Volume 27, Chapter 313.3: Qiu'er and Dong'er's Duel

Bei Bei clapped his hands all of a sudden and said, “What a technique! It seems like Dong’er has mastered her Chaotic Splitting Wind Hammer Technique. This technique’s most salient characteristic is its ability to make use of reactionary force. Her attacks seem to be very precarious, but she hasn’t paused for a single moment, because she’s been drawing upon her opponent’s strength to make every strike stronger than the last. When she reached her twenty-fifth strike and couldn’t back away anymore, she channeled all her soul power into one tremendous blow to turn the tables. This fight will depend on how long she can keep her Chaotic Splitting Wind Hammer Technique going! The first person who cannot take the collisions anymore will lose this fight!”

Huo Yuhao didn’t seem excited at all. He didn’t want to see either Wang Dong’er or Wang Qiu’er hurt, and the contest of pure strength they were engaged in was the most precarious kind. One misstep, one accident, would lead to severe injuries.

Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang…

Hammer and spear continued to clash. There were no other tricks or artifice. There was just pure force against pure force. It was Wang Qiu’er’s turn to retreat now, her eyes showing the same astonished look. She knew that Wang Dong’er was strong, but she had always believed that there was still quite a gap between them. But Wang Dong’er chose to meet force with force when strength was Wang Qiu’er’s forte. This took her by surprise, but what made her more astonished was that Wang Dong’er’s hammer was getting stronger and stronger.

There were still things that Wang Qiu’er could do to break force with force, but she wasn’t inclined to do so anymore. She could see the stubbornness in Wang Dong’er’s eyes, and she wanted to see how far Wang Dong’er could go.

Wang Qiu’er continued retreating, and by the time Wang Dong’er threw out her forty-eighth strike, Wang Qiu’er had already retreated to the center of the competition stage.


The sounds before this had been bright and crisp, but this collision released a deep and loud boom!

Wang Qiu’er’s legs sank half a foot into the ground from the hammer. Besides that, with her body as the epicenter, large web-like cracks began to appear on the metal stage. What astonished everyone even more was that dust began to appear around the stage, which was about a hundred meters in diameter. It meant that the entire stage had sunk into the ground beneath it from this blow!


The forty-ninth hammer!


Smoke and dust surged into the sky, and everyone in the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy’s respective waiting areas stood up at the same time. Everyone’s eyes were filled with fear. The person that took the brunt of that heavy hammer, Wang Qiu’er, left a deep footprint on the competition stage’s surface!

Wang Dong’er swung her Clear Sky Hammer for the fiftieth time at this moment. The golden light from her body had become blindingly brilliant, while her hammer’s black colors were like dark clouds looming over the arena.

A bright dragon roar rang out from Wang Qiu’er’s mouth at this moment. She couldn’t really withstand Wang Dong’er’s Chaotic Splitting Wind Hammer Technique anymore.

Golden scales covered her entire body, and Wang Qiu’er stabbed her Golden Dragon Spear into the sky and clashed once more with the Clear Sky Hammer.


After another deafening boom, Wang Qiu’er’s feet left two deep grooves on the ground as she stumbled backwards. Wang Dong’er stumbled backwards in similar fashion, and every step she took left deep footprints on the competition stage. However, she was still rotating with each step, along with her Clear Sky Hammer.

There was some distance between them now, and Wang Dong’er’s fifty-first hammer couldn’t reach Wang Qiu’er anymore.

Wang Dong’er swung her enormous hammer downwards, and it carried a fearsome shadow with it as it smashed directly against the floor in front of her.

Boom, boom, boom!

A frightening scene appeared before everyone’s eyes.

The competition stage collapsed inwards with Wang Dong’er at the epicenter, and a deep crater twenty meters in diameter and more than five meters deep was created in a flurry of stone and gravel. Wang Dong’er drew upon this frightening impact and soared more than ten meters into the sky.

This strike sent out shockwaves so powerful that Wang Qiu’er was forced a few steps back. What the audience saw was the stage collapsing inwards, and this single hammer strike seemed to force the entire stage to sink down by a meter or so. Such terrifying strength!

The fifty-second hammer!

Wang Dong’er was in the sky as she heaved her hammer with both hands. She plummeted from the sky and went straight for Wang Qiu’er.

Wang Qiu’er’s eyes erupted with brilliant light as she gripped her Golden Dragon Spear with both hands.


The entire world seemed to change in that moment. All the dust on the competition stage’s surface billowed outward, and a central vacuum zone was revealed.

Wang Dong’er’s graceful body was bounced high into the sky, while Wang Qiu’er was blasted against the ground like a cannon shell. One in the sky, and one on the ground.

Wang Qiu’er seemed a little exhausted and black-faced, but her eyes were still as bright as ever. Wang Dong’er was thrown up through the air, and a single thread of blood trailed from the corner of her mouth.

Huo Yuhao was equally black-faced inside his waiting area. His right hand pressed down hard against his Golden Tree wheelchair, and his body seemed to arch upwards subtly as divine light sparkled in his eyes.

