Volume 27, Chapter 320.3: The Ever-Transforming Huo Yuhao!

In the Snowdemon Sect’s waiting area, Wei Na focused even more intently on the fight going on. She realized that Huo Yuhao wasn’t just a difficult character to deal with in terms of business negotiations. Even with only his right hand, he was still very strong!

Huo Yuhao was naturally using his evolved million year soul skill, Imitation!

In fact, he had no choice. Once his opponent moved, he could tell that Chen Lu’s main strength was his speed. At the same time, his own greatest flaw was his current lack of agility.

Huo Yuhao had used his Spiritual Shock earlier, and knew his opponent would exercise caution against it. Moreover, he didn’t want to overuse his Spiritual Shock, which was his strongest killer move. The more he used an ability, the easier it was for his opponent to find flaws in it.

That was why he used his Imitation to conceal his figure and disappear in the air. As long as he didn’t shift too much, it would be very difficult for his opponent to determine his position from the ripples in the air.

Through his Spiritual Detection, Huo Yuhao also discovered that Chen Lu’s martial soul was his calves.

One’s calves were points of exertion for one’s strength. From this, he could tell that Chen Lu was very strong in terms of speed and explosive power.

After pausing for a moment to assess the situation, Chen Lu immediately reacted. He quickly turned around. His third soul ring shone brightly, and he immediately sprang into the air. His legs intersected in the air as he kicked out. Instantly, he created several illusory projections of his legs in the air.

Every projection carried a streak of dark-green light, and a piercing sound reverberated in the air. In a flash, countless projections appeared in the air and filled the stage!

Without a doubt, Chen Lu was using a high-frequency area attack to determine Huo Yuhao’s position!

His spiritual power wasn’t weak, since he hailed from the Body Sect. As he focused to sense Huo Yuhao’s position, he would immediately capture Huo Yuhao’s position once there were any strong soul power undulations.

Indeed, a streak of dark-golden green light caused a ring to ripple before Huo Yuhao’s wheelchair appeared once again. He had used his right hand to block the kick-blade, but seemed a little pathetic as he did so.

Chen Lu snorted and quickly jumped up again. His third soul ring was still shining, and his legs intersected as they kicked out at the same time as he charged towards Huo Yuhao. Streaks and streaks of dark-green projections engulfed him. Amid the piercing whistles, the light blades were all aimed towards Huo Yuhao!

However, it was at this moment that something weird appeared.

Huo Yuhao suddenly rose several meters into the air and avoided the blades with an unbelievably deft movement. At the same time, he made a turn in the air which seemed to completely violate the laws of physics. He charged towards Chen Lu!

Chen Lu was stunned at this moment. Even a soul master with wings couldn’t have made such a dodging action in the air; it involved countless swaying movements mid-air! Is his disability fake? Otherwise, how did he manage to dodge everything so quickly in midair?

Chen Lu couldn’t be bothered by anything else, too horrified by this action. He quickly shut his legs, and a beam of intense bronze light shone behind his back. Just like Huo Yuhao had predicted, his body soul was his calves. In addition, his Second Awakening was a Bronze-ranked one!

Instantly, Chen Lu’s whole body grew by more than a meter. His calves also became extremely thick, tearing his pants open. His legs intersected as he kicked out. Amid the terrifying bronze light, his calves were like two huge awls unleashed against Huo Yuhao.

As his calves swept through the air, it felt as if the air had been torn apart. Huo Yuhao’s speed fell drastically.

Chen Lu was still living in the shadow of Wang Yanfeng’s defeat. Right now, Huo Yuhao was demonstrating some very weird abilities. He had to give his all at this point!

The Second Awakening of his body soul was indeed frightening. His body soul became very strong, and covered a domain that no ordinary soul masters could compare to. Even a Soul Emperor couldn’t achieve a fighting strength like him!

Something that left Chen Lu shocked happened again. In his opinion, the only way Huo Yuhao could avoid his attack was by resisting it directly. It was impossible to dodge. After learning from Wang Yanfeng’s mistakes, he didn’t force his soul power out of his body. He gathered the strength of the Second Awakening in his calves. In this way, he wouldn’t be affected even if Huo Yuhao switched places with him!

However, something weirder than what had happened to Wang Yanfeng occurred. Huo Yuhao and his wheelchair broke just as Chen Lu’s calves struck him.

Yes, they broke. Countless streaks of bloody light burst out, and the broken wheelchair scattered in all directions. Everyone exclaimed and jumped up in shock at this scene.

