Volume 27, Chapter 330.3: Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture

Furthermore, as his cultivation increased ceaselessly with each brain he devoured, his mental state and personality started to distort as well. This was a common occurrence among most evil soul masters.

However, the reason he could devour brains was because of his tongue. His tongue, likewise, was the most important and most powerful aspect of his Braineater martial soul. Once his tongue was hurt, he would be severely weakened.

Hence, Ji Li could only withdraw his tongue to use a more powerful soul skill, or use his tongue to kill Bei Bei!

With his twisted personality, faced with a Soul Emperor and the possibility of eating his brain, how could he choose the latter? A twisted mentality was a common weakness among evil soul masters!

The golden electric light grew stronger and stronger. As he looked at the approaching tongue, a cold look crossed Bei Bei’s face.

His clasped dragon claws started to shine. A bright gold light instantly fused with the lightning between his palms, turning it into a golden electric ball of light.

With a cry of pain, Ji Li finally realized that something was amiss, and he no longer dared to pierce forward. Instead, he tried to withdraw his tongue with all his might. However, at this moment, it was way too late.

One had to admit that his tongue was strong. Even after it had been zapped by electricity, it was still not destroyed.

However, this was not Bei Bei’s attack. The real reason why he had controlled his opponent was so that he could complete his transformation from Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon to Radiant Holy Dragon.

A terrifying electric light instantly expanded. Bei Bei’s body trembled. He gripped tightly with his left dragon claw as he controlled the ball of golden light that was pulling on Ji Li’s tongue. He then raised his right hand.

Bei Bei’s fifth soul ring started to shine brightly. The jet-black soul ring appeared to have turned golden. Following that, Bei Bei’s right dragon claw regained its human shape. However, it was completely covered with golden scales.

Then, the shadow of a huge Radiant Holy Dragon appeared behind him. His right hand instantly transformed into golden crystal. His scales became blurred, and a loud dragon roar started to sound from Bei Bei’s mouth. His palm came smashing down on Ji Li’s tongue.

“Crack!” A thunderous boom sounded.

Earlier, none of his attacks could injure his opponent. Now, with this palm, a weird scene appeared.

It was as if a ball of wild thunder had been unleashed from his palm. With a cry of agony, Ji Li’s tongue was covered with golden electric light.

Bei Bei pulled forcefully with his left hand, and Ji Li’s body tumbled forward uncontrollably. His eyes betrayed a look of shock, and the bluish-gray scales on his body started to crackle with golden electric light as well.

Bei Bei’s kicked forward, and in the blink of an eye, he was already in front of Ji Li. He reached out with his hands and launched three palm-strikes at Ji Li. The palm-strikes landed on his shoulders and chest.

Ji Li was dumbfounded. His tongue remained stiffly straight, and his entire body shivered. When Bei Bei’s fourth palm-strike hit his chest, his entire body was already covered with golden electric lightning bolts as thick as an arm. All the scales on his body opened up.


On the main podium, the mysterious Imperial Tutor, who sat next to the Prince Regent, Crown Prince Xu Tianran, lifted his right hand and smashed down on the armrest of his chair.

Not a single sound could be heard, but the armrest of the chair disappeared.

“Dragon God Douluo Mu En’s Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture was actually passed down...”

Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture? To Xu Tianran, this was an extremely foreign name. However, it was enough to shock and infuriate the Imperial Tutor. Evidently, it was quite a powerful soul skill.


After four palm-strikes, Bei Bei slowly straightened. He did not continue his attack, but instead retreated. He raised his hands and the golden light around him faded away. He retracted his martial soul and soul power as he stood there in the arena.

Zheng Zhan, the referee, was stunned.

While Bei Bei had landed four direct hits on his opponent, his opponent should have been able to endure those four strikes with his defensive prowess! While these four palm-strikes had appeared intimidating, causing Ji Li’s body to shake with each strike, and a vast amount of electric light was released, he could not have lost just like that. After all, he was an evil soul master!

However, Bei Bei’s actions proved that the match was indeed over. This was because he had already taken out a Milk Bottle, and was silently replenishing his soul power. His eyes were closed as he stood in the center of the arena.


In the audience, a tall figure standing silently close to the arena slowly said, “Perfect.”

“Perfect?” Next to him, a stunningly beautiful young woman asked in surprise, “Aotian, in your eyes, is this perfect?”

That was right. The tall figure was the most powerful soul master among the younger generation of disciples in the Body Sect, Long Aotian. The woman next to him was naturally Princess Wei Na.