Huo Yuhao’s mouth moved, and a ripple appeared on the protective dome around the competition stage. A strange scene occurred: a golden ray drilled through the protective barrier into the competition stage, and it shot up towards Wang Dong’er like a shooting star.

Wang Dong’er’s fifty-third hammer was still charging up when the golden projection wrapped itself around her.

The golden projection seemed identical to Wang Dong’er’s appearance. This wrapping action immediately interrupted her rhythm; her Clear Sky Hammer embodied too much strength at this point, and her hammer flew from her hands toward the ground.


Half of the competition stage collapsed just like that. Wang Dong’er made a few quick spins in midair and vomited a small pool of blood. She switched her martial souls as her bluish-golden wings extended out from her back, and only then could she stabilize herself in the sky.

Wang Dong’er glanced unhappily towards her waiting area, but she was met with Huo Yuhao’s serious and solemn eyes.

Wang Dong’er felt her heart quiver. She knew that Huo Yuhao was truly angry this time.

Wang Qiu’er frowned deeply as she looked on from the ground, and she also looked towards Huo Yuhao inside his waiting area. She was equally surprised by the ability he was using. Furthermore, what did he want to do by interfering like that?

“I admit defeat.” Wang Dong’er’s reluctant voice rang out through the air. She extended her wings and gradually descended back down onto the shattered and damaged competition stage.

The Unbreakable Douluo wasn’t happy at all. Wang Dong’er’s last strike, the one that she couldn’t control, had almost landed on him. Her hammer had been charged more than fifty times, and that last strike had contained enough strength that even an eight-ringed Soul Douluo wouldn’t dare to meet force with force. He was a nine-ringed Titled Douluo, but he probably wouldn’t have had it easy if he had to defend himself forcefully against such a sudden attack. Fortunately, Wang Dong’er hadn’t locked onto him, and her strike didn’t hit him in the end. Even so, Zheng Zhan’s face was as grey as could be.

Wang Dong’er stared at Wang Qiu’er, and Wang Qiu’er stared back at her.

Their gazes clashed, but Wang Dong’er didn’t say another word as she turned to step off the competition stage. Wang Qiu’er grasped her Golden Dragon Spear and her eyes closed into slits. She didn’t have it easy winning this round at all. Furthermore, her victory came when Huo Yuhao interfered with the battle.

Wang Qiu’er had the advantage no matter what the situation if they were having a contest of strength, and it was clear that Wang Dong’er’s body was almost at its limit. However, Wang Qiu’er knew that she would have been injured if Wang Dong’er had thrown a few more strikes at her.

Such formidable explosive strength! I didn’t know she had this up her sleeve...

The audience began to clap, a sound that echoed like rain as it grew louder and louder. What a spectacular contest! There were no tricks, no drama, nothing strange or sinister. Everything in this fight was pure strength against strength.

This battle dazzled and mesmerized everybody in the audience. Even though both parties were opponents to the Sun Moon Empire and eventually defeated their home team, the audience couldn’t help but erupt in applause at this moment. This fight was simply too spectacular and magnificent, as it was one without deceit or artifice. It was a showdown between sisters, and this fight left a deep and lasting impression in everyone’s minds.

Wang Dong’er stepped off the competition stage and returned to Huo Yuhao’s side. She was still grumbling under her breath, “I haven’t lost.”

Huo Yuhao didn’t look at her at all, and instead turned towards Bei Bei.

Bei Bei stood up and said to the Unbreakable Douluo on stage, “The Tang Sect admits defeat for every match in today’s round.”

The entire arena was taken aback once they heard his words. The thunderous applause quieted down in an instant, and there was no atmosphere whatsoever left in the arena.

Zhang Zhan was also momentarily stunned. He could tell that Huo Yuhao had interfered to stop the fight, but didn’t know how he had managed that. The protective barrier was so powerful, so how did he use an ability to stop Wang Dong’er from continuing with the fight? This matter had to be pursued…

However, the Tang Sect had admitted defeat for the rest of their matches in this round, so there was no point in getting to the bottom of it right now.

Bei Bei gave his habitual and classic scholarly smile. “The Tang Sect doesn’t have any reserve team members, and everybody needs to rest. We don’t need to have this showdown with the Shrek Academy anymore since we’ve already qualified for the next round. We admit defeat.”

Zheng Zhan was stunned for a little while once more before he quickly recovered and nodded. “The Tang Sect admits defeat. Shrek Academy is victorious in this round.”

Group one’s final and most important clash was over, just like that.

The Shrek Academy team had won all seven matches, and they progressed into the quarterfinals at first place in their group. The Tang Sect won six matches and lost one to follow behind them at second place. Both teams had officially qualified for the quarterfinals, and whatever matches were left in their group didn’t mean anything anymore.

Wang Qiu’er didn’t feel excited at all because her opponent had admitted defeat. She strode towards the Tang Sect’s waiting area from the competition stage.

She took big steps all the way in front of Huo Yuhao before she stopped.

She lowered her voice and asked him, “Why?” 

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