Volume 27, Chapter 333.3: Four Great Evil Soul Masters

It was obvious that Bei Bei’s contribution in the individual elimination round had been very important!

The Abomination and Skeleton King charged forward at the same time, both appearing very clumsy as they lumbered over. Up in the air, Yan Feng’s icy-blue light became stronger and stronger. He also advanced with the other two.

Gu Yu lifted his bone staff, and a ball of purple light took form at the tip of the staff. A purplish halo surfaced on each of the other three evil soul masters’ bodies in front of him.

“Let’s begin!” Xu Sanshi shouted.

He lifted his Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle, and an intense black light suddenly shone. His fourth soul ring also lit up as his actions were obscured by He Caitou’s burly figure.

He Caitou also instantly turned around and faced Xu Sanshi.

Xiao Xiao unleashed her Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron and surrounded Xu Sanshi in the middle of them.

What were they doing?

The answer was revealed immediately.

As black lights flashed, Xu Sanshi disappeared. Someone else immediately replaced him, appearing in the center of the other five Tang Sect members.

Shrek’s Seven Monsters had once used this strategy in the previous tournament. In this tournament, Xu Sanshi had used the Mysterious Underworld Displacement before. However, he had kept this strategy a secret until now to deal with their strongest opponent.

Huo Yuhao didn’t choose Tang Dai, Lu Genggeng or Yan Feng. He chose Gu Yu instead, who was there to support the other three.

It was very easy for him to make this decision.

Lu Genggeng and Tang Dai were too big. The Tang Sect’s formation would likely be forced out of shape if either of them were displaced. At the same time, both of their martial souls were defensively sound, while Yan Feng was a Soul Sage. Huo Yuhao wasn’t confident in getting rid of them quickly. So he shifted his target to Gu Yu, who was only a Soul Emperor, but whose abilities were long-range, controlling, and auxiliary in nature.

With the guidance of Spiritual Detection, Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Displacement still took effect even though he couldn’t see or be seen by his opponents!

Instantly, both of them shifted positions. Gu Yu was astonished to discover that he was in enemy territory. He was even encircled!

The Tang Sect was prepared.

Wang Dong’er pulled Huo Yuhao’s wheelchair and leapt backward, along with the other four members of the team.

Xiao Xiao’s three cauldrons were unleashed at this moment. With a loud boom, the Cauldron’s Quaking Tremble sounded. Gu Yu had only just appeared, but the immense impact force of the cauldrons struck him immediately.

Gu Yu was still a little confused, but he was already completely trapped!

They weren’t completely defenseless against Xu Sanshi’s Mysterious Underworld Displacement. After all, the Tang Sect did use it a couple of times earlier in the tournament.

While they found out that this skill could be considered a divine skill for a defense-type soul master, the soul master had to first be able to lock onto his opponent’s position.

The remaining four evil soul masters were all extremely strong. Except for Gu Yu, the other three would be very resistant even if they were encircled, and could still unleash their great fighting strength. As such, they weren’t afraid of being displaced. They were also prepared for it.

Gu Yu was shielded by the Skeleton King and Abomination. He was an auxiliary-type and control-type soul master. As long as he wasn’t locked onto by Xu Sanshi, he naturally didn’t have to be afraid. When he unleashed his abilities, he might even be scarier than the other three.

However, who would have expected Xu Sanshi to displace him without knowing his position? This sudden change in events caused Gu Yu to panic.

While the Holy Ghost Church was an evil soul master sect, they were even more persistent than the Body Sect in their belief in a soul master’s abilities, and despised soul tools. This was also why none of the evil soul masters were equipped with Invincible Barriers. Otherwise, Bei Bei wouldn’t have found it so easy to kill them earlier.

Gu Yu was indeed a strong evil soul master. When he discovered that he was trapped, his sixth soul ring shone without any hesitation.

As the black soul ring flashed, his body started to contort. Xiao Xiao’s Cauldron Quaking Tremble brushed past him, but didn’t have any effect on him.

Void! It was an extremely strong soul skill. This soul skill enabled one’s body to become like air, and made one resistant to physical and soul power attacks. More accurately speaking, these two types of attacks were ineffective against him after his Void took effect.

In the Holy Ghost Church, only the outstanding disciples had the opportunity to obtain such a soul skill with the help of the higher-ups. In critical moments, it might even be more effective than an Invincible Barrier.

