Volume 27, Chapter 317.1: Baptism of the Sun, the Golden Dragon Lady

Reddish-yellow light shone on the arena of the Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Tournament. It had been there for more than a minute now.

No one could tell what was going on in the arena because of the light, but dark-red molten metal flowed down the inside of the protective barrier, and the intense heat caused many waves to form on it.

If even the metal was melting, one could tell how terrifying the temperature in the arena was.

Huo Yuhao did not help Wang Qiu’er in the end. He believed in her abilities. At the same time, he did so for the Tang Sect. He was a member of the Tang Sect, and while the glory of Shrek was important, he was the main control-type soul master of the Tang Sect as well. If he could not take part in the top eight fight at full strength, what if his teammates became injured? After entering the top eight, any mistake might cost them the entire competition. Even if Wang Qiu’er lost, she still had other teammates. 

All the best, Qiu’er. Huo Yuhao clenched his right fist unconsciously.

Suddenly, at this moment, the scene in the arena started to change. The intense reddish-gold light began to contract at an astounding pace.

Everyone could now see that the ground of the arena was heated completely red. The light, that was slowly receding to a single spot, became more and more mysterious. It started to twist and turn intensely, forming shapes like water ripples.

This is…

Xu Tianzhen’s form could be seen. Both her palms reached out into the sky, and she held a small sun. However, the sun had turned dark red.

On her body, the light from her sixth soul ring shone radiantly. The jet-black soul ring appeared to have dyed the sun, even turning it darker. 

“This is Sun’s Gaze. Her sixth soul skill is actually Sun’s Gaze. Wang Qiu’er is in danger,” He Caitou blurted out.

Without needing his explanation, Huo Yuhao could clearly see the purpose of Sun’s Gaze. It gathered the energy of the sun, compressed it, and concentrated it. The reddish-gold light was concentrated onto one point as if it were flowing through a funnel. Without a doubt, that was where Wang Qiu’er was standing.

Indeed, this was a classic case whereby the spectators would have a better understanding of what was going on compared to the person who was directly involved. Wang Qiu’er could not see what was going on. All she could feel was the temperature around her rising steadily. When all the light had been concentrated at that point, Xu Tianzhen would be able to unleash a devastating attack.

Sun’s Gaze was an extremely powerful attack. However, The conditions for gaining it were extremely difficult. One had to locate a soul beast called the Sun Bug and find the king of a colony of Sun Bugs. Only then could one obtain this soul skill. The place where the Sun Bugs could be found was as dangerous as the Core Regions of the Great Star Dou Forest. 

Finding the king of the Sun Bugs wasn’t something that could be done within a few hours. One could only imagine the difficulty Xu Tianzhen had to go through to obtain this soul skill. However, Sun’s Gaze was also an attack with many abilities.

It could be combined with the many other soul skills of her Sun martial soul, such as Lofty Lightrays and Divine Sunlight. Furthermore, its offensive power was incredible. For someone who possessed a martial soul like hers, it was a godly move.

Tapping into the Sun’s Gaze ability to be combined with other attacks, Xu Tianzhen had been preparing this attack for a very long time. When she finally unleashed it, it would be as strong as a full-strength attack from a seven-ringed Soul Sage. It was capable of melting metal, and was almost as hot as Ultimate Fire. 

No, I must tell Qiu’er. The gaze in Huo Yuhao’s eyes concentrated, and a golden light shone from his pupils.

Just when he was about to intervene and inform Wang Qiu’er through Spiritual Detection, an odd scene appeared.

The rapidly shrinking sunlight suddenly stopped. Then, the clear roar of a dragon could be heard.

A cold smile formed around the corners of Xu Tianzhen’s mouth. It’s too late now. My Lofty Lightrays and Sun’s Gaze have locked onto you. Right now, after the size of the domain has been reduced, you will be burned by fire from the sun. Even a Soul Sage cannot escape. Aren’t you waiting for your chance? Now, let’s see what tricks you have. Even with your Instant Teleportation, can you really escape the fire of the sun?

A cold look flashed across Xu Tianzhen’s eyes. Was she really as naïve and dumb as she looked? Only she knew the answer to that question.

Indeed, the increasingly mysterious light paused for a short while. Then, it started to retract inward and soon, it was about to concentrate on a single point.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes were closed, and his shapeless spiritual power penetrated the protective barrier. His spiritual power was being depleted at an astounding rate.

However, the moment his spiritual power entered the arena, he immediately opened his eyes. The golden light in his eyes faded, and a look of shock crossed his face.

The light was finally concentrated onto a single point. Wang Qiu’er’s slender frame could be seen.

