Volume 27, Chapter 334.3: The Tang Sect's Hidden Fighting Strategy

Wang Dong’er drifted close to his back and watched worriedly. Although she was confident in Huo Yuhao, evil soul masters were too weird! If not for the fact that Huo Yuhao had urged her to back away, she wouldn’t have left his side.

However, she wasn’t slow even though she was half-panicked. A huge volley of the Light of the Butterfly Goddess flew out to intercept Yan Feng.

Yan Feng was stunned. The seemingly-harmless Wang Dong’er had given him a huge shock!

The seemingly chaotic Light of the Butterfly Goddess was filled with a dense aura of light. Although it couldn’t curb his power of evil ice, every ball of light exploded with the power of light as it blew apart. It had a great resistance to his power!

Furthermore, the Hexagram Array also rose from the ground as the Light of the Butterfly Goddess was unleashed.

Yan Feng couldn’t be struck by the Hexagram Array beneath him, avoiding it easily. However, every ball of light from Wang Dong’er’s Light of the Butterfly Goddess passed through the Hexagram Array. In the process of passing through it, the strength of the balls soared, increasing to at least double their original strength. Yan Feng’s charging speed decreased significantly, and he couldn’t attack Huo Yuhao at the same time as Lu Genggeng crashed towards him.

Could her Hexagram Array be used as a strengthening skill?

For some reason, Yan Feng felt very uneasy.

However, he suddenly changed his target when he saw that he was unable to immediately attack Huo Yuhao.

His first and third soul rings shone at the same time, and his body doubled in size. He opened his huge wings and turned around in the air. As he did, his second soul ring lit up.

His enlarged body turned illusory. He was also facing Xu Sanshi, who was flung forward just then by Jiang Nannan.

Xu Sanshi was alarmed. Huo Yuhao immediately shouted for him to be careful through his Spiritual Detection.

As he blocked with the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle, his third soul skill, the Mysterious Underworld Force, was also unleashed at the same time.

His fifth soul skill, the Turtle God’s Strike, was also activated.

Xu Sanshi was very aware of the state that he was in. His old injury had relapsed, and his soul power had been depleted greatly after he used his Mysterious Underworld Displacement twice. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have used the Turtle God’s Strike right after using the Mysterious Underworld Force, considering how conceited he was.

However, he suddenly felt very lucky that he had done so.

A huge skull suddenly appeared in front of the illusory Yan Feng. This skull was very weird, two meters long, a meter tall, and more than one and a half meters wide. When it opened its jaws, it was obvious that it looked like a huge dragon skull.

At this moment, everyone from the Tang Sect finally knew what Yan Feng’s martial soul was. Bone Dragon! Among evil soul masters, it was considered one of the top-ranked martial souls!

A ball of icy-blue gas surged towards Xu Sanshi like a tidal wave.

Yan Feng’s first soul skill was Dragon Transformation, and his third soul skill was Dragonification. His first soul skill enabled his body to transform into the Bone Dragon, while his third soul enabled him to use soul power to form parts of the Bone Dragon’s body. With both these strengthening skills, his second soul skill, Dragonbreath, appeared.

The loud boom didn’t cause Xu Sanshi to be flung away. Instead, his entire body was covered with a layer of intense icy-blue light.

He was instantly converted into a huge ice sculpture and frozen in place.

The Bone Dragon disappeared, but Yan Feng’s expanded body didn’t shrink in size. At this point, there was a loud groan beside him.

The groan came not far away from him. It was from Lu Genggeng, who had crashed down on Huo Yuhao with his back facing the wheelchair-bound Tang Sect member.

Huo Yuhao’s right hand reached out for Lu Genggeng, the only hand he could use.

The projections of the Snow Empress and Goddess of Light reformed above Huo Yuhao. His aura started to change tremendously.

It was an elegant and icy, yet dominating aura.

It was a simple palm. The snowy-white palm pressed against Lu Genggeng’s butt.

Lu Genggeng’s body weighed at least a few thousand kilos. However, Huo Yuhao managed to stop him with just his palm!

After he did, Huo Yuhao’s wheelchair slid backward by exploiting the rebound force, and he instantly moved out of Lu Genggeng’s way.

The groaning sound came from Lu Genggeng as he fell to the ground. The entire stage seemed to experience an earthquake.

Although he only glanced at him, Yan Feng clearly saw that the poisonous gas approaching Huo Yuhao was converted into green powder before scattering harmlessly.

