Volume 27, Chapter 332.1: Xiao Ya, I'm Feeling A Little Cold

Classy and cold, with an indescribably charming, yet evil demeanor. Her captivating splendor didn’t seem to be much inferior to Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er.

Bei Bei’s pupils shrank slightly, and a tormented look flashed across his eyes. However, he still seemed very determined. He faced Tang Ya directly and didn’t avoid her.

She was also staring back at him, and her gaze seemed ghastly. A dim dark-blue streak of gas started revolving around her body. It seemed like she could erupt at any time.

She only stopped when she was three meters away from Bei Bei. She looked at him coldly and didn’t utter a word. However, there was very solemn aura on the stage.

Zheng Zhan’s emotions hadn’t subsided yet. Bei Bei’s fifth and sixth soul skills had destroyed two evil soul masters. Regarding this refined-looking young man in front of him, Zheng Zhan felt that he was very pleasant. He hoped that Bei Bei wouldn’t be destroyed under the hands of the Holy Ghost Sect. However, he was the referee, and even a member of the Sun Moon Empire. How could he express his thoughts?

As he looked at both parties, Zheng Zhan said, “Both parties, please report your names.” His voice was evidently slower than the previous two times. He was thinking to himself. Kid, this is the most that I can do to help you. I hope that you can take this short period of time to restore yourself a little.

From Bei Bei’s soul power undulations, he could tell that Bei Bei couldn’t last a third round. In addition, the aura from Tang Ya was markedly stronger than the two previous evil soul masters. From where she was seated in the waiting area, she should be one of the best in this evil soul master sect.

“Tang Sect, Bei Bei.” Bei Bei said these four simple words, and emphasized the words ‘Tang Sect’.

Tang Ya seemed to be dazed for a moment, and a lost look flashed across her eyes. However, she soon regained her cold attitude and said, “Holy Ghost Church, Tang Ya.”

Bei Bei took in a deep breath and nodded at her. There was a tormented look on his face. Before the Unbreakable Douluo could speak, he immediately turned around and walked towards his half of the stage. He was very determined.

Tang Ya didn’t seem to sense anything, and also turned around before walking towards her own half of the stage. She seemed very graceful as she walked. It was as if she were drifting along. Her body didn’t move much.

Humans were always inclined towards beauty. Tang Ya’s appearance quieted down the spectators who were fearful and disgusted by the Holy Ghost Sect. There were even some who were doubtful. Can such a pretty lady be an evil soul master?

Of course, beauty didn’t decide a soul master’s abilities. Tang Ya slowly walked towards her side of the stage before turning around. On the other side, Bei Bei was already prepared. He had also put his Milk Bottle away.

This was already the third individual elimination round. The third round was very important, especially for the team that had won the first two rounds. As long as they won the third round, Bei Bei had the right to request that they immediately move on to the team round. The Tang Sect outnumbered the Holy Ghost Sect by two people. If Bei Bei could win this round, the Tang Sect’s advantage would be quite great.

However, could the Tang Sect really win? After fighting two consecutive rounds, Bei Bei’s depletion could be seen in his expression. It was quite unlikely that he could defeat Tang Ya right now, who was also likely the team leader of the Holy Ghost Sect.

The Unbreakable Douluo looked at both parties. He knew that he couldn’t delay any further. He sighed in his heart and lifted his right hand up high.


After his voice sounded, Bei Bei was the one who made the first move. He exerted his strength and instantly burst forward. He didn’t seem slower than when he had faced Wang Xiaolei earlier.

In the waiting area, the rest of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were witnessing the fight nervously. Xu Sanshi couldn’t help but hold Jiang Nannan’s hand tightly, and Jiang Nannan didn’t blame him for exploiting this opportunity to hold onto her hand right now.

They were the earliest two of Shrek’s Seven Monsters to know Bei Bei and Tang Ya. They had watched how Bei Bei and Tang Ya grew up as a couple. They had witnessed how tormented Bei Bei was after Tang Ya disappeared.

At this moment, these two lovers had been reunited. However, they were reunited as opponents!

“Xiao Ya, do you not remember anything? Do you know how much Bei Bei has sacrificed for you all these years?” Jiang Nannan muttered to herself. Her eyes started to turn red.

Xu Sanshi was as uninhibited as usual, and said, “We must believe Bei Bei. He’ll be able to wake her up.”

“He will definitely be able to.” Wang Dong’er and Xiao Xiao said at almost the same time. He Caitou also clenched his fists as he watched them anxiously.

