Volume 27, Chapter 328.1: Duel of the Two Dragons!

Yu Tianlong turned around after taking a deep look at Wang Qiu’er’s perfect figure, and walked towards his own side of the stage.

The dimly yellow transparent protective soul barriers were set up, isolating them from the outside world. The screaming spectators also gradually quieted down. Their goddess was about to compete, and they wanted to see every detail of the fight carefully, so they stopped all their shouting and screaming.

Both Wang Qiu’er and Yu Tianlong retreated to their respective sides of the stage. They stood straight and turned back around.

Wang Qiu’er’s gaze turned sharp at this instant. Before she turned around, she glanced at Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao seemed to sense her gaze. Even though they were isolated by some distance, he still shot her an encouraging look.

Wang Qiu’er turned around and muttered softly, “I won’t owe you anything at all.”

No one heard her words. The next moment, Wang Qiu’er’s body surged with a frightening fighting intent that was very suppressive.

When this sense of suppression appeared, the protective barriers around the stage all lit up slightly.

The Unbreakable Douluo was shocked, and he almost retreated without thought. There was a horrified look in his eyes.

Was Wang Qiu’er actually concealing her powers in the previous rounds?

Compared to Zheng Zhan, Yu Tianlong was even more surprised, since he was the one bearing the pressure from Wang Qiu’er!

In Yu Tianlong’s eyes, Wang Qiu’er seemed to have become a huge, roaring Golden Dragon! The terrifying sense of suppression caused his martial soul to shudder slightly.

The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon was a top-ranked martial soul, one of the best among dragon-type martial souls. However, it still shuddered in the face of Wang Qiu’er’s aura. What did this signify?

One martial soul could suppress another martial soul. Simply put, those with tiger-type martial souls had an obvious advantage over those with horse-type, bull-type, and sheep-type martial souls.

Such a situation was very common in the world of soul masters. However, it rarely happened in such huge tournaments. That was because every team sent the disciples with the strongest martial souls to compete. These disciples were also their elites. If their martial souls were ordinary, they wouldn’t be here!

However, Yu Tianlong felt as if his martial soul were being suppressed now. How could he not panic? Before today, he hadn’t expected his Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon to ever be suppressed by another martial soul. Furthermore, it was even another dragon-type martial soul! His unyielding desire to win suddenly took a huge blow, and he wore a solemn expression on his face.

“Begin!” Zheng Zhan wasn’t willing to bear the huge pressure anymore. He quickly moved his arm to signal the start of this duel.

Wang Qiu’er’s head was originally down, but after she heard Zheng Zhan, she quickly raised it, and her powdery-blue hair moved on its own, flowing back behind her.

Something weird occurred. From the roots, the color of her hair started to change tremendously. It was as if a golden fluid were flowing from the roots of her hair and spreading down to its tips.

A bright golden light was released from her body, and a golden layer of fine dragon scales quickly engulfed her form. The bright golden light easily illuminated her half of the stage.

Wang Qiu’er demonstrated her overwhelming strength the moment the duel started. Her supporters became even more maniacal as they screamed hysterically at the sight.

Yu Tianlong didn’t rush forward, either. He took in a deep breath, and his chest expanded. A deafening, thunderous rumbling echoed out from his body. Bluish-purple dragon scales surfaced, starting from his right arm and quickly spreading to the rest of his body. Very quickly, he grew larger. Amid a blinding bluish-purple glow, two yellow, two purple, and two black soul rings rose from his feet.

Lightning surrounded him, and painted his half of the stage a glowing bluish-purple.

The gold and bluish-purple lights were extremely dazzling. Before both parties had even clashed physically, they had already raised the excitement level of the spectators.

Wang Qiu’er opened her arms wide. She lifted her head and let out a sonorous dragon roar. Her voice shook the nine heavens, and caused the surrounding protective barriers to undulate. An intense golden fog rapidly rose from her body. Her six soul rings rose with this fog.


Wang Dong’er whispered to Huo Yuhao, “Qiu’er seems a little different today! Her fighting intent is very strong!”

Huo Yuhao nodded slightly. He could also feel that Wang Qiu’er was different right now. She seemed to be even stronger than before. It wasn’t just in terms of her soul power, it was also in terms of the fusion of her spiritual and soul power.

When Huo Yuhao had faced Long Aotian earlier, he had demonstrated the realm of the Unity of Heaven and Man. Wang Qiu’er now seemed to show something similar to that. The only difference was that Wang Qiu’er’s fusion wasn’t with Heaven, but with her own martial soul!

