Volume 27, Chapter 318.1: The Pure Bloodline of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon

Even though they did not clash, Xing Yan could clearly feel how sharp his opponent’s blade was. His scales started to tremble slightly. An attack of that level should never be met head-on!

He lifted his body with great effort and his second soul ring started to shine. A pair of dragon wings expanded behind his back. They beat once and took him soaring into the air. At the same time, his fourth soul ring started to shine. The scales on his body immediately started to release a light that burned as hot as fire.

Xing Yan used his body in this attack, his Draconic Meteor, an extremely powerful attack and control-type soul skill. Draconic Meteor’s offensive strength was extremely strong. When he activated it, it also tripled his defenses. The moment the attack hit the ground, it would cause a series of powerful chain explosions. With his current cultivation, the attack had a range of thirty meters!

As his dragon wings beat, the Scarlet Dragon unleashed Draconic Meteor once again. This was his signature move!

Coldly, Wu Yifan did not stop as he continued to drive his sword through the air. His feet touched the ground, and a pair of metallic wings opened behind his back. Light shone in all directions, and he left the ground. As he rose, he made a ninety-degree turn. A green light shone on his green sword, and his fifth soul ring started to flash.

A small but audible buzzing arose. The size of the huge green sword doubled, now about four meters long, as an eye-dazzling sword radiance shone forth.

Wu Yifan’s martial soul was the Greensteel Sword. He was a Rank 63 assault-type Soul Emperor. This was his fifth soul skill, Divine Greensteel Sword. It was a rare tool martial soul soul skill that increased the power of the martial soul itself, like soul skills from beast martial souls. 

The expanded Greensteel Sword doubled Wu Yifan’s fighting abilities!

Xing Yan, who was using Draconic Meteor, instantly felt that something was amiss. He did not dare to crash down on the divine Divine Greensteel Sword! However, he had already unleashed his soul skill. It was too late to change direction. In terms of martial soul control, not everyone could compare with the freaks from Shrek Academy.

However, Xing Yan had his own plans. He continued to use Draconic Meteor, but he did not attack his opponent directly with it. Instead, he unleashed it downward, using the explosive speed of Draconic Meteor and his own incredible defenses as he tried to avoid being locked onto by the Divine Greensteel Sword.

In mid-air, Xing Yan stopped using Draconic Meteor. The red light faded, and he descended to the ground. The Divine Greensteel Sword, which was already in mid-air, did not give up so easily. It turned around and continued to pursue Xing Yan.

Do you think I’m scared of you? After this series of tactical humiliations, Xing Yan felt ashamed and perplexed. He turned around and roared magnificently. The scales on his body all stood erect, making him look like a huge porcupine. The light around the sixth soul ring on his body started to shine even brighter.

Just when everyone thought that he would use his most powerful soul skill to fight his opponent’s Divine Greensteel Sword, cunning flashed across Xing Yan’s eyes. He touched his back with his right hand, and suddenly, a soul cannon two meters long and thirty centimeters wide appeared. The mouth of the cannon faced the Divine Greensteel Sword, and balls of terrifying red light came exploding out of it!

With each explosion, the sixth soul ring on Xing Yan’s body dimmed. This was how intensely his soul power was being depleted.

There was no way to change the Divine Greensteel Sword at this moment. It dove down at him at full strength, still shining with a blinding green light. In the blink of an eye, it crashed into the balls of red light.

Just like Bei Bei had said, only when a soul master used a soul tool could he maximize the strength of the soul tool.


In mid-air, a deafening explosion rang out. The two types of light, green and red, combined in mid-air to form a huge dual-colored ball of light. Countless rays of light started to fly in all directions, and the protective barrier all around the stage glowed intensely.

A look of triumph crept across Xing Yan’s mouth. No one knew the strength of this cannon better than he. This was the heaviest and most-draining Class 6 soul cannon.  Each of its attacks was immensely powerful. Its name was the Gigant Bursting Cannon, and it rivaled the Gigant Lightning Cannon. In terms of control, the Gigant Bursting Cannon was not as powerful as the Gigant Lightning Cannon, but in terms of pure, explosive strength, it was superior!

Xing Yan’s biggest weakness was close-combat. However, it was hard for him to attack his opponents from afar, too. The Gigant Bursting Cannon was made just for him!

Xing Yan believed that once the cannon hit its target, even if Wu Yifan remained undefeated, he would still be severely injured. At that moment, he prepared to unleash his full strength.


