Volume 27, Chapter 317.2: Baptism of the Sun, the Golden Dragon Lady

The look of excitement on Wang Qiu’er’s face froze. The Unbreakable Douluo, who was about to announce the result of the competition, stumbled and almost fell into the liquid-hot metallic puddle that was the current arena floor. The students from the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy all covered their faces. Lu Jun bent over. He did not dare to look at his weird captain.

Xu Tianzhen quickly stood upright and looked at Zheng Zhan, who looked back at her as if she were an alien, and said, “I concede defeat. Our team concedes defeat. We won’t fight anymore.” With that, she turned and walked off the arena.

Just when everyone breathed out in relief, Xu Tianzhen suddenly stopped, turned back to look at Wang Qiu’er, and said, “Wang Qiu’er, are you sure you aren’t a guy in disguise?”

Wang Qiu’er gripped her Golden Dragon Spear tightly and said darkly, “I realize my decision to not kill you was a mistake!”

“Bye!” Xu Tianzhen said as she dashed off without hesitation. She ran, leapt, somersaulted in mid-air, and very quickly got off the arena stage.


The first round of the top eight round ended in such a comical fashion. After Wang Qiu’er left the arena, she waved at her teammates, and then disappeared instantly. After all, the armor formed from the fire of the sun could not last for long. She had nothing on underneath the armor. Furthermore, she wished to absorb everything she had gained today to preserve the increase in her own power.

Shrek Academy became the first team to enter the top four.

The next round in the first half was between the Proudsword Sect and the Heavenly Dragon Sect. They stood up and walked to the waiting zone while looking at each other. The enmity between the two teams did not appear to be very strong. Instead, they both shared similar sentiments in their minds.

Wang Qiu’er is too powerful.

At first, as the average strength of Shrek Academy was not that strong, the few powerful sects did not pay much attention to them, until they witnessed their match against the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy. The performance of Shrek Academy was glorious beyond words. Even though the team from Shrek was a ‘one-woman team’, that one woman in their team was too strong!

As they watched Wang Qiu’er leave, even the powerful evil soul masters from the Holy Ghost Sect looked wary.

Just now, an attack that was more powerful than a Soul Sage could muster served only to beautify her outfit. Wang Qiu’er, who was already the most powerful soul master in this tournament, had become even stronger. Anyone from the other six teams might meet her! How could they not worry?

Among the six teams, only the Tang Sect appeared to be at ease.

As the first round for the morning ended with the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy admitting defeat, the tournament was able to move on pretty quickly.

The Proudsword Sect and the Heavenly Dragon Sect entered the waiting zone. They were told that they had a while to prepare. The arena had to be cleared and maintained.

Time was needed for the melted stage top to cool down. Furthermore, the dripping metal had affected the protective barrier, which also needed to be fine-tuned..


On the main podium...

Ju Zi whispered softly in Xu Tianran’s ears. “Your Highness, Xu Tianzhen and you are-?”

She had seen Xu Tianran use his powers before. Hence, she knew about the hereditary martial soul of the Sun Moon Empire’s imperial family.

Xu Tianran’s face had a weird look as he said, “That was my rebellious sister. That girl doesn’t listen to anyone. Father treated her too kindly...”

Ju Zi opened her eyes in shock and said, “She’s a princess? This…”

Xu Tianran naturally understood what she meant as he smiled bitterly and said, “That’s right, she’s my brutish, rebellious, and carefree younger sister. She’s also the only princess in the main branch of the imperial family. When she was born, she was extremely playful and cute. Hence, father named her Tianzhen, and she is known as Princess Tianzhen. However, who would have expected then that this girl could create so much trouble for the entire imperial family? She stole makeup from the concubines, demolished father’s rest palace, and even burned the main pavilion down. When she finally grew up, father wanted to send her to study at the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, but she did not want to go. Instead, she wanted to study at Shrek Academy. You should know that our relationship with Shrek Academy has never been good. While she’s naughty, she’s also father’s favorite, and my brothers and I all like her. Naturally, we wouldn’t let her take such a risk. For this, father blew up at her for the first time, and grounded her for a while. After her grounding, she still chose not to go to the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, as she was still rebellious. Instead, she decided to go to the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy. Speaking of it, in terms of cultivation, Princess Tianzhen is the best of all my siblings. It was quite a feat for her to enter the top eight. However, she’s too embarrassing. Luckily for me, she did not mention that she was a princess. If not, I would really be humiliated...”

