’er nodded lightly and replied, “Yes! We’ve won...” There was a complicated look in her beautiful eyes at this moment. 

She had always believed that she wasn’t that much worse than Huo Yuhao in many different aspects. But after today’s battle, she finally understood that Huo Yuhao was already a class above her in arrangement and delegation, without discussing fighting strength. He lived up to his reputation as a proper control-type soul master! 

They were six against four in this group battle, but there was an enormous rift between their overall prowess. 

All four of their opponents were evil soul masters who were at least Soul Emperors, and their opponents also had Yan Feng, who possessed a formidable Bone Dragon Martial Soul, and who was also a Soul Sage! Every single one of them possessed the strength to challenge someone one rank above them! 

They had managed to defeat their opponents in the end despite these circumstances. These evil soul masters had had a long and bright… or dark... future ahead of them, but every single one of them perished at their hands. How incredible was that?Huo Yuhao seemed to have been in control from the moment Bei Bei fought his first duel to the moment when they concluded the group battle. Every time they were in a dire circumstance, or when they were about to be beaten back, Huo Yuhao would flip another one of his trump cards so that they could turn the tables back around. This had happened again and again all the way until the last moment, when they had eliminated their opponents with an all-out attack and eventually clinched the win. 

Wang Dong’er only had pride in her eyes as she hugged and supported Huo Yuhao. This is my man, my man!

Huo Yuhao closed his eyes once more as he leaned against Wang Dong’er’s body and took in her warmth and fragrance. His heart was surging like a volcanic eruption, and he felt as if his spiritual power was sublimating once more in this moment. There was a mystical feeling bouncing about at the bottom of his heart. 

He didn’t know that Wang Dong’er was feeling proud of him. The entire battle played out rapidly over and over again in his head. 

The first merit belonged to Bei Bei in today’s victory. He was heinously wounded to the brink of death, which was the price he had paid for taking care of two evil soul masters and reaching out to Tang Ya, who had been controlled and brainwashed by the evil soul masters. Judging from Tang Ya’s reaction, Bei Bei’s words had been successful. At the very least, Tang Ya had reacted, and her emotions had begun to change because of his words. This proved that the Holy Ghost Church’s hold over Tang Ya wasn’t complete, and this meant Bei Bei had forged a path for them to bring Tang Ya back into the fold in the future. 

The group fight came afterwards. All four of the evil soul masters they had faced were very powerful, so he had chosen Gu Yu as their point of entry when the battle first begun. This choice was exceptionally important, because they would only have the confidence to eliminate their weakest opponent within a short period of time by ganging up on him to weaken their adversaries’ overall strength. 

Xu Sanshi’s contribution was the most substantial one to that end. He had dived deep behind enemy lines so that he could create an opportunity for his teammates, before transporting him and Wang Dong’er so that the group battle could officially commence. 

Huo Yuhao had delegated his companion’s abilities one by one. Xiao Xiao had sealed their second-strongest opponent, the Skeleton King, so that they could shave their opponents’ strength from three to two people, and the battle could be simplified even further. However, he hadn’t expected Yan Feng to be so powerful, and he had to reveal one trump card after another to achieve victory in the end. 

The Snowless Glacier used together with his Ice Explosion was one of his strongest moves. This combination was so formidable that he had astonished the Dragon Emperor Douluo when he used it against him back then. Huo Yuhao used the same move against Lu Genggeng, the Abomination, and this had been imperative to their battle. 

It seemed as if defeating Yan Feng in the end was part of his plan, but he had borne a heavy burden to do so. He had revealed five different trump cards to finally take down Yan Feng!

Huo Yuhao had basically possessed his body soul’s Second Awakening ever since he returned from the Icefire Yin Yang Well in the Setting Sun Forest, but he had always kept it hidden. 

This was the first trump card that he had used against Yan Feng. 

His second trump card was his Light of Destiny, and his Destiny Gaze. Huo Yuhao rarely used this ability, and it seemed like something that didn’t possess any offensive or defensive capabilities on the surface, but Huo Yuhao knew that this ability could turn the tides in battle. 

This ability focused on lowering his opponent’s luck and increasing his own. If he hadn’t used his Destiny Gaze, dealing with Yan Feng’s assault afterwards and using the rest of his trump cards wouldn’t have been so smooth! 

The Spiritual Shock that was used with his Eye of Destiny was so effective because of his Destiny Gaze. His third trump card that came afterwards was even more important. 

His next trump card was his purplish-golden projection. 

Huo Yuhao only went through with this attempt after making brave and nonconservative judgments. Furthermore, this was their first time using this, and it could possibly be their last. This was the most important trump card that had enabled them to defeat Yan Feng in the end. 

