Volume 27, Chapter 312.3: The World of Specters

“I’m still unsure even now where my teacher is from, and all I know is that he’s very powerful. He told me that his powers were almost godlike, but his spirit was shattered for some reason, and only a thread of his divine sense arrived on our world. It was coincidental that he entered my mind, and he would awaken from time to time inside my spiritual sea afterwards. Most of the time, he was in deep slumber. He began to impart an ability called necromancy to me.

“At Dong’er’s home some time afterwards, an energy inside my body was suddenly triggered. My teacher incinerated the last remnants of his divine sense to save me, and he’s now gone forever. However, he was the one that created the Spirit that you guys have seen, and he was the one that showed me how to sign that pact with my Spirit. Otherwise, how could I have innovated and invented this all by myself?”

Bei Bei had a look of revelation on his face. “So that’s the mystical story behind everything. No wonder I’ve always felt as if you had some deep and dark secret... so that’s what happened. What did you mean when you said this was something that your teacher left behind for you?”

Huo Yuhao answered, “He said that there are actually many planes in this world. Every plane is a world on its own, and some share the same spacetime with us, while others don’t. Teacher used his own powerful abilities to create a relatively smaller world, which he called a demiplane. Before this, I used a spatial key that he had left behind to enter the demiplane that he had opened up. That wasn’t Instant Shift, as I did leave this world entirely. This also means that I can hide inside his demiplane whenever I’m in danger, and I may even be able to bring some people inside. That world is a very narrow and simple world, but it’s very safe.”

This was the first time that Wang Dong’er or Bei Bei had heard of something like this, and they were astonished beyond measure. They almost found it impossible to accept that there was something so mystical and fantastical in this world, that other planes actually existed, and people could enter those planes by using certain methods.

Wang Dong’er asked curiously, “Yuhao, does that mean that both eldest senior brother and I can enter that demiplane you speak of?”

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “But you guys have to be mentally prepared. The demiplane that my teacher created has its own rules, and he claimed it to be one of the most complete demiplanes. All that’s inside are my teacher’s specters, and they’ve been nourished inside for thousands of years. Not even he knew how powerful they’d become, and how many there are. The world is very dark and eerie, and it can’t be considered absolutely safe.”

“That’s alright. Take me inside to have a look!” Wang Dong’er was eager to give it a try.

Huo Yuhao knew that he would have to prove to them that he had the ability to protect himself if he wanted to convince them to give him permission. He nodded and said, “Stand next to me. Let me try.”

Wang Dong’er and Bei Bei came up beside his wheelchair.

Huo Yuhao raised his hand and began drawing that gray hexagram once more.

Once they were close enough to him, both Bei Bei and Wang Dong’er could feel a chilly and sinister aura that made their hair stand on end when Huo Yuhao unleashed his third martial soul. It was an aura filled with deathly silence. Bei Bei’s sensations were the deepest, as he had been interacting intimately with an aura of death and darkness in recent days. He thought to himself, Little junior brother’s abilities are actually very similar to that of an evil soul master...

The hexagram that Huo Yuhao drew this time was a lot bigger than the previous one.

Gray light burst out as the enormous hexagram gradually descended to the ground. All three of them were completely enveloped when the intense gray light rose up once more.

The grey light flickered, and they vanished into thin air.


Wang Dong’er and Bei Bei felt waves of intense dizziness, and everything around them seemed to twist and contort, as if it were about to be torn apart.

Right at this moment, an icy-cold streak of air flowed from Huo Yuhao and protected them, separating them from this agonizing sensation.

This process didn’t take long. They suddenly felt their bodies relax as they arrived inside another world.

Wang Dong’er and Bei Bei regained their senses, and saw that they were being protected by the grey streaks coming from Huo Yuhao’s body.

Huo Yuhao dispelled the grey air, and a cold wind gusted towards them. Wang Dong’er shivered from the cold, and only then did she look around at the world around her.

This was only Huo Yuhao’s second time inside this demiplane, and he was as curious as Wang Dong’er and Bei Bei were.

The lighting was dim in this world. There was a strange-looking sun hovering in the skies above. It was black all over, and shone with insidious purple light.

Yes, the light was purple. This purple light wasn’t very strong, and was the reason why it was so dark and dim inside this demiplane.

The landscape was uneven, and not a single plant could be seen even if they gazed into the distance. The ground was black, and appeared as if it had been painted over with black ink, while cold and chilly auras surged from all directions.