Long Aotian nodded with a dark expression. “It’s no shame to lose to the Tang Sect. Bei Bei concealed his power well. His fifth soul skill is truly powerful indeed.”

Wei Na was confused. “It doesn’t seem to be much?!...”

Long Aotian looked at her from the corner of his eyes, sighed, and said, “That’s because you are not yet at that level. Hence, you think it’s ordinary. Just now, his spiritual power, soul power, soul skill, and strategy all combined into one perfectly. That is why such a perfect attack formed. While it seemed to have just been four palm-strikes, each of his palms shook me to the core. That day, when we were competing, if he had used this attack, even I would not expect to win. I would have had to use my Martial Soul True Body to win, and even so, I would have been severely injured. Furthermore, I still do not know what his sixth soul skill is. Shrek Academy lives up to its name indeed! Shrek’s Seven Monsters have all concealed their power well. Bei Bei is even more terrifying than Xu Sanshi!”

A look of shock appeared on Wei Na’s face. She trusted Long Aotian completely, and she also knew that he was incredibly proud. When even he respected Bei Bei this much…

Wei Na chuckled bitterly and said, “I feel that we’ve underestimated the Tang Sect. Before we leave Radiant City, we must find a chance to better our ties with them.”

Long Aotian nodded and grunted in agreement.


In the arena, Ji Li trembled violently, swaying around as if he were drunk. Finally, his legs went soft as he fell to his knees.

Following that, his entire body started to tremble. The scales on his body started to drop off piece-by-piece. He mumbled, “Whew, whew,” but he could not string a sentence together.

Rays of golden light started to seep out from his body. Gradually, the golden light solidified, and then started to spread in all directions. The odorous smell from his body faded away, and was replaced by a clear scent of something that had just been bathed by powerful sunlight.


Ji Li’s body exploded into countless tiny pieces. Weirdly, no blood spurted out from his body, and no flesh flew from it. His body burst open, and then turned into ashes underneath the golden light.

The intense golden light remained where it was and then, turned into a miniature version of the Golden Holy Dragon. It lasted only a few seconds before disappearing.

The audience was stunned into silence by this!

The scene was way too shocking. No one could have imagined it. What soul skill is this? Why is it so powerful!?

The battle did not last very long. At first, Bei Bei had appeared to be at a disadvantage. The evil soul master, Ji Li, was unpredictable and powerful. In particular, his tongue and his powerful defenses seemed to have forced Bei Bei into a corner.

However, the end of this battle came so quickly. The four thunderous booms seemed capable of blowing everyone’s hearts up. A Soul Emperor-level evil soul master died in battle, just like that!


The Tang Sect’s waiting zone...

Huo Yuhao sat there as he looked dumbly at Bei Bei. He mumbled to himself, “This, this is teacher’s Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture! Elder brother is able to use this soul skill. No wonder he did not want to use his fifth soul skill when he sparred against us. It’s actually the Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture! With Sovereign’s Descent as its foundation, and with the Golden Holy Dragon martial soul as its source, it’s able to destroy everything! Furthermore, it will evolve as one’s cultivation improves. It’s a powerful soul skill representative of a true Titled Douluo, or even a Transcendent Douluo, or even an Ultimate Douluo!”

Even though Huo Yuhao was a direct disciple of Mu En, he’d only inherited Sovereign’s Descent, the Dragon God Douluo’s many experiences, and his research into martial souls.

After all, his martial soul was unlike his teacher’s. There was no way for him to emulate his teacher’s power.

However, Bei Bei could do so! Bei Bei was able to evolve his Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon martial soul into a Radiant Holy Dragon. Mu En’s newly-researched ability tapped into the power of the Radiant Holy Dragon as its blueprint and so Bei Bei could emulate it. As Mu En’s disciple, Bei Bei had trained with him since he was a child. While Huo Yuhao had inherited his experience, knowledge, and fighting style, which had helped him expand his knowledge, make more discoveries of his own, and ultimately find his own path, Bei Bei followed Mu En’s path, and had inherited the Dragon God Douluo’s essence!

Was the Golden Dragon Girl, Wang Qiu’er, the most powerful soul master with a Dragon martial soul in this tournament?

This thought was suddenly in the minds of everyone spectating this match.

The Tang Sect versus the Holy Ghost Sect, individual elimination round one. Tang Sect, victory! Ji Li, a member of the Holy Ghost Sect, dead!

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