Volume 27, Chapter 330.1: Dragon Emperor Demonic Rupture

In everyone’s eyes, while Bei Bei might be a Soul Emperor, he did not seem to be as powerful as Wang Qiu’er. Hence, why would he suddenly use a tactic similar to Shrek’s? By sending the captain up first, it would be a massive blow to the entire team if the captain were to lose!

However, Bei Bei had already gone up. This was a reality no one could change.

The two contenders walked simultaneously to the center of the arena and soon stood before the Unbreakable Douluo.

Zheng Zhan looked at the two of them and said in a low voice, “Please state your names.”

“Tang Sect, Bei Bei.”

“Holy Ghost Sect, Ji Li.”

Ji Li? This name is auspicious indeed. Too bad he’s an evil soul master. (TL Note: ‘Ji Li’ means auspicious in Chinese.)

The protective barrier around the arena started to rise. The match was about to start!

“Both sides, to your places.”

Bei Bei looked deep into his opponent’s eyes. Ji Li, who had a short stature, had a pair of dark eyes. His pupils were a weird inky-green, and fluctuated continuously. He looked like a venomous snake stalking its prey.

His opponent’s dark and menacing aura did not affect Bei Bei. At this moment, Bei Bei brimmed with a powerful aura.

The two sides turned and walked off. Bei Bei soon arrived at his end of the arena.

Ji Li reached his end of the arena at the same time. The two sides stared at each other.

The Unbreakable Douluo Zheng Zhan looked at the main podium, then at the sky. Finally, he raised his right arm high into the air.


With his bellow, the second semi-final round started.

Bei Bei’s fighting style was vastly different than before. With Zheng Zhan’s announcement, he roared loudly and fiercely, to the point where the world was drowned out. His body grew in size, and purplish-blue dragon scales soon appeared and covered his entire body.

If Bei Bei had not fought in the first round, the crowd would not have found it so obvious. However, the morning round had already let them witness a showdown between a Golden Dragon and a Blue Lighting Tyrant Dragon!

When Bei Bei released his martial soul, the crowd instantly thought, Even this soul master from the Tang Sect has a dragon martial soul, and it resembles Yu Tianlong’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon almost perfectly! How could they not be surprised?

Bei Bei only fought in the group component of the quarter-final round. His performance was average, and nowhere as exciting as Xu Sanshi’s. However, the Heavenly Dragon Sect noticed his martial soul, especially its mutation.


Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon? Yu Tianlong’s eyes narrowed into slits. This meant that the two of them might be related by blood. In the quarter-final round, his scales seemed to have turned golden, but it was a different shade of gold than Wang Qiu’er. The golden light from Bei Bei’s body looked paler than Wang Qiu’er’s, but it was even more glaring. Too bad the protective soul barrier was there, which prevented him from finding out what type of martial soul Bei Bei possessed.

Due to his martial soul being the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, Yu Tianlong was able to better understand such martial souls. He knew that among the many variants of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon martial soul, his pure one might not be the strongest. Ten thousand years ago, his ancestor Yu Xiaogang’s martial soul had already started to mutate. Its power became weaker, but when he combined forces with his allies to form the Golden Triangle, he could summon the powerful Golden Dragon.

Bei Bei’s mutant Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon martial soul was pale-gold, and he came from Shrek Academy. Does this mean he’s descended from Yu Xiaogang?

With this thought in mind, Yu Tianlong looked at Bei Bei more favorably than before. Furthermore, Bei Bei’s opponent was an evil soul master. As an orthodox soul master, he had no reason to support the evil soul master. Hence, he cheered for his close blood relative from the Tang Sect silently.

At this moment, another group of people finally entered the resting area. Yu Tianlong was stunned. Wang Qiu’er had finally come! She had brought the team from Shrek Academy, too. She appeared to be slightly flustered, but fortunately, she did not miss the competition.

Wang Qiu’er sat in the front. When she noticed that the first to go up was Bei Bei, she appeared to sigh in relief. Then, she stood up and beckoned Dai Huabin over as she whispered something to him.

A look of confusion crossed Dai Huabin’s face, but he quickly nodded and replaced her. He then took over her spot. The other members of the team from Shrek all moved one seat forward and finally, the last seat emptied out. Wang Qiu’er then sat down in the last seat. She closed her eyes and appeared to be meditating.

What is she doing? Yu Tianlong looked curiously at Wang Qiu’er. As the captain, why is she sitting all the way in the back? Could it be that the injuries I inflicted on her this morning are too severe, and she needs to focus on recuperating?

