Volume 27, Chapter 324.2: The Team Fight--The Tang Sect VS The Snowdemon Sect

The same thought occurred to everyone. Long Aotian’s eyes were still closed, and it was evident that he had been affected by the flashbangs before. However, he suddenly erupted as Bei Bei and the two others surrounded him, and his position switched three times in a row before he forced them back with forceful retaliations. Every position he chose was exceptionally precise, and his eruption was so quick that Bei Bei and the others were still a step behind even with Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection.

Could it be that his Unity of Heaven and Man wasn’t affected by how chaotic the battlefield was? That wasn’t possible!

Xiao Xiao didn’t retreat as Long Aotian suddenly charged towards her, because she was clear that the Body Sect’s other team members were behind her. Huo Yuhao and He Caitou were currently holding them back, and she would block their firepower if she moved back. She would also find herself in a more perilous situation.

The three Threelives Soulcrush Cauldrons collapsed together, and an indescribable majesty was released. Three cauldrons merged into one, and the enormous cauldron boomed deafeningly as it crashed onto the ground.

This humongous cauldron blocked Long Aotian’s attack. The large cauldron buzzed and trembled, but a black light shot into the sky, and lights flickered as Xiao Xiao disappeared inside. Long Aotian could only see her fourth soul ring sparkling.

National Treasure, Cauldron’s Sovereign!

This attack didn’t just draw upon the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron’s strength, it also borrowed upon the national fate that existed discreetly in the air. This aura was so powerful that even somebody like Long Aotian was suppressed in an instant. His Unity of Heaven and Man was extremely reliant on aura, and his soul power had been weakened after repelling three people in a row. Xiao Xiao actually defended herself against his attack!

Xiao Xiao’s aura soared as she disappeared into her Cauldron’s Sovereign, and a black whirlpool gradually appeared over the enormous cauldron.

Three intense explosions detonated with loud booms, her Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron the epicenter, and three black halos rippled outward.

The other team members from the Body Sect who had fended off Huo Yuhao and He Caitou’s combined efforts rushed forward, and were pouncing forward when an indescribable and formidable impact force smacked them in the face. Every single one of them was thrown into the air when they tried to block this sudden force.

National Treasure, Cauldron Supremacy, and Cauldron’s Quaking Tremble!

Three skills fused into one!

Both Xiao Xiao and Huo Yuhao were Elder Xuan’s students, and even though they weren’t Soul Emperors yet, how could they lose to others in terms of fighting strength and control over their martial souls?

Even Long Aotian was sent stumbling backwards from this sudden eruption. All three circles were equally powerful. If somebody weaker had to absorb these shockwaves, that person would have been sent flying through the air, or been locked in place.

Xiao Xiao relied on her sudden eruption to buy enough time for her companions.

Wang Dong’er was in position. She plummeted from the sky, and her wings were tinged with sharp bluish-golden hues as she slashed at Princess Wei Na.

Wei Na seemed like she had already seen Wang Dong’er coming, and her feet tapped the ground lightly as she drifted forward. She turned back and glanced at Wang Dong’er at the same time.

Wang Dong’er saw a pair of brilliant silver eyes, and a silver wheel rose up from behind Wei Na’s head.

Everything around Wang Dong’er seemed to twist and become surreal, and an intense dizziness shot into her brain.

This is...

But in the next moment, a piercing, needle-like pain shook Wang Dong’er back to her senses, Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Interference was there to help her. However, Princes Wei Na borrowed this tiny pause to dash into her companions’ protection.

Everything happened very quickly, and Huo Yuhao could see through many things as the main control-type soul master.

How could Long Aotian suddenly erupt and repel Xu Sanshi, Bei Bei, and Jiang Nannan as if he could see into the future? The reason was simple: Princess Wei Na wasn’t just a healing-type soul master for the Snowdemon Sect’s team, she was also a control-type soul master! Her abilities were spiritual, though her other martial soul wasn’t her eyes. It should be her brain!

There was no question that the brain was one of the most important components of a human body. A human’s spiritual sea and a human’s spirit were contained inside the brain. There was no question that the brain’s abilities were spiritual-type. Princess Wei Na actually had twin martial souls, and her second martial soul was a powerful body soul, her Brain!

She had used her mighty spiritual power to aid Long Aotian before this. However, from what the Tang Sect could observe from the Body Sect’s other team members, Princess Wei Na couldn’t help several people at once like Huo Yuhao could, but only one person at a time.

Huo Yuhao made all these judgments in an instant. It seemed as if the Tang Sect was in a disadvantageous position, and the reason was simple – their formation!

Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi, and Jiang Nannan were charging forward once more. Xiao Xiao was deep inside enemy lines, and even though she had erupted forcefully to repel her opponents, she was still surrounded. Wang Dong’er was behind their opponents’ entire team, and this meant both girls were separated from their companions. This situation gave their adversaries an opportunity to break them down one by one.

The battlefield began to change once more. Dense black light poured out, and Xu Sanshi’s sixth soul ring sparkled. It didn’t take long for his Xuanwu Domain to appear once more in the arena.

