Volume 27, Chapter 335.3: Purple Golden Transformation

Earlier in the battle, Lu Genggeng had crashed down on Huo Yuhao and was smacked aside by Huo Yuhao’s palm. Huo Yuhao had also exploited the impact force to slide backwards.

To all the spectators, that was the only time the two of them had clashed.

However, no one had noticed Huo Yuhao’s transformations, as they were distracted by Lu Genggeng.

Huo Yuhao’s palm was a fusion between his fighting technique, the Goddess of Light, and the strength of the Snow Empress’ spirit. After he unleashed that palm, his attacks evidently slowed down. That was because he needed some time to adjust after the heavy exertion.

The Snow Empress’ Three Ultimate Techniques: Empress’ Palm, Snowless Glacier!

It was a Snowless Glacier fused with the Goddess of Light! The palm had seemed very simple, but it had compressed the Ultimate Ice within it.

The origin energy of Ultimate Ice brought a lot of trouble to Huo Yuhao. However, there were benefits alongside the problems. The temperature of his Ultimate Ice was even lower now than it had been in the past.

Only the core of the Abomination belonged to Lu Genggeng. When he was struck by Huo Yuhao’s palm earlier, he felt his hip and back turning numb. However, his defense was very strong. The chill from the Snowless Glacier couldn’t penetrate the many layers of his fat to freeze his heart.

However, the Snowless Glacier could freeze his fat!

The Ultimate chill spread at a frightening speed, and gradually froze huge lumps of fat on Lu Genggeng’s body. Just as Huo Yuhao unleashed the Second Awakening of his body soul, he also lifted his left hand.

Ice Explosion Technique!

Within a set region, all frozen matter would be affected by the Ice Explosion Technique. Even though Huo Yuhao didn’t infuse the Ice Explosion Technique into the Abomination’s soul power, it was enough that he blew the frozen fat apart.

This attack immediately hurt Lu Genggeng critically.

Yan Feng could finally see that the surrounding, distorted lights had turned clearer amidst this deafening explosion. He saw with his own eyes that lumps and lumps of fat were scattered everywhere. Lu Genggeng was screaming tragically as he was flung away, while Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er were charging at him from the sides. An intense dark gold light turned into a huge light blade, and this blade slashed towards Lu Genggeng’s battered body.

Yan Feng’s Bone Dragon let out a hoarse draconic roar. His eyes were filled with spirit fire that burned very strongly. Icy-blue lights surrounded his body and instantly converted into a huge current that attacked Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er.

This icy-blue current was more than five meters in diameter. From the looks of it, it was like a huge ice beam. The entire stage was covered by a layer of frost at this point.

Thunder rumbled in the skies and storms raged. Torrential rain descended.

There was a massive boom as a huge ice sculpture suddenly appeared on the stage. Yan Feng’s attack wasn’t a joke. In his Martial Soul True Body state as the Bone Dragon, his fighting strength was immense. He was definitely the most terrifying person in this tournament!

When the huge ice sculpture was frozen, it turned into ice powder that scattered. The evil power of ice was filled with the hatred and destructive intent of an avenging spirit. After being struck, the target was instantly destroyed.

It was over!

Yan Feng’s Bone Dragon revealed an arrogant look. However, the arrogance turned into shock in the next instant.

The surrounding lights dispersed, and a figure drifted in the air not far away from him.

How is this possible? They should’ve been killed by my Breath of Extermination! Why are they still here?

Yan Feng only saw Wang Dong’er helping Huo Yuhao remain aloft.

Following this, he discovered that the Abomination that Lu Genggeng had changed into had disappeared. The disgusting fat was also gone. The rest of the stage was normal, but his teammate was no longer around.

Sadness and disbelief…

Huo Yuhao smiled and said to Yan Feng, “You were very strong when you killed your own teammate.” 

Yan Feng’s heart sank. He finally realized what had happened.

“How did you do it? When I was in my Martial Soul True Body, my spiritual power was burning as the spirit fire. It causes many people’s spiritual control to lose effect.

“Your cultivation is so far away from mine. How is it possible…?”

Yan Feng finally understood. Just earlier, he had been affected somehow by Huo Yuhao, and thought Lu Genggeng was Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er. However, he was still shocked by how Huo Yuhao managed to trick him.

Huo Yuhao said, “Do you think I’ll tell you?”

