Volume 27, Chapter 335.2: Purple Golden Transformation

Just like Yan Feng had thought, his Bone Dragon was so strong that he could challenge an ordinary Soul Douluo with his seven-ringed Soul Sage cultivation. He couldn’t be so easily blocked by Xu Sanshi.

The Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle was instantly crushed. Xu Sanshi was also flung back, spitting blood as he flew through the air.

“Sanshi!” Jiang Nannan was screaming in pain as she was stuck in the Bony Claw Prison. She attacked the prison with all her might, but she still couldn’t escape!

However, Xu Sanshi’s block also caused the Bone Dragon to stall a little. This gave He Caitou enough time to react.

He unleashed his protective barrier and Invincible Barrier without any hesitation. At the same time, he also lifted two Class 6 soul cannons on his shoulders. He attacked with everything he had.

But Yan Feng was too strong. In fact, his individual abilities were even superior to Tang Ya’s. It was just Tang Ya was very special to the Holy Ghost Church. That was why his status was slightly lower than hers.

He Caitou’s attacks didn’t have any effect on him. Although he was stalled momentarily, he crashed ferociously into He Caitou’s protective barrier in the next moment.

“Bang!” He Caitou also flew back. However, he was quite fortunate compared to Xu Sanshi.

His Invincible Barrier was crushed, but managed to resist the charge of the Bone Dragon. His protective barrier was on the verge of breaking as he was also flung backward. It was important to know that his protective soul barrier was Class 7! If it were Class 6, he might even be in a worse state compared to Xu Sanshi.

“Boom!” At this moment, a thunderous boom sounded in the sky, and the suppressed gloomy clouds seemed to be on the verge of erupting.

“You’re all dead!” The panting Lu Genggeng shouted in a furious and violent manner. He rose again, and charged towards Huo Yuhao.

Yan Feng shot out his Dragon’s Breath towards He Caitou and froze him into a brick of ice even though he was protected by his protective barrier. Yan Feng didn’t pursue Xu Sanshi, but instead unleashed his Dragon’s Breath towards the Eye of Fear in the sky.

This threat in the sky had to be removed.

“Boom——” The Eye of Fear was destroyed.

The Tang Sect, which had perfect coordination every time, lost their advantage at this moment.

Xiao Xiao gritted her teeth and did her best to restrain the Skeleton King. This was the most she could do. The Abomination and Bone Dragon were too strong. If she let the Skeleton King out, they were bound to lose!

Jiang Nannan was trapped by the Bony Claw Prison and couldn’t move. On the other side, Xu Sanshi was critically hurt, and couldn’t get up after being thrown back. He Caitou was also frozen.

The only ones who could still fight were Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er. Their opponents were Lu Genggeng, who was like an injured wild beast, and Yan Feng, who was still in his Bone Dragon state.

The Tang Sect has lost!

All the spectators had this same thought in their mind.

Lu Genggeng roared into the sky. As he roared, fat started to ooze from his body.

Although this fat wasn’t his own soul power, it was still energy that he had accumulated. It appeared very disgusting, but it was very important to him. He had obtained it through devouring corpses. Today’s setback was quite great for Lu Genggeng.

Huo Yuhao’s chest flashed with light. He slid backward. It was the effect of a soul thruster on his chest. With the propulsion from his soul thruster, he advanced towards Wang Dong’er behind him.

Yan Feng fluttered his wings after getting rid of the Eye of Fear. The entire stage was in chaos. Yan Feng flew towards Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er.

The stage was only one hundred meters in diameter, and Yan Feng’s body was fifteen meters long. As he fluttered his wings, he quickly bore down on Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er in a suppressive manner. He also didn’t forget to unleash his Dragon’s Breath at Xiao Xiao.

As long as Xiao Xiao’s three cauldrons were overcome, Tang Dai could be released. The combination of the three evil soul masters would ensure their victory. Even though they were winning, Yan Feng still remained very calm. The mysterious Imperial Tutor nodded his head in approval as he saw this.

They couldn’t be in a more dire situation. However, Huo Yuhao still remained very calm. His eyes had turned completely golden at this moment. Even his body was covered by a layer of golden light.

