Volume 27, Chapter 324.3: Team Fight—The Tang Sect Versus The Snowdemon Sect

Bei Bei and Xiao Xiao charged forward at the same time and went up against Gu Tong and Wang Yanfeng. Two versus two, and neither party had the upper hand.

Wang Yanfeng was a little drained from his battle with Huo Yuhao, and it was clear that he hadn’t completely recovered, while Gu Tong’s long-range attacks were exceptionally powerful. Gu Tong’s martial soul was his eyes, but the path that he had decided to take was drastically different from Huo Yuhao’s. His eyes were his strongest weapons, and every single beam that was fired from his eyes was accompanied by alternately sparkling soul rings. Wang Dong’er retreated as she continued fighting, her movements were a little lackadaisical and slow because she was still affected by Gu Tong’s previous attack. Otherwise, how could she be forced back again and again by Chen Yu?

The Eye of Terror was finally in place in the sky, and intense light began to condense towards it. The Body Sect’s entire team instantly felt the immense pressure coming from above them.

However, the Tang Sect seemed to have been suppressed in every individual or group combat that was taking place in several different places at once. They seemed like they were in a dire situation, and even Zheng Zhan was unsure which side had the upper hand at this moment.

There was a boom of impact, and a fountain of blood spurted from Xu Sanshi’s mouth as he was sent hurtling through the air. There was still quite a gap between him and Long Aotian’s strength, and he also had to maintain his Xuanwu Domain to control their opponents. Even though Sanshi had Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection to warn him, Long Aotian finally found and wounded him with pure brute force.

Long Aotian wasn’t in good shape, either. His face looked a little pale, and his breathing was conspicuously heavier and thicker than before. The injury that he had sustained from the Yama’s Invitation was continuously affecting him, while his soul power was being consumed continuously. His current strength was far from his peak condition.

Long Aotian spun around once he knocked Xu Sanshi away. Hurting Xu Sanshi like that was enough for him, and Long Aotian didn’t have to pursue his opponent and break him down completely. Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu Shield had brought a lot of trouble, and if he really wanted to defeat Xu Sanshi for good inside his Xuanwu Domain, he would have to commit some time and energy even if he were in his peak condition. Long Aotian knew that he would have to pick apart the Tang Sect’s team members one by one if the Snowdemon Sect was to win this match.

Long Aotian chose He Caitou as his target, because he was the only pure soul engineer in this fight, and also because Long Aotian wasn’t far from his position. He pounced towards He Caitou in a flash.

He Caitou grinned as he watched Long Aotian dash towards him.

He Caitou was the most unassuming one amongst the Shrek’s Seven Monsters. He hadn’t fought much in the tournament’s previous rounds, and the only thing he had done that caught the audience’s attention was his Eye of Terror. Otherwise, he wasn’t much to them, and not many people had noticed that he actually had six soul rings!

Long Aotain chose him as his best chance at breaking through the Tang Sect because he figured He Caitou was probably the easiest to knock out, and also because his Eye of Terror in the sky was about to erupt. Wei Na signaled that to Long Aotian, and Long Aotian didn’t want to give him that opportunity.

Long Aotian’s entire body sparkled with bright light as he raised his enormous dark golden axes high into the sky as he charged forward, unleashing his Berserk Godslash!

Long Aotian didn’t use his other soul skills to boost his strength, conserving energy, but he entered his Unity of Heaven and Man realm once more.

Long Aotian had always looked down on soul engineers. From his perspective, soul engineers relied on many different tricks and shortcuts to raise their cultivation, so how could they compare to his soul power that he had obtained from pure hard work?

He Caitou actually laughed as he watched Long Aotian pounce towards him. He raised his hand, and a pale golden cigar appeared in his mouth as his fifth soul ring lit up. He Caitou casually looked down and lit his cigar with a soul ray that was fired from his shoulder and took a deep puff.

Long Aotian’s ferocious Berserk Godslash arrived.

A white light layer glowed on He Caitou’s body – it was his Class 6 protective soul barrier, and intense red light lit up on his chest at the same time. A cannon barrel with a mouth half a foot in diameter opened up on the armor at this chest area.


Long Aotian’s strike was fearsome and powerful, and He Caitou’s Class 6 protective soul barrier was blown to smithereens. He Caitou only managed to slow Long Aotian’s large axes for a single beat.

He Caitou sucked on his pale golden cigar ferociously in the next moment. A golden barrier bloomed from his body and forcefully repelled Long Aotian’s Berserk Godslash. Everyone could see the golden cigar in his mouth burn rapidly away as his golden light barrier was struck, half of it was gone after he took the Berserk Godslash.

This… was that a soul skill?

Yes, that was He Caitou’s fifth soul skill, Invincible Barrier Golden Cigar. His cigar was his auxiliary martial soul, and even his companions weren’t that willing to use it. But everything changed when his fifth soul skill appeared.

This Invincible Barrier Golden Cigar’s existence was far too invaluable for a food-type soul master. The Tang Sect had kept this a secret in the tournament, all the way until now.

With this soul skill around, the Tang Sect didn’t have to create any more Invincible Barriers. He Caitou’s current cultivation meant he could maintain his Invincible Barrier for seven seconds when he was using his fifth soul skill to defend himself. Furthermore, the soul power that was consumed during these seven seconds was from the soul skill, and he didn’t have to expend any more of his own soul power to maintain it. This effect was a lot better than the Invincible Barriers created by soul tools, but the regrettable thing was that this Invincible Barrier Golden Cigar would only exist for two hours after it was crafted. A lot of soul power was required to craft one, and this was the reason why He Caitou was the only one who would use it in combat, even at a time like this.

