Volume 27, Chapter 318.2: The Pure Bloodline of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon

Bei Bei nodded slightly and said, “I can feel it too. I fear that his martial soul is similar to mine.”

“Heavenly Dragon Sect, Yu Tianlong.”

“Proudsword Sect, Wu Yifan.”


 With that one command by the Unbreakable Douluo, the second elimination round between the Proudsword Sect and the Heavenly Dragon Sect began.

Yu Tianlong did not fight like Wang Qiu’er, as Xing Yan had. Instead, he took big steps as he walked toward his opponent. He did not move quickly; his pace was only slightly faster than that of an ordinary person.   

However, Wu Yifan, who was facing him, felt as if he were staring at a mountain, which was getting bigger with each step. It was a suffocating sensation.

In the previous battle, almost half of his soul power had been depleted. The attack from the soul cannon in particular had left him feeling slightly shell-shocked. Faced with this pressure, Wu Yifan did not rush to attack. His vast fighting experience helped to calm the terror in his heart. He got a grip and activated his soul power. Since his opponent was in no rush, he did not plan on rushing either. His martial soul, the Greensteel Sword, manifested in front of him. It quickly regained its initial form.

The distance between the two sides quickly shrank. Yu Tianlong lifted his right hand, and arcs of blue electricity started to spread across his body. Bluish-purple scales appeared, and his body grew as he advanced. With each step, his body would expand. When he reached the center of the arena, he was already two and a half meters tall, and his shoulders a meter and a half across. The terrifying but majestic scales on his arms were extremely thick, and arcs of bluish-purple electricity crackled around him. He like a human-shaped monster now, and even his eyes had turned bluish-purple.


“Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon?” Huo Yuhao asked as he turned to look at Bei Bei.

Bei Bei was closely watching Yu Tianlong up on the arena stage, and replied, “That’s right, this is the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon. Furthermore, this is a pure-blooded Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon.”

“Eh? Is it different from yours, elder brother?”

Bei Bei nodded and said, “While mine is also descended from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, it has undergone mutations. Those that are descended from ancestor Yu Xiaogang have already evolved into the Golden Holy Dragon. Much of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon blood is lost. Hence, we don’t have the true Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon martial soul. Those with the pure Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon blood should be like him, extremely explosive and destructive.”

“How does it compare to the Golden Holy Dragon?” Huo Yuhao asked.

“We’ll only know after we fight,” Bei Bei replied with a smile.

When he heard this, Huo Yuhao came to his own conclusions. If Bei Bei’s assessment was as such, it only meant one thing... Yu Tianlong was almost as powerful as his elder brother! The Heavenly Dragon Sect was powerful, indeed!


As Yu Tianlong stopped his advance, beads of sweat started to form on Wu Yifan’s forehead. He was not a sword fanatic like Ji Juechen. In his heart, he had normal human emotions, too. If it were Ji Juechen, even if his opponent was as powerful as a Titled Douluo, he would still move forward to attack.

This was not because of a disparity in power, but of will. This was also why Ji Juechen could find enlightenment of his own sword intent and domain at merely twentyish years of age!

At this moment, Ji Juechen, who had been watching Wu Yifan excitedly, closed his eyes. This was because he was too into swords, and hence his understanding of swords surpassed that of normal people. From the sword intent Wu Yifan was unleashing, Juechen could tell that Yifan’s will to battle could not compare to before. This swordsman no longer piqued his interest.

Faced with his opponent’s mountain-like body, the psychological pressure Wu Yifan could take reached its limit. He roared and leapt off the ground. Fusing his sword and body into one, he charged toward Yu Tianlong. A powerful sword intent could be sensed once more, but it was still weaker than before. He was being suppressed by his opponent’s aura!

Yu Tianlong did not approach. Instead, he stopped, and contracted the muscles on his arm. His blue dragon claws clenched, and the electricity around his body started to retract.

A powerful sword light shot out from the green sword and appeared before Yu Tianlong.

The electricity, which was gone only a moment ago, now started to surge out from every part of Yu Tianlong’s body. Instantly, it formed a ball of lightning as it blew the sword intent apart.

While Wu Yifan was suppressed, he was still the captain of the Proudsword Sect. He did not lack fighting experience. He clearly understood that his chances of victory against this person were not high. The only chance he had was to use his explosive strength. 

Hence, he had no intention of conserving energy as he deployed his powerful attacks almost immediately.