However, Void didn’t protect one against everything.

Huo Yuhao was also put in a difficult spot right now. Golden light flashed from his forehead, and his vertical eye lit up. Gu Yu couldn’t attack, as he was in his Void state. When his three teammates realized something was amiss, Xu Sanshi was already behind them.

Patches of black light surged. It was Xuanwu’s Domain! In order to delay the three of them, Xu Sanshi used the strength of his domain. The three of them seemed to have fallen into a deep quagmire, and couldn’t free themselves.

Not only this, but his first soul ring also lit up. The Mysterious Underworld Quake was unleashed.

The black light in Xuanwu’s Domain started to shake, causing the three evil soul masters to fall under Xu Sanshi’s control in this domain.

Xu Sanshi was already bleeding profusely right now. This was a sacrifice he was making to win the team round. His sixth soul skill wasn’t easy to control. Along with the fact that his old injury had yet to recover, he was under great pressure as he unleashed all his strength, even though he had managed to trap his opponents.

Purplish-gold lights shone. Gu Yu let out a pathetic scream. His black bamboo hat and veil were struck off his head, revealing his pale white face and bald head.

However, his head seemed to be in a very disastrous condition right now. There was blood oozing out everywhere, and his body seemed to be very unstable.

His Void was indeed capable of keeping out most physical and soul power attacks. However, it couldn’t keep out spiritual power!

Huo Yuhao hated the Holy Ghost Sect immensely, and thus he immediately used his strongest tactic against them the moment he made a move. He used his Eye of Destiny and Spiritual Shock!

The purplish-gold light was like a sharp sword stabbing deep into his opponent’s soul. Gu Yu was instantly wrenched out of his Void state!

A golden Hexagram Array was unleashed at this point. As it rose, it landed on Gu Yu’s body at the same time as the Binding Light, which appeared behind his back.

Without his Void, how could he resist being bound? Moreover, Gu Yu’s mind was completely blank at this point, as his soul had been greatly damaged.

Wang Dong’er’s wings opened, and she drifted up into the air at the same time as she used her Hexagram Array. As her body flashed, she arrived in front of Gu Yu. She lifted her right hand and pointed her index finger one inch away from Gu Yu’s forehead. Her right hand turned golden. Although she only pointed one finger, her fingertip seemed to shine like a small sun.

An oxhair-like golden light flashed before disappearing. Gu Yu leaned his head back, and golden light penetrated through the back of his head before disappearing in the air. His body went completely stiff.

At that instant, the other three evil soul masters knew that Gu Yu was dead

When they saw Gu Yu being forced out of his Void state by Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock, they knew he was a dead man.

They were indeed vicious. They didn’t try to break free from Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu’s domain. Rather, they turned around at the same time and charged towards him.

Since one of them had already died, they had to drag at least one person from the Tang Sect down with him. Xu Sanshi was extremely important to the Tang Sect. Without their defense-type soul master, the Tang Sect would find it difficult to resist the three of them!

The three of them were indeed very strong.

Tang Dai lifted his arms, and his black, bony arms turned into two pitch-black bone blades that slashed out at the same time. He managed to carve a path through the domain.

Lu Genggeng exuded a crimson-red glow, increasing his speed in the domain. He charged towards Xu Sanshi maniacally and opened his mouth. It seemed like he wanted to swallow the other whole.

Yan Feng was still the scariest one. He exuded a strong, icy-blue glow, and his body expanded even further as he flew. As his wings flapped forward, two streaks of fog-like, icy-blue light shot towards Xu Sanshi. Wherever the two streaks of lights passed, Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu’s Domain seemed like it was frozen in place.

No matter how strong Xu Sanshi was, he was still immediately placed in a precarious position against three evil soul masters whose cultivations weren’t inferior to his.

On the other side of the stage, Huo Yuhao and the rest immediately acted after getting rid of Gu Yu.

Jiang Nannan and Xiao Xiao increased their speed as they burst forward towards their opponents. He Caitou released his Class 7 Eye of Fear into the air. It was simply too important in this team round. With it, their opponents would be very unsettled and cautious.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er were the strangest.

After Wang Dong’er’s Broken Devil of Light blew apart Gu Yu’s brain, she revolved in the air and landed in Huo Yuhao’s chair. She bent her knees and landed in Huo Yuhao’s lap. At the same time, she opened her arms wide and grabbed his neck.

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