Volume 27, Chapter 332.2: Xiao Ya, I'm Feeling A Little Cold

Two dark blue vines appeared and whipped at the Lightning Dragon’s Claws. They managed to crush the claws just like that. A huge patch of vines instantly rose and blocked Bei Bei’s path.

Bei Bei unleashed his third soul skill, Thunderous Fury, and the lightning around him grew stronger and stronger. He clasped his palms in front of his chest, and released a sonorous dragon roar.

Suddenly, the lightning gathered to form a huge dragon head that charged towards the patch of Bluesilver Grass.

A huge boom echoed in the air. The vines of Bluesilver Grass scattered as they were struck by Bei Bei’s fourth soul skill, Thunderous Dragon Head. However, they weren’t completely crushed from the explosion even though the Thunderous Dragon Head was very powerful. They were only scattered.

At this point, Bei Bei didn’t seem to care anymore. As he landed, he smacked his palm down and continued to burst forward in the air. He opened his arms wide, as if he were trying to embrace Tang Ya.

There was a cold look on Tang Ya’s face. She raised her right hand to her side, palm facing inwards, fingers together and pointing at him A long spear exuding a bright blue light appeared on her fingertips.

When this spear appeared, the scattered vines changed into shadows and fused with it. Tang Ya also turned a transparent, dark blue at this moment.

This was…

Zheng Zhan felt his hair stand on end. It was as if his soul had been penetrated.

This was Tang Ya’s fifth soul skill. It brought about a sense of oppression, and wasn’t inferior to Bei Bei’s Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture.

However, Bei Bei seemed to have already expended his soul power. He wasn’t able to unleash the powers of his Radiant Holy Dragon. His fifth and sixth soul rings were also inactive.

There was a determined look on Bei Bei’s face. As he faced Tang Ya’s spear, there was a sense of desolation as he smiled.

“Xiao Ya, I miss you so much,” he said softly. At this moment, he seemed to be completely immersed in his own feelings. The lightning above his claws had disappeared. His eyes were only filled with a gentle look.

These seven simple words were like seven huge hammers pounding on Tang Ya’s soul. She didn’t throw her spear out immediately after it formed.

Bei Bei was extremely fast. He was about to reach her.

There was a puff of impact, and a bloody light surfaced.

Bei Bei didn’t dodge, and didn’t try to attack either. He let the spear stab through his chest and come out his back.

Everyone from the Tang Sect was shocked by this. Even Huo Yuhao was unable to maintain his cool anymore. Something seemed to be stuck in his throat as he grabbed onto his wheelchair with his right hand.

The other five Shrek’s Seven Monsters even stood up.

“Eldest senior, you lied to me.” Huo Yuhao’s voice was trembling. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.


Before today’s match, Bei Bei had quietly come to find Huo Yuhao. He didn’t even let Wang Dong’er listen to his private conversation.

“Little junior, we’ll arrange our strategy in this way. Do you have any objections?”

“Eldest senior, I have no objections. What do we do with Teacher Xiao Ya? If she appears in the first few rounds, will we really make a move against her?”

“Little junior, don’t worry. I know what to do. Even if the evil soul masters abducted her, no one understands her better than me. Remember when she attacked me that day? It was just for show. She did it as a show for the rest of the evil soul masters.”

“In fact, she had already recognized me then. She told me about her condition using a sign that only the two of us knew. She was threatened by those evil soul masters, and thus was unable to return then. But we’ll coordinate with each other in the tournament. Don’t worry.”

“That’s great. But how did the Holy Ghost Church threaten Teacher Xiao Ya? We must ensure that she returns safely!”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I have a plan in mind. Don’t forget, I’m able to turn into the Radiant Holy Dragon! When have you ever seen me doing something I’m not confident in? Xiao Ya is my greatest love. No matter what, I must help her recover. This is also something that only I can do. Don’t worry, and focus on competing.”

“That’s great! It’ll be great if Teacher Xiao Ya can return!”


Everything that he had said was completely in contrast with what was happening.

Huo Yuhao could keep his cool earlier because Bei Bei had informed him of his plan. In addition, he had always been a composed person.

After he saw Bei Bei defeating two strong opponents, his confidence grew even further.

