Volume 27, Chapter 331.1: Dragon Emperor Realm Quake

In the resting zone, the Tiger Scorpion Douluo Zhang Peng, who sat at the back of the Holy Ghost Sect, stood up with a dark expression on his face. He mouthed something to those in the waiting zone. No one knew what he was saying.

In the waiting zone, Tang Ya, who stood at the front, turned to look at the Tiger Scorpion Douluo. Then, she nodded in his direction.

Huo Yuhao had been observing the two of them. His gaze likewise fell onto the familiar woman next to him. Is she my sister? No matter what, he had to find out the truth after this tournament ended.

Bei Bei stood in the arena. He continued to absorb soul power from the Milk Bottle. He was not perturbed at all by what was going on around him.

Over on the Holy Ghost Sect’s side, under Tang Ya’s beckoning, another team member leapt onto the arena.

This person was extremely tall, at least two meters, but at the same time, he was extremely skinny. He looked as if he were a twig. His long black robes hung on his frame like an old sack.

His movements were evidently very stiff, and he was not very fast, either. He walked slowly and rigidly toward the center of the arena, as if his knees could not bend.

“State your names.”

“Tang Sect, Bei Bei.”

“Holy Ghost Sect, Wang Xiaolei.” Wang Xiaolei’s voice was raspy and cold. It seemed to reverberate slightly in the air. It was vastly different from that of a normal person.

When he saw Wang Xiaolei walk onto the arena, a change happened in Huo Yuhao’s eyes. His lips moved as he said something to Bei Bei up in the arena.

Only then did Bei Bei open his eyes again. He put his Milk Bottle away.

 “Will both participants please move back and prepare for the match to begin?”

Bei Bei slowly walked to the end of the arena. Wang Xiaolei of the Holy Ghost Sect did the same as he ambled stiffly over. His stiff, slow movements made him appear wizened.

The crowd quieted down. One match did not mean everything. While many people thought that Bei Bei’s power rivaled Wang Qiu’er’s, he had appeared less often than she had. Many wanted to see if he had gotten by so far by luck or by skill.

Before this round had started, not many people thought that the Tang Sect had a chance. After all, among ordinary folks and normal soul masters, evil soul masters were mysterious, powerful, and bloodthirsty.

No one would have imagined that an ordinary soul master could beat an evil soul master under equal conditions.

However, their mindset now started to change. Bei Bei was able to prove through his actions that these evil soul masters were not invincible. While they were scary, they could still be killed by ordinary soul masters of the same level.

Of course, everyone could see that Ji Li of the Holy Ghost Sect had been careless. Before he could even use his most powerful soul skills, he had been slain. Evidently, he had underestimated his opponent. Now that the Tang Sect had killed one of their opponents, they had gained an advantage in both the individual elimination round and the group round. However, this was not an absolute advantage. The second round was just as important.

The protective soul barriers started to rise. The Unbreakable Douluo stood at the center of the arena as he looked at Bei Bei, who had walked to the edge of the arena and was wearing a slight, elegant smile on his face.

As the referee, in his eyes the Holy Ghost Sect was not the only mysterious sect anymore. While he had refereed many rounds with the Tang Sect, they now appeared to be shrouded in another veil of mystery, too...

The Tang Sect was able to conceal their abilities so well. In the previous round, facing the powerful soul masters from the Body Sect, they did not even use their full strength. Only now had Bei Bei unleashed his powerful fifth soul skill.

While Zheng Zhan was a Class 9 soul engineer, and his martial soul could not compare to a real Titled Douluo, he was much more perceptive than normal people thanks to his cultivation. He could not only sense the perfection that Long Aotian had detected, but he also could sense the essence as well!

Why were Bei Bei’s four palm-strikes able to deliver such terrifying destructive power? Furthermore, it came from the inside-out. This was not just his power alone, Ji Li’s power may have been involved in some way too. In other words, his attack was able to affect Ji Li’s internal soul power and cause it to explode. This move was no ordinary soul skill. A truly powerful soul master actually had such a powerful tactic at his disposal!

“Begin!” While thoughts surfaced in his mind non-stop, they did not affect the way Zheng Zhan refereed this battle.

As his right hand came down, Bei Bei, who had looked relaxed, warm, and happy just moments ago, suddenly moved forward rapidly. His charge this time was even more relentless. Even though it was weaker than Wang Qiu’er’s terrifyingly explosive power, he was able to cross the arena in a breath’s time. 