He hadn’t created any new martial soul fusion skills with Wang Dnog’er when the two golden projections merged together. The reason was because it wasn’t just the two of them fusing together, there was someone else! Yes, there was a third person besides the two of them. The third person was Wang Qiu’er!

This was similar to how he had discreetly helped Wang Qiu’er against her powerful opponents. This time, Wang Qiu’er was the one who had lent them a hand, and he had used Imitation to accomplish this feat. 

Wang Qiu’er had actually been beside them since the moment they got on the competition stage. She had been with them all the way, until the entire round was over. 

Huo Yuhao had communicated with Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er through his Spiritual Detection at the most crucial moment, and he went through with something that was unprecedented for them. 

His Eye of Destiny had been evolving continuously as he became stronger. This was especially so when Huo Yuhao obtained his body soul’s Second Awakening, which had evolved his Eye of Destiny to an exceptionally powerful level and given him even stronger abilities. The ability he’d used today was called Fate Conversion. Fate Conversion allowed him to lower his opponent’s luck and raise his at the same time. Huo Yuhao could absorb his opponent’s luck while lowering it to further boost his own at the same time. 

Huo Yuhao had tried something new under such circumstances... a three-in-one martial soul fusion skill!

Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong’er, and Wang Qiu’er were all capable of undergoing martial soul fusions. Furthermore, their fusion had an almost one hundred percent compatibility. Therefore, he made a courageous guess. If one straight line was parallel to two other lines at the same time, then the other two lines would still be parallel to each other. In other words, all three straight lines would be parallel to one another. Since I can fuse with either one of them, why can’t the three of us fuse together? 

Fusion skills had always been a process of sublimating one’s abilities. There had been more than one instance of three-in-one martial soul fusion skills in the history of soul masters. 

This had happened before within Shrek Academy. Ten thousand years ago, Shrek Academy’s forefathers – Dean Flanders, Yu Xiaogang, and Liu Erlong – used a three-in-one fusion skill to summon the formidable Golden Holy Dragon.

Yu Xiaogang was the Dragon God Douluo, Mu En and Bei Bei’s mutated Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon’s ancestor. 

If the people who came before me could do that, can I do the same with my increased luck? Huo Yuhao only took a few seconds to contemplate this question. 

Yan Feng was simply too powerful, far more so than he had initially expected. Huo Yuhao had prepared other trump cards against him, but he had realized in that moment that the trump cards that he had prepared beforehand didn’t seem like they would be enough. 

How did Yan Feng accidentally kill Lu Genggeng? That was Huo Yuhao’s fourth trump card—Spiritual Interference Domain. 

Yes, it was a Domain! 

Spiritual Interference wasn’t as valuable before, but it was a pity to let it go. Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power had gotten stronger as he had, and that allowed his Spiritual Interference to be used together with his Imitation. This gave rise to his Spiritual Interference Domain. 

Huo Yuhao could change someone’s vision and senses within a certain range with Spiritual Interference and Imitation, so that his opponent would be enmeshed in his confusion and deceit. Yan Feng was extremely powerful, but he was still tricked into thinking that Lu Genggeng was his enemy, and he ended up lashing out and killing his own teammate. It was clear how powerful this ability was! 

Huo Yuhao hadn’t put everything he had into this Domain because he had to leave something for his three-in-one fusion skill. Otherwise, with his current abilities and his body soul’s Second Awakening, he would still be able to use his Spiritual Interference Domain to ensure that his entire team could return safely. 

Reality proved that Huo Yuhao’s courageous hypothesis worked. Under immense pressure from their enemies, Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er set aside their differences and opinions so that all three of them could align themselves together. They managed to complete their unrivaled and magnificent fusion under Huo Yuhao’s forceful guidance. 

Huo Yuhao himself didn’t expect that their fusion would be so different after it had been completed. They were set for victory once he showed his fourth trump card. 

The heavy downpour was enormously beneficial for Huo Yuhao, who possessed Ultimate Ice. His strength climbed exponentially under such circumstances. 

Their three-in-one fusion skill also raised his control over ice to another level. 

Wang Dong’er’s element of light and her Clear Sky Hammer, Wang Qiu’er’s strength, and Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power and Ultimate Ice, were all thrown into the same pot. How powerful was that? 

Huo Yuhao thought of an appropriate name in an instant. 

Huo Yuhao was the one controlling this three-in-one fusion skill, so he hadn’t channeled his own abilities into it. Instead, he drew upon Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er’s abilities. He called it the Purple and Gold Draconic Butterfly Transformation.

This was a fusion skill superior even to the Solitary Dance Amidst the Frost, Raiment of Light. 

Huo Yuhao finally revealed his last trump card when they were using the Purple Golden Butterfly Dragon Transformation. This trump card was also the most important reason why he was confident that they could clinch this victory through the group battle. 

Not long before this, Huo Yuhao had realized something very fortunate had happened to him. 

The Ice Empress had awoken!

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