Volume 27, Chapter 331.3: Dragon Emperor Realm Quake

Even though the Deadspirit Sea only had a radius of about five meters, Wang Xiaolei had already retreated to its other end. The moment Bei Bei entered it, he could feel his body going cold. Avenging spirits wailed, which made his soul feel unstable, as if it were about to leave his body.

The Evil Frost continued to assault his body, trying tofreeze both his body and his soul. Bei Bei’s speed slowed visibly. The thunder and lightning around his body fought against the Evil Frost, but now, every step he took became arduous.

“Kakaka!” Wang Xiaolei laughed. His laughter was as chilling as the caw of a crow. “Fool, your biggest mistake was entering my Deadspirit Sea. Time to enjoy Death Withering in the Deadspirit Sea.”

As he said that, he lifted his hands, and a purplish-black fountain centered around his body started to seep into every corner of the Deadspirit Sea. The terrifying death aura rushed toward Bei Bei frantically.

Once, Wang Xiaolei had used this move to simultaneously kill two Soul Sages. Then, he’d turned them into the main Avenging Spirits for his Death Whip. He anticipated the moment when he could do the same to Bei Bei. How would his light and demon-destroying soul affect his Death Whip after he subdued Bei Bei? What would his Death Whip become? Maybe it wouldn’t even fear light-type attacks anymore!

The overcast sky today was a great advantage for the evil soul masters, particularly for Wang Xiaolei. Had it been sunny, the strength of his attacks would have been greatly reduced. He might not even have been able to compete, and his team would’ve had to activate their reserves.

At this moment, he brimmed with confidence. He could almost see the very moment when Bei Bei became part of his Death Whip.

As a powerful evil soul master, Wang Xiaolei was very perceptive. He could clearly analyze that the Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture attack Bei Bei had used earlier could not be used consecutively. How could a soul skill which fused with spiritual power be simple? He had already used it twice in two battles. If he wanted to continue using it, he would need to take a rest. Without needing to fear the terrifying power of Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture, his sixth soul skill, Death Withering, which was further strengthened by his fourth soul skill, Deadspirit Sea, could not be easily resisted!

Wang Xiaolei thought he almost saw terror in Bei Bei’s eyes. The spirit fire in his eye sockets danced rapidly.

However, he quickly saw Bei Bei laugh. His laughter was cold and arrogant. Bei Bei, who usually had a warm demeanor, now treated his opponent arrogantly. In his heart, he always viewed himself as above everything else. This was the true nature of Sovereign’s Descent!

If fear appeared in his heart, how could he control the Sovereign’s Descent?

Bei Bei bent over. Looking at him, it was as if his entire body had curled up. At the same time, a black halo rose, and an intense golden light shone from his body.

With a clear and mighty dragon roar, the huge image of the Radiant Holy Dragon crashed into Bei Bei and entered his body. Now, Bei Bei was covered with a thick layer of golden armor. He shot out like a thunderbolt.

Even though the Radiant Holy Dragon had taken Bei Bei’s humanoid form, at this moment, he resembled a true Radiant Holy Dragon!

As this Radiant Holy Dragon charged forward, it started to swirl quickly. Then, in mid-air, it took the shape of a huge dragon head.

There was only a dragon head. This meant that Bei Bei had yet to enter the level of a seven-ringed soul master who could use his Martial Soul True Body. However, the appearance of just this dragon head alone was enough to make the mysterious Imperial Tutor stand up.

The golden dragon head brimmed with a powerful, regal flavor. The powerful Radiant Holy Dragon burst forth!

“Dragon Emperor’s Realm Quake,” the Imperial Tutor said word-by-word as he named Bei Bei’s soul skill.

A golden halo with a fifteen-meter radius appeared. The halo completely encircled the Deadspirit Sea. In the center of the halo, one could see that humongous, arrogant dragon head. Inside the halo were numerous Golden Holy Dragons. As they appeared, the Deadspirit Sea started to slow. Death Withering, which was gaining momentum, also stopped in place.

Compared to Wang Xiaolei and his horrifying soul skills, Bei Bei’s soul skills appeared extremely dazzling.

At least ten Golden Holy Dragons appeared in the halo. At this moment, Wang Xiaolei suddenly discovered that there was nothing he could do. An indescribable terror now appeared in his mind.

His Death Withering and Deadspirit Sea both broke free from his control. All he could feel was that his soul was slowly rising. Everything around him became cloaked in gold.

After the realistic-looking Radiant Holy Dragons appeared, they did not move.

They were like statues suspended in mid-air.

The dragon head in the center roared once more.

It was as if it had given an order to attack. All of the Radiant Holy Dragons unleashed their devastating attacks together.