The only reason he charged forward so ferociously was because Huo Yuhao had said one sentence to Bei Bei. Your opponent specializes in long-distance attacks. Force him into close-combat. The impact of Spiritual Detection was unparalleled at this moment.

On the other side, Wang Xiao Lei stood where he was without moving. He then lifted his slender right arm, and soul rings started to rise from underneath his feet. 

He was indeed a disciple of a powerful evil soul master sect. He also had six soul rings, which were in the perfect combination. They slowly rose together; two yellow, two purple, and two black!

At this moment, a white, bony claw reached out from his right sleeve, pointing toward Bei Bei. Wang Xiaolei’s first soul ring started to shine.

An odd scene appeared once more. A cluster of white, bony claws suddenly appeared from the metal ground of the arena, trying to grab Bei Bei’s legs. Two of them found purchase, and held him fast.

Even though it was daytime, the sky was already overcast. Coupled with the pile of claw bones that appeared on the ground, everyone was shocked.

A low voice rumbled from Wang Xiaolei’s cloak. Five phalanx bones spun on his outstretched claw. His second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth soul rings started to shine with light in a mysterious fashion. His soul rings flashed in order. The light from his soul rings flashed like a wave churning in the sea. No one could tell what soul skills Wang Xiaolei was using.

With his legs trapped, Bei Bei’s charge was naturally stopped. As he had charged too ferociously, his body instantly tumbled forward.

Bei Bei pushed himself up from the ground in front of him and stood upright once more. At the same time, a huge swathe of electricity emerged from his feet. This was his second soul skill, Vigorous Thunderbolt!

Bei Bei’s control over his second soul skill was amazing. In the previous round, by compressing Vigorous Thunderbolt between his palms into a dense forest of electricity, he was able to stop Ji Li’s tongue. At this moment, Vigorous Thunderbolt was concentrated on his legs. Instantly, with a crackle and a hiss, the claws that were grabbing his legs were reduced to dust. 

One had to know that lightning itself was a coagulation of the natural qi of heaven and earth, and hence it was able to suppress the power of all evil beings.

Earlier, the fifth soul skill Bei Bei had used was called Dragon Emperor Demonic Rapture by Elder Mu because the thunderous natural qi and the power of light were able to form an extraordinary force that could stop all things demonic. Hence, it was able to suppress all types of evil soul masters. This was why the mysterious Imperial Tutor was so agitated when he saw it.

However, his short delay allowed his opponent to complete his soul skill.

Wang Xiaolei pressed forward toward Bei Bei, and a ball of mysterious, ice-blue light shone on his claw bones. Instantly, a pale-white halo of light appeared underneath Bei Bei’s feet.

Bei Bei felt a powerful, ghastly cold energy assaulting him. Then, everything around him turned white.

Second soul skill, Evil Frost!

Wang Xiaolei’s freezing power was different from Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice. His attack was not pure ice-type. Instead, it was refined from the evil power of avenging spirits. The freezing sensation came from condensed evil and a desire for vengeance. His soul skill required him to continually replenish a supply of avenging spirits for use. Every avenging spirit came from a life. Like many evil soul masters, his abilities came from murder!

Wang Xiaolei’s mind was clear. He wanted to use this soul skill to pollute Bei Bei. As long as he was able to corrupt Bei Bei’s martial soul and prevent him from using his light power, he would be at an advantage!

The moment he used Evil Frost, Wang Xiaolei took a step forward and raised his right hand high into the air. As his right hand rose, a collective gasp could be heard from the crowd. His sleeve slid down all the way to his shoulder to reveal his right arm, which was nothing but white bones!

Could this mean that Wang Xiaolei, underneath his black robe, was just a skeleton?

The eerie and mysterious nature of evil soul masters made everyone’s hair stand up, and their blood run cold.

Purplish-black light started to gather around Wang Xiaolei’s upraised right hand. His Evil Frost was not only able to pollute his opponent, but it also allowed his Avenging Spirit to devour his opponent in a frenzy, and even turn his opponent into another one. At the same time, it had powerful immobilizing effects. As for how long he could immobilize his opponent, that depended on his opponent’s power.

At this moment, the fifth soul ring on his body started to shine.

He had learned from Ji Li’s mistake of being careless and underestimating his opponent. This time, Wang Xiaolei decided to show no mercy!

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