Volume 27, Chapter 325.2: An Instantaneous Eruption of Strength Leading to Victory


The floor quaked and trembled, as the Heavenly Emperor’s Hammer was just too destructive. The hammer’s petrifying effects instantly swallowed everything within twenty meters of it, and the entire arena became a world of ice and snow.

“No!” Wei Na gave a blood-curdling scream as tears burst from her eyes. Long Aotian wasn’t just the strongest individual among everyone in the Body Sect’s younger generation, he was also her boyfriend who she loved dearly, and her fiancé!

However, her tears were just trickling down when her eyes grew slack. The reason for that was because she could clearly see that the enormous hammer didn’t smash into Long Aotian’s body, and even though he was thrown into the air as the hammer slammed against the ground, the golden hues on his body were gradually receding as he hurtled through the sky.

Two figures separated in midair. Huo Yuhao was tossed into the sky, and landed back inside his All-Terrain Self-Driving Fortress that was still prostrate on the ground, while Wang Dong’er stretched her wings and soared away through the air. She lifted her hands at the same time, and a Hexagram Array accurately appeared beneath Jiang Yixi’s feet. Still struggling against the effects of the Golden Road, she was immediately swept into the sky. Wang Dong’er pushed her hands out immediately afterwards, and a mass of intense golden light burst towards Jiang Yixi: the Butterfly Goddess Slash!

He’s still alive! Long Aotian is still alive! Wei Na had forgotten that she was still participating in a tournament at this moment, and her tears paused for only a moment before they cascaded out like a waterfall once more.

Wei Na was also very powerful individually, and this was the reason she knew very well that Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er weren’t affected by her attack… they had shown mercy to Long Aotian!

Long Aotian somersaulted in midair as he dropped back on the ground. His entire body was quivering continuously – the Heavenly Emperor’s Hammer hadn’t hit him, but Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice was so cold that he was still freezing all over. His face seemed exceptionally slack and lifeless, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

How many people had died at the hands of the Tang Sect in the previous rounds? However, the Tang Sect gave him a chance today, in this match. He was still alive, still alive!

Long Aotian realized, for the very first time, that life was wonderful. To be alive was to have hope, and he was the number-one individual among the Body Sect’s younger generation. He was also the Heavenly Soul Empire’s future emperor’s son-in-law, and he was Wei Na’s fiancé. I’m still alive!

In this moment, his typically tough and cold face overflowed with complicated emotions and expressions as he lay there dazedly, motionless.

“You’ve… been eliminated.” Zheng Zhan was a little too slow, but he stepped in front of Long Aotian now. Wei Na didn’t holler at Zheng Zhan for nothing, and even though he was deliberately one step slower, Long Aotian was definitely going to be eliminated from this match.

Long Aotian was truly too frighteningly powerful in terms of individual strength. If one team had to win this round, the subsequent teams would probably rather have the Tang Sect advance.

Long Aotian’s slack eyes gradually recovered. His eyes were full of disappointment and frustration as he looked towards Huo Yuhao, who had landed back inside his All-Terrain Self-Driving Fortress. Long Aotian nodded heavily before he turned around and walked towards the edge of the competition stage. He was strong, arrogant, and proud... but he also knew about gratitude. Furthermore, he did actually lose!

Long Aotian’s defeat was just as Huo Yuhao had predicted, and the rest of the Body Sect’s team members were greatly affected. Ever single one of them was shaken to the core, and even their main control-type soul master, Wei Na, was full of rippling emotions. There was no longer any doubt as to the outcome of this battle.

It wasn’t hard to imagine how Jiang Yixi would end up as she had to face off against Wang Dong’er’s Butterfly Goddess Slash unprotected. Furthermore, she was still being controlled and arrested by the Golden Road and Wang Dong’er’s Hexagram Array. Wang Dong’er deliberately held back, and Jiang Yixi was eliminated shortly afterward.

It was seven versus four after that. Huo Yuhao had practically lost all his fighting strength, but he still had his All-Terrain Self-Driving Fortress.

The Eye of Terror in the sky fired a powerful light beam at Wei Na without hesitation.

Wei Na managed to recover and react in time, and fended off this attack. However, she sustained light injuries in the process.

Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi, Xiao Xiao, Jiang Nannan, He Caitou, and Wang Dong’er unleashed their mighty abilities, and took another five minutes under Huo Yuhao’s command while he struggled to keep his Spiritual Detection going to finally suppress their opponents. It was quite a challenge, but they finally emerged victorious.

The round was over, and the Tang Sect had defeated the Snowdemon Sect, or rather the Body Sect, and proudly pushed into the semifinals.

However, Shrek’s Seven Monsters weren’t in good shape. Huo Yuhao was completely spent, while Xu Sanshi, Jiang Nannan, Xiao Xiao, and Bei Bei were injured. Xu Sanshi’s wounds were relatively more serious, but the only two who emerged perfect and unscathed were Wang Dong’er and He Caitou. Even they had also expended a lot of soul power.

It could be said that it would have been an almost unassailable task for the Tang Sect to defeat an opponent as powerful as the Snowdemon Sect without Huo Yuhao’s planning. It would have very difficult to determine who the winner would have been otherwise.

The Tang Sect didn’t win because they were stronger. It was far more accurate to say they won because of Huo Yuhao’s battle tactics and strategies, all the way from the single elimination matches to the group battle afterwards. Huo Yuhao had been dragging the Snowdemon Sect by the nose the whole time.


“We won! We won!” Shrek’s Seven Monsters exchanged looks with one another, and not a single one of them could hide the elation in their hearts, as they exclaimed excitedly again and again while embracing one another.