It was a strong Ultimate Ice aura. However, it was a pity his cultivation was too weak!

A disdainful look flashed across Yan Feng’s face. He had never taken the Tang Sect seriously before. Even without Tang Ya, he was absolutely confident that he could turn the situation around on his own.

In his opinion, Huo Yuhao was only a five-ringed soul master, no matter how talented he was. On the other hand, Yan Feng was a seven-ringed evil Soul Sage! Even some eight-ringed Soul Douluos wouldn’t have an advantage over him!

The Tang Sect was nothing to him!

His Dragonbreath had immobilized Xu Sanshi. He turned around and roared into the sky like a dragon. His second soul ring shone again, and his Bone Dragon appeared once again. His target this time was Wang Dong’er!

A terrifying icy-blue glow caused the surroundings to turn pale blue, and it quickly moved towards Wang Dong’er.

A golden light flashed, and Wang Dong’er disappeared. When she appeared again, she was already behind Huo Yuhao.

Instant Teleportation – the soul skill that came with her left leg bone!

The Dragonbreath blew apart as it struck the protective barriers nearby, turning a huge patch of the protective barriers icy-blue. Rings of ice started to spread out from them. It seemed like even the protective barriers couldn’t last much longer.

It was a very powerful attack!

When the spectators saw such a terrifying strike, they couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t the first time today.

Who was the strongest dragon-type soul master in this tournament?

They were already surprised by Bei Bei’s performance, but right now, this seven-ringed evil soul master with a Bone Dragon martial soul seemed even more astonishing.

Right now, everyone from the Snowdemon Sect looked very dismal, including Long Aotian. They had just realized that they wouldn’t have stood a chance against the Holy Ghost Sect! Disregarding the rest, Yan Feng’s abilities weren’t below Long Aotian’s. Moreover, there was still Tang Ya!

The Holy Ghost Sect was too strong!

Although the Dragonbreath didn’t hit Wang Dong’er, Huo Yuhao was still in trouble.

A huge hook formed by a pale-white glow suddenly appeared in front of him. Huo Yuhao felt a weird force transmitting through it. Following this, he was flung back, along with his wheelchair.

Lu Genggeng’s fourth soul ring had lit up. This huge hook was his fourth soul skill!

Huo Yuhao was caught off-guard, as he was surprised by Yan Feng’s attack.

The huge hook was connected to pale-white bone chains. They seemed to have been formed using soul power, but they were extremely tough. Huo Yuhao struggled, but he couldn’t break free. He was even more astonished that he couldn’t use his Instant Teleportation. It was as if the hook had hooked into his soul!

The Abomination opened its mouth wide and released an infuriated roar at Huo Yuhao as he drew closer.

His butt had just been smacked by Huo Yuhao, and it felt very cold. More than half of his butt felt very numb, and had lost all feeling. Even though his butt wasn’t the core of his body, Lu Genggeng felt as if his body had become more inflexible. He couldn’t exert any strength with his entire right leg. He naturally hated Huo Yuhao!

Wang Dong’er had used her Instant Teleportation to appear behind Huo Yuhao. As Huo Yuhao was dragged away, she was also naturally revealed.

A fierce look flashed across Yan Feng’s face. He wouldn’t show mercy just because Wang Dong’er was beautiful!

He let out a cold groan, and his fourth soul ring shone again.

Wang Dong’er felt a chill. In the next moment, a huge formation with a diameter greater than five meters and created using all types of bones appeared. An indescribable restraint seemed to engulf her body.

Wang Dong’er only felt waves and waves of intense suction force coming from the weird formation that seemed to be devouring her life power. She even felt as if her flesh was going to be torn apart.

This was Yan Feng’s fourth soul skill, the Graveyard! It was very effective for controlling and hurting one’s opponent. It could absorb an opponent’s flesh to nourish the wielder’s life force. At the same time, the opponent would eventually turn into a bag of bones, and these bones could strengthen Yan Feng’s Bone Dragon. It was extremely vicious. It was also his best way of increasing his own cultivation. Ever since he had obtained his fourth soul skill, there had been a significant increase in his cultivation speed.

Wang Dong’er pressed down without any hesitation, and a Hexagram Array was unleashed from beneath her feet. Golden light flashed and protected her. However, the Hexagram Array could only protect her life power from being devoured. She couldn’t escape the suction force exerted by the Graveyard.

Jiang Nannan finally rushed over at this time...

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