Volume 27, Chapter 332.3: Xiao Ya, I'm Feeling A Little Cold

“Bei… Bei Bei…” Tang Ya muttered these few words.

Bei Bei’s body shuddered. He suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a surprised look on his face.

“Bei Bei… Bei Bei…” Tang Ya lowered her head as she reminisced. She looked at Bei Bei, who was lying on her shoulder now.

“Xiao Ya. My Xiao Ya. Are you back?” Bei Bei’s voice had become weak. Although it hadn’t been long, the huge injury on his chest had caused him to lose too much blood. 

Although he couldn’t hear them, Huo Yuhao could see Bei Bei’s expression and Tang Ya’s movement. His vertical eye opened, and a streak of purplish-gold light shot out. It struck the protective barriers and caused a slit to open.

“We concede defeat! Quickly, save him!” he screamed at Zheng Zhan.

Zheng Zhan only woke up at this point. He quickly rushed towards Tang Ya and Bei Bei. He lifted his hands and announced the end of the fight.

The protective barriers were deactivated, and everyone from the Tang Sect rushed up to the stage towards Bei Bei and Tang Ya.

Tang Ya was looking at Bei Bei with expressionless eyes, but she was suddenly filled with torment. The Bluesilver Tyrant Spear disappeared. Just as the spear disappeared, Wang Dong’er was the first to leap towards Bei Bei. As she mimicked a pressing action, bright golden flames adhered to his huge wounds and forcefully sealed them.

He Caitou also stuffed a cigarette into Bei Bei’s mouth and shouted, “Quickly, suck!” As he spoke, his sixth soul ring disappeared.

It was He Caitou’s sixth soul skill, the Resurrection Silver Cigar. His sixth soul skill had great healing powers.

His Resurrection Silver Cigar was mainly used on external injuries, and its effect was very strong. However, it didn’t have any effect on internal injuries.

Bei Bei sucked with force, and instantly felt a warm flow down his throat. His body suddenly felt very warm. The blood that was spurting from his chest also stopped temporarily.

Tang Ya squatted there and looked at Bei Bei. Suddenly, she stood up and grabbed her head with her hands. She looked into the sky and screamed in anguish.

Her piercing scream was very penetrating. An intense dark-blue light surged out towards her surroundings.

Xu Sanshi’s body flashed, and he blocked Tang Ya’s light, using his shield to protect everyone from the Tang Sect.

When everyone from the Tang Sect climbed onto the stage, the Scorpion Tiger Douluo from the Holy Ghost Sect leaped onto the stage too. Tang Ya’s importance to the Holy Ghost Church wasn’t inferior to Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi’s importance to Shrek Academy. He could tell that something was wrong with Tang Ya, and thus had hurried up to the stage immediately.

“Holy Lady, what’s wrong?” Zhang Peng asked as he grabbed Tang Ya’s shoulders.

Tang Ya suddenly turned around, and her eyes turned dark-blue. Countless vines surged out and slapped Zhang Peng.

Zhang Peng was also shocked when he saw her tormented look. However, he couldn’t be controlled by Tang Ya, given his cultivation.

What were evil soul masters most afraid of? They weren’t afraid of their opponents’ abilities, but instead of going berserk during their own cultivation.

An ordinary soul master could still be saved even if he went berserk. However, evil soul masters were too domineering. Once there were problems, they were bound to die.

Throughout the course of history, many soul masters had gone berserk as they tried to break through a difficult barrier, leading to their deaths. Some of them even blew apart.

Seeing that things weren’t going too well, Zhang Peng immediately unleashed his strong aura and forced the Bluesilver Grass away from him. He took a step forward, made a grabbing action, and his immense soul power trapped Tang Ya. At the same time, he smacked Tang Ya’s forehead with his palm.

Tang Ya stopped screaming, and collapsed softly to the ground.

The mysterious lady from the Holy Ghost Sect suddenly appeared onstage and grabbed Tang Ya as she collapsed. She whispered something to Zhang Peng. Zhang Peng looked grim, but the mysterious lady jumped off the stage with Tang Ya. She didn’t bring Tang Ya into the waiting area either, but immediately brought her out to the resting area.

Huo Yuhao held onto Xiao Xiao, who wanted to save Tang Ya. Xu Sanshi also grabbed hold of Jiang Nannan and didn’t let her rush over.

Zhang Peng was an evil soul master, and a Transcendent Douluo. He was able to match up to Shrek Academy’s Soul Engineering Department’s Dean, the Martial God Douluo Xian Lin’er. How were the two of them going to deal with him?

Bei Bei sucked in a few breaths of the cigar He Caitou gave him, and the wound on his chest started to heal.