This also meant that her Golden Dragon seemed to have undergone something similar to the Second Awakening of a body soul.

How was a second evolution possible if it wasn’t a body soul? This was very weird. Huo Yuhao wasn’t sure why, either. However, he was certain that Wang Qiu’er was very terrifying in this state. Even if his body were fine, he believed he wouldn't stand much of a chance against her right now.


Yu Tianlong eventually made the first move. Wang Qiu’er’s soaring aura had suppressed him until he couldn’t move. He was also afraid the Wang Qiu’er’s attack might overwhelm him if her aura was allowed to soar any further.

He rubbed his hands in front of him, and a bluish-purple ball of lightning instantly took shape. Yu Tianlong lunged forward with his left foot and mimicked a flinging motion.

He held the lightning ball in his right hand. Suddenly, his first, second, and third soul rings shone brightly, and countless bolts of lightning were released from his body. They started to gather towards the lightning ball in his hand.

Bei Bei was shocked when he saw that. “His control of lightning is very strong. No wonder he’s so confident.” Lightning was the most ruthless and unstable element. Controlling lightning was far more difficult than controlling the other elements.

As the bolts of lightning gathered, Yu Tianlong’s lightning ball turned a darker and darker blue. After a few seconds, it turned black, a black that seemed capable of engulfing everything. Dark purple lightning flickered around the black ball.

Even with the protective barriers to isolate them, the undulations of the lightning were still very terrifying. How much energy was needed to compress lightning until it turned black?

Yu Tianlong waved his right arm ahead, and the black lightning ball instantly turned into a streak of illusory light shooting towards Wang Qiu’er!

Wang Qiu’er’s eyes had turned completely golden as her roar ended. There was even a dim glow shining around the edges of her eyes.

She shot out with no intention of dodging the pitch-black ball of lightning, which continued straight towards her.

The intense golden light from her body quickly gathered in her right hand. When she lifted her palm, it was already as shiny as a golden water crystal.


Wang Qiu’er used her fist to block the ball of lightning. It was her golden fist, also known as the Golden Dragon’s Fist!

A tremendous boom reverberated, and caused all the lights to dim. The ball of lightning blew apart as its size expanded a hundredfold. It changed into a huge black lightning net that engulfed Wang Qiu’er.

The pitch-black lightning wanted to tear Wang Qiu’er apart. Terrifying, dark-purplish bolts of lightning wreathed her.

Another boom sounded as a hole was promptly blown apart in the lightning net. Wang Qiu’er shifted her feet, and the steel plate underneath her sank slightly. She flew forward towards Yu Tianlong like an arrow with unstoppable momentum.

How is this possible? Yu Tianlong was astonished. He hadn’t expected his Lightning Cage to be destroyed so quickly!

He had seen quite a few of Wang Qiu’er’s fights earlier. His Lightning Cage was targeted at her style. Wang Qiu’er was overbearingly forceful. The best way to beat her was by pestering and weakening her!

However, she was too strong, even his Lightning Cage was instantly overcome. Even though there were still small streaks of lightning dancing around her as she burst out, they were unable to penetrate her dragon scales.

Yu Tianlong also moved, as he didn’t have time to think. Another deafening dragon roar sounded. His body grew in size as he reached more than two and a half meters in height. His bluish-purple scales shone with razor-sharp edges.

As he lifted his right hand, he reached out towards Wang Qiu’er with his Lightning Dragonclaw.

Wang Qiu’er also lifted her right hand. Her spear converted into a streak of golden light that appeared in her palm. She swept her spear out, and the remnants of lightning around her body were guided towards the tip of her spear, and then flung to one side.

It wasn’t that the Lightning Cage was useless against her. It was just that she had burst forward without any hesitation.

By the time Yu Tianlong realized this, his Lightning Dragonclaw had already been destroyed by Wang Qiu’er’s Golden Dragon Spear. The two of them had finally clashed directly!

Wang Qiu’er pointed her spear forward, and was about to stab Yu Tianlong in the chest.

Yu Tianlong was also very strong. Just like Wang Qiu’er, he was most adept at close-combat fighting.

He reached out towards the spear. At the same time, he shrank down and dropped his shoulder before moving forward.

Wang Qiu’er would never let him grab hold of her spear. She withdrew her spear behind her back and also dropped her shoulder. Their shoulders met, and she crashed into Yu Tianlong.

After Yu Tianlong’s body ballooned in size, he was extremely large. Wang Qiu’er’s slender figure seemed tiny in front of him!

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