Ju Zi smiled and said, “Princess Tianzhen is so adorable. This isn’t a bad thing! I like her direct and carefree personality. She doesn’t seem as tired as you, Your Highness.”

Xu Tianran laughed bitterly and said, “Exactly. While my brothers and I fight among ourselves, we all like her very much. The more we spoil her, the more unrestrained her behavior becomes. There’s no way around it. She has to return to the palace after she graduates. As her sister-in-law, please guide her well. If she can be just half as smart and obedient as you, I wouldn’t have to worry so much. I don’t know what trouble she’ll cause next. Also, if you can, help me scout for exceptional talents from the younger generation in Radiant City. Help me find a good husband for her, and I’ll be more at ease.”

Ju Zi smiled and nodded in agreement. She could tell that while Xu Tianran tried to make his situation sound helpless, he cared a great deal for Princess Tianzhen…


In the resting area...

Bei Bei said to Huo Yuhao in a low voice, “Yuhao, after being in this competition, I realize your suggestion for the academy was right.”

Huo Yuhao was stunned, but quickly understood what he meant. “Elder brother, do you mean the combination of soul tools and soul masters?”

Bei Bei nodded.

“Over the past few years, as the Sun Moon Empire is developing their soul tools rapidly, Shrek has been in an increasingly disadvantageous position. However, ever since ancestor decided to develop soul tools, I realize that we are finally on the right path. No wonder the Sun Moon Empire devotes so much energy to soul tools. Soul engineers can actually be so strong. However, they don’t have enough talented people to become soul masters! On the other hand, our academy does. In this aspect, the original three countries of the Douluo Continent are much stronger than the Sun Moon Empire.

“Every soul master and martial soul has its unique advantages. At the same time, they have their own weaknesses too. With the presence of soul tools, they’ll be able to rectify these weaknesses. Furthermore, when soul masters and soul tools work closely together, they’ll be able to increase their overall fighting strength. 

“Your Ultimate Soldier Plan has succeeded. I feel that after you recover, you’ll undergo a transformation. Look, other than the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy, which has been eliminated, the other teams that entered the top eight were all soul master sects. Also, many of them know how to wield soul tools. Everyone can see this trend!”

Huo Yuhao chuckled and said, “Elder brother, the Tang Sect isn’t weak in terms of our soul tools, either. When we get back, we should get Elder Xuan to make an appropriate soul tool for each of us. In fact, the main reason why the Sun Moon Empire can beat the original three countries on the Douluo Continent with soul tools is because of the disparity in strength at a high level.

“In terms of individual battling strength, a Class 9 soul engineer cannot match up against a nine-ringed Titled Douluo. However, on the battlefield, the situation is different. The destructive power a Class 9 soul engineer can bring to the battlefield far exceeds that of a nine-ringed Titled Douluo. Furthermore, there are many possibilities for soul tools. Hence, the Titled Douluo does not have the overall advantage over a Class 9 soul engineer. Shrek Academy, and the former three countries, may be developing soul tools, but we started off late and in terms of high-end soul tools, the Sun Moon Empire is far ahead of us. If we want to catch up, we will need time!

“It’s not hard for each country to realize the potent combination of soul masters and soul tools. Like Shrek, if that’s our only objective, there’s no way we can beat a Class 9 soul engineer. The same applies to the Tang Sect! No one knows how many Class 9 soul tools the Sun Moon Empire has accumulated over all these years. While we can’t ascertain their number, it’s certain that the strength of just one can eliminate an entire army. That is extremely scary!

“Hence, if we want to resist the Sun Moon Empire, we will have to delay them as much as possible for our own research and development to catch up. After all, in terms of Titled Douluo, the original three countries of the continent will always have an advantage, even if the Sun Moon Empire has the Holy Ghost Church.”

Bei Bei nodded and said, “You’re right. However, the Sun Moon Empire is on the verge of striking. I feel that once the Crown Prince ascends the throne, he’ll start a full-scale war. Time waits for no man!”

Huo Yuhao sighed and said, “That isn’t something we can decide. The strength of an individual is too small.”

Bei Bei said, “If war really does happen, what will you do?”

Huo Yuhao said without hesitation, “I’ll enlist in the Star Luo Empire’s army.”

“Oh?” Bei Bei could see that Huo Yuhao had evidently planned for this. On his other side, Wang Dong’er looked at Huo Yuhao in surprise. She had never heard him mention this before.

Huo Yuhao said, “After my body recovers, and I achieve some academic success, I have to take care of things at home.”

Wang Dong’er spoke up suddenly, “You’re going to seek revenge?”

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