Volume 27, Chapter 316.1: One-man Team

The Unbreakable Douluo’s eyes lit up. This young man is smart indeed. As a soul engineer, the most important thing was to use his own advantages to attack his opponent’s weaknesses. The rules of the tournament set by the Sun Moon Empire were already in favor of soul engineers. Taking advantage of them wisely was crucial.

Lu Jun had evidently planned this out beforehand. After he jumped up, he used all his strength. In the process, the flying-type soul tool was already ready. When he jumped up, there was a single moment’s pause.

Wang Qiu’er was fast, no doubt. However, no matter how fast she was, she had to cross a distance of 100 meters. When she reached him, Lu Jun was already 20 meters above the ground.

This was already beyond Wang Qiu’er’s close combat radius. However, Wang Qiu’er was no pushover, and she did not lack battle experience. She rushed forward, touched the ground, bent her knees, and in the next instant, everyone heard a ‘boom’ from the ground. A hole about two meters wide appeared, and her body was like a golden cannon shell as it shot into the air after Lu Jun.

She gripped her Golden Dragon Spear. With her speed, it would not be difficult for her to catch up to him.

At this moment, one could clearly see the counter-strategy the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy had prepared for Wang Qiu’er.

As he noticed that Wang Qiu’er was about to catch up, Lu Jun, who was in mid-air, activated his Invincible Barrier.

When Wang Qiu’er went up against the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, she was able to score victory after victory. However, in her fight against Ding Xiaobu, she was bogged down. This served as an inspiration for the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy. If not for Ding Xiaobu’s cowardice, he would definitely have been able to wear Wang Qiu’er down!

Wang Qiu’er’s face was cold, and she caught up to Lu Jun in mid-air quickly. In terms of explosive speed, even a flying-type soul tool could not compare with her!

Even a high-class flying-type soul tool needed time to charge up and release its power. However, Wang Qiu’er’s body had no such needs.

Lu Jun was very calm. He even smiled at Wang Qiu’er who was approaching him, behaving as gentlemanly as he could.

Wang Qiu’er’s face was emotionless. In the next instant, she reached Lu Jun’s altitude. While he looked on in shock, she did not attack his Invincible Barrier. After she passed him, she instead landed on Lu Jun’s Invincible Barrier with one foot, directly on his head…

Who knew that Wang Qiu’er would use this method to counter Lu Jun’s counter-strategy? The round right now looked extremely weird to everyone. Lu Jun was using his flying-type soul tool and carrying Wang Qiu’er higher into the sky!

After a moment of shock, Lu Jun started to react. He tried to shake his body as he sought to throw Wang Qiu’er off as fast as he could.

However, just as he was about to use his strength, a powerful energy came from the top of his head. The flying-type soul tool behind his back started to whine louder and louder, and he found that could no longer ascend any higher into the sky.

The Invincible Barrier was not all-purpose. It could prevent its user from being struck, but it could not let him do whatever he wanted.

At this moment, Wang Qiu’er was like a proud, golden statue as she stood on top of the Invincible Barrier. She suddenly exerted a powerful pressure that Lu Jun’s Class 6 flying-type soul tool could no longer take. His body stopped its upward flight… and then, it started to drop down.

Lu Jun tried to change his direction of flight. However, he was helpless in face of the immense pressure from above. If he tried to continue upward, he would be forced back to the ground by Wang Qiu’er. Flying horizontally was out of the question too.

His well-designed plan had been ruined by his opponent. Lu Jun, who had been brimming with confidence a moment ago, started to sweat.

The Invincible Barrier had a time limit. Furthermore, he had used a rather ordinary Invincible Barrier, which could only last for around seven seconds. From his perspective, he had seven seconds of buffer time, which was enough for him to escape her pursuit. Then, he could exert pressure on Wang Qiu’er until he beat her. Who knew that Wang Qiu’er would start off using this method to fight him?

Lu Jun was an elite from the Radiant City Soul Engineering Academy. He flipped his hands, and two soul cannons appeared on his shoulders. This time, he had no choice but to go on the offensive. The two rapid-fire soul cannons on his hand started to pound Wang Qiu’er.

Golden scales instantly covered her entire body, and a golden dragon started to swirl around Wang Qiu’er. She released her Golden Dragon Body.