But it was enough!

Long Aotian’s expression froze when his axes bounced back, and he saw an insidious ball of red light erupt in front of him in the next moment.

This red light swallowed up his entire body in an instant. Long Aotian had just unleashed a powerful soul skill, and he couldn’t struggle out of it as his entire frame was swallowed inside a sphere of red light.

Zheng Zhan, the Unbreakable Douluo, who was also a Class 9 soul engineer, blurted out, “A Class 7 Light of Binding!”

Zheng Zhan felt an unprecedented astonishment after seeing this red sphere. He was awed by both teams before this, but his awe had stemmed from how powerful their martial souls were. The Binding Light that beamed out from He Caitou’s chest at this moment shook him to the core. Other than the fact that this Binding Light was a Class 7 soul tool, it was something that only the Sun Moon Empire possessed. It was very complicated to craft even one of these, and this soul tool had extremely high criteria for crafting materials and resources.

He Caitou could use his Light of Binding, and this meant that the Tang Sect had mastered this technique and this technology. This astounded the Unbreakable Douluo even more than their formidable might and strength.

The Binding Light would fire a single beam, and the target would be arrested and immobilized once struck. The target would be suppressed and held back by immense soul power, so Binding Lights could only be Class 7, at the very least. Class 7 Binding Lights had enough power to temporarily lock down an eight-ringed Soul Douluo’s abilities. The Binding Light’s effects would also be removed if the target was attacked after he or she had been manacled, but the target would have to take the complete brunt of the attack as long as the target hadn’t struggled out of the bind before it struck. Binding Lights could be considered a favourite among the control-type soul tools that high-level soul masters used.

One small change could affect the entire situation. The whole battlefield immediately transformed once He Caitou unleashed his Binding Light. Nobody attacked Long Aotian at all, not even He Caitou… but Shrek’s Seven Monsters suddenly flared up as a team.

Huo Yuhao hadn’t been doing much this entire time, but now he suddenly darted out from his All-Terrain Self-Driving Fortress.

Xu Sanshi had vomited blood from Long Aotian’s attack before this, and jumped high into the air. Now, Huo Yuhao appeared and caught him before he channeled his Mysterious Underworld Displacement. Black light surged as Xu Sanshi and Wang Dong’er suddenly swapped places, and Wang Dong’er was now in front of Huo Yuhao.

Wang Dong’er was already prepared, and she extended her arms and brought Huo Yuhao into her embrace.

Huo Yuhao was on one side as his eyes twinkled with pale golden light.

Wang Dong’er was on the other side, and her radiant wings stretched out behind her back as she unleashed her martial soul, the Radiant Butterfly Goddess.

The area around them glowed as they both released their martial souls at the same time, and a unique radiance shimmered from their bodies.

This light was very strange and unique, its color alternating between blue, purple, and gold. Dense light energy formed its core, and many strange soul power undulations were mixed up within it. 

A colossal projection appeared behind Wang Dong’er’s back; a complete and magnificent Radiant Butterfly Goddess!

An enormous virtual vertical eye appeared behind Huo Yuhao. This vertical eye was dazzling gold in color, and its pupil shone with faint purple hues.

Blinding blue, purple, and gold lights intertwined together to form a gigantic sphere of light that blasted down from the sky towards the ground in front of Long Aotian.

“Save Aotian!” Princess Wei Na shouted at the top of her lungs. She didn’t know what Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er were trying to do, but Huo Yuhao had finally exploded after holding back for such a long time. It was evident that their combined attack wouldn’t be weak at all.

However, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er weren’t the only two of Shrek’s Seven Monsters who burst into action.

Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu Shield flared with black light after switching positions with Wang Dong’er, and multiple shields that glimmered with black light surrounded the winged Chen Yu and locked him in. Xu Sanshi withdrew his Xuanwu Domain as he unleashed his Xuanwu Shield Formation, as his domain consumed too much soul power. Xu Sanshi had been wounded during his attempts to block off Long Aotian before this, but it was still quite impossible for Chen Yu to overcome XU Sanshi’s cultivation and break free of the barricade to help Long Aotian.

Bei Bei exploded at the same time. A long and drawn-out dragon roar echoed across the arena as Bei Bei’s entire body seemed to stretch out. His bluish-purple lightning immediately began to sublimate as dazzling golden light radiated from him, and golden dragon scales covered his entire body. Bei Bei’s body quivered violently as a vigorous and firm golden lightning streak blasted free from his body and transformed into a colossal lightning net. Bei Bei used this lightning net to stop Wang Yanfeng, who was on his way to lend Long Aotian a hand, right in his tracks. Bei Bei also unleashed his Golden Dragon Head from one fist at the same time, and crushed the incoming beams from Gu Tong’s eyes.

Xiao Xiao’s Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron split into three once more and dropped to the ground: Cauldron Quake! She teamed up with Bei Bei and locked two more of the Body Sect’s team members in place. Bei Bei’s intense and biting lighting suppressed them so much that they couldn’t unleash their body souls’ Second Awakening, which was their strongest technique.

Jiang Nannan flared up at the same time. She unleashed her third soul skill, Instant Shift, and her fourth soul skill, Invincible Golden Body, at the same time, which allowed her to appear behind Jiang Yixi in an instant. Jiang Nannan took a direct hit from her opponent as she wrapped her legs around Jiang Yixi’s waist, and her fifth soul ring glowed: Soft Bone Lock!

Three soul skills were discharged one after another, and Jiang Nannan immobilized Jiang Yixi in the blink of an eye!

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