They turned into rays of golden lightning that flashed and dashed around within the golden halo. The Deadspirit Sea and Death Withering were instantly ripped apart by the dragon-shaped thunder and lightning. At the same time, they all charged toward Wang Xiaolei.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Four explosions sounded in the arena. Three blows, and Wang Xiaolei’s Death Protection was shattered.

Zheng Zhan, the Unbreakable Douluo, reacted and wanted to go and save him. However, the golden halo on the ground started to shine intensely. A golden thirty meter-tall pillar of light started to rise into the sky.

Even Zheng Zhan could not enter at this moment. When he touched the golden pillar, golden lightning circled his entire body. Even though he tried to resist it with his defensive soul tools, it was impossible to take even a single step.

This lasted for less than two seconds. Soon, slowly faded and disappeared.

In the sky, the shadow of the Radiant Holy Dragon flickered in and out of sight. The dozen Radiant Holy Dragons flew up into the sky.

Dragon Emperor’s Realm Quake!

This was a powerful soul skill the Dragon God Douluo, Mu En, had created. It specialized in destroying demons and stopping evil soul masters.

Dragon Emperor Realm Quake and Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture were the two signature killer moves of Elder Mu many years ago. No one knew how many evil soul masters he’d killed with them.

Evil soul masters were all terrified of them.

At this moment, it was clear that Bei Bei had used the same methods, and inherited his master’s skills.

Wang Xiaolei’s body had disappeared completely. Compared to Ji Li, his disappearance was even more traceless. No one saw how he had really disappeared.

The giant gold pillar of light was gone, which meant that he’d disappeared naturally as well. Not even a single trace of him was left.

The entire arena fell silent once more. Bei Bei had just killed two Soul Emperor-level evil soul masters!

At this moment, no one dared to say that Wang Qiu’er was the most powerful Dragon martial soul soul master of this tournament. Until she could beat him, no one would say that.

Yu Tianlong was completely still. As a fellow Dragon martial soul soul master, and as someone with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon martial soul, he now truly understood how powerful Bei Bei’s attack was. This was a soul skill that surpassed even that of an ordinary Soul Sage.

He knew that he was definitely not Bei Bei’s opponent. It was hard to even speak for Wang Qiu’er. Very hard to say, indeed. Where did the Tang Sect come from? Why are they so powerful?

Bei Bei reappeared where the golden light pillar once was. His face looked pale, but he stood upright.

Regardless of whether it was his quick breaths or his unhealthy complexion, neither could diminish the determined look in his eyes.

He’d won. Indeed, he’d won once more. Twice! And he had killed two people! Everyone in the audience was cheering for him.

Demon-destroying. This was his light-type demon-destroying ability!

Even though every Soul Emperor could use their fifth and sixth soul skills, very few could use up as much power as he had. Bei Bei stood there quietly. It took some time for his breathing to normalize once more. He lifted his right hand slowly and pointed in the direction of the Holy Ghost Sect’s waiting zone. He extended his index finger and pointed straight at Tang Ya, who sat at the front of the resting zone.

She appeared agitated. She stood up and looked coldly at Bei Bei. While she wore a hood over her head, her sharp gaze bored into Bei Bei, who was separated from her by the descending protective soul barrier.

“Individual elimination round, round two, Victory, the Tang Sect.” When he said these words, even Zheng Zhan was dumbfounded.

Two to zero, who would have thought that the Tang Sect would take the lead?

Bei Bei inhaled and lowered his arm. He turned and walked expressionlessly to the center of the arena. Slowly, he walked in front of the Unbreakable Douluo and took out his Milk Bottle once more as he stood there, slowly replenishing his soul power.

Tang Ya turned around and looked at the waiting zone.

The shock from the Scorpion Tiger Douluo Zhang Peng’s eyes had disappeared. It was slowly being replaced by fear.  

The moment Bei Bei unleashed his Dragon Emperor Realm Quake, it was as if he had returned to the moment when the Dragon God Douluo Mu En had unleashed the same powerful move to suppress him. This was where his terror came from. The skills of the Dragon God Douluo had indeed been passed down! Fortunately, this bastard is still young...

At this moment, a cold light flashed in Zhang Peng’s eyes. He nodded meaningfully at Tang Ya.

Tang Ya nodded. On the balls of her feet, she stood up with her back facing the arena. Then, her slender body somersaulted in mid-air and she ascended comfortably into the arena. At the same time, she removed her hood.

The cheering crowd quieted down instantly. They were all taken aback by what they saw.

Tang Ya walked onto the arena. In the eyes of the crowd, they were expecting some hideous guy from the Holy Ghost Sect. However, the person who now stood before them was a stunningly beautiful girl with dark-blue eyes and jade-white skin.

Compared to a few years ago, Tang Ya was much more mature. She had grown taller, and become more womanly. She looked like a young adult now. Her beautiful face was icy-cold as she walked towards Bei Bei!

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