However, he knew that he had been lied to when Bei Bei smiled and allowed himself to be stabbed by the long spear. Eldest senior was lying!

He didn’t communicate with Teacher Xiao Ya at all. The attack that he suffered that day was also not a message that Teacher Xiao Ya left for him. He doesn’t have the ability to bring her back!

Eldest Senior!

The long spear had stabbed through Bei Bei’s chest and exited out his back. However, he continued to move forward toward Tang Ya. He closed his opened arms and tightly embraced her.

Fresh blood spurted out from his chest and scattered on Tang Ya. Her cold aura seemed to have suffered a blow, and she seemed to warm up a little.

She was stunned. When her Bluesilver Tyrant Spear stabbed Bei Bei, she felt as if her own chest had been stabbed. An indescribable pain appeared in her chest.

She didn’t unleash the life-devouring ability of her Bluesilver Tyrant Spear. She stood there in a daze without moving. It was as if she had been immobilized. The lost look in her eyes also turned into a tremendous struggle.

“Xiao Ya, it’s so good to hug you again. It feels really good.” Bei Bei didn’t even seem to feel the pain in his chest. He hugged Tang Ya tightly, and his face was filled with bliss. It was just that it was also extremely pale right now.

“Xiao Ya, do you know? I’ve really missed you. After I lost you, I realized how important you were to me. You have become an indispensable part of my life.

“When I saw you that day, my soul was finally awoken. I’ve waited for today for too long.

“I don’t know if you can remember me, or whether you’ll recover.

“However, it’s enough that I can hug you. Wake up, Xiao Ya. Let me summon you with my life. I’ve already established the Tang Sect for you. Wake up, will you?”

Golden light surfaced on Bei Bei’s body once again. However, it appeared as a dim golden fog this time.

In the resting area, the Scorpion Tiger Douluo Zhang Peng had already rushed to the arena. His expression was changing wildly as he stared at the stage.

Evidently, he didn’t know about Bei Bei and Tang Ya’s relationship. After Tang Ya joined the Holy Ghost Church, her talent was highly regarded. Over these past few years, she had been cultivating in secret. Her improvement was the greatest of all the younger soul masters. It was why she was able to represent the Holy Ghost Church as their team leader for this tournament.

It seemed like Tang Ya should have had the upper hand. However, why didn’t she destroy Bei Bei with her Bluesilver Tyrant Spear and swallow his life energy? Her cultivation was bound to increase greatly if she swallowed the life energy of a Soul Emperor. Not only would her soul power not be depleted, but she might even become stronger than she was at her peak!

Why was she standing there without moving?

Fresh blood was already flowing from the edges of Bei Bei’s lips. His right chest and lung had been stabbed. The cold aura that the Bluesilver Tyrant Spear let out was also filled with evil.

As he sensed that Tang Ya was in a daze, Bei Bei slowly shut his eyes and muttered, “Is it still… not working…?

“Don’t worry, Xiao Ya. Let it be like this then. To die in your arms is also happiness for me. It’s better than suffering from the torment of missing you every day.”

As he spoke, he leaned his head on Tang Ya’s shoulder. His signature, refined smile returned to his face.

In the resting area, Zhang Lexuan clenched her fists when she saw this. Her fingernails were already piercing through her palm.

Bei Bei, why are you so foolish? Is she so good that it’s worth doing this? Fool, you are really a fool!

Wang Qiu’er was also stunned when she saw this. At this moment, the scene of Huo Yuhao standing by the lakeside of the Icefire Yin Yang Well and swallowing the water of the Blazing Sunspring to melt the origin energy of Ultimate Ice in his body surfaced in her mind.

Is this love? Sacrificing your life for someone you love?

“Xiao Ya, I’m a little cold. Make your move.” Bei Bei used his remaining energy to hug Tang Ya tightly. At this moment, the rest of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were completely shocked. There were protective barriers in front of them. They couldn’t charge up. They didn’t even have a chance to stop Bei Bei. But they all saw the smile on Bei Bei’s face.

“Teacher Xiao Ya, wake up!” Although Huo Yuhao knew Tang Ya couldn’t hear his call, he still couldn’t help but shout. Tears were already streaming down his face.

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