Volume 27, Chapter 331.2: Dragon Emperor Realm Quake

The purplish-black light on his right hand became extremely eye-catching. The wails of avenging spirits could be heard everywhere.

Even the Unbreakable Douluo’s face turned dark. Naturally, he did not fear Wang Xiaolei’s attack. However, he could clearly sense that the highly-concentrated nature of Wang Xiaolei’s attack was extracted from hundreds of lives! This guy was a true executioner!

While Zheng Zhan came from the Sun Moon Empire and had a close relationship with the imperial family, he did not like the evil soul masters. In his heart, he resolved that if this Bei Bei from the Tang Sect were to kill this guy, he would definitely not intervene.

A scream could be heard. Wang Xiaolei’s right arm suddenly came down. Instantly, a long purplish-black whip swung out from his right hand. The whip cracked straight toward Bei Bei, who had been immobilized by his Evil Frost.

This was his powerful fifth soul skill, Death Whip! Once someone was struck by the Death Whip, he would be eaten away by an aura of death. At the same time, he would be ferociously attacked by the avenging spirits in the Death Whip until he became an avenging spirit too!

The Death Whip was forged from avenging spirits. Wang Xiaolei’s Death Whip already had more than two hundred avenging spirits in it. As it was formed from so many avenging spirits, this fifth soul skill’s strength could easily overpower many seven-ringed Soul Sages!

One had to know that it was not easy to make avenging spirits. It was not just a simple matter of killing someone. Only those with an intense hatred in their hearts at the moment of death, or those who had been terrified prior to their demise, could be turned into powerful avenging spirits. Because of this, no one knew how many people Wang Xiaolei had killed to achieve his current powers. Zheng Zhan realized that he did not know evil soul masters well enough. The number of people Wang Xiaolei had killed should be in the thousands by now...

The purplish-black whip swished through the air, and one could hear countless deafening wails. This sound alone spread far from the tournament’s arena. Some members of the audience who were close to the arena felt an intense giddiness, as if their souls were about to leave their bodies. After this tournament, many of them would be struck by severe illnesses.

Bei Bei stood there without moving. It was as if he had already been polluted by the Evil Frost. Faced with the Death Whip now, there appeared to be nothing he could do.

Just as the horrifying whip was about to land on him, a sudden, intense golden light suddenly shone from the center of Bei Bei’s body outward. The evil icy-blue layer around his body was blown off. A clear golden palm reached out and grabbed the whip.

Wails could be heard from the long whip. One could clearly see a huge amount of mist seeping out from the area around Bei Bei’s hand. In the mist, one could many twisted human faces dissipating in the air, as well as streams of black gases floating around them.

Wang Xiaolei was infuriated as he roared. He had spent a lot of time and effort crafting his Death Whip, to the point where he himself was no longer fully human. At this moment, the light, lightning, and demon-destroying abilities of Bei Bei were wrecking his whip! Even if just a bit of it was wrecked, it was not something Wang Xiaolei would let go!

However, Wang Xiaolei remained calm. Under these circumstances, he did not think about withdrawing his Death Whip. Instead, he flicked his wrist upward, causing the Death Whip to coil around Bei Bei’s neck like a snake!

At this moment, Wang Xiaolei was extremely careful, because he could clearly see Bei Bei’s fifth soul ring flashing around his body. This meant that he was readying his Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture.

However, Wang Xiaolei had tricks up his sleeves too. His sixth soul ring started to shine, and a ball of purplish-black light coated his body. At this moment, his robe finally burst open.

Just as many had guessed, without his robe, Wang Xiaolei was nothing more than a white skeleton.

Two dark red fires jumped in his eye sockets. One could see countless purplish-black patterns all over his bones.

At this moment, he lifted his left hand and pressed it down onto his right hand. Balls of purplish-black light were sent over from his left hand to the Death Whip, which he was wielding in his right hand.

The avenging spirits appeared to be calmed by this, and a terrifying aura of death surged toward Bei Bei like a tidal wave.

The expression on Bei Bei’s face changed. He could clearly feel that the aura of death that was rushing toward him would allow the Death Whip to break free from his grasp.

He took a step back and let go. He thrust out with his palms and landed four palm-strikes on the purplish-black aura of death that was surging toward him.

