Volume 27, Chapter 323.2: Xuanwu's Domain

Even among Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Bei Bei was the only one who knew about his sixth soul skill. After years of tireless cultivation, he also understood that Xu Sanshi hadn’t waited for his seventh soul skill, but completed his control of the Xuanwu through his sixth soul skill. It was his greatest trump card!

In Xuanwu’s Domain, he was able to fully use his Xuanwu Shield. At the same time, the strength of the Xuanwu Shield would be greatly increased in Xuanwu’s Domain. In this domain, all of Xu Sanshi’s abilities would increase by a hundred percent! Of course, Xuanwu’s Domain required a lot of soul power to maintain...

As it enhanced him, the domain would also suppress the opponent. This suppression was on two levels, both spiritual and physical.

The Xuanwu was a divine aquatic beast. As a result, an enemy would face the suppression of water in Xuanwu’s Domain.

Long Aotian could already feel it. The air disappeared, and everything around him turned very thick. He couldn’t breathe, and the water pressure was rising.

With Xu Sanshi’s current cultivation, his enemies would have to handle water pressure and resistance equivalent to a depth of twenty meters.

This was the home ground of the Eternal Defense, Xu Sanshi!

Long Aotian nodded gently as he looked at Xu Sanshi, and even gave him a thumbs-up.

Those who were strong often developed admiration for one another. However, Long Aotian’s eyes shone very brightly at this moment.

A silver projection rose behind his back. The last time it had appeared, it had done so to resist Yama’s Invitation!

Long Aotian’s body jerked, and he forced the water pressure around him away. His fifth black soul ring shone at this point. His body lit up in a burning white flame, like he had set himself on fire.

His fourth soul skill was the Berserk Godslash. His fifth soul skill was named the Transformation of Heaven and Earth!

Long Aotian began to spin in place like a drill, his body completely contorted. As he spiraled rapidly, he started to rise. The water pressure of Xuanwu’s Domain was forced away by his spiraling motion. Even though Xu Sanshi used all his strength to suppress his opponent, he could only watch as Long Aotian gained altitude.

Right now, Long Aotian’s aura was very dangerous.

Huo Yuhao could tell that Long Aotian was finally at his strongest state.

Second Awakening of his body soul, Unity of Heaven and Man, and soul skills. All three had come together.

Xu Sanshi was only a Soul Emperor. His Xuanwu’s Domain wasn’t strong enough to completely trap this opponent!

Long Aotian used his domineering abilities to drive himself out of Xuanwu domain. He escaped the domain, and instantly shot into the sky.

Of course, this was also because there weren’t any restrictions on the height of the venue. If they had followed the rules of the last tournament, it wouldn’t have been possible for him to launch himself into the sky.

Long Aotian was like a huge ball of incandescent light as he rose into the sky. After he rocketed more than a hundred meters up, he suddenly stopped. The ball of burning light turned, and then plummeted down with an unstoppable and ferocious momentum.

Unity of Heaven and Man, Transformation of Heaven and Earth! This was the true meaning behind this strike!

As he saw this, Huo Yuhao finally gained an understanding of Long Aotian’s abilities. When Long Aotian chose to use his soul skills, his impressive fighting techniques gave his attacks incredible explosive power. Long Aotian’s first and third soul skills were used to strengthen himself. The purpose of the rest was to increase his destructive power to the limit. The strength of his current attack was already comparable to the attack of an eight-ringed Soul Douluo!

Every time a soul master advanced to the next level, the difference from his previous level was substantial. The higher one advanced, the more obvious the difference would be. Although Long Aotian was extremely gifted, he must have had sacrificed a lot in order to become a Soul Sage. He had also suffered a lot, and he was the only one who knew just how much. He hadn’t had a childhood, but instead sacrificed everything for his cultivation to achieve what he was today. Even so, he had only just become a Soul Sage. Although he had only just become a Soul Sage, he had managed to increase his destructive power to the level of a Soul Douluo without using his Martial Soul True Body. His abilities were truly extraordinary!

Many soul masters’ soul skills were named after meteors. However, Long Aotian’s current attack was more like a real meteor!

Xu Sanshi drifted in his own domain and had a stern look on his face. He lifted his Xuanwu’s Shield up high, and black light surged out. The entire domain started to revolve rapidly. It was like a black whirlpool was being generated.

The Transformation of Heaven and Earth came crashing down. When it charged into the domain, it even caused white smoke to surface. The domain seemed react to this attack like a living being. It quickly rose, revolved, attenuated, and diverted Long Aotian’s attack. It was attempting to suppress the violent assault!

