Volume 27, Chapter 316.3: One-man Team

This was the first time Wang Qiu’er’s expression had changed since the start of the competition. As her opponent’s question was too sudden and random, she blushed instantly.

Both she and Wang Dong’er had the same, divinely beautiful face. Now that her face turned red, she looked as gorgeous as a peony.

“Do you want to die?” Wang Qiu’er swung her Golden Dragon Spear out instantly. While the captain of the Radiant City Academy might be a girl, she behaved like a hooligan!

However, while this captain might seem overboard, her reaction was not slow. She leapt back and dodged her spear. She did not retaliate, but instead turned to the Unbreakable Douluo and said, “Referee, she attacked me before the competition started.”

Who dares to say she’s dumb? At this crucial moment, she was smarter than anyone else. Zheng Zhan instantly appeared between the two of them. He looked at Wang Qiu’er and said seriously, “I’ll warn you once. If you break the rules again, I’ll disqualify you.”

The captain of the Radiant Academy team smiled gleefully. However, Zheng Zhan quickly turned to her and said seriously, “Watch your words. You’re representing Radiant City. If you offend your opponent with your words once more, I’ll disqualify you too.”

The captain of the Radiant Academy team’s mouth twitched as she said, “I’m only stating a fact. Let’s start, let’s start. Just let me beat her.”

“Report your names,” said Zheng Zhan with an ugly expression.

“Shrek, Wang Qiu’er.”

“Radiant Academy, Xu Tianzhen.”

When she heard this name, Wang Qiu’er could not help but stifle a smile. She almost laughed. This person is really as her name goes. She’s so dumb and ‘tianzhen’ (naïve).

“Both sides, step back,” Zheng Zhan shouted out.

“I’m awesome, you’re finished.” Xu Tianzhen waved her not-so-big fist at Wang Qiu’er. Only then did she turn to walk to the edge of the arena.

Wang Qiu’er completely ignored Xu Tianzhen. She gripped her Golden Dragon Spear and walked to her own side. That short intermission had helped her regain much of her soul power.

Wang Qiu’er’s fighting style was unlike that of most soul masters. She battled with her as the center of it all. To be precise, she fought with an unprecedented will and an indomitable spirit. She used her innate potential. The stronger her opponent, the more she could tap into her potential, and the stronger she would become. This was why she was terrifying.

She always looked down on her opponent. This was her plan. Her arrogance came from her bones.


“Swoosh!” An ear-splitting sound, as if space itself was being split apart, could be heard. The Golden Dragon Spear zoomed toward Xu Tianzhen, who was about 100 meters away, like a bolt of electricity. This was her most powerful response to what Xu Tianzhen had said.

However, Xu Tianzhen, who was in combat mode, changed too.

She placed her hands together in front of her face, raised her arms, and while interlocking her fingers, made a motion as if she were lifting the very sky. Her not-very-big chest appeared bigger because of his motion too.

A piercing ray of red light shot out from her body. In the center of her skyward palms, a reddish-orange ball of light appeared.

Two yellow, two purple, and two black soul rings, the perfect combination, rose from underneath her feet. Her third soul ring instantly started to shine. A ray of reddish-orange light shot out and struck the lightning-like Golden Dragon Spear.


A huge explosion went off. Struck by the reddish-orange light, the gold light around the Golden Dragon Spear started to fade, and its speed slowed significantly. However, it continued on its way toward its target.

The first soul ring around Xu Tianzhen started to shine too. A reddish-orange halo appeared underneath her feet, and the ray of reddish-orange light above her head started to sink down into the ground. Then, her body suddenly disappeared. When she re-appeared, she was standing where the earlier ray of light had shone. Like this, she was able to dodge the Golden Dragon Spear, appearing behind it!

Wang Qiu’er took a step forward as she stomped on the ground. Her entire body rose up into the air as she charged toward Xu Tianzhen.

After she dodged the Golden Dragon Spear, the light in Xu Tianzhen’s eyes became extremely clear. From her palms, ten thousand rays of light shot into the reddish-orange ball of light in the air, turning the entire arena into a bright, golden-red world.

Wang Qiu’er suddenly felt disoriented. Under the powerful light, she lost her target.


Below the arena, He Caitou suddenly opened his mouth and said, “This is a descendant of the Sunmoon, the possessor of the Sun. The captain of the Radiant Academy is from the main branch of the Sun Moon Empire’s imperial family.”

“Eh?” The stage was covered in golden-red light. One could barely see clearly. Everyone from the Tang Sect looked at him simultaneously in shock.

