Volume 27, Chapter 327.3: Semifinals!

Zhang Lexuan, who was standing behind Team Shrek, stood up. “Yu Tianlong, don’t try to take advantage of us like that. We are Shrek, an open-minded academy. We don’t restrict our students. The Heavenly Dragon Sect is a sect. Do you think the conditions are fair in the bet you are suggesting?”

Yu Tianlong was stunned. He wasn’t intentionally trying to take advantage of them. He was just being direct. “What do you suggest then?”

Zhang Lexuan said, “Alright, I shall make the decision for Qiu’er. If she loses, she’ll join the Heavenly Dragon Sect after she graduates. If you lose, you’ll be her servant for three years. This is only fair.”

Yu Tianlong hesitated after hearing her words. He was the future sect leader of the Heavenly Dragon Sect! It would be too much for him to take if he lost.

Wang Qiu’er also opened her eyes wide after hearing Zhang Lexuan’s words. They were filled with surprise.

Yu Tianlong was close to her. When he saw her captivating eyes, he unwittingly said, “Alright, I agree.”

Wang Qiu’er was too beautiful. She was so beautiful that he couldn’t help himself.

Wang Qiu’er stood up and turned her head to look at Zhang Lexuan, but Zhang Lexuan just nodded at her.

Wang Qiu’er was in a bit of a daze. She still clearly remembered what Zhang Lexuan had said to her before.


“Qiu’er, you should know that you can’t interfere in Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er’s relationship. There are good guys in this world. Why do you have to give up the entire forest for one tree? There’ll be opportunities in the future. I’ll pull some strings for you.”

“Eldest senior sister, why don’t you find a guy for yourself, then?”

“I made a vow.”


With her intelligence, she understood why Zhang Lexuan had accepted this bet on her behalf.

Yu Tianlong was tall and burly. His looks were decent too, and his abilities were strong. He didn’t seem to be inferior to Huo Yuhao at all. It was a pity that Zhang Lexuan didn’t understand. Her relationship with Huo Yuhao wasn’t so simple! There were things that couldn’t be changed.

“Even if I win, you don’t have to be my servant. Just end the match,” Wang Qiu’er said.

Yu Tianlong was stunned. As he studied Wang Qiu’er’s cold and indifferent look, there was a weird feeling in his chest.

In the Heavenly Dragon Sect, he was a leading figure who was respected by all. The colder Wang Qiu’er acted towards him, the greater his desire to make her submit to him grew.

In terms of overall abilities, Yu Tianlong didn’t think his sect was inferior to Shrek. They might even be better. However, the Heavenly Dragon Sect’s problem was similar to Shrek Academy’s. As the team leader, his cultivation was far superior to those of his teammates. He was unsure of his team’s chances in the group round. Although Shrek’s individual abilities weren’t great either, they had shown two martial soul fusion skills during their last team round.

Those were martial soul fusion skills! One was a control-type, and the other was an assault-type fusion skill. Along with their weird time controller, Shrek’s team was indeed quite strong!

The Heavenly Dragon Sect wasn’t confident of winning in the team round. Since this was the case, they should be more ‘generous’. As long as they beat Wang Qiu’er in this round, she would join their sect in the future. When that happened…

As he finished thinking, Yu Tianlong revealed an arrogant smile on his face. “Okay, we’ll do as you request. We’ll decide victory in this fight. If you win, we’ll concede defeat. A man is always ready to give and take. So what if I become your servant? If you lose, you’ll join us! That’ll be fair.”

Yu Tianlong acted very manly. He was a straightforward person, and gave off a very mighty feeling.

Wang Qiu’er nodded at him before returning to her position and shutting her eyes.

One fight to decide it all?

When everyone in the resting area heard about this, they thought that it was a very childish arrangement. Both teams had toiled to reach this stage, but they wanted to end this semifinal match with just one duel? It seemed a little irrational. However, they also realized that it was a good method after thinking about it for a while. By using this method, this duel was likely to be very intense!

The staff members in the resting area went to report the decision to their higher-ups. It was the first time in the history of this tournament that such a simple but crude method would be used to settle the result in a semifinal round.

If they were any other teams, such a method was unlikely to be used. The rest of the team’s members would likely reject the suggestion! However, Wang Qiu’er and Yu Tianlong held absolute authority in their respective teams. Their teammates wouldn’t object.

One fight to decide it all!