“I told you, go and die!” Xu Tianzhen shouted intensely. It was as if she had already seen Wang Qiu’er’s body melting and exploding under Sun’s Gaze.

After they lost Wang Qiu’er, she did not believe that the team from Shrek could threaten her anymore.

“There’s no need to hide, I won’t kill you.”

From Xu Tianzhen’s perspective, Wang Qiu’er, who should have no way of resisting, lifted her right hand. Her long Golden Dragon Spear pointed straight into the sky. All of the concentrated sunlight was congregated around her body.

Explode? No. Not a single sound could be heard.

Then, an unbelievably bright light started to shine.

It was not as eye-piercing as before. Instead, it was dazzling and radiant. Wang Qiu’er’s clothes were gone. However, she currently had another layer of golden marble on her that was extremely eye-catching. A terrifying aura could be felt from her body, and her powdery-blue hair flew behind her.

She was naturally beautiful, but at this moment, clad in the golden marble armor, she looked even more regal and mysterious. The terrifying aura made even Zheng Zhan, the Unbreakable Douluo, inhale.

Xu Tianzhen looked at the scene before her in shock. She could not believe what she was seeing. She had deliberately planned to trap her opponent, and then unleash her most powerful soul skill. However, in the end, the power of her attack was gone. On the other hand, her opponent shone so brightly, like a reborn phoenix.

What was going on?

“I know,” said Huo Yuhao.

Just now, when his spiritual power penetrated the protective barrier, he could immediately sense Wang Qiu’er’s aura increasing rapidly. Hence, he did not decide to continue assisting her with Spiritual Detection.

Now, as he looked at Wang Qiu’er, he understood what was going on.

“Teacher previously mentioned that the Dragon God bathed in Sunmoon Essence, which then created the Golden Dragon and the Silver Dragon. The Golden Dragon inherited the Brilliance of the Sun, which eventually became an ultimate power. The Silver Dragon absorbed the Brilliance of the Moon, which eventually became multi-elemental. The Golden Dragon’s power came from the Brilliance of the Sun, which was also the source of the sun’s power. Hence, how could she be scared of fire from the sun? Xu Tianzhen’s martial soul is the Sun, which is the best complement for her. This has allowed her own power to increase. In my opinion, not only has Qiu’er regained all her strength, but her power is now also at an unprecedented peak. Her overall soul power may even have increased.”

The teacher Huo Yuhao had mentioned naturally referred to Elder Mu. Only Elder Mu had such a wide range of knowledge. No one knew if the Dragon God existed. However, the history of the continent had many records of the Golden Dragon and Silver Dragon.

Trying to defeat the Golden Dragon with the power of the sun was like pouring oil on fire.

Bei Bei smiled and said, “Knowledge is power!”

Wang Qiu’er gripped her Golden Dragon Spear and walked toward Xu Tianzhen. Her feet, covered with golden marble, strode quickly over the surface of the ground, which had been almost completely melted into a metallic puddle. Yet, she showed no sign of discomfort.

When Xu Tianzhen finally reacted, the small sun in her palm shone with light. Another Divine Sunlight landed on Wang Qiu’er.

Wang Qiu’er had no intention of dodging. The reddish-gold light spread all over her golden armor. All it did was make it even glossier. How could it hurt her?

“You, you, you…”

Wang Qiu’er said plainly, “I won’t kill you, and I must thank you for further refining the power in my blood. My martial soul is the Golden Dragon, and it has only been purified at this point. My soul power increased by a level too. If you want to continue increasing my soul power, you can continue attacking me. Thanks.”

Xu Tianzhen’s face changed. At that moment, she realized the curious predicament she was in. Her own martial soul would further strengthen her opponent’s martial soul. Furthermore, it was a one-way street. When her attack landed on her opponent, it was like feeding her a tonic!

Oh shit!

The light from the sun went out. Xu Tianzhen looked seriously at Wang Qiu’er. Many different expressions fluttered across her face.

At this moment, neither side was attacking. The Unbreakable Douluo could not declare that the round had ended. However, everyone could tell that this peculiar round had indeed ended.

“Ahh… I yield,” Xu Tianzhen said with her head bowed.

Wang Qiu’er said plainly, “You should have realized that none of you have any chance anymore. For the individual elimination round, in my current condition, I can even defeat a Soul Sage.”

“Yes.” Xu Tianzhen suddenly lifted her head. Her eyes brimmed with regret. “Wang Qiu’er.”

“Yes?” As her cultivation and blood had both been refined and strengthened, Wang Qiu’er was in an extremely good mood. She had also become more patient.

“If only you were a guy! I’d do everything I could to chase after you and become your girl,” Xu Tianzhen cried out as she clenched her fists.

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