That’s impossible! In my state, even though my injuries were worse than hers, it didn’t stop me from watching this match. With her Golden Dragon martial soul, she should’ve recovered completely by now. What’s she doing?

He did not understand Wang Qiu’er’s actions at all.

However, Yu Tianlong did not let Wang Qiu’er occupy his attention. The competition in the arena had finally started!


Bei Bei roared, and two yellow, two purple, and two black soul rings started to rise. The dazzling scales of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon soon covered his entire body. Even his arms looked thicker and stronger. A layer of blue light shone over his hair.

He propelled himself toward his opponent at blazing speed.

Ji Li charged forward too. His entire body appeared weightless as he floated toward the center of the arena.

Neither side was moving very quickly. At the very least, they were not as fast as Wang Qiu’er. However, in two breaths, they still reached the center of the arena.

Bei Bei lifted his hand and he slashed at his opponent with his Thunderous Dragon Claw.

The aura of his Thunderous Dragon Claw was not as eye-catching as Yu Tianlong’s. A closer look would reveal that the size of Bei Bei’s Thunderous Dragon Claw was smaller than Yu Tianlong’s. Fewer sparks of electricity circled it too.

For soul skills, size never correlated with absolute power. Most of the time, size and power exhibited an inverse relationship.

When Yu Tianlong saw this attack, a look of shock crossed his face. In terms of control over electricity, Bei Bei wasn’t any weaker than him!

Ji Li from the Holy Ghost Sect reacted in a very curious way. Faced with the powerful Thunderous Dragon Claw, his body contracted, and then an ominous, light-blue gas poured from his body. Following that, his small body started to expand. His black top soon split open, and an odd scene occurred.

After expanding, Ji Li’s first and third soul rings started to shine with light. A layer of blue-grey scales covered his upper body, and he suddenly seemed immensely strong. His lower limbs became shorter, and muscles wrapped around his lower torso. His head became triangular in shape, and his lips protruded to reveal a mouthful of fangs.

As his head changed shape, no one could tell what his original form was. His face, now covered with scales, looked extremely evil. His eyes glowed with a terrifying light.

His arms became exceptionally thick, and by crossing them in front of him, he was able to block Bei Bei’s Thunderous Dragon Claw. Following that, his left leg stepped out, and one could see that it had grown in size, too. Likewise, it was covered with dense, grey scales. When his leg touched the ground, one could hear a loud boom, and a powerful wave of energy rushed toward Bei Bei.

This wave of energy was also greyish-blue, and it had a bloodthirsty feel to it. After it appeared, it took the shape of a huge mouth that resembled some kind of beast.

Bei Bei remained fearless. A layer of white light shone from his body to form a light barrier.

“Poof!” When the energy wave hit the barrier, it dissipated quickly.

Class 6 protective soul barrier!

The Tang Sect not only had martial souls, but also soul tools!

When he saw the protective soul barrier Bei Bei suddenly unleashed, Ji Li was stunned. At this moment, Bei Bei was already in front of him. He reached out with his right arm, which instantly increased in length. The sharp claws of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon slashed down on Ji Li’s head.

At that moment, electric light pulsated, and the Thunderous Dragon Claws struck first. Behind those claws were the Bei Bei’s actual dragon claws!

Ji Li didn’t even try to dodge. He reached out with a pair of sharp claws too. First, he shattered the Thunderous Dragon Claws, and then he reached for Bei Bei’s actual claws.

Not only that, but Ji Li’s small eyes shone with an icy-cold light. His protruding lips and fangs reached forward, and a purplish-black tongue that resembled an arrow flew toward the center of Bei Bei’s forehead.

Attacking with his tongue, this soul master was weird indeed. So far, in this tournament, no one had seen this before. However, one had to admit that it was too sudden.

Bei Bei subconsciously raised his left hand to block it.

His Class 6 protective soul barrier was still activated, but the purplish-black tongue pierced through it. Then, the tongue touched Bei Bei’s dragon claws.

There was an explosion, and Bei Bei stumbled backward. His right claw did not manage to make contact with his opponent.

With his tongue alone, Ji Li was able to make a Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon retreat. What kind of power was this?

Furthermore, smoke started to appear from Bei Bei’s left palm.

Bei Bei reacted instantly. Lightning danced on his right hand, and he swiped at it with his sharp claws, cutting the scales in the center of his palm off immediately. Only that way could he avoid the corrosive effect of the poison there!

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