Volume 27, Chapter 316.2: One-man Team

This blow was both offensive and defensive. Lu Jun’s specialty was that he firmly believed in one ideal, and that was that if he wanted to defeat Wang Qiu’er or drain her as much as he could, he had to create as much distance from her as possible.

He had made the soul tool on his chest. It was called the Lightning Cannon. While it was classified as a Class 6 soul tool, its power within ten meters was equivalent to that of a Class 7 soul tool. However, this kind of soul tool had its own glaring weaknesses. It had a strong recoil, and this recoil could not be compensated normally, or the power of the cannon would drop greatly.

After many painful experiences, Lu Jun was able to craft it into its current shape. While he was able to retain its power in this form, he would have to bear with the enormous recoil.

In other words, while his opponent might not be sent flying by his attack, he definitely would ‘fly’ because of it!

However, Lu Jun had developed a whole series of soul tools to complement this unique trait of his Lightning Cannon. He tried to maximize its potential while reducing the probability of it injuring him.

This was the case at the moment. Why did he fire it down from the sky? He wanted to tap into the recoil of the Lightning Cannon to let him bounce back to a higher altitude. As long as he could widen the distance between Wang Qiu’er and himself, he believed he would succeed. Furthermore, the Lightning Cannon would severely injure Wang Qiu’er too. As long as he completed his objective, he believed that he had a chance of success.

The moment he unleashed the cannon, everything before him turned white. When he saw the huge amount of electricity devouring Wang Qiu’er, Lu Jun did not delight in it. Instead, he became panicky. Is this too much? He knew the power of the Lightning Cannon. At this moment, he was slightly worried for Wang Qiu’er, who he had a crush on.

Quickly, he froze. While his body was in an upward trajectory, the electricity underneath him had dissipated. He did not see any trace of Wang Qiu’er.

“The competition has ended. Please show mercy.” The Unbreakable Douluo’s voice resounded throughout the arena. He was already in mid-air as he stared at Lu Jun’s back.

That was right, Wang Qiu’er stood there with her feet on Lu Jun’s flying-type soul tool, which was on his back. Her Golden Dragon Spear was pointed straight at the back of his head.

The reason she did not stab down was not because she showed mercy. Instead, because of the explosive force in that short frame of time, she first had to maintain her balance.

Everything happened too fast. From Lu Jun’s flight and attack, to the end of the competition, it took only a few breaths.

Everyone saw that Wang Qiu’er did only one thing. Instant Teleportation.

She can teleport?

In the waiting zone, the team from the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy looked at each other. They all wore ugly expressions on their faces. 

Only when Lu Jun sensed the back of his head turning cold did he understand what had happened. Under the protection of the Unbreakable Douluo, he descended to the arena.

He saw a look of regret in Wang Qiu’er’s eyes.

Does she regret defeating me? Does she pity me? At this moment, Lu Jun did not feel depressed because of his defeat, but instead, was secretly delighted. When he saw that Wang Qiu’er was not in his electric light, he actually felt relieved. At least he had not used some extraordinary cruel method to defeat her.

Then, he heard Wang Qiu’er mumble to herself.

“Had I known I couldn’t have stabilized my body, I would’ve stabbed.”

“Ms. Wang, are we enemies?” Lu Jun asked in sorrow and anger.

Wang Qiu’er shot him a cold look and said in an icy, regal tone, “When I drew the lot and saw your name, we became enemies.”

Lu Jun walked off the arena, depressed. However, he could not help but look at Wang Qiu’er. He realized that he could not hate her. Why am I such a dumb idiot!? He slapped himself, and then closed his eyes, vowing not to look at her.

His friends thought that this was an act of self-rebuke. They all went up to console him. After all, it was not humiliating to lose to Wang Qiu’er.

The next two competitors from the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy were both mid-level Class 5 soul engineers. In the face of Wang Qiu’er’s tempest-like attacks, they were both quickly defeated.

No one knew whether it was because there was no enmity between the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy and Shrek Academy, or because of Zheng Zhan’s rapid reactions, but the team members from the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy were able to escape without serious injuries.

Three victories in a row in the individual elimination round. Three points.