The rapid-fire soul cannon’s main strength lay in how fast it could shoot. It was able to cover a wide area, or lay down suppressive fire on a particular foe. Each of its shots was about the size of an egg. However, when they landed on Wang Qiu’er’s body, it was like they had hit a steel wall. There was no way they were hurting her at all.

In the absence of soul tools, Wang Qiu’er’s defenses were no weaker than a defensive-type soul master! Many people had forgotten about this, including Huo Yuhao. This was because her offensive powers were too strong and too eye-catching!

Wang Qiu’er’s Golden Dragon Spear shone with layers of golden light as it blocked many of the shots that were fired at her. The remaining ones that hit her were unable to hurt her.

At the same time, Wang Qiu’er applied force to her legs as she exerted even more pressure downward. Lu Jun wanted to use his flying-type soul tool to control his descent, and hence, he had to expend soul power. While he was naturally gifted and able to make Class 6 soul tools, he was still just a five-ringed Soul King. He could not use his Class 6 soul tools while experiencing such a depletion in his soul power.

A thought flashed past Lu Jun’s mind, and he immediately stopped firing. He retrieved an odd-looking soul tool from his storage-type soul tool.

This appeared to be a soul tool that resembled a basin, and the bottom of this basin-like soul tool was rather thick. The sides of the basin arched up and curved outward. Lu Jun tore his shirt open to reveal a tight-fitting singlet underneath. His singlet was filled with different types of metal. No one knew how he did it, but the black ‘basin’ suddenly attached itself to his chest.

With that, a ray of white lightning shot out from his chest. It teleported him at the speed of lightning through the air.

This explosive power was strong indeed! When it was released, a layer of armor covered Lu Jun’s body. Furthermore, he still had his Invincible Barrier, which buffered him against the shockwave in mid-air.

While Wang Qiu’er was able to stand in a stable fashion before, she was sent flying at this moment. Lu Jun’s speed was too fast, and he smashed forcefully against the protective barrier around the arena. However, if not for this shocking energy, there was no way he could have escaped Wang Qiu’er just now!

There was a loud bang as Wang Qiu’er landed on the ground. With the energy she had just released, she caused dust and dirt to fly about the moment she hit the ground.

The hearts of the officials organizing the competition skipped a beat. Why is it that whenever this girl appears, the arena is quickly damaged? We need to reinforce it, again!?  

Lu Jun was sent into a daze too. However, as his body bounced back, he had already removed his Invincible Barrier. While he still had about a second of it left, he did not want to waste any more soul power on it.

At this moment, his shirt was already drenched in cold sweat. When he was spectating, he had thought that everyone who Wang Qiu’er defeated simply did not do enough. However, now that he was the one facing the top female competitor in the tournament, he understood the immense pressure they were under. He finally understood why Ding Xiaobu admitted defeat just as Wang Qiu’er was about to use her sixth soul skill. What immense pressure he must have faced!

While he was rattled, he did not dare to slow down. As his flying-type soul tool was protected by the Invincible Barrier, it was not destroyed. At this moment, he hurriedly used it to gain altitude again. The only thing he should be doing was creating distance!

However, at this moment, Lu Jun suddenly felt his body turn cold. This was because he saw that Wang Qiu’er, who was stuck in the ground thanks to the force of her impact, was staring at him coldly. Her hand made a throwing motion. The long and sharp Golden Dragon Spear was sent flying straight for him.

Lu Jun inhaled to calm himself before he acted. On his back and chest, a ray of light started to shine instantly. The light behind his back pushed him forward, and then he adjusted the wings of his flying-type soul tool. This caused him to fly diagonally upward, as if he were a plane taking off.

The light in front of his chest started to shine even brighter. It came from the basin-like soul tool which he had previously used to escape Wang Qiu’er’s control.

The ray of light went straight for her . This time, everyone could clearly see that it was a ray of white electric light about as thick as a pail. It was charged with electricity and extremely fast. However, it was constrained by distance, and could only reach a target ten meters ahead of him.

Lu Jun’s mastery of distance was perfect. He only unleashed this light when he was in front of Wang Qiu’er.


The ground shook. This was because the ground of the arena was covered with huge metal plates. When the thick electric light hit it, snake-like jolts of electricity spread everywhere, even out to the edge of the arena.

Lu Jun also used this powerful energy to bounce back into the sky!

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