Green light started to expand, and his fifth soul ring started to shine. This was the powerful Divine Greensteel Sword again. The huge, green sword brimmed with a severe sword intent as he thrust it toward Yu Tianlong’s chest. The huge sword, which seemed capable of cleaving the sky and earth open, helped Wu Yifan regain a bit of an advantage.

Yu Tianlong stood there, unmoving. In his eyes, there was a show of mirth.

He raised a pair of dragon claws and made a hugging motion before him. Instantly, a huge amount of electricity surged forth. Between his two arms, a huge ball of lightning was formed.

At this point, Huo Yuhao could not help but nod his head. In terms of control over thunder, Yu Tianlong surpassed even his elder brother. He indeed possessed a pure-blooded Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon!

When he realized that his opponent was not dodging, Wu Yifan’s heart soared with delight. He chuckled coldly to himself as he thought, While the Proudsword Sect is not good in many other aspects, we do specialize in piercing and overcoming thick armor. In a face-to-face attack, even if you can defeat me, you will pay a heavy price!

The green light instantly pierced the ball of lightning. At that moment, the light in the arena dimmed. Yu Tianlong still did not move. However, the tip of the green sword had penetrated his lightning sphere.

What a terrifying fighting style! If it could not be blocked, his body might be sliced in half by the Divine Greensteel Sword! At this distance, even the referee could not save him.

However, just as the tip of the Divine Greensteel Sword pierced through it, the Sword was unable to progress any further. Green light and lightning shone non-stop.

Wu Yifan, who was behind the Divine Greensteel Sword, revealed an expression of shock. He could clearly sense that what was coming at him from the tip of his sword was not a terrifying electric power, but instead waves of attacks. The electric energy actually felt like layers of silk eating away at his Divine Greensteel Sword. The sharp tip of the sword was like soft leather in the face of this tough defense.

Let’s do it!

Wu Yifan did not have much time to think. His soul power was being drained rapidly as he used this high-level soul skil, and there was no way he could sustain it for long. His sixth soul ring started to shine, and his body suddenly flashed. He grabbed onto the green light and once again moved to escape.

Wu Yifan’s body was bathed in light. At the same time, countless blueish-purple tendrils of electricity started to appear on the Divine Greensteel Sword. An explosion sounded in mid-air, and the sword qi scattered in all directions.

In just that one moment, Wu Yifan was a ray of green light, just like in the previous round. He floated toward his opponent’s back. There was only this one chance for him...

Yu Tianlong appeared to not have discovered him. He continued to stand there without moving. Each of his dragon claws became charged with electricity as he slashed them through the air. Other than a string of electricity surrounding him, he appeared defenseless.

A chance!

Wu Yifan did not stop at all. He moved with his sword, and he had already retracted all of his energy. His last bit of soul power was concentrated on the tip of this sword as he pointed it straight at his opponent’s back.

The emerald-green sword tip was instantly at Yu Tianlong’s back. The Unbreakable Douluo was hesitant. He could tell that Yu Tianlong was stronger. In this situation, should he intervene? If he intervened, Yu Tianlong would be deemed to have lost.

Just as he was deliberating this, he saw a cruel look in Yu Tianlong’s eyes.

Oh shit. The Unbreakable Douluo’s heart missed a beat as he charged toward the both of them.

Just as he was about to use Shedding and break away from the main body of his Divine Greensteel Sword, Wu Yifan felt his body move an inch.

It’s a hit!  Wu Yifan’s heart leapt with joy. Soon, however, he discovered that something was amiss. His sword had pierced underneath Yu Tianlong’s armpit. It did not actually hit him!

Yu Tianlong suddenly clamped his left arm tightly to his body, securing the blade of the sword between his arm and his body. Then, with a low draconic roar, a whip-like object that looked like a dragon tail appeared from his right leg. Lightning flashed at this moment and crept, via the Divine Greensteel Sword, into Wu Yifan’s body.

Wu Yifan suddenly felt his body going numb. The terrifying lightning had already swallowed him whole. Under these circumstances, where could he hide?

Just as the leg was about to hit Wu Yifan, the Unbreakable Douluo appeared. He tapped Yu Tianlong’s leg lightly with his right hand, before it made contact with Wu Yifan.

With a crunching impact, Wu Yifan flew into the distance. Blood spurted out from his body in mid-air as he flew backward and landed hard.

Yu Tianlong retracted his leg. He turned and gave Zheng Zhan a deadly stare. If not for Zheng Zhan’s swat, he was confident of shattering Wu Yifan’s internal organs!

Zheng Zhan glared back. “Boy, what’s your problem? I can’t alter the flow of the competition, but I can’t let you kill, either!”

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