Volume 27, Chapter 330.2: Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture

The hardest part about defeating evil soul masters was that no one understood them very well. Their battling methods and styles were often impossible to predict and imagine.

With that one touch, Bei Bei was at a disadvantage. Fortunately, he had the powerful defenses of his Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon. If not, he may have had to cut off his own hand!


In the waiting zone, Xiao Xiao suddenly exclaimed in shock, “I know! Braineater! His martial soul is a Braineater.” 

Everyone looked at her. Xiao Xiao then said in a low voice, “I heard teacher talking about a terrifying soul beast that lives in the south of the continent. It’s called the Braineater. It subsists off the brain juices of all living organisms, and is extremely cruel and bloodthirsty. Once a Braineater appears, it will cause panic in the local region. With just one or two Braineaters around, an entire town will become a dead zone. Both humans and beasts will be found with a small hole in their forehead, with all their brain juices sucked cleanly out from that hole.

“Teacher said that the Braineater is an extremely horrible soul beast. Once it’s discovered, the local soul masters will do their best to hunt it down. The Star Luo Empire even has a task force dedicated to killing them. Hence, this soul beast is almost extinct. I never expected to see a human with this martial soul.”

No one had seen a Braineater before. Just like Xiao Xiao had said, it was almost extinct. No one had expected it to appear as a martial soul.

Huo Yuhao quickly asked, “What're its abilities? What are its weaknesses?”

Xiao Xiao’s teacher was Elder Xuan’s disciple. Elder Xuan had seen many things, and naturally understood the Braineater well.

Xiao Xiao said, “The Braineater is very strong, particularly its straw-like tongue. When it attacks, it is extremely powerful. Normally, they use their tongue to feed on the brains of its prey. Other than strength, the Braineater moves very quickly, too. Its defenses are extraordinary, and its only weakness is that it can’t attack from range. Hence, to hunt a Braineater, one has to attack and suppress it from afar before finally killing it.”

When he heard this piece of information, Huo Yuhao nodded. A golden light shone in his eyes but they quickly returned to normal.

On the arena, Bei Bei was forced back by Ji Li’s tongue. However, Ji Li had no intention of letting him go. He stomped down on the ground and bounced up. A pair of giant claws slashed at Bei Bei’s head. At the same time, his thin, sharp, and powerful tongue shot out toward Bei Bei’s face once more.

In the face of his opponent’s strong attacks, Bei Bei remained extremely calm. The third soul ring on his body shone, and the strands of lightning around his body became denser. A powerful bluish-purple light shone brightly. As Bei Bei retreated, his body started to flash in and out of sight rapidly. It was not terribly fast, but in that instant, it appeared extremely mysterious. This was a Tang Sect Secret Technique, the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track!

Ji Li’s tongue brushed past Bei Bei’s head by inches. At that moment, Bei Bei was already next to him. A pair of dragon claws grabbed his left arm.

In terms of power, how could a Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon be weaker than a Braineater?

Ji Li was surprised by Bei Bei’s sudden evasion. He shrieked in a high-pitch voice. His body turned in mid-air, and his arms, which were like two hammers, smashed in Bei Bei’s direction.

Two deafening thuds were heard; Bei Bei retreated by three steps. However, his dragon claws had already left ten white scars on Ji Li’s right arm. He was even able to tear off some of his scales.

Furthermore, strengthened by his third soul skill, Thunderous Fury, it was impossible for Ji Li to completely block Bei Bei’s lightning. Electric light shone on his right arm, and he lost all feeling in it.

However, before Bei Bei could continue his attack, Ji Li swung his tongue around and lashed out with it once more.

The speed and strength of his tongue were too powerful. Its penetrative ability was extremely strong. Bei Bei’s arm still throbbed with pain from the contact just now.

No matter how powerful Bei Bei’s dragon scales were, he did not wish to be pierced by the tongue! Earlier, he was only able to block it with a Class 6 protective soul barrier and his arm.

It could be said that Ji Li’s tongue was his most powerful killing tool. No matter how the battle went, as long as one was pierced by his tongue, it was over, and the victim might even die.

At such a short range, the radius of Ji Li’s attack was extremely large. Even if Bei Bei wanted to dodge, it was too late.

At this moment, Bei Bei made a strange movement. Faced with the sharp tongue, he did not dodge or try to resist. Instead, he clasped his hands in front of him, as if he were praying.

In that instant, countless sparks of electricity, all densely-packed together, appeared. They resembled a tiny forest of lightning.

“Is this Vigorous Thunderbolt?” Huo Yuhao said in disbelief.

If not for the second soul ring that shone from Bei Bei’s body, he would not dare to say this.

