Volume 27, Chapter 313.2: Qiu'er and Dong'er's Duel

She hasn’t admitted defeat? She actually didn’t admit defeat! What is she trying to do?

Wang Qiu’er retreated emotionlessly on the other side. It was clear that these two girls were trying to vie for glory and recognition.

Everybody from the Tang Sect looked at Huo Yuhao. They couldn’t stop this match from going down even if they wanted to, as there was a soundproofing barrier around the competition stage. Furthermore, the only person who could represent their teams would be the contestant on stage once the match had begun. Nobody could stop this match if Wang Dong’er didn’t say anything.

“This girl!” Huo Yuhao was exasperated and nervous. How could he not be anxious? The woman he loved was on one side, while the woman that he was hopelessly muddled with was on the other. The truth was that Huo Yuhao had always felt a little guilty towards Wang Qiu’er, and he didn’t wish to see either girl get hurt.

He really wanted to pluck Wang Dong’er off the competition stage, lay her over his legs, and spank her perky buttocks.

Wang Dong’er stared at Wang Qiu’er on the other side of the stage, and gradually raised her right hand from her side. Wang Qiu’er’s eyes closed into slits, and they didn’t say a word to one another, while their colliding eyes became as sharp as ever.

The audience didn’t like either team in this matchup, so they didn’t really care who emerged victorious in the end. It didn’t matter to the audience who won and who lost, so this was just a delightful show to them, and this matchup was more about appreciation than anything else.


The Sun Moon Empire’s Prince Regent, Xu Tianran, was sitting on the rostrum in silence with a casual look on his face. There was a tinge of surprise in his expression, but there was a deep-seated hatred and vengeance lying in the bottom of his eyes.

These two beautiful ladies actually don’t belong to me. What’s worse is that there’s nothing I can do about it…

Xu Tianran’s heart ached as if a venomous scorpion were stinging him with its tail.


“Begin!” Zheng Zhan bellowed, and both Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er made their moves.

Wang Dong’er raised her right hand from her side, and a dash of black light sparkled along with a black soul ring. This was her second martial soul, the Clear Sky Hammer!

Wang Qiu’er raised her hand at the same time on the other side. Golden light flickered, and six soul rings rose swiftly from beneath her feet as she gripped her Golden Dragon Spear in both hands.

They began to make a move against each other in the next moment. 

They didn’t channel their highest possible speed. Both of them made short and brisk steps towards each other, and pinkish-blue hair swayed in the wind as they closed the distance between one another.

“Watch out.” Wang Dong’er exclaimed softly as her black ten-thousand year soul ring glowed brilliantly. Her Clear Sky Hammer, which wasn’t that big initially, began to swell, and the hammer’s head became a lot bigger, while its handle became longer. Her Clear Sky Hammer actually transformed into a long-handled battle hammer in an instant.

The hammer’s head was conical, and almost two feet long. There were ancient patterns on the black hammerhead, but the thick and concentrated aura it contained was even more frightening.

Wang Dong’er spun in a semicircle as she raced across the competition stage and swung her Clear Sky Hammer with both hands from behind her back. Her elegant frame turned back around, and her Clear Sky Hammer made one full rotation in the air. Her Clear Sky Hammer carried a horrifying gust of wind as she slammed it down towards Wang Qiu’er.

Are they really sisters? Almost everyone in the audience had this same thought as they watched Wang Dong’er’s fearsome hammer strike.

It was clear that Wang Qiu’er hadn’t expected Wang Dong’er to fight her like this. She was never one to show weakness, however, and she raised her Golden Dragon Spear with both hands to block Wang Dong’er’s hammer.


The sound that erupted made the entire competition stage tremble. This was a pure and forceful collision of strength!

Wang Qiu’er’s Golden Dragon Spear was a lot thinner than Wang Dong’er’s Clear Sky Hammer, but her Ultimate Strength’s advantage was immediately placed on full display as the Clear Sky Hammer bounced back.

Right when Wang Qiu’er moved to pursue her opponent, Wang Dong’er’s elegant frame began to waltz like a pretty butterfly. She tapped on the ground with the tip of her left foot, raised her right foot and stepped on her left calf as she spun rapidly in midair. Her Clear Sky Hammer that was thrown backwards carried an aura more intense and ferocious than before as it came back down once more.


Another loud boom rang out. It was clear that Wang Qiu’er had applied more strength this time, to the point where Wang Dong’er was sent stumbling backwards. However, she made another turn as she was propelled backwards, and her hands seemed like they were glued to her Clear Sky Hammer as she used this force to rotate yet again.

After Wang Qiu’er repelled Wang Dong’er’s second hammer for the second time, she pushed with her left hand and swung her right hand forward. Her Golden Dragon Spear’s tip stabbed with lightning speed at Wang Dong’er’s chest.

Wang Dong’er’s third hammer strike came down at the same time. She found the most opportune moment as her thick and heavy hammer’s head crashed against the Golden Dragon Spear’s tip. This time, Wang Dong’er had the upper hand.

No matter how strong Wang Qiu’er was, she couldn’t defy the laws of nature. She was holding her spear with one hand, and the tip of her spear was extended far in front of her. It wasn’t easy for her to apply strength at all, while Wang Dong’er was hurling her hammer with every ounce of strength she had. The Clear Sky Hammer was known as the strongest tool soul. Wang Dong’er was far inferior to Wang Qiu’er in terms of pure strength, but she managed to unleash her full potential with her Clear Sky Hammer, and by relying on this forceful fighting style.