At this instant, Xu Sanshi did something no one expected.

Black light flashed, and someone else switched places with him. There was no way he could lock onto Long Aotian in that state, and thus he was naturally not the one being switched over. There was only one other person apart from Xu Sanshi and Long Aotian on the stage...

“I concede defeat! Referee, please protect me!” Xu Sanshi appeared on one side of the stage. He was even shouting shamelessly.

Xuanwu’s Domain quickly subsided. The Transformation of Heaven and Earth that was being suppressed also blew apart.


It was an unprecedented explosion, a mushroom cloud even formed. Heaven and earth were transformed. The protective barriers around the stage shone extremely brightly, forced into their strongest defensive mode.

A white barrier opened up, and the white light that struck the barrier was dispelled by the intense undulations generated by the barrier. The impact in this direction was also the smallest.

As he resisted Long Aotian’s attack, Zheng Zhan’s jaw was clenched so hard he almost broke his teeth! That bastard! How dare he use me? However, he had no other choice now. Xu Sanshi was most cunning in the way he had conceded defeat at the same time he switched places with Zheng Zhan. There wasn’t anything wrong in being protected by the referee after conceding defeat.

The Transformation of Heaven and Earth’s suppression of his domain wasn’t enough to let Long Aotian lock onto him, and so gave him an opportunity to use the Mysterious Underworld Displacement.

Xu Sanshi and Bei Bei had already planned it out earlier. They could rely on Huo Yuhao’s two victories in the individual elimination round. With those two victories, the Tang Sect could request that they enter the team round as long as they won one more individual elimination round. This also meant that they only needed to defeat Long Aotian!

However, they didn’t have to be impatient about it. Even if they didn’t win this round, they still had five more opportunities. Bei Bei, Wang Dong’er, and He Caitou had yet to compete.

That was why Xu Sanshi’s aim was very simple; probe the abilities of his opponent and deplete him at the same time. He just needed to conserve his own strength for the team round.

Xuanwu’s Domain had been unleashed, and the Xuanwu Shield had evolved and mutated. Xu Sanshi had been extremely high-spirited. Almost everyone thought that he was going to fight all out with Long Aotian. Long Aotian had also believed that, and used his strongest strike. Who knew that Xu Sanshi would be so shameless, and switch with the referee before conceding defeat?

Even though Huo Yuhao had countless fighting strategies, he couldn’t use shameless tactics like Xu Sanshi!

The explosion lasted for seven to eight seconds before it ended. The spectators were horrified to see a huge depression in the center of the stage that spanned more than fifty meters in diameter. Only the area that the Unbreakable Douluo had protected was in better shape. The depth of the depression couldn’t be seen from beneath the stage. However, those on the main stage could tell that it was five meters deep! The stage was actually made of high-quality granite reinforced with steel plates. How strong did the impact have to be in order to form this huge depression?!

The watching Jing Hongchen’s expression also changed greatly at this point. Even though Xiao Hongchen and Long Aotian both had seven rings, he knew that Long Aotian was definitely superior to Xiao Hongchen. This also meant that the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy would have also faced trouble if they had advanced and met the Snowdemon Sect.

Long Aotian appeared at the core of the explosion. He was half-kneeling on the ground, his hair flowing on both sides of his head. Right now, he resembled a God of War.

Long Aotian’s expression was very dismal as he slowly got up. His face was pale as he looked at Xu Sanshi, who was looking over curiously. He furiously shouted, “Why didn’t you dare to fight me?”

Xu Sanshi leisurely said, “It’s not that I don’t dare to, it’s that I don’t want to. Why must I fight all out with you?”

“Coward!” Long Aotian said coldly. “You’re not fit to be my opponent!”

Xu Sanshi laughed. “That’s funny! You’ve fried your brain from cultivating too much. For such a fellow like you without any strategy, I don’t think you’ll become anything successful in the future! A real strong individual must be fine up here.” He tapped his own head meaningfully.

Long Aotian’s aura was a little unbalanced. His monstrous attack had depleted a lot of his energy, and even caused his previous injury to relapse. There was a prickling pain between his chest and belly.

“The Snowdemon Sect wins.” The Unbreakable Douluo glared at Xu Sanshi. Before he could say more, Xu Sanshi had already jumped off from the stage. He didn’t want to be cursed at!

Long Aotian leapt out of the depression. He looked coldly towards the Tang Sect in their waiting area and said, “Next!”

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