Vigorous Thunderbolt was originally meant to be deployed around the user. It would then turn into a web of electricity that could attack its opponent like a domain-type soul skill. However, Bei Bei had reduced it to an incredibly small size between his palms. One could only imagine the amount of control required!

Ji Li’s tongue pierced through the dense forest of lightning and thunder with ease. It seemed that the sharp tongue would easily reach Bei Bei.

At that moment, everyone from the Tang Sect stood up. As they knew about the terrifying nature of the Braineater, they were even more fearful.

Over on the Holy Ghost Sect’s side, Tang Ya, who sat at the front, grabbed the armrests of her seat with her hands. Immediately, the armrests were crushed into powder.

The Scorpion Tiger Douluo’s eyes narrowed, and a severe expression crossed them. However, he did nothing. His attention was centered on Ji Li.

Oddly, the person at the center of it all, Bei Bei, looked extraordinarily calm. His eyes were still as he looked at the purplish-red, triangular-shaped tongue approached him. He had no intention of dodging it.


Ji Li’s tongue finally stopped in the end, only two inches away from Bei Bei. His dark-red tongue dripped with a clear liquid. A bloody odor permeated the surroundings.

Lightning and thunder twisted and turned around his tongue, expanding in size. Ji Li wanted to pierce forward with his tongue, which was indeed moving forward slowly. However, compared to his speed before, it was way too slow. The two sides were at a stalemate.

The Tang Sect, who were all standing except for Huo Yuhao, sighed in relief.

Wang Dong’er thumped her chest and said, “Elder brother scared all of us.”

Xu Sanshi said, “He did it deliberately. With Bei Bei’s personality, he would never do something that he’s not confident of. That guy is screwed. Look at him, in terms of application and usage of soul skills, Bei Bei surpasses even me. Ah, at first, we weren’t that far apart in terms of strength. However, ever since he obtained his fifth soul skill, the difference became more and more obvious. Even after I got my Xuanwu’s Domain, all I can do is to defend myself against him. Bei Bei is devious and sly. He wouldn’t go up first if he wasn’t confident in himself.”

The one who understood Bei Bei’s fighting abilities was naturally the one who had known him the longest, and the one who sparred with him the most often, Xu Sanshi.

At first, Huo Yuhao had known his elder brother very well. However, he had left Shrek Academy for two and-a-half years. When he came back, so many things had happened that he had not had much time to truly interact with him.

When he heard Xu Sanshi’s words, Huo Yuhao was relieved. While Xu Sanshi might appear unreliable at times, at crucial moments like this, he would not comfort everyone without solid reasons.

As Shrek’s Seven Monsters talked, there were new developments surrounding the stalemate on the arena.

Two inches, one and-a-half inches, one inch.

The odorous tongue was approaching Bei Bei slowly. Everyone knew that if he were touched by that tongue, it would be a catastrophe for Bei Bei.

However, in this stalemate, Bei Bei’s body started to change too. A low dragon roar sounded, which slowly became louder and louder. The blueish-purple electricity around him became brighter and brighter, and soon, it had turned golden.

The thick armor-like scales on him became transparent, and his body now seemed to be covered by a layer of golden crystals. An intense aura of light started to rise, and the dense forest of electricity in the palms of his hands gradually turned from bluish-purple to gold!

As electric light flashed and electricity twisted and turned, the progress of the tongue became slower and slower. Ji Li’s thick body was exerting all its strength. He planted his legs firmly on the ground, and his first and third soul rings began to shine brightly with light. Even his second soul ring started to shine!

His first three soul rings increased his power. Hence, this allowed the physical attributes of his body to converge with that of a Braineater. He now possessed the strength and speed of a Braineater. In fact, he had been able to use the innate ability of a Braineater when he received his first soul skill, allowing his head to transform into the shape of a Braineater.

As for his remaining four soul skills, it was not that he did not want to use them. Instead, in this condition, he could not use them.

That was right, his tongue was his strongest offensive ability. Many times, however, his strongest ability was also his weakest.

Evil soul masters had two traits. First of all, their fighting styles were not widely accepted by the general populace. Secondly, their cultivation could increase rapidly.

Ji Li, with his Braineater martial soul, was able to rapidly increase his own strength by devouring his enemies’ brains, regardless of whether they were humans or soul beasts. The stronger his victims, the faster his cultivation would increase.

When his martial soul first awoke, even he himself did not think that he could become a soul master, as he continued to live aimlessly. When he was twelve years old, he was discovered by the Holy Ghost Church, and finally started his training. In just eight years, he was able to progress from a clueless teen with just Rank 2 soul power to a Rank 60 evil Soul Emperor. This increase would be impossible for ordinary soul masters!

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