Volume 27, Chapter 321.3: The Strongest Member of The Body Sect

Was Long Aotian the same? Definitely not. As a disciple of the Body Sect, how could he possibly reach such the Unity of Heaven and Man realm through medicine? His cultivation was achieved through his own hard work and effort. Such a Soul Sage, a Soul Sage from the Body Sect, was very scary! His four ten thousand year soul rings were even superior to the Unbreakable Douluo beside him.

Zheng Zhan only had four ten thousand year soul rings.

The Body Sect actually had such a strong individual among their ranks. The expression of everyone from Tang Sect changed. Even Xu Tianran, Jing Hongchen and the mysterious Imperial Tutor were all affected when they saw Long Aotian’s seven soul rings. Their auras started to undulate.

Before Long Aotian had surfaced, Wang Qiu’er was recognized as the strongest in this tournament. Her fighting strength was the best. However, those who were sharp could tell that Long Aotian was superior to Wang Qiu’er even before he made a move. They just didn’t know what his martial soul was.

A hundred meters was nothing to Long Aotian. He took only a second to move this distance.

He didn’t perform any superfluous actions or unleash any of his soul skills. He raised his right hand and mimicked a pressing action towards Huo Yuhao.

Suddenly, the entire stage started to gently shake. Huo Yuhao sensed that his opponent wasn’t just Long Aotian, but the air within the protective barriers around the stage. Even the sunlight became a part of his opponent’s attack.

Even though nothing weird had happened yet, Huo Yuhao felt a huge change occurring.

Was this a fighting technique in the realm of Unity of Heaven and Man?

Huo Yuhao’s eyes brightened. Even Long Aotian was a little stunned. He wondered why Huo Yuhao wasn’t fearful or panicky, but excited.

Huo Yuhao raised his right hand and formed a fist, then shuddered slightly. Following this, a golden projection separated from his body. He also turned golden, just like a golden sculpture.

This golden projection was slender. Although it was illusory, her appearance made Long Aotian feel that the pressure he was putting on Huo Yuhao was being borne by this projection.

She looked a little familiar. Three pairs of wings opened behind her, and her long hair flowed. She punched with her right hand and blocked Long Aotian’s palm.


There was no tremendous collision. When both parties contacted each other, Long Aotian’s attack seemed to have been retracted. The fist of the golden projection also developed an indescribable, whirlpool-like glow that seemed able to engulf everything.

Two beams of light, golden and white-jade, blew apart after a momentary silence. They changed into two light barriers that stuck close to each other as they rippled.

Huo Yuhao seemed to really become a statue as he sat in his wheelchair. There wasn’t a single change in him. The golden projection in front of him was also crushed as the beams of light blew apart.

Long Aotian didn’t move a single inch. However, there was a look of shock in his eyes.

It was definitely not a soul skill. It was a fighting technique. What fighting technique was it? It wasn’t the Sovereign’s Descent that Huo Yuhao had inherited from the Dragon God Douluo! 

Even with Long Aotian’s cultivation, he couldn’t continue to advance as they clashed. In the next instant, the golden projection re-formed. She retracted her left hand and extended her right hand. As she tugged and pulled, a pure golden whirlpool with a diameter of around one foot flew out from the hands of the golden projection, barreling towards Long Aotian.

Long Aotian took a step back and raised his right arm. His palm straightened like a blade. Suddenly, his entire arm and body turned a jade color. Behind him, a twisted blade formed by compressed air lit up and slashed.

“Chi一一” There was a deafening screech in the air. The golden whirlpool was destroyed, but the jade blade light was also crushed.

This time, Long Aotian retreated half a step again, whereas Huo Yuhao was bleeding from his nose and mouth.

While it seemed like a simple collision, it was actually more dangerous and scary than using soul skills.

After the golden projection was crushed again, Huo Yuhao’s face was already completely pale. He retracted his right arm to his chest before pushing it out again. The golden projection took form again. This time, the projection clasped her palms before her chest. An austere aura was released.

Long Aotian’s expression turned serious. After entering the realm of Unity of Heaven and Man, his senses were probably superior to Huo Yuhao’s even if his spiritual power wasn’t comparable. His sense of crisis was especially acute.

When that golden projection took form in front of Huo Yuhao again, Long Aotian only felt his heart shrinking. After that, his heart beat extremely quickly, and he started perspiring profusely. Even with his cultivation, he still broke out in a cold sweat. It was as if he were being targeted by a venomous snake that could kill him with one bite.