Although his body had been pierced by the Bluesilver Tyrant Spear, this external injury was the greatest injury he had sustained. After all, Tang Ya didn’t fully unleash the power of the Bluesilver Tyrant Spear and invade his body with her evil energy.

At this point, Bei Bei was already unconscious. His breathing was also a little weak. However, he had still managed to preserve his life. With the protection of Wang Dong’er’s power of light and He Caitou’s cigar, his life wasn’t in danger.

Zheng Zhan stepped in front of Zhang Peng and asked, “Who are you? Don’t you know that the elders of the competing teams aren’t allowed onto the stage?”

Zhang Peng glared at him coldly. Suddenly, Zheng Zhan felt nauseous, and retreated two steps subconsciously.

This person is very strong. Just the aura from the look in his eyes makes me feel he is irresistible. Titled Douluo, he must be a Titled Douluo! He might even be a Transcendent Douluo!

Just as Zheng Zhan was horrified, Zhang Peng said, “Something seems to have happened to my competing member. She can’t compete anymore. We’ll concede defeat in the fourth round. Continue.” As he spoke, he turned around and seemed to teleport off the stage.

Everyone from the Tang Sect also carried Bei Bei off the stage. Only Huo Yuhao was left behind.

Huo Yuhao looked at the remaining four members of the Holy Ghost Sect with a cold look in his eyes. He lifted his right hand and hooked his finger at them. “Referee, we’ve already won three individual elimination rounds. We’ve decided to forfeit the rest of the individual elimination round and request to enter the team round immediately.”

Zheng Zhan nodded and walked to the Holy Ghost Sect’s side. He said a few sentences to them in the waiting area.

The four remaining members of the Holy Ghost Sect stood up at the same time. A cold intent spread towards the stage and Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao ignored them and said, “Referee, we should be able to start after a short rest?”

Zheng Zhan nodded. As the remaining competing members from both teams had yet to compete, he immediately announced that the team round would commence after fifteen minutes, and would decide the outcome of this semifinal match.

Huo Yuhao pushed his wheelchair back to his team’s waiting area. Xu Sanshi jumped up onto the stage to help him off.

Wang Dong’er was still helping Bei Bei with his injury. His cigar was quite effective. The wound on Bei Bei’s chest was healing very quickly.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but give He Caitou a thumbs up. “Second senior, it’s all to your credit.”

He Caitou smiled widely and said, “It’s only right. My cigar can only heal external injuries, and so is very suitable for eldest senior. He’s lost too much blood, but should recover if he nourishes his body. When we return, I’ll give him two more cigars.”

Xu Sanshi laughed bitterly. “Bei Bei has suffered a lot in this tournament! It’s his second time being so seriously hurt. He was even hurt by Xiao Ya both times. Don’t tell me she has really forgotten him?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and gently said, “No. Teacher Xiao Ya must have had been woken up by eldest senior. At least a part of her memories should have been jolted. Otherwise, he would have been dead by now. Second senior, quickly restore your soul power. We’ll go up later and finish them off.”

“Even though Bei Bei was seriously injured now, the Tang Sect is still at an advantage. Bei Bei got rid of two people by sacrificing himself. He even caused Tang Ya to lose her ability to compete further. In the team round, we’ll be outnumbering them six to four. We have a very obvious advantage.”

Jiang Nannan came to Huo Yuhao’s side, and she was very anxious. “Are you saying that Xiao Ya has been jolted awake? If that’s the case, we should save her!”

Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly. “It’s no use. Fourth senior, don’t be rash. The Scorpion Tiger Douluo is an evil soul master, and also a Transcendent Douluo. Furthermore, this is the Sun Moon Empire’s territory. There are many Holy Ghost Sect members around. We’ve no ability to save her now. We must wait for the opportunity.”

Jiang Nannan wanted to say something, but she was dragged away by Xu Sanshi.

Xu Sanshi grabbed onto Jiang Nannan’s shoulder and said, “Nannan, calm down. We still have the team round later. Can you compete if you remain like this? Let’s defeat our opponents first. We are doing our best to get Xiao Ya back.”

Jiang Nannan nodded as she saw his bright eyes.

Xu Sanshi hugged her and said sincerely, “I’ve always been very envious of Bei Bei and Tang Ya. However, I feel that we are more blissful than them. No matter what your feelings are for me, you’ve always been by my side, and you can still recognize me. Nannan, I’ll treasure you.”

“Okay.” Xu Sanshi hugged her, but she didn’t struggle after the sad encounter between Bei Bei and Tang Ya. She hugged him at the waist, and her tears flowed again. She muttered, “If I become like Xiao Ya one day, I want you to personally kill me. I’d rather die in your arms than wake up seeing you collapsed beside me.”

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