Underneath the arena, Ji Juechen, the sword fanatic, said suddenly, “The Heavenly Dragon Sect has lost.” He did not control the sound of his voice. The many replacements for the Heavenly Dragon Sect who were in the resting zone shot langry looks at the Tang Sect.

However, at this moment, the situation in the arena changed.


An unassuming green ray of light descended from the heavens. It was emerald-green, clear, and sparkling vigorously. It dropped down as gently as a feather.

In the next moment, the dragon scales on Xing Yan’s body turned green. Just when he wanted to unleash his martial soul, the soul rings around his body split open, as if they had been cloven by a sword, and his scales flew everywhere. Xing Yan was sent flying away by the terrible slash. A humongous wound stretched from his forehead all the way to his abdomen.

Had the referee, the Unbreakable Douluo, not intervened, Xing Yan would have been disemboweled.

Was he weak? Of course not. However, he was careless. With the cannon in hand, he made the mistake of underestimating his opponent. The smudge of green light was too insignificant. It was like residue from their clash. When he finally reacted, it was too late to block it.

The green light landed on the ground, and Wu Yifan emerged from it. His face was pale, and the sword in his hand had been reduced to only a meter in length. Green light rippled on it like waves on water.

This was the sixth soul skill of the Greensteel Sword, Shedding!

Wu Yifan’s most powerful killing move was to use his sixth soul skill right when he was using his fifth soul skill, Divine Greensteel Sword. From the Divine Greensteel Sword, he could extract the true form of the sword and unleash its devastating power.

Even if Xing Yan were careful, there was no way he could have blocked that move during their clash. The only way he could have obtained victory was to fly away as far as he could after bombarding Wu Yifan.

Xing Yan’s estimate was not wrong. When his cannon hit the Divine Greensteel Sword, Wu Yifen was able to escape with Shedding. However, he could not avoid getting hurt. If he had not had enough time to attack afterward, he would have used up even more soul power. If he had used both powerful skills and still not won, he might have lost the match.


Xing Yan lost this round not because of tactics, but because of his mindset. In fact, since the start of the tournament, they had underestimated the Proudsword Sect. While they might be the second team from the small group round, they were extremely confident in their own abilities. In their eyes, their only opponent in this tournament was the Holy Ghost Church, the other sects were nothing to them. Xing Yan lost because of his mentality.

Xing Yan collapsed onto the arena. While the Unbreakable Douluo had blocked much of the sword qi, some of it still entered his body, and he was badly injured. Blood flowed from his wounds, and a green light flashed.

“The Proudsword Sect wins.”

The moment the protective barrier opened, a tall figure jumped onto the arena at the speed of lightning. Quickly, he arrived next to Xing Yan and lifted him up. He quickly sealed his meridians, and then injected blue soul power into his body to help resist the powerful, intrusive sword qi.

Wu Yifan, whose face was pale, did not dare to waste any more time. He quickly took out a milk bottle to replenish his soul power. This had not been an easy victory, and he had used all his strength. He had not expected the soul cannon!

After a short time, the new youth from the Heavenly Dragon Sect carried Xing Yan off the arena, before returning to the stage.

This time, Wu Yifan could clearly see that this youth was a good two meters tall. He could almost fit inside his opponent’s mountain-like body. The young man’s hair was short and needle-like as well, but deep blue in hue. His shirt had no sleeves, and his muscular arms looked like they had been sculpted from stone. His entire body emitted a terrifying aura.

“Are you the captain of the Proudsword Sect?” the tall youth asked as he walked up to the center of the arena. His expression was cold and emotionless.

“Yes,” replied Wu Yifan.

While he had won the first round, Wu Yifan was not happy. He was the most powerful member of the Proudsword Sect. While his sect was not ordinary, his guys fellow team members were all ranked between Ranks 55 and 59. He was the only Soul Emperor. They had been observing the Heavenly Dragon Sect. In the past, Xing Yan had occupied a dominant position on that team, and the young man before him had not appeared. However, Wu Yifan could clearly sense right now that this young man was stronger than Xing Yan!

Even though Xing Yan had been injured, and he might not be able to fight in the subsequent rounds, how much power was the Heavenly Dragon Sect hiding?

“Very good.” The young man from the Heavenly Dragon Sect did not say anything else. He walked to the center of the arena and indicated to the judge that he would be the second competitor from the Heavenly Dragon Sect!


In the resting zone...

“Elder brother, why do I feel an aura similar to yours from the Heavenly Dragon Sect competitor?” Huo Yuhao asked Bei Bei in a low voice.

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