Volume 27, Chapter 333.2: Four Great Evil Soul Masters

Zheng Zhan was a little stunned when he saw their formation. What’s this formation? The strategy of the Tang Sect is indeed very weird. They use different formations every round. Don’t tell me they’re still capable of more tricks like Bei Bei?

On the other side, the Holy Ghost Sect’s formation was much simpler. Lu Genggeng and Tang Dai stood in front, while Yan Feng and Gu Yu stood behind them. The four of them formed a simple square.

Seeing that both parties were already in position and had no intention of changing, Zheng Zhan took in a deep breath before shouting, “Fight, start!”

The members of both teams unleashed their martial souls immediately.

He Caitou’s six soul rings shone. Following this, a Binding Light surfaced on his chest.

The rest of them also unleashed their own martial souls. Dazzling soul rings started to rise.

Zheng Zhan was a Class 9 soul engineer. Among the ten competitors on the stage right now, only He Caitou was a soul engineer. Thus, he naturally paid close attention to He Caitou’s performance. As the tournament reached this stage, all the soul engineering sects had been kicked out. He Caitou was the sole remaining soul engineer. It was very difficult to tell if Huo Yuhao was a soul master, or a soul engineer!

Seeing that He Caitou was immediately using his Class 7 Binding Light, Zheng Zhan furrowed his brow.

This idiot. Why is he using his Binding Light right now? Doesn’t he know that its effective range is only six meters? This is a mistake he shouldn’t be making.

He’s only a Class 6 soul engineer. The Binding Light will greatly deplete his soul power. Furthermore, the Binding Light will start to consume his soul power the moment he opens the barrel. How can he move under such circumstances? Don’t tell me that an opponent will sacrifice himself by charging towards the Binding Light?

Zheng Zhan felt that he would admonish He Caitou after this fight was over, if he were the young man’s teacher.

The four evil soul masters also unleashed their martial souls.

Lu Genggeng was the first to make a move. He exerted force through his legs and leapt up. He didn’t jump too high, only leaping two meters into the air, and only charging forward for four or five meters.

However, he ballooned the moment he jumped up.

By the time he landed, his black robe had already burst open. He had become an extremely huge and terrifying monster!

After unleashing his martial soul, Lu Genggeng grew to more than five meters in height. He was extremely plump, making him look like a giant meatball. His thick legs were extremely short. When he landed on the ground, everyone from the Tang Sect felt it quake beneath their feet. A loud crunching also resonated from the stage.

What kind of monster is this?

All the spectators were stunned when they witnessed this.

Lu Genggeng was like an obese man. His body was exuding waves of dark-green soul power. The strange thing was that these undulations were like an arrhythmic fog as they rose around his body. His head puffed up into a ball, and his blood-red eyes looked very fierce. His six soul rings seemed extremely large because of his huge body

The scary thing was that the pieces of fat on his arms and shoulders seemed to have been stitched together. His skin appeared as patches. He opened his mouth wide and saliva flowed from it continuously. As it landed on the steel plates on the ground, gusts of smoke rose.

When they saw him, everyone from the Tang Sect couldn’t help but recall Feng Ling. However, Feng Ling was terrifying because of his stinky breath. The saliva of this obese guy in front of them now was much more terrifying.

After he ballooned in size, Lu Genggeng charged towards the Tang Sect with a swaying motion.

Everyone from the Tang Sect was shocked when they saw him. What is his martial soul?

Only Huo Yuhao’s eyes flashed coldly. “Abomination. It’s a terrifying specter. It feeds on corpses to enhance its strength. Once it’s hurt, it can devour corpses to recover. Its abilities should include speed, control, and assault. It’s a very strong, comprehensive and evil martial soul. Take extreme caution against it. The dark-green aura around it should be poison.”

“It’s actually an Abomination.” Huo Yuhao was inwardly horrified. Although he could point out the characteristics of this Abomination, it was actually his first time seeing one. He had learned everything about this Abomination from Electrolux. Even in the world of specters, abominations were ranked among the top.