From the looks of it, he almost seemed to have been sculpted from gold right now. His wheelchair was also shining with the same golden glow. An awe-inspiring figure suddenly surfaced behind Huo Yuhao.

It was a tall man. As it was only a projection, the looks of this man couldn’t be clearly seen. He mimicked a smacking action, and an aura that resembled that of the Sovereign’s Descent was released, along with a streak of golden light. The Dragon’s Breath was intercepted by the streak of golden light, and both entities disappeared.

Huo Yuhao’s vertical eye opened as he exploited this opportunity. Following this, the illusory figure behind him turned into a huge eye. It also had a vertical pupil, but it was silver.

“Whitesilver level of a body soul’s Second Awakening.” In the spectators’ stand, there were a few exclamations from different areas.

The sudden appearance of this Whitesilver vertical pupil shook all the soul masters who understood Body Souls.

Yes, it was a Second Awakening of the Whitesilver level. This was one of Huo Yuhao’s trump cards. In the previous few rounds of the tournament, he had not used it no matter how tough he found things. It was only at this moment that he used it as they were on the verge of being eliminated. His teammates were in life-and-death situations, and he had no choice but to reveal his greatest trump card.

All of Huo Yuhao’s soul rings disappeared as a silvery-white light flashed. His body also slowly drifted up. He drifted into mid-air.

He couldn’t walk, so only drifted there. But since he hung in midair, he currently didn’t appear any different from a normal person.

The huge silver eye drifted forward and engulfed his body. At that instant, the golden light released by his Eye of Destiny fused with the silver eye. As gold and silver intersected, a distorted glow started to spread with his body at the center.

When Yan Feng saw the silver eye behind Huo Yuhao, he was shocked. One thought arose in his mind. Is this the Second Awakening of his body soul? However, isn’t this something that only members of the Body Sect can do? Don’t tell me Huo Yuhao is a spy from the Body Sect in Shrek Academy?

As he thought of all this, the light rays in front of him distorted. Yan Feng fluttered his wings and wanted to annihilate Huo Yuhao. However, his surroundings only rippled with distorted waves.

Wang Dong’er had already stuck close to Huo Yuhao’s back, and now she wrapped her arms under his. She clasped her hands together in front of his chest. Her wings opened wide behind her back. Even she entered a miraculous state at this moment.

The Bone Dragon jerked and opened its wings. A thick icy-blue glow started to expand with his body at the center. He was trying to disperse the distorted lights.

However, the distorted rays instead became clearer and clearer.

Following this, Yan Feng heard a deafening explosion.



As the explosion rang out, Lu Genggeng screamed tragically.

How is this possible? What did he do to Lu Genggeng? Yan Feng was shocked. He was very confident in Lu Genggeng’s defensive prowess. Lu Genggeng was only hurt even after being hit three times by two Class 7 soul tools. Could Huo Yuhao even hurt Lu Genggeng? It was unbelievable!

However, the truth was that Huo Yuhao had managed to so.

The spectators could certainly tell that Huo Yuhao had hurt Lu Genggeng.

Huo Yuhao’s body shifted instantly as he was hugged by Wang Dong’er. Following this, Huo Yuhao’s body shone with bright white light. After this, he raised his left arm. His left hand opened wide, then mimicked a closing action.

Following this, a loud boom sounded behind Lu Genggeng’s back. The back half of his body was blown apart. Suddenly, his fat scattered. At least a third of Lu Genggeng’s body had been blown away. His disgusting fat was scattered all over the arena. He was also flung into the air as he screamed, and he crashed down towards Yan Feng.

Huo Yuhao’s vertical eye flashed once again. The air on the stage distorted even more. This time, even the spectators couldn’t see things clearly.

He can use his left arm? Has he been tricking us all this while? In the resting area, the Scorpion Tiger Douluo looked very pale as he watched everything.

Yes, Huo Yuhao could use his left arm. However, he hadn’t tricked anyone. It was because his left arm had just recovered a few days ago.

He had relied on the pure distillate to cultivate as he absorbed the origin energy of Ultimate Ice at a faster speed than before. He absorbed a little every day. In this way, his cultivation increased at a significant speed, and the origin energy of Ultimate Ice in his left arm greatly decreased.

After the origin energy had been completely neutralized in his left arm, his left arm had naturally recovered!

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