Thunder boomed around him. Golden bolts of lightning a meter wide exploded in mid-air. Every single explosion of lightning would destroy huge swathes of the purplish-black aura. However, it continued to crash toward him. Some of it landed on the ground. Instantly, the metal on the ground dissolved silently! Furthermore, the purplish-black aura would not just eat through the metal on the ground, but also bored holes in the stone below after they were done with the metal. Many tiny holes whose depth could not be seen started to appear. Their densely-packed nature made everyone uncomfortable.

Death Withering, Wang Xiaolei’s sixth soul skill. This was also his most powerful one!

However, before the Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture, neither Death Withering nor the Death Whip stood a chance, and they were both shattered by its powerful demon-destroying abilities.

After the last Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture was unleashed, an explosion boomed in the air. One-third of the Death Whip was completely shattered, and the remainder of the Death Withering was utterly obliterated.


On the main podium, the mysterious Imperial Tutor said, “If this guy doesn’t die, he’ll become another Mu En in a few decades.”

Xu Tianran said nothing. Instead, he fixed his gaze on the arena. Bei Bei’s powerful palms could force even evil soul masters into retreat with each strike. They were powerful indeed!


The audience spectating the match cheered Bei Bei on relentlessly. In their eyes, the skeletal Wang Xiaolei was too horrifying. They wanted Bei Bei to kill him quickly, just like he did Ji Li!

The energy from their clash reverberated in the air. The fire that danced in Wang Xiaolei’s eye sockets dimmed a bit. However, Bei Bei also took a few steps back. Both sides were evidently shaken from the clash.

The Radiant Holy Dragon’s image appeared behind Bei Bei. He lifted his head and let out a draconic roar. Then, he charged toward Wang Xiaolei once more.

Claws appeared on the ground once again. However, they were unable to stop Bei Bei, who was currently in his Radiant Holy Dragon state.

Everywhere Bei Bei passed, the bones would disintegrate. There was no way they could stop him.

The spirit fire that danced in Wang Xiaolei’s eyes looked shocked. While they had appeared to be evenly-matched just now, he was unable to widen the distance between Bei Bei and himself. He was also unable to defeat Bei Bei with his two main soul skills. He knew that he was now at a disadvantage. His only hope was that Bei Bei could not maintain his explosive state for long.

Wang Xiaolei specialized in long-range attacks. However, speed was a major problem for him. It was impossible for him to widen the distance via speed. The only thing he could do was assault his opponent non-stop to block him.

He grabbed at the air with his right hand, and his third soul ring flashed. A dark-purple bubble appeared in mid-air and enveloped his body. Following that, his extended his skeletal left and right arms. The purplish-black patterns on his body lit up.

The moment he reached out with his arms, his fourth soul ring started to shine. The purplish-black light started to seep out from his feet.

This was his third soul skill, Death Protection, and his fourth soul skill, Deadspirit Sea!

This was Wang Xiaolei’s most powerful attack. Strengthened by Deadspirit Sea, he would normally then release his fifth and sixth soul skills. However, as Bei Bei’s attack was too fast, there was no way he could have released his Deadspirit Sea in time before.

Deadspirit Sea was like a domain-type ability, but not quite.

It only had a radius of five meters. Once it was released, Deadspirit Sea would not move with Wang Xiaolei. All attacks he released afterward would increase in strength. Furthermore, it nourished the avenging spirits, giving them new strength.

How could one who was chosen to represent the Holy Ghost Church not have astounding abilities?

When Bei Bei was less than twenty meters from him, he raised his right hand and slashed it toward Wang Xiaolei with his Thunderous Dragon Claw.

However, the moment the golden Thunderous Dragon Claw entered the zone of the Deadspirit Sea, it started to change. Purplish-black light flashed and pulsated. The golden Thunderous Dragon Claw was cloaked with a layer of purplish-black light. While its demon-destroying abilities were able to resist the purplish-black light, it dissipated completely when it reached Death Protection. All that was left were a few strands of purplish-black light that landed uselessly on Wang Xiaolei’s Death Protection.

Wang Xiaolei moved his hands up and down. At this moment, he no longer cared about the depletion of his soul power.

Layers of Evil Frost surged from his Deadspirit Sea. Like a tsunami, they crashed toward Bei Bei.

Bei Bei snorted coldly, and his third soul ring started to flash. It was Thunderous Fury!

A huge golden tendril of electricity wrapped itself around his body. At the same time, the toes of his left foot touched the ground. He then charged like an arrow into the Deadspirit Sea without any hesitation!

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