Wang Qiu’er withdrew her spear and pressed down with her right hand. She used the impact that her Golden Dragon Spear exerted against the ground and swung her right leg nimbly towards Wang Dong’er’s neck.

Wang Dong’er seemed to have entered a very strange and mystical state. Her legs rotated once more, and her Clear Sky Hammer rained down for the fourth time as she retreated agilely.

Everybody could tell at this point that Wang Dong’er was executing a special fighting technique, and it wasn’t a soul skill. It was a fighting style created according to her martial soul’s unique characteristics. Combining these unique fighting styles with martial souls would unleash the martial soul’s full potential!

Bei Bei was sitting right next to Huo Yuhao. There was only astonishment in his eyes at this time. “This… is this the Clear Sky Sect’s Chaotic Splitting Wind Hammer Technique? I didn’t know she had this trick up her sleeve. Such incredible strength!”

Wang Dong’er could hold her own against Wang Qiu’er, when Wang Qiu’er possessed Ultimate Strength! It was evident how powerful the Chaotic Splitting Wind Hammer Technique was!

Wang Qiu’er squatted down. If she had been facing someone else, she would probably have chosen to dodge this attack, and she would have a better chance that way. However, how could she show any weakness by dodging away when she was facing Wang Dong’er?

Wang Qiu’er swung her Golden Dragon Spear forward, and pressed the spear against her back while bending down. She blocked this attack with her spear behind her back.


Wang Qiu’er’s body was pushed down from the impact, and Wang Dong’er spun around once more from the rebound.

Wang Qiu’er stabbed out with her spear right at this moment, and captured the loopholes in Wang Dong’er’s movement as she rotated in the air. It was very difficult for Wang Dong’er to dodge this attack because they were very close together.

Wang Dong’er’s footwork suddenly changed in the face of such a disadvantageous situation. She didn’t just spin around anymore, but her elegant frame sidestepped to evade Wang Qiu’er’s attack, leaving two afterimages behind her from her movement. This was the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track of the Tang Sect’s Secret Techniques! 

Her fifth hammer strike whistled through the air.

Clang, clang, clang, clang…

The Clear Sky Hammer clashed continuously against the Golden Dragon Spear. Every collision caused a bright and crisp clanging sound, while every clang was sharper and brighter than the previous one. Neither girl used their soul skills; they were just fighting each other with pure strength and fighting techniques.

The audience was dumbfounded as they looked on.

These two girls were fighting with such masculine and straightforward styles and techniques. How could they not be shaken?

Wang Dong’er was clearly at a disadvantage in terms of strength. Every impact with Wang Qiu’er pushed her back a few steps, but her Chaotic Splitting Wind Hammer Technique was still as steady as ever. Wang Dong’er also used her Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, and didn’t give Wang Qiu’er any chances to counterattack.

The collisions continued. On the twentieth clash, Wang Dong’er was forced to the edge of the competition stage. She was probably going to crumble if this was allowed to continue.

Wang Qiu’er stopped trying to find Wang Dong’er’s weaknesses and loopholes, and just raised her Golden Dragon Spear to block the Clear Sky Hammer again and again. Wang Qiu’er met force with force, and just blocked each and every one of Wang Dong’er’s hammer strikes.

Two incredibly beautiful girls who looked identical to each other had burning belligerence in their eyes. Neither one of them was willing to give any quarter at all!

Clang, clang, clang!

Wang Dong’er’s Chaotic Splitting Wind Hammer Technique was becoming faster and faster. Three more forceful collisions occurred when she was several meters from the edge of the competition stage.

The edge was right behind her as she continued moving backwards. She would crash against the protective dome if she continued retreating, and that would undoubtedly affect her Chaotic Splitting Wind Hammer Technique.

Everyone sweated for Wang Dong’er. Only Wang Qiu’er didn’t share this sentiment. The reason was because Wang Qiu’er could tell that Wang Dong’er’s eyes were filled with fighting spirit, and her aura didn’t diminish at all from her continuous retreat.

Wang Dong’er couldn’t retreat anymore after the Golden Dragon Spear clashed against her Clear Sky Hammer for the twenty-fourth time. Her eyes sparkled right at this moment, and intense golden light erupted from her body as she swung her hammer for the twenty-fifth time.

If this hammer bounced up like it always had before this, it was bound to slam against the protective barrier behind her. However, Wang Dong’er’s entire body seemed to become golden as she swung her hammer out this time. This was the mark of her raising her soul power to the highest possible level.


Wang Dong’er’s Clear Sky Hammer was forced up from the impact once more amidst the bright clash, but it was different this time. She didn’t move back anymore, and even though her Clear Sky Hammer was pushed back into the air, she didn’t have to swing it behind her back anymore. Instead, it was Wang Qiu’er who quivered faintly, and it was her who took a half-step backwards.

Wang Dong’er took a step forward. She spun around in a semicircle in midair and swung her hammer for the twenty-sixth time. Her Clear Sky Hammer clashed with the Golden Dragon Spear once more, but it was Wang Qiu’er who took yet another step back this time.

“What’s happening?” Huo Yuhao was astounded as he watched from beneath the stage. His eyes flowed with incredulity and disbelief.

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