Volume 27, Chapter 318.3: The Pure Bloodline of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon

Without a doubt, Wu Yifan would have died had he actually been hit by Yu Tianlong. Hence, Zheng Zhan did not completely take away Yu Tialong’s power. The power of the kick was just enough to severely injure Wu Yifan to the point where he could no longer take part anymore, but it would not be fatal. 

It was not easy for the Unbreakable Douluo to make this decision.

The anger in Yu Tianlong’s eyes receded a bit. He nodded at the Unbreakable Douluo and said, “I’ve won.”

“For the individual elimination round, second round, the Heavenly Dragon Sect wins.”

After the end of this duel, the overall results were more or less fixed. In terms of overall strength, there was a big disparity between the Proudsword Sect and the Heavenly Dragon Sect.

In the next few rounds, Yu Tianlong was able to use his immense power to defeat more three challengers consecutively. The opposing team completely lost their will to fight.

In the battle for the top eight, the Unbreakable Douluo did not interfere as much. Even if the other party might lose their fighting ability, he would not intervene. The only reason he intervened was to prevent death.

At this moment, there was no hope left for the Proudsword Sect. Even though they were unwilling, they still conceded defeat. The Heavenly Dragon Sect was thus able to progress to the next round and become the second team to enter the top eight. In the semi-finals, it was likely that they would challenge the team from Shrek Academy, led by Wang Qiu’er.

At this point, the matches for the morning had ended. The subsequent two rounds for the top eight teams would be held in the afternoon.


Over in Shrek Academy’s area, Dai Huabing, Cao Jinxuan, and the rest had ugly expressions on their faces as they left. The strength of their opponents was beyond their expectations, particularly Yu Tianlong. The strength he had displayed was comparable to Wang Qiu’er. Coupled with Xing Yan, who was also a six-ringed Soul Emperor, they were facing an uphill battle in the semi-finals!.

The Tang Sect also returned to the hotel. There was still some time until the afternoon rounds. It was extremely important for them to get some rest and strategize.


They decided to have an early lunch. Bei Bei gathered his teammates.

“Everyone saw the rounds in the morning. What do you think?” Bei Bei asked as he sat at the head of their table.

Xu Sanshi replied quickly, “The Heavenly Dragon Sect is no pushover! I think Yu Tianlong’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon martial soul is more powerful than yours. Even if we went against them one-on-one, it would not be easy to win!”

Bei Bei nodded and said, “Yu Tianlong has inherited the pure-blooded Blue Lightning Thunder Dragon bloodline. There was no deviation or evolution, it was definitely pure. Ten thousand years ago, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon was one of top six martial souls on the continent. This is not an easy opponent. Furthermore, the Heavenly Dragon Sect also has other powerful contenders. Their martial souls are all draconic, and hence, they will not be weak. It’ll be a difficult fight for Shrek in the next round. They may not be able to defeat them with just the power of Wang Qiu’er. Anyone else? What other thoughts do you have on your minds?”

Surprisingly, Nan Qiuqiu, who had just joined the Tang Sect and appeared very demure, opened her mouth to speak.

“I think one’s mindset in this competition is important, too. When Wu Yifan faced Yu Tianlong, he was not weak. However, he was under immense psychological pressure from his opponent. This shows that he had a very weak mentality. He should at least have been able to give Yu Tianlong some trouble, instead of losing so badly in the end.”

Bei Bei smiled and nodded. He said, “Qiuqiu is right. One’s mentality is important too. On this point, we have to admit that Wang Qiu’er does this better than any of us here. Honestly speaking, I’ve been waiting for the day when Wang Qiu’er would go up against someone like Yu Tianlong. I wonder what kind of match that’ll be. Do you know, Yuhao?”

Huo Yuhao sighed and said, “Elder brother, brothers, and sisters, while I don’t want to undermine everyone’s confidence, there’s something I feel that I must say. We are in trouble.”

When everyone heard that, they were all shocked, including Bei Bei. They had no idea what Huo Yuhao was talking about.

Bei Bei nodded and said, “Tell us, no matter what the problem is, we have to face it together. You requested this meeting. It’s not too late to come up with a counter-strategy.”

Huo Yuhao said, “After the morning rounds, there are two judgments we can make. The Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy and the Proudsword Sect do not contain hidden Body Sect members.”

When they heard this analysis, they instantly understood what he meant. Instantly, their faces changed.