Thick black light seemed to eclipse the sun as it blanketed the entire stage. All six of the Body Sect’s team members immediately found themselves in a suffocating and stifling state.

When Xu Sanshi unleashed his Xuanwu’s Domain, a ghastly pale light burst out from Huo Yuhao’s fortress. Mass Enfeeblement!

Domains were undoubtedly used for crowd control, and the Body Sect’s entire team was now slowed down with the help of Huo Yuhao’s Mass Enfeeblement and Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu Domain.

Light burst out from behind Wang Dong’er, and her flying-type soul tool spurted continuously as it propelled her into the sky. Wang Dong’er unleashed three Hexagram Arrays behind her, and her Light of the Butterfly Goddess rained down on her opponents.

In terms of position and cultivation, ganging up on Xiao Xiao was the best decision the Body Sect could make, and that was what they did. However, the three Hexagram Arrays that Wang Dong’er unleashed were positioned around Xiao Xiao with her in the middle, and three circles formed an arc with her in the middle.

The youth called Gu Tong from the Body Sect suddenly turned around and looked up at Wang Dong’er. Two brilliant white beams blasted from his eyes as his first, second, third, and fourth soul rings all lit up at the same time. 

The white beams immediately switched colors in order from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, and then to purple after they left his eyes. Two silver-white eyes appeared behind his back.

This was yet another individual with a body soul that had gone through a Second Awakening at the Whitesilver level.

At this moment, there were two people from the Body Sect’s seven team members who had displayed Whitesilver second awakenings: Long Aotian and Gu Tong. Wei Na’s body soul was her brain, and there was no question that her Second Awakening was also at the Whitesilver level. Three Whitesilver Second Awakenings! The elites of the Body Sect’s younger generation were all gathered in this place!

Wang Dong’er’s expression changed a little as the two formidable beams came straight for her. Even though her opponent only had five soul rings, this attack wasn’t easy to deal with.

Wang Dong’er’s fifth soul ring sparkled, and her frame became completely transparent; the Goddess of Light’s Possession!

Radiant and dazzling golden flames glowed on her both hands as she pushed out.


Light rippled in all directions as Wang Dong’er was instantly thrown back horizontally even though she was flying upwards. Her entire body was covered with a seven-colored layer of light, and her flying-type soul tool was extinguished at the same time. It looked like her soul power had been completely arrested.

Fortunately, the Xuanwu Domain had been completed. Black light surged as Wang Dong’er’s body disappeared among the black waves. This was a domain’s strength, and the person who unleashed this domain was the dictator of all things within it. Many different stronger abilities had to be used to break apart a domain.

The battle on the other side had also reached its climax. Long Aotian was once more forcing his way out of the Xuanwu Domain, and wanted to use his Transformation of Heaven and Earth once again. However, Xu Sanshi appeared in the sky and forcefully blocked his attack with his Xuanwu Shield, holding him back to the point where Long Aotian couldn’t break through at all.

Bei Bei rushed to Xiao Xiao’s side, and with the help of Wang Dong’er’s Hexagram Array, blocked their opponent’s assault.

The Eye of Terror that He Caitou had been setting up in the sky was also complete at this point. He switched to his Gigant Lightning Cannon, and fired one shot behind Xiao Xiao to buy Bei Bei some time.

Over on the Body Sect’s side, two enormous wings extended from Chen Yu’s back. His martial soul was actually Wings! It was something that shouldn’t be seen on a human body...

Chen Yu’s wings flapped as he soared into the sky, forcefully repelling the Xuanwu Domain’s black waves as he lunged to one side. He then slashed out with his wings, as if they were two giant axes.

Wang Dong’er reappeared inside the Xuanwu Domain, lashing out with her wings at the same time and colliding with Chen Yu. Chen Yu was also a Soul Emperor, and their wings clashed again and again. It was clear that Chen Yu had located Wang Dong’er’s position with Wei Na’s help.

The Body Sect had one fewer person, but only Long Aotian and Wang Yanfeng had expended soul power among their six remaining team members. Long Aotian was incredibly powerful, so whatever he expended didn’t affect him much.

Over on the Tang Sect’s team, Huo Yuhao seemed to have consumed a little too much. His All-Terrain Self-Driving Fortress was firing hysterically, but he had stopped using his own abilities.

Wang Dong’er retreated as she fought, and inched closer to Huo Yuhao.

Jiang Yixi and Jiang Nannan were fighting it out apart from the main battlefield. Jiang Nannan’s body was soft and flexible, and she was adept at close combat. Jiang Yixi’s martial soul was her hands, and her hands transformed into claws that possessed formidable destructive power. Both of them were Soul Kings, and it was hard for either side to gain the upper hand.

The battle had progressed to this point, and it seemed as if both teams were no longer cooperating with one another. This was because their individual abilities were simply too strong, and they couldn’t completely cooperate with each other more often than not. This also happened because both teams were trying to sever each other’s teamwork and cooperation.

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