The team members of the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy began to stand up. They did not plan to achieve victory in the individual elimination round. Once they reached the top eight, victory should be decided in the group round! According to the original battling style of Shrek Academy against the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, after Wang Qiu’er won all three rounds, it was time for the group round. The six members of Shrek Academy, all of whom were at full strength, went up to support Wang Qiu’er.

Evidently, this tempo was decent indeed.

The Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy had prepared for the group round too. This was their specialty, as well! They had trained together for many years, and had good ties with each other. They were as close as siblings. In terms of coordination and camaraderie, they surpassed the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy. Furthermore, they also had a killer move they could only use during the group round. Coupled with the fact that the first three of them were not injured too seriously, they walked up to the arena with confidence.

However, they forgot something…     

They were not the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy!

“Next!” the Unbreakable Douluo Zheng Zhan hollered at them.

What next? The group of them, who were ready to fight, looked confused.

Zheng Zhan was confused too. He strode over to them and said, “What are you doing? Send the next one up!”

The captain of the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy was a young man who was not very tall. He had a clear demeanor, and his skin was as smooth as that of a girl. He looked at Zheng Zhan in confusion and asked, “Referee, isn’t it time for the group round? Why have you not announced it?”

Zheng Zhan’s mouth twitched, and three black lines drooped from his forehead. “What nonsense. Do you think that it’s time for the group round? Since the initial elimination round, to the round-robin round, and now to the top eight, how can you not know the rules of the tournament? We’ve only had three individual elimination rounds. What group round is there to speak of?”

The captain of the Radiant Academy said, “However, after three individual elimination rounds, we have the right to ask for the group round!”

Zheng Zhan was so infuriated that he turned icy-cold as he stared at them harshly and said, “Did you win? Did you win? Shrek did not ask for the group round. What’s wrong with your brains?”


Everyone from the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy suddenly discovered the core of this problem. Was this not so? Wang Qiu’er did not ask for the group round!

The captain of the Radiant Academy looked at Wang Qiu’er, who was using two milk bottles to replenish her strength, and shouted in a rather loud voice, “Are you playing us?”

Of course, he did not know that among the six of his teammates who heard his words, the first thought that entered their minds was “Play with me, play with me…”

Wang Qiu’er was stunned too. She was confused as well. The team from the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy did not incite hate in her, and hence, she was much less ferocious towards them. Furthermore, the Unbreakable Douluo had been watching her closely, so she did not have the chance to use any devastating methods to decrease their overall will to battle.

While she did not achieve her objective, she did not experience too much depletion in her own strength, either. Who knew that her opponent would say something like this?

A cruel look appeared in Wang Qiu’er’s eyes. She narrowed her eyes, and an icy-cold aura locked itself squarely on the captain.

The captain felt his body go cold. He cried out an absurd statement, “Don’t be rash!” As he said that, he tried to hide behind the Unbreakable Douluo.

“This guy…”

There was amplifying equipment near the main podium, and thus everyone could hear what was said on stage. When he heard the captain’s words, Prince Regent Xu Tianran’s facial muscles twitched at an astounding speed.

This was too humiliating...

The Hallmaster of the Illustrious Virtue Hall had a solemn expression on his face. However, there was a hint of schadenfreude in his eyes.

“Captain, stop talking…” Lu Jun, who was next to the captain, touched him.

“Why are you touching me? Are you trying to take advantage of me?” The captain slapped him.

“Big Sister, I’d never dare to do such a thing!” Lu Jun almost cried. The other team members quickly walked off.

A girl? Wang Qiu’er was stunned too. The captain from the Radiant Academy was just like Wang Dong’er, a girl in guy’s clothing!

“I’ll go. Prepare yourselves. When I win, we’ll take care of them together.” Lu Jun did not manage to hold her back as his captain walked onto the arena.

On the arena, the captain of the Radiant Academy walked toward Wang Qiu’er with big steps. As she walked, she appeared to be building up her aura.

Quickly, she arrived before Wang Qiu’er. She puffed out her chest, and then took a few steps back. Then, she said something that made Wang Qiu’er’s killing intent break almost instantly.

“Why are yours so big?” The captain of the Radiant Academy had an angry look on her face. She was staring right at Wang Qiu’er’s chest!

The captain was almost a whole head shorter than Wang Qiu’er. Wang Qiu’er’s chest was at the level of her eyes.

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