Yan Feng’s Bone Dragon’s head lifted, and he said coldly, “You killed another of my teammates. I’ll cultivate your soul for forty-nine days, and let you suffer the most painful torture in this world before I let you die!”

Huo Yuhao smiled, “If you can.”

Yan Feng snorted, “The gap in our abilities can’t be made up so easily. If I’m not wrong, your spiritual power must have been depleted quite a lot after my misjudgment earlier. With the defensive prowess of my Martial Soul True Body, your attacks can’t possibly overcome my defenses. That’s why you didn’t continue to use your spiritual power to interfere with me. You are bound to lose this fight.”

“Is that so? Let’s try then.” Huo Yuhao’s eyes flashed with a cold look. His vertical eye shone again, and a streak of golden light suddenly descended from the sky, landing accurately on Yan Feng.

Suddenly, Yan Feng felt his heart skip a beat, and an extremely weird feeling engulfed his body. It was like everything around him had turned dark.

What skill is this? It clearly hasn’t affected me, but why do I feel so discomforted?

Kill him, kill him! A wild thought arose in Yan Feng’s head. The icy-blue lights around him became stronger, and even his pale-white bones turned icy-blue. There was only one thought in his head. He wanted to kill Huo Yuhao!

Around Huo Yuhao’s body, the silver lights emitted by his silver vertical pupil became stronger. Not only this, but Wang Dong’er also started to experience weird changes.

The stage suddenly lit up without any warning. A halo flashing with a whitish-gold glow had spread from Huo Yuhao’s body.

Following this, the entire stage lit up with a beam of golden-silver light.

This beam of light appeared too suddenly, and it was also very strong and blinding. Along with the sudden storms and rain, the spectators were getting very excited. However, no one could tell what was happening onstage right now.

The beam of light only lasted for an instant before it disappeared. However, something shocking appeared on the stage.

The Bone Dragon, who was drifting in mid-air earlier and was ready to kill Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er as it unleashed all its soul power, crashed forcefully to the ground. A deafening boom reverberated out at the impact.

Following this, the light from Huo Yuhao’s vertical eye disappeared. Wang Dong’er’s wings closed up and engulfed him.

A bright-golden light rose. A low-pitched dragon roar and pleasant singing voice sounded at almost the same time.

Golden lights suddenly separated from the front and back of Huo Yuhao’s body. In mid-air, he turned into three figures. In front of his actual body was the golden Goddess of Light. Behind him, there was also another golden Goddess of Light. The two ravishing, golden figures surfaced in front of and behind Huo Yuhao just like that. They formed a weird image in the air.

It was a pity that no one could clearly see the looks in the eyes of these two figures. They wore very complex looks, but they weren’t identical.

Two streaks of golden light shot towards the central figure. From the central figure, a white glow and an azure-green glow surfaced at the same time.

Golden, white, azure-green, blue, and purple. These dazzling glows started to rise from the central figure at the same time.

A purplish-gold halo also surfaced beneath that figure. It wasn’t a soul ring, but a halo with elegant floral patterns. This halo included patterns of a dragon’s totem, patterns of the Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ totem, a ravishing lady, a mysterious pupil, and a fat worm, as well as a scorpion that flashed with an azure light.

When these light patterns came together, they formed the complex and mysterious halo.

Under the illumination of this halo, a figure re-surfaced in the air.

It was a slender man covered with purplish-gold armor. The armor wasn’t made of metal, but some sort of shiny and transparent gemstone. The purplish-gold light was shining forth from the armor. He had a pair of special wings behind him. They weren’t made of feathers, and didn’t resemble butterfly wings either. They had adopted the structure of wings that seemed to belong to some kind of ancient, sacred dragon.

While the man wore armor, he didn’t have a helmet. His black hair flowed down behind his shoulders. On his forehead, there was a bright purplish-gold vertical eye. Upon closer inspection, the reflection of the principles of heaven and earth could be seen in his eye.

The man didn’t resemble anyone, he didn’t look like Wang Dong’er or Huo Yuhao. His handsomeness was filled with a sense of holiness.

The armor’s scales were rhombic, and they refracted purplish-gold rays under the illumination of the purplish-gold glow. Along with the purplish-gold halo beneath the man’s feet, he looked magnificent!

He wasn’t holding any weapons, but there was a huge dragon revolving around his body. He shut his eyes, but the vertical eye on his forehead remained open.

What exactly was this...?

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