Volume 27, Chapter 328.2: Duel of the Two Dragons!

As their vastly different bodies clashed against each other, Wang Qiu’er’s fans couldn’t help but hold their breath.

Wasn’t she being a little unwise to clash with him in this manner?

However, deafening cheers erupted in the next moment.

Crash! The golden and bluish-purple dragon scales collided with each other. Wang Qiu’er and Yu Tianlong finally made contact.

Yu Tianlong didn’t even have time to see the look in Wang Qiu’er’s eyes before he felt a terrifying force surging towards him. He had always been very proud of his strength. However, he was flung helplessly backwards this time, crashing into the protective barriers behind him.

However, Wang Qiu’er didn’t gain the absolute upper hand. The lightning around Yu Tianlong was very intense. After she knocked into him, her body was encircled by bluish-purple lightning once again, and she was stalled for a moment.

She’s too strong! Yu Tianlong was horrified at this moment. He finally understood why many strong opponents were defeated by Wang Qiu’er. She was indeed deserving of her reputation!

However, this didn’t mean that he lost the duel, even though his strength was inferior to hers. As he bounced back, he opened his arms wide and roared into the sky. His fourth soul ring shone. Suddenly, a huge, bluish-purple dragon head two meters in height separated from his body and charged towards Wang Qiu’er.

The dragon head covered more than five cubic meters. Amidt the bluish-purple lightning, its beard, eyes and horns appeared very real.

For him to have reached this extent meant that Yu Tianlong was not far from becoming a seven-ringed Soul Sage.

As Wang Qiu’er experienced a brief moment of numbness, her first, second, and third soul rings lit up at the same time.

First soul skill – Golden Dragon Body. Second soul skill – Dragon’s Strength. Third soul skill – Golden Dragon’s Fist!

Her petite figure became even more slender. When she was almost two meters tall, her captivating body and looks became even clearer to the spectators.

A golden dragon head also appeared above her fist. Compared to Yu Tianlong’s dragon head, hers was much smaller, but much more tangible. It looked like it had really been carved out of gold.

She advanced and unleashed her fist.

Wang Qiu’er’s movements were always very simple and direct.

Two sonorous dragon roars reverberated. One was loud and clear, while the other was very low-pitched. They reverberated across the stage simultaneously.

The golden and bluish-purple dragon heads clashed against each other.

Wang Qiu’er and Yu Tianlong also stared at each other at the same time.

Yu Tianlong was shocked to realize that Wang Qiu’er’s pupils had turned into two thin lines. Vertical pupils!

The pupils of dragons were vertical. However, Yu Tianlong and Wang Qiu’er were both humans. Yu Tianlong was already very confident in his control over his martial soul. However, he wasn’t able to make his eyes identical to that of his martial soul.

The closer the changes to his martial soul, the better a soul master was able to unleash the strength of his martial soul. Right now, Wang Qiu’er’s transformation was warning Yu Tianlong that her degree of fusion with her martial soul was undoubtedly greater than his.

There were two dazzling glows of different sizes. One was large, and the other was small. However, the smaller one looked much more real. Even though Yu Tianlong’s lightning dragon head seemed very dominant, Wang Qiu’er was as steady as a rock as she stood in place.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!…

A series of booms sounded. Yu Tianlong was smashed back into the protective barriers once again, while Wang Qiu’er also retreated a few steps. At the center of their collision, an elemental windstorm formed a huge hole in the ground with a diameter of one meter and an unknown depth, showing how much strength had been accumulated in the previous clash.

While she retreated, Wang Qiu’er’s attacks didn’t stop. She extended her right hand and thrust her spear forward. Her weapon pursued Yu Tianlong, aiming to stab him. A three-foot spear light shot forward, and was on the verge of piercing into Yu Tianlong.

Yu Tianlong was horrified. He believed himself to be extremely adept in terms of offense, and he loved to attack, too. However, he was weaker than Wang Qiu’er, at least in terms of aura and offensive power!

Is she really an assault-type soul master at the same level as me?

As he thought of all this, his pride was also stirred. He faced his palms outward in front of him, and a pitch-black lightning ball instantly appeared. His fifth soul ring shone.

Suddenly, the lightning around Yu Tianlong’s body turned black. The Golden Dragon Spear’s light stabbed the black lightning ball before it dissipated.

Wang Qiu’er had managed to regain her balance now, and wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. She leaped forward and pointed her actual spear at Yu Tianlong.