Of course, this didn’t include Huo Yuhao. He was far too spent, and could only move his right hand anyway. Even if he could bounce himself out from his All-Terrain Self-Driving Fortress, he would probably fall down and knock himself dizzy.

Wang Dong’er pulled him out from his Fortress gently.


The tournament had progressed into the semifinals, and the semifinalists had been determined.

They were: Shrek Academy, the Heavenly Dragon Sect, the Holy Ghost Sect, and the Tang Sect.

The two teams from Shrek Academy each took a spot in the semifinals!


“Congratulations.” Wei Na, Long Aotian, and the rest of the Snowdemon Sect’s team members arrived before the Tang Sect.

Wei Na’s pretty face was still gleaming with tears as she grasped Long Aotian’s left hand tightly with her right hand. Her smile was very sincere, as if she hadn’t lost the match at all.

Bei Bei chuckled and said, “Beating you guys in this round was difficult for us.”

Long Aotian said, “We will fight again if the opportunity arises.” He turned towards Huo Yuhao as he spoke.

Huo Yuhao was weak and exhausted, but he was still hanging on as he sat there in his wheelchair. He nodded back at Long Aotian with a ghastly pale face.

Wei Na said sincerely, “Thank you for showing mercy, Yuhao. I will always remember this favor. Aotian is my fiancé, and I wouldn’t have known what to do if something had happened to him during the tournament.”

Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “We are not your enemies, princess. Furthermore, the Heavenly Soul Empire is one of the Tang Sect’s biggest customers. How could I afford to damage our rapport and friendly relationship? Brother Long, we will fight again when I’m fully recovered. I have to admit that I can’t defeat you at the moment if we go up against one another one-on-one.”

Long Aotian replied, “No, I’m the one who has lost today. I’m the team leader, but I was too focused on individual strength, and I didn’t help Wei Na streamline the team and keep them together. We put too much faith in our individual abilities, which was the biggest reason why we lost to you in this round. Your team is a lot better than us in that respect. I’ve lost, and I’ve lost convincingly. However, my failure will only be for this day. From tomorrow onwards, I will work hard to make up for my weaknesses and what I lack.”

Huo Yuhao chortled and said, “We are not your enemies, but I’m very willing to be your rival.”

Long Aotian strode over to Huo Yuhao and reached out with his right hand.

Huo Yuhao raised his own, and they smiled while they stared into each other’s eyes. They were full of appreciation for one another, and all the grudges and ill-feelings from the battle before this vanished into thin air.

Wei Na walked over to Bei Bei and whispered some things into his ear. Bei Bei’s head tilted to one side and his eyes sparkled, and the two of them interacted with their eyes before they bid their farewells and left the competition stage.

Four teams advanced from the quarterfinals, and the semifinals were about to begin. The quarterfinals’ final match was undoubtedly the most epic and spectacular one.

The Tang Sect and the Snowdemon Sect were both met with warm applause from the audience as they stepped off the competition stage.

These two teams didn’t belong to the Sun Moon Empire, but everyone knew how to respect strength and might. These two teams had obtained sincere admiration and respect from the Sun Moon Empire’s citizens.


On the rostrum, Xu Tianran didn’t leave right away after match like he always did. Instead, he was just sitting there with a dark and gloomy look on his face.

Fifteen minutes passed before Xu Tianran finally raised his hand to signal Ju Zi to push him off the arena. He departed with his servants and his bodyguards escorting him.

“Ju Zi, I’m full of grievances after that round,” Xu Tianran spoke and sighed at the same time.

Ju Zi said tenderly, “Don’t be displeased, Your Highness. Even though the Sun Moon Empire didn’t enter the semifinals, we still have the Holy Ghost Sect.”

Xu Tianran shook his head and said, “The Holy Ghost Sect’s strength doesn’t belong to us, in the end. If not for the fact that we have to deal with the Body Sect and Shrek Academy, do you think I would have been willing to work together with those evil and nasty fellows? However, we are falling behind in nurturing our younger generation. Shrek Academy and the Body Sect have lived up to their reputations as sects and entities with a long history. If not for our soul tools, the Sun Moon Empire might not be able to dominate the entire Continent even after ten thousand years. Today’s battle has enabled me to understand many things. I have been too arrogant and proud in the past.”

Ju Zi heaved a faint sigh and said, “Your Highness, you will definitely become a brilliant emperor of the Sun Moon Empire in the future.”

Xu Tianran smiled faintly as he patted her hand. “I don’t care about being a brilliant emperor or whatever. What I care about is the process, the process of expansion and development. I care about unwavering determination in the face of challenges, the ambition and the courage to reach the top of the world. My entire life is devoted to reigning supreme over the entire Douluo Continent.”

Ju Zi said resolutely, “You will definitely be successful, Your Highness. I will always be your pawn and your vanguard, and I will always be willing to fight for you, no matter the occasion. I will not regret it even if I have to die in battle.”

Xu Tianran laughed and replied, “No, you are not allowed to die in battle. I am still hoping for us to share that glory and honor when it comes time. I will always need someone who knows my heart beside me, and you’re the most important one.”

Ju Zi seemed touched as she responded, “Thank you for your love and concern, Your Highness. Do you think the Holy Ghost Sect can defeat the Tang Sect, Your Highness? It seems like the Tang Sect is quite strong indeed, judging from their performance today. The Body Sect actually lost to them.”

Xu Tianran answered, “The Holy Ghost Sect may not be stronger than the Body Sect in terms of individual strength, but don’t forget where the Holy Ghost Sect comes from. Their presence is very different from the Body Sect, and the most frightening thing about evil soul masters isn’t their strength, it’s their evil. Of course, none of that is important anymore. No matter who claims the championship in the end in this tournament, these elites of the younger generation have only two choices: submit, or die!” 

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