Huo Yuhao continued, “I carefully observed the Heavenly Dragon Sect. When Yu Tianlong went to fight, everyone on their team, regardless of whether they were on the main team or the reserves, all looked at him in admiration. This cannot be faked. Hence, we know the importance of Yu Tianlong to the Heavenly Dragon Sect. Furthermore, Yu Tianlong’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon martial soul is not a body soul. This means that the most powerful contender from the Heavenly Dragon Sect has no link to the Body Sect. Hence, we can deduce that the Body Sect is not likely to be hidden there.

“Earlier, we analyzed the few teams that the Body Sect may have been hidden in. Now, we can deduce that the only possibilities are the Star Luo National Academy and the Snowdemon Sect. For the Star Luo National Academy, I’ve deduced that the possibility of them collaborating with the Body Sect is almost negligible. On the other hand, the Snowdemon Sect, which comes from the Heavenly Soul Empire, is much more likely to be in cahoots with the Body Sect. Today, I also noticed that at least six of their reserve members did not show much of a reaction when Yu Tianlong came up. In other words, they were not surprised at his strength. What does this mean? I’m afraid that we’ve gotten the short end of the stick this time.”

At this point, everyone knew what he meant. The room turned silent instantly.

To describe their situation as ‘the short end of the stick’ was an understatement. What did it mean to meet the Body Sect? They were powerful enough to resist Shrek Academy. They also dared to attack the Illustrious Virtue Hall, and inflicted severe damage on them!

No one doubted the advantage of the Body Sect in terms of their martial souls. By coming to the Sun Moon Empire to compete, they demonstrated how confident they were.

Shrek’s Seven Monsters had long suspected that the Holy Ghost Sect would appear in this competition. This was the plan the Sun Moon Empire had devised to take care of the Body Sect. Right now, they were about to get caught in it all.

Even if they were able to defeat the Body Sect, there was another more mysterious evil soul master group behind the Body Sect, the Holy Ghost Sect! So far, deaths had followed them wherever they went.

If they wanted to break out from this trap, it would be immensely difficult for the Tang Sect.

Huo Yuhao said in a low voice, “Don’t be too demoralized, guys! While our opponents are strong, we aren’t weak either! Elder brother can fight once again, and our Tang Sect has three six-ringed Soul Emperors. Three of us have twin martial souls. In this aspect, the Body Sect can’t beat us. The Academy can match the Body Sect, and we now have the title of ‘Shrek’s Seven Monsters’.  Are we supposed to fear them?”

Xu Sanshi nodded, and a strong will to fight appeared in his eyes. “That’s right, Yuhao is right! Fuck the Body Sect! I’ll fuck them all! I’ll go first for the individual elimination round!”

Bei Bei gestured at him to tell him to calm down. “Be quiet. We can find out who the more powerful members of the Body Sect are beforehand, and prepare against them. Yuhao, tell us what you think, and the strategy you have in mind.”

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “The Body Sect is undoubtedly powerful. It is impossible to beat them one-on-one. Even so, I feel that we should adopt Shrek’s strategy. As long as one of us can win three individual elimination rounds, we can force them into the group round.”

The biggest advantage the Tang Sect had was from Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection. With it, while the Tang Sect did not fight very often in the group round, they had yet to face any true opponents thus far. Furthermore, as Shrek’s Seven Monsters had known each other for so many years, they all worked well together.

Bei Bei said, “Then, who do you think we should send first in the individual elimination round? We’re facing the Body Sect, it’s not likely we’ll score three victories like Wang Qiu’er.”

Huo Yuhao spoke up without hesitation, “I’ll go first.”

“You?” Bei Bei was shocked. Wang Dong’er, who was sitting next to him, glanced at him sharply.

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “There are some advantages to me going first. First, the opponent will not expect me to fight first. Second, I have a body soul too. In comparison, I understand them better than everyone else here. Third, while I’m immobile, I have many tricks up my sleeves. I’m confident of at least one victory. Recently, my spiritual power has improved as well.

“Most importantly, it won’t affect everyone if I become a bit more drained during the individual elimination round. I direct the group round, and don’t fight directly in it. In my current state, I can’t fight at the front like everyone else. Spiritual Detection will only drain a bit of my spiritual power. I can assist everyone else, provide control and render assistance from behind. The group round won’t be as taxing for me. Furthermore, I have…”

He softly said a few words, which made everyone smile.

He Caitou blinked, and a sly smile crept across his face. He nudged Huo Yuhao and chuckled, “Little brother, aren’t you afraid of the Illustrious Virtue Hall coming after you?”

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