Only Huo Yuhao seemed calmer. His breathing was very regular, and he placed his hands on the handles of his wheelchair. He seemed to be pondering something.

Tang Ya didn’t rush forward even though Bei Bei had burst straight towards her. Her expression was very cold. She moved step by step toward Bei Bei. She wasn’t quick. However, the dark blue light that shone from her body became stronger and stronger with every step she took.

The dark blue light accentuated her ravishing looks. She had the aura of an influential queen!

The two of them were getting closer and closer to each other. Beneath Tang Ya’s feet, her soul rings also finally shone.

Two yellow, two purple and three black soul rings.

In the waiting area, Jiang Nannan couldn’t help but exclaim, “Seven!” A few others who were familiar with Tang Ya were also stunned. Huo Yuhao also revealed a shocked look in his eyes.

Seven soul rings, a seven-ringed Soul Sage?

Initially, Tang Ya’s cultivation was inferior to Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi and even Jiang Nannan. This was also why she had left Shrek Academy; she knew that she couldn’t enter the inner courtyard.

However, seven soul rings lit up on her body right now. In a few years, she had already become a seven-ringed Soul Sage. Were all evil soul masters so scary?

Her third soul ring lit up first. Tang Ya lifted up her right hand and mimicked a gentle smacking action towards Bei Bei. A ball of dark blue light ball shot out and flew towards Bei Bei.

The ball quickly expanded as it flew out, turning into a dark blue net.

Bei Bei recognized this soul skill. Huo Yuhao also knew it very clearly. This was the third soul skill that Bei Bei had helped Tang Ya obtain when Huo Yuhao first met them, Spiderweb Binding!  It was obtained from a thousand year Man-faced Devilspider!

However, the Spiderweb Binding that Tang Ya used now was more than ten meters in diameter. It covered a huge surface area, and Bei Bei felt that he couldn’t dodge it as it moved towards him.

Not only this, but Tang Ya’s first soul ring also lit up. Countless vines surged out from her back. The dark blue vines were very shiny and transparent, exuding a deep sapphire glow. As the glow spread, it was about to cover Bei Bei entirely.

Even though Tang Ya had become an evil soul master, she didn’t change her cultivation direction. She was still a control-type soul master!

Bei Bei stopped running forward. Following this, bluish-purple lightning surfaced around him. A huge bluish-purple lightning web opened up towards Tang Ya’s Spiderweb Binding. It was as big as the Spiderweb Binding.

Two huge webs clashed in the air. The spiderweb suddenly stopped, and the lightning surrounded it.


“Xiao Ya, you must try to open up your spiderweb when you use it. After that, you must judge beforehand. It’s best to unleash it when your opponent is coming close to you at high speed, or if he’s already in the air and can’t change directions easily.

“You see, your spiderweb is very sticky. Also, the vines converted from your Bluesilver Grass will become tougher as your abilities improve. When that happens, your enemy will find it very difficult to cut the Bluesilver Grass. He might even cause the spiderweb to close up as he attacks it, and be instantly restrained.”

“Will my opponent be able to resist my Spiderweb Binding?”

“Of course. Use it on me.”

“Eh, I see what you are doing! It sounds fun. One is a lightning web and one is a spiderweb. It’s quite interesting when we combine them together! Should we give it a name?”

“Hehe, let’s call it the Loveweb. There are no holes in the Loveweb. I can trap you!”

“Hehe, let’s call it the Loveweb then!


“Loveweb…” Tang Ya seemed to be in a daze. There was a confused look in her eyes. Bei Bei exploited this opportunity to detour around the Loveweb and continue towards her.

Tang Ya’s confusion only lasted for a second. She quickly regained her cold mindset, and several vines formed by the Bluesilver Grass quickly reached out towards Bei Bei.

Not only this, but she also lifted her right hand, and her fourth soul ring shone.

Bei Bei was too familiar with Tang Ya. When he saw her lifting her right hand, he leapt up quickly.

As he leaped away, Bluesilver Grass that resembled a patch of long spears poked out. It was like there was a forest of spears beneath him. They released a dense, cold glow.

If Bei Bei had been one step slower, he would have clashed with this patch of Bluesilver Grass.

This was Tang Ya’s fourth soul skill, Bluesilver Prison!

Bei Bei leapt towards Tang Ya. In the air, he extended his hands and swiped towards Tang Ya with his Lightning Dragon’s Claws!

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