How’s it possible? His cultivation is definitely below mine. He has also been greatly exhausted. Why is he giving me such a feeling?

Although Long Aotian was shocked, he didn’t slow down. He pointed his toes to the ground and he flipped backward.

At the same time, his arms drew a huge circle in front of his body. His entire body turned jade-white, and his complexion glowed. Behind him, a silver-white human figure quickly took form. It was the second awakening of his body soul. It was a Silver-ranked awakening.

In fact, Elder Mu wasn’t even sure whether the second awakening of body souls in the Body Sect could evolve. The highest level of second awakening right now was the Whitesilver level. Only a person with his second awakening in the Whitesilver level could transcend the level of a Titled Douluo and evolve to the Gold level.

Huo Yuhao’s judgment was very accurate. Long Aotian was the strongest among the younger generation in the Body Sect. He was likely to inherit the position of the leader of the Body Sect in the future. His status in the Body Sect was very high; it was even superior to many elders.

After seeing Long Aotian’s second awakening of his Body Soul, everyone from the Snowdemon Sect in the waiting area couldn’t help but stand up. They didn’t understand why he would do this even though he was at an advantage.

At this point, the projection in front of Huo Yuhao’s body moved. She swept her clasped palms forward, and a thin, golden light shot out. Wherever the light passed, no ripples were created. Not even a sound could be heard. Without looking carefully, it was almost impossible to detect it. At least no spectator was able to see this golden light. It even seemed to absorb the light that it refracted.

Long Aotian had a grave look on his face. When the golden light flashed, even his soul felt a piercing pain. This was an attack that he couldn’t possibly dodge. He refused to use an Invincible Barrier to protect himself. As the strongest individual in the younger generation of the Body Sect, he was a firm believer that martial souls were still stronger than soul tools.


The protective white light around Long Aotian’s body was like a rubber ball that had been pricked. It instantly blew apart and turn into a white glow that quickly dispersed. He groaned and shuddered. The white lights around his body started to surge.

Huo Yuhao wasn’t in the best condition on the other side either. After unleashing this attack, the projection in front of him instantly dimmed and disappeared. He was very pale, and was relying on his wheelchair to keep himself from collapsing. He was panting, and the light in his Spirit Eyes had also dimmed slightly.

However, he was still staring at his opponent. He sighed in his heart. It was his first time using this ultimate technique. However, the result…

“Plop一一” Long Aotian’s body started to jerk tremendously, and he spat out blood. The blood that he spat out was a little weird. After spitting it out, it immediately changed into countless blood arrows that scattered and let out a series of sizzles. As it landed on the ground, it formed small holes, but the depth of these holes couldn’t be determined.

His body jerked slightly, and he also looked slightly pale. When he looked at Huo Yuhao again, his expression was very serious. He lifted his right hand, and a milky-white glow appeared.

Brother Long is hurt? Everyone from the Snowdemon Sect was astonished. It seemed like he was in rather bad shape. They also didn’t expect Huo Yuhao to weaken Long Aotian at the last moment.

“I concede defeat.” Huo Yuhao’s weak voice sounded. He signaled towards Zheng Zhan.

After winning two consecutive fights, Huo Yuhao finally lost to the most outstanding youth from the Body Sect. Although Long Aotian didn’t use his full abilities in this fight, he was still hurt by Huo Yuhao’s last attack.

Wang Dong’er rushed up the stage immediately. She came to Huo Yuhao’s side, and he smiled at her to show that he was fine. When Wang Dong’er was about to push him off the stage, Long Aotian suddenly said, “Wait a minute.”

Huo Yuhao twisted his head to look at him. Wang Dong’er’s eyes were filled with caution and hostility. Long Aotian’s abilities were beyond what they had expected.

Long Aotian looked at Huo Yuhao with a deep gaze. “Can I ask if the golden projection was a fighting technique that you invented?”

Huo Yuhao slowly nodded.

Long Aotian said, “You are strong. Among those of the same generation, you are the most creative opponent I’ve met. It’s a pity that your body is restricting your abilities. Otherwise, you’d probably be the strongest opponent I’ve ever met. If there’s a day you can stand up, I hope to fight you in your best state.”

Huo Yuhao smiled, “You’ll have that opportunity.” When he said that, his eyes seemed to be dazzling. He had given his all in this fight and curbed his opponent several times. However, he still fell short in the end. But there was still the team round. More importantly, he hadn’t revealed all his trump cards. Otherwise, what were they going to do against the Holy Ghost Sect?

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