It was time for the duel. On stage, Zheng Zhan walked out towards the center of the stage. He had just received the news. I can’t believe they thought of this. It’s good though. At least I’ll be under less pressure. I can prepare more for the semifinal match in the afternoon. Without a doubt, the clash between the Tang Sect and the Holy Ghost Church was the more important semifinal round.

“Semifinals, first round! Shrek Academy versus the Heavenly Dragon Sect. Competing members from both parties, please enter the waiting area!” Zheng Zhan shouted, as loud as ever. His voice echoed out through the sound-amplifying soul tool.

When only one member from each team appeared, the spectators were stunned. What was going on? Weren’t there supposed to be seven members from each team?

Yu Tianlong and Wang Qiu’er didn’t even enter the waiting area. They jumped up on the stage at the same time and walked out to Zheng Zhan, demonstrating their resolve.

Although Zheng Zhan had already received the news earlier, he was still shocked.

They’re really going to do it! Young people nowadays are really able to handle pressure. I wouldn’t have dared to do this in the past.

“First semifinal round. Shrek Academy versus the Heavenly Dragon Sect. After discussions between both sides, they’ve decided to use a duel to determine the victor for this round! Shrek Academy and the Heavenly Dragon Sect will be sending their team leaders out to fight!”

When Zheng Zhan announced this strange arrangement, there was a huge commotion among the spectators.

However, there were only a few who were disappointed. Most people started to get very excited.

Xu Tianran and Ju Zi weren’t the only ones guessing how this semifinal round between Wang Qiu’er and Yu Tianlong was going to pan out! Almost all the spectators were making the same guesses, especially Wang Qiu’er’s supporters.

The two teams were using a duel to decide the winner. This was undoubtedly very attractive to the spectators. It was the only way Wang Qiu’er and Yu Tianlong would be able to fight one another in their best condition. The winner would earn the title of the best dragon-type soul master in this tournament!

Although Bei Bei’s martial soul was also a dragon, he had rarely appeared in the previous rounds. His performances weren’t very eye-catching, either. There were very few spectators who remembered him

“Wang Qiu’er will win!”

Someone started shouting among the crowd. His voice made the spectators even more excited.

“Wang Qiu’er will win!”

“The Golden Dragon Lady will win!”

Hysterical screams soon engulfed the entire spectator stands. There were too many people who adored Wang Qiu’er. Wang Qiu’er was even given a scare by the huge soundwaves that echoed out. She hadn’t known that she commanded such a respected position in the hearts of the Sun Moon Empire’s citizens. After all, she was representing Shrek Academy! Shrek Academy was the arch-enemy of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy!

It was unbelievable that she was so popular even under such a circumstance. Apart from her beauty and cold demeanor, her simple and brutally aesthetic fighting style captivated everyone.

Yu Tianlong didn’t feel depressed because of all the shouting and screaming. Rather, a passionate gaze glowed in his eyes.

His thinking was evidently different from an ordinary person’s. Wang Qiu’er’s popularity only made him more even excited. He was thinking how great it would be if Wang Qiu’er could become his woman. The feeling of making everyone’s goddess his woman was…

Finishing his train of thought, Yu Tianlong revealed a smile on his face. Just as everyone was cheering on his opponent, he smiled instead. Zheng Zhan thought it was a little weird, and couldn’t help but shudder.

I really can’t understand young people these days!


On the main stage, Xu Tianran looked a little gloomy. He was also very strong, and ruled the entire empire. He naturally had the same thought as Yu Tianlong, and might even be more extreme than him. However, he was tormented because he couldn’t do anything even if he could make such a lady submit to him. This torment caused him to grab hard onto his wheelchair handle.

If he couldn’t own it, then he would rather destroy it! Xu Tianran revealed a ferocious look in his eyes right then...


“Both parties, please get ready.”

Since this was a duel, and both parties were already known to each other, Zheng Zhan skimmed over a lot of the administrative process. He opened his arms wide and pointed to the two sides of the stage.

Wang Qiu’er turned and walked away, her face still as cold as ever. Even though she was moved by the screams, she soon regained her composure.

While she was very cold, Yu Tianlong’s eyes were instead burning with excitement. A strong fighting will rose in his heart.

Wang Qiu’er was a tough character! To win her over, defeating her was the first step! If he couldn’t even beat her in a duel, there wasn’t any meaning to the other matters!

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