Next to Lu Genggeng, Tang Dai also took big steps forward. He wasn’t as forceful as Lu Genggeng as he leapt forward. However, the transformations to his body weren’t any less terrifying.

His body grew in size with every step he took. When he arrived beside Lu Genggeng, he was actually half a meter taller than him. However, he wasn’t as fat as the Abomination. He had turned into a huge skeleton made of dark gold bones.

The transformations to both of their bodies were too weird. The spectators couldn’t help but exclaim things in revulsion.


Up on the main stage, Xu Tianran furrowed his brow. He suddenly felt that it was a mistake to let the Holy Ghost Sect compete in this tournament. Their existence was too much for ordinary people and soul masters to take. The Sun Moon Empire’s officials revealed astonished looks on their faces, and they couldn’t conceal their disgust.

The disgust towards specters had been like this since time immemorial. This time wasn’t an exception.

Xu Tianran sighed in his heart. It seemed like he couldn’t let the Holy Ghost Sect win in the end! Otherwise, he would be under great pressure within his own empire regardless of what happened to the other empires on the continent. These evil soul masters were better kept in the dark.

As he thought of this, he made a decision. It was fine if the Holy Ghost Sect lost this semifinal match. Even if they won, he would make them forfeit the final and give the championship to Shrek Academy. Compared to his position in the empire, losing the championship to Shrek Academy wouldn’t affect the empire’s reputation.


“Skeleton King. Its physical and energy defenses are very strong. It’s adept at physical assault, but its flaw lies in its inability to attack at range.” Huo Yuhao immediately warned his teammates as he saw Tang Dai’s transformations.

At the same time, he was also doubtful. It seems like many of these evil soul masters are related to specters! The Zhong Li brothers that I met earlier were very adept at controlling souls. Wang Xiaolei was also a witch demon, that was similar to a specter. These two’s martial souls also seem like an Abomination and a Skeleton King. They are some of the strongest martial souls among specters. No wonder they’re able to represent the Holy Ghost Sect to compete.

Yan Feng and Gu Yu were both blocked by the Skeleton King and Abomination.

However, it was a pity that their opponent was the Tang Sect. With Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, there was no way they could conceal themselves.

An icy-blue halo lit up beneath Yan Feng’s feet. This halo appeared along with his soul rings. The halo spread outward as his body became stronger. Dragon scales started to surface on his skin, tearing away his black cloak.

Yan Feng was the only other evil soul master who had seemed like a human, apart from Tang Ya. He was extremely handsome. As the dragon scales surfaced on his body, he grew in size. His gaze also became sharper, and his cold aura soared. His soul rings rose quickly.

Two yellow, two purple and three black soul rings. Seven-ringed Soul Sage.

He was actually a Soul Sage.

He was an evil Soul Sage, just like Tang Ya!

When everyone from the Tang Sect saw Yan Feng’s seven soul rings, they became very serious. If not for the fact that Bei Bei had gotten rid of two six-ringed evil soul masters and caused the seven-ringed Tang Ya to lose control, they might have been completely suppressed in a seven versus seven fight, since the Holy Ghost Sect had two evil Soul Sages!

Even now, they were in a dire situation.

Yan Feng was a Soul Sage, while the rest were all Soul Emperors. Gu Yu’s martial soul was a long bone staff.

The bone staff was made of white bones, and three meters long. There was a silver-grey skull at the tip of the staff, whose eyes burned with a dim purple flame.

He was a very strong evil soul master!

Gu Yu lifted his bone staff, and Yan Feng bent his body slightly before two huge wings opened on his back.

The wings were icy-blue and made of bones, connected by bluish-grey light. When the wings opened up, they spanned close to six meters across. They beat once, and he rose into the air, drifting over in front of Lu Genggeng and Tang Dai.

Ground-based, air-based, and long-distance. The four of them were adept in different areas. Along with Tang Ya, who was adept at control; Wang Xiaolei, who was adept at long-range attacks and control; and Ji Li, who was adept at both attacking and defending, they formed an extremely terrifying team!

In the history of the Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Tournament, they were one of the strongest teams ever in terms of fighting strength. It wasn’t even too far-fetched to say that they were the strongest team to ever compete!

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