Volume 27, Chapter 334.1: The Tang Sect's Hidden Fighting Strategy

Due to the height difference, Huo Yuhao only sensed a gentle fragrance in front of him. However, he couldn’t bother to enjoy this fragrance right now!

The dazzling wings closed up and engulfed Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er. Suddenly, an intense white light was released from their bodies.

At the same time, Xu Sanshi revealed a smile on his face even though he was encircled by three strong evil soul masters.

His smile was a little cheeky. If Bei Bei were awake, he would have commented on how cheap Xu Sanshi’s smile was.

Dense black light rose from his body once again. In the next instant, black and white intersected. The deep black and his Xuanwu’s Domain disappeared at almost the same time. What replaced them was a ball of blinding white light.

Of the attacks from the three evil soul masters going after Xu Sanshi, the two streaks of icy-blue light that came from Yan Feng reached Xu Sanshi first. However, the chilling icy blue lights filled with an evil aura immediately dissipated as they struck the ball of white light. They didn’t have any effects.

Following that, the ball of white light turned golden. Tang Dai, Lu Genggeng, and Yan Feng looked at the countless, small golden hammer projections surfacing from the ball of golden light. The three of them were then covered by these hammers.

Their souls shook with unprecedented force horrifying them. They couldn’t be bothered to attack their opponents anymore, and frantically bolstered their defenses.

Mantra Amidst the Void, Spiritual Tempest!

This was one of Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er’s fusion skills. They had once used this skill to save Ju Zi in a war, causing many heads to blow apart. To this very day, Ju Zi could still clearly recall this.

That was why Ju Zi’s gaze sharpened when she saw the small golden hammers, as she recalled what had happened in the past. There was an indescribable look of struggle in her eyes.

There wasn’t any way of avoiding it. The three evil soul masters were struck at the same time, but their reactions were all different. Tang Dai was stunned, while Lu Genggeng peered into the sky and roared. His fat started to jiggle.

Yan Feng released a strong icy-blue halo that protected him.

In his eyes, an icy-blue spiritual fire surged and resisted the attack of the fusion skill. However, he still fell from the sky.

Since Huo Yuhao had allowed Xu Sanshi to sneak into their opponent’s territory to earn his side a victory, he naturally took his safety into account!

In the previous tournament, he had once asked Xu Sanshi if it was possible for him to switch positions with Wang Dong’er as she unleashed their fusion skill.

At that point in time, Xu Sanshi said it wasn’t possible. Indeed, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er were one entity when they unleashed their fusion skill. When they unleashed their fusion skill, their soul power undulations were too strong and unstable. With Xu Sanshi’s control of his soul skill, it wasn’t possible for him to displace them.

However, it was completely different now, five years later. Before they left Shrek Academy, he was already able to complete this displacement. This was also one of the strongest killer moves of the Tang Sect. They had waited until today to use it.

This was their foundation, the Tang Sect’s foundation and Shrek’s Seven Monsters’ foundation!

They kicked out all their opponents and advanced to the semifinal before unleashing their greatest strength. If the other teams that had been eliminated by them were present right now, they would most likely be won over by the strength that the Tang Sect was showing now.

The Tang Sect had used a different fighting method in every team round. There weren’t any clues for their next opponents to use to determine their next set of tactics. This displacement and return allowed the Tang Sect to deliver a fusion skill attack towards their opponents without any warning. It was very impressive. 

An elder who wore a bamboo hat among the spectators swore in admiration, “Shrek, it’s always Shrek!” A dim green light flashed across his eyes.

The three evil soul masters were controlled at the same time. Even the strongest Yan Feng had entered a temporary state of mental blankness.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er revealed themselves again. However, they didn’t pursue immediately.

The Tang Sect had unleashed a fusion skill and used it on the Holy Ghost Sect. Something like this wasn’t achieved just by Xu Sanshi alone. When Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er unleashed their fusion skill, they had to try their best to repress and seal it first to prevent any accidents from happening as Xu Sanshi delivered the fusion skill.

After such control, the two of them needed an opportunity for some recovery time.

On the other side, Xiao Xiao and Jiang Nannan had already charged over. He Caitou also lifted a heavy cannon to his shoulder after he unleashed his Eye of Fear.