There were some hills in front of them, and nothing else could be seen beyond that.

There was a large door behind them. They seemed to have entered through this door.

“This… is this really another world?” Wang Dong’er asked, astounded.

Huo Yuhao answered, “According to my teacher, this isn’t considered a world. The reason is because this place only has some ground, but it doesn’t have a sky. Our world is a planet, and it possesses complete biological chains. We will enter a boundless world as long as we progress into the sky, but this demiplane is a far cry from our world. There are only undead creatures in this place. Furthermore, this world has its boundaries, and its boundaries are designated by darkness and nothingness. Any creature in this world will be consumed by that darkness and nothingness if they step into it. I’ve managed to bring us here with the spatial key that my teacher left behind for me, and that refers to this large door behind us. We can only return to our own world through this door.”

Bei Bei asked, “What if the undead creatures in this world use this spatial key?”

Huo Yuhao answered without hesitation, “They will enter our world. This undead demiplane that my teacher created was built to make it convenient for him to summon undead creatures. I will use another method to explain, and then you guys will know how powerful my teacher was when he was still alive.”

“My teacher’s full name was ‘The Divine Law of Necromancy, the Calamity Necromancer Electrolux.’ His rationale for creating this undead demiplane was to investigate a certain branch of necromancy. According to the language that we speak on the Douluo Continent, he wanted to research a soul skill. He created this place so that he could perfect his necromancy. After thousands of years of nourishment, there are uncountable powerful undead creatures in this world.”

Bei Bei and Wang Dong’er didn’t really understand when Huo Yuhao droned on about magic and sorcery, but it was easier to understand when Huo Yuhao talked about soul skills.

One single person could create an entire world. Even though it was an incomplete demiplane, this feat was frightening enough. How horrifyingly powerful were his magics and sorceries?

Huo Yuhao stared at the fearful looks on their faces, and his eyes flowed with a contemplating look. “You guys don’t have to be afraid, Dong’er, eldest senior brother. Necromancy is powerful, and especially so when it’s practiced at the level that my teacher was at. He was a Demigod, and necromancy at that level becomes so powerful that it’s almost impossible to believe. However, my teacher mentioned that no matter how powerful necromancers are, they have to use their own life energy to practice necromancy. My teacher used some special magic rituals to turn himself into a half-human and half-undead lich back then, but his body gradually declined and withered after using some exceptionally powerful spells. He told me that the abilities he imparted to me were only part of his own abilities. Despite that, these abilities are enough to be useful for an entire lifetime.”

Wang Dong’er said, “Can we walk a little further to look around, Yuhao?”

“Of course we can, but we have to be careful. We can encounter undead creatures at any time in this place.” He pushed his own wheelchair as he spoke. He faced the large door behind him, and chanted something under his breath before the large door transformed into a grey streak and entered his palm.

“Never move more than twenty steps away from me, as I can take care of you guys within this range. This is especially so for Dong’er, because your light-type abilities will be greatly weakened in this place, because the element of light doesn’t exist in this demiplane.”

Wang Dong’er was momentarily stunned, and hurriedly released her martial soul.

Indeed, when her soul rings rose one after another from her feet, her Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ wings that extended from her back turned entirely blue in color. Furthermore, they were dim and lightless, and the golden spots that were supposed to be on their surface became pale yellow patterns.

Wang Dong’er could clearly feel that her soul power was being consumed at an exponentially greater rate after she released her martial soul. Under such circumstances, she could only rely on her own soul power to use her soul skills, and she couldn’t draw upon any strength from the element of light in the air. Without the element of light, there was no way she could regenerate what she expended.

“That’s just incredible. It’s true!”

Bei Bei released his martial soul as well, but his situation was a lot better than Wang Dong’er’s situation. Six soul rings rose from the ground as lightning circulated around his body. Fine, compact scales covered his right arm and began to spread all over his body.

Bei Bei said, “I don’t feel any different in this place compared to our own world. The only difference is that the air seems to tremble and quiver, as if it’s been stimulated by my lightning.”

Huo Yuhao nodded and replied, “That’s very normal. From an elemental perspective, light and lightning are generally good counters against undead creatures. This place doesn’t have any light elements, so these undead creatures will become unnaturally powerful. However, there aren’t any restrictions on lighting-type abilities. Therefore, you will fare well against the undead creatures in this place, eldest senior brother.”

Huo Yuhao signaled for Wang Dong’er to continue pushing his wheelchair as he spoke.

They quickly headed up a nearby hill...

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