Chen Lu was in a daze. However, he also discovered that something was wrong at the same time. That was because he didn’t feel as if he had contacted anything when he struck Huo Yuhao!

A deep blue sword light that seemed as if it wanted to tear the nine heavens apart silently appeared not far away behind Chen Lu.

That deep blue sword light was shiny and transparent. It was so clear that it seemed like it was formed with a water crystal. Wherever it passed, it formed a deep blue light screen. It appeared just at the moment when Chen Lu finished his previous attack and had yet to unleash his next attack. The timing was perfect.

Unparalleled Chill, Empress’ Sword. This time, Huo Yuhao was the one holding the Empress’ Sword. The Snow Lady had disappeared.

Chen Lu’s eyes shone with light. In the face of such a crisis, he didn’t panic at all. Among the younger generation disciples of the Body Sect, he was one of the best. Even though his cultivation was inferior to Wang Yanfeng’s, he was only still eighteen years old. In terms of talent, he might even be better than Wang Yanfeng. Wang Yanfeng lost at the, ah, hands of his own attack, but Chen Lu was even more cautious after the loss.

After realizing something was amiss, he didn’t even turn around to look. He immediately activated his fifth soul ring.

A pitch-black soul ring shone brightly, and Chen Lu did a half-crouch. Behind him, a third leg silently extended out. This leg was also covered in a greenish-bronze glow, and looked identical to his own legs.

The three legs bent at the same. As a low-pitched roar sounded, Chen Lu seemed to have over-compressed the air beneath him, causing an explosion to spread out. He released a projection from his body after this.

The bronze light engulfed his entire body. The weird thing was that the bronze projection revealed the form of a mutant with a dragon’s head and a frog’s body.

Just as he completed this, the Unparalleled Chill ferociously slashed his body.


It sounded like an awl had struck a huge bell. There was a tremendous echo across the entire arena. It even shook the stage slightly.

Chen Lu was smashed down to the ground by the sword, and his body sank a foot into the floor. The mutated projection that was supposed to protect him was also covered with a deep blue layer of light. It froze instantly.

The spectators were bamboozled by this series of changes. There were very few who could tell what was actually happening.

Undoubtedly, Chen Lu was suffering. However, why was he at a disadvantage? What did Huo Yuhao do to him? Very few people understood the sequence of events. Only those who were very keen could guess that Huo Yuhao was using an illusion.


In the Snowdemon Sect’s waiting area, all their team members looked very serious now. Right now, they had just realized that Huo Yuhao was able to pose a huge threat to them. His abilities seemed to be endless. He used the Ultimate Ice, illusions, summoning, and even soul tools. How was a soul master able to possess all these skills?

Even though Wei Na and Mu Xue knew Huo Yuhao, they didn’t know much about him. Even after investigating his background, they only knew that he had twin martial souls; one spiritual-type and the other Ultimate Ice-type. In addition, he had turned the tables in the previous tournament.

However, all this had been accomplished when his body was in its normal condition. Right now, only his right hand could move. Even though he had twin martial souls, how many of his abilities could he unleash? They were bound to be greatly weakened!

However, they understood some things after watching the first two fights. Even when Huo Yuhao had problems moving, his fighting strength couldn’t be underestimated. He was not inferior to a Soul Emperor even when handicapped. The most frightening thing was how mysterious his fighting strategies were. Wang Yanfeng lost so ridiculously, and Chen Lu was also losing right now!


After the flying-type soul tools on his shoulders raised Huo Yuhao into the air, they shot out light that propelled his wheelchair towards Chen Lu. Huo Yuhao raised his right hand, and his Darkgolden Terrorclaws appeared.

As someone who possessed the Ultimate Ice, he was well-aware that his opponent’s power depletion from that attack wasn’t very great even though he had used all his strength. Chen Lu used his fifth soul skill at the critical moment, which greatly resisted his attack. It was Chen Lu’s mutant projection that was frozen, and not Chen Lu himself. He was only delayed right now because he was still affected by the chill brought about by the Ultimate Ice.

Huo Yuhao thought privately that if he were in his peak state, he would be able to completely suppress his five-ringed opponent, even if his opponent was from the Body Sect. He might even be able to crush him. Facing what he was now, he could completely rely on his Ice Explosion to continue harming his opponent. At the same time, his speed wouldn’t be so slow, were it not for his body condition...

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