Yu Tianlong landed on the ground steadily. His lightning ball remained the same, but he shifted forward three feet. He used the lightning ball between his palms to meet the tip of the Golden Dragon Spear.

When the tip of the spear touched the lightning ball, Wang Qiu’er and Yu Tianlong’s bodies both let out low-pitched dragon roars. Yu Tianlong’s scales even opened up to resist the Golden Dragon Spear.

Wang Qiu’er was stunned. It was the first time she had been blocked in the entire tournament, especially when she had relied on her strength and the power of her spear. Even when she had faced Huo Yuhao, he didn’t dare to face her spear directly!

Following this, Wang Qiu’er realized something wasn’t right.

Yu Tianlong’s surroundings turned pitch-black, and his scales also turned equally black. Terrifying black lightning was instantly unleashed outward, and the lightning ball between his hands seemed to become tangible. Even as Wang Qiu’er stabbed him with all her strength, he didn’t waver at all.

Wang Qiu’er was shocked, but she didn’t know that Yu Tianlong was even more astonished. In his opinion, Wang Qiu’er’s spear should be made of metal, and all metals conducted electricity to some extent. Right now, his soul skill had increased the lightning to its extreme. The strength of his lightning was even superior to ordinary seven-ringed Soul Sages!

However, this lightning didn’t spread to Wang Qiu’er through her spear. Wang Qiu’er’s spear didn’t conduct electricity!

His body jerked, and he roared into the sky. His fifth soul ring turned into a halo that expanded outward, engulfing Wang Qiu’er. The lightning ball blew apart, along with the black lightning that had spread around him.

Lightning Prison, the fifth soul skill of Yu Tianlong’s Blue Tyrant Lightning Dragon!

The lightning ball he had used to attack Wang Qiu’er in the beginning was a simpler version of the Lightning Prison, which reduced his consumption of soul power. In terms of strength, it was far inferior to the real Lightning Prison.

Wang Qiu’er felt numbness across her entire body as the terrifying lightning spread. The frightening explosion almost turned her body into dust, and the searing pain left her in extreme discomfort.

But Wang Qiu’er was a very tough character. Even against a strong opponent, she had always proved herself to be even stronger. The greater the pressure from her opponent, the more her fighting potential was realized.

Her sixth soul ring shone, and a layer of bloody light covered her golden eyes. They turned scarlet-gold at this point, and her scales also expanded. Carrying a bright and bloody glow, they expelled the invading lightning.

She retracted her spear and stabbed it into the ground. At this point, her fourth soul ring lit up. A layer of dominant golden light erupted outward, her body as the center. This eruption process continued on and on.

Boom, boom, boom…!

There were three tremendous booms. Three layers of golden light surged out. The horrifying explosive force quickly spread out and neutralized the Lightning Prison!

This was Wang Qiu’er’s fourth soul skill, Golden Dragon Explosion!

There was no retreat and no compromise. There was only manic assault. This was the true meaning behind Wang Qiu’er’s fighting style.

Yu Tianlong was delighted when he saw his Lightning Prison trap his opponent. However, when it was immediately blown apart by Wang Qiu’er’s Golden Dragon Explosion, he was stunned!

Wang Qiu’er’s cultivation soared under the Golden Dragon’s Bloodlust. Her terrifying strength was unleashed along with the Golden Dragon’s strength. Once again, Yu Tianlong’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon was trembling!

Wang Qiu’er focused her eyes, and her fists clenched around her spear.

Something strange occurred. Her spear seemed to melt into a fluid that fused with her body through her palm. Instantly, it flowed over her entire body. Wang Qiu’er’s fifth soul ring also lit up at this point.

An elevated dragon roar resonated, and a huge golden dragon surfaced on her body. Wang Qiu’er went up on her toes before pushing. The golden dragon encircled her, and she charged straight towards Yu Tianlong with an unstoppable momentum.

Fifth soul skill, Golden Dragon’s Roar! This was Wang Qiu’er’s strongest offensive soul skill!

Yu Tianlong revealed a horrified expression, but his sixth soul ring also lit up at the same time. As he rolled his hands, his scales turned black again. He leaned forward and arched his back. Suddenly, his scales flipped upward, and Yu Tianlong’s head turned into a real dragon’s head.

He opened his mouth, and a clear blue crystalline ball was released from his mouth, flying towards Wang Qiu’er.

Yu Tianlong’s sixth soul skill, Blue Lightning Dragon’s Breath!


This was a clash between the strongest and the strongest!

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