He Caitou felt out of place. He turned to see if anyone else was looking at him before saying in a low voice, “Members of the imperial family of the Sun Moon Empire have a powerful type of martial soul. This was one of the reasons why they could ascend the throne. The Sun martial soul is possessed only by the direct descendants of this bloodline. The power of the sun is extremely strong and intense. It is the top fire-type martial soul. While it isn’t an Ultimate Strength Martial Soul, it’s not too far off. Furthermore, it can tap into the power of the sun to strengthen the owner. Compared to elder sister’s Moon, it is superior.”

Evidently, just as He Caitou was doing his analysis, everyone else noticed that as the reddish-gold light on the arena grew stronger, the light from the sun around became weaker. Only the light that shone down on the arena seemed stronger. This created an odd spectacle. It was as if a light pillar about a hundred meters wide had descended from the sky and landed on the arena.

“She used her third soul skill first, Divine Sunlight. Then, she used her first soul skill, Inverse Sun. At the same time, she should have used her fifth soul skill, Lofty Lightrays. Wang Qiu’er is up against a strong foe.”


Up on the arena, Wang Qiu’er, who was in the middle of it all, could feel it best. As the entire arena was basked in the powerful reddish-gold light, she knew her vision was affected. All she could see before her was a patch of gold. She couldn’t even sense Xu Tianzhen’s location.

Furthermore, the temperature of the arena rose continually because of this golden-red light. It was like lava from the early days of the Earth. The heat was roasting her body.

At this moment, what shocked Wang Qiu’er was the fact that she was not thinking about how she should subdue her enemy. Instead, she wished she had Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice armor on her. With that, she would not need to fear the heat of the sun.

Wang Qiu’er waved her right hand and instantly retrieved her Golden Dragon Spear. She stood in her original position and closed her eyes.

Golden scales soon enveloped her entire body. A golden dragon swirled around her protectively, and a layer of golden fog soon rose from her body. Like a statue, she stood in the center of the arena without moving.

When he saw the vast amount of gold and red, Huo Yuhao could not help but frown. At this time, he couldn’t help Wang Qiu’er anymore. Unlike last time, he hadn’t hidden himself in advance. Furthermore, he did not think that Wang Qiu’er would admit defeat. Most importantly, he had a match in the afternoon too; if he overexerted himself, what could he do for the Tang Sect later?

While he could forcibly use Spiritual Detection to penetrate the protective barrier and help Wang Qiu’er, he did not know how draining it would be. Hence, he hesitated.

Faced with Wang Qiu’er’s inaction, Xu Tianzhen was perplexed. Of course, she could sense Wang Qiu’er’s location, but she did not dare to act without caution. Wang Qiu’er stood there like a statue, but she was also like a volcano that could blow up at any moment. Once she did, she would strike with devastating force.

Frankly speaking, Xu Tianzhen was an anomaly in Radiant City. Her unique aspect lay in the fact that she was actually a soul master, not a soul engineer. After all, how could someone like her, who possessed the powerful Sun martial soul, not cultivate? With this option available, no one would willingly be a soul engineer.

Xu Tianzhen had entered the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy as a special exception. While she knew how to use soul tools, she preferred to use her martial soul.

Xu Tianzhen did not move easily. On the arena, everything seemed to have been silenced by the reddish-gold light.

Why was Xu Tianzhen not in a rush? Her Lofty Lightrays was a powerful domain-type attack. This attack not only burned its target by increasing the temperature, but it actually also harnessed the power of the sun in the sky. As time passed, it would absorb even more power from the sun. Not only could it raise the temperature in her domain, but she could also accumulate enough of it to attack explosively. The power from it would be devastating. Hence, she was likewise in no rush.

The person who was truly caught in a rut was the referee, the Unbreakable Douluo Zheng Zhan.

As the referee, he had to observe the two sides as they fought in the arena. At the right moment, he had to declare the competition to be over, and announce a winner. Normally, he would not be struck by any attacks himself. However, faced with this domain-type soul skill, there was nowhere he could run! While the Lofty Lightrays were not actually ‘lofty’, they were still relatively tall. At that height, how could he judge what was going on down there? Furthermore, he couldn’t forcibly resist the suppression from the domain-type soul skill. If not, Xu Tianzhen would be affected. Helpless, this powerful Class 9 soul engineer could only bear the effects of the domain-type attack. With his astounding cultivation, he would not be injured, but it was not a good feeling to be roasted alive, either!

Everyone, both on the arena and off it, was tense. The team from the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy stood up to watch the round. They knew that if Xu Tianzhen lost, they would truly be finished.

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