The cannon was entirely blood-red, with a cone-shaped tip.

Is that a Class 7 piercing cannon?

At this moment, Zheng Zhan could finally confirm that He Caitou wasn’t a Class 6 soul engineer. It was evident that he was a six-ringed soul master that had successfully been promoted to a Class 7 soul engineer!

Class 7 soul engineer. There’s actually a Class 7 soul engineer in the Tang Sect? He’s not even twenty years old yet! Even in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, he’d be one of a rare few. Moreover, he’s still a food-type soul master. How outstanding is he?

There was a simple reason why Zheng Zhan had judged He Caitou to be a Class 7 soul engineer… he had used three Class 7 soul tools consecutively! If not for the fact that his ability was already at a comparable level, how could he manage all of them? An ordinary Class 6 soul engineer could go beyond his class occasionally to use a Class 7 soul tool. 

However, He Caitou had used three of them, one right after another. This would be truly abnormal if he were a Class 6 soul engineer. He had revealed his Class 7 Binding Light in the previous round, while his piercing cannon made its appearance for the first time in this round. This bunch from the Tang Sect can really hide themselves well. They continuously hid their abilities until the last moment!

He Caitou went down on one knee as he brought up his heavy cannon. He aimed, but still had to control the Eye of Fear in the air. Right now, He Caitou was definitely demonstrating the standards of a Class 7 soul engineer. He wasn’t an ordinary Class 7 soul engineer, either!

Of course, Zheng Zhan didn’t know that the Eye of Fear and the piercing cannon were both equipped with a Class 6 Sealed Milk Bottle. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult for He Caitou to handle the depletion from three Class 7 soul tools at the same time, since his soul power was still at the six-ringed level.

Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong’er, and the three evil soul masters were stuck in a temporary stalemate. Xiao Xiao was the first to attack.

After Jiang Nannan and Xiao Xiao crossed the halfway line, Xiao Xiao suddenly leapt up. Jiang Nannan quickly flashed below her and grabbed her slender waist with both hands. After that, she made three quick turns before flinging Xiao Xiao out.

In this team round, Jiang Nannan wasn’t going to very effective against her opponents because of their special martial souls. She was most adept at close-combat, but it wouldn’t be very effective against her opponents, since they were too huge.

That was why Huo Yuhao arranged for her to use her abilities as support for the others.

Xiao Xiao was flung out by the force of Jiang Nannan’s spin. The speed at which Xiao Xiao was moving could compare to Wang Qiu’er if she burst forward with all her strength.

Very quickly, Xiao Xiao was above the three evil soul masters. She clearly knew what her strengths and weaknesses were. She didn’t attack her opponents over-ambitiously. She unleashed her Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron in the air, and her first and second soul rings shone. She immediately used her National Treasure, Cauldron’s Quaking Tremble!

Her huge cauldron crashed against the Skeleton King.

Huo Yuhao gave her very simple information through his Spiritual Detection. The Skeleton King is roughly as strong as the Abomination. However, the defensive strength of the Abomination’s fat will be able to resist the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron’s attack. The cauldron will be able to curb the Skeleton King, however.

There was a rumbling bang, and the Skeleton King flew backward, at least seven of its ribs fractured.

The Mantra Amidst the Void, Spiritual Tempest wasn’t so easily resisted. There was one common point between these three evil soul masters; their martial souls were only strong because they relied on their spiritual power to control them.

This detail was very important. After their souls were affected by the Spiritual Tempest, their control over their own bodies weakened considerably. Xiao Xiao’s attack was unleashed on the defenseless Skeleton King, and achieved a miraculous effect.

Xiao Xiao didn’t intend to let the Skeleton King off even though it had already been thrown backward. Her fifth soul ring lit up for the first time in this tournament.

Her cauldron split into three. Each of the cauldrons shot out a beam of intense black light. After this black light rose into the sky, a mighty aura instantly appeared. Xiao Xiao seemed to have teleported herself above the three cauldrons.

The three cauldrons descended. As a low-pitched buzzing sound built up, they cornered the Skeleton King.

The three beams of light intersected in the air, forming a huge light barrier. The Skeleton King was trapped!

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