Volume 27, Chapter 309.3: Betting Against the Darkness Green Dragon

Outside the competition stage, Ajin exclaimed at almost the same time as Huo Yuhao retrieved his own ranked carving knife. “Wow, wow! Look at that, my dear guests.what has our 66 taken out? It’s a carving knife that’s entirely green in color, and from my perspective, that carving knife looks like it’s been sculpted from a jewel. It’s very eye-catching, and it’s a green color filled with life energy! It’s so beautiful! 66 does have some substance to back him up. It’s no wonder he dares to wager against 98!”

The people that had bet on 98 became a little gloomy once they heard this.

98 couldn’t hear what was going on outside, but he seemed to feel something when Huo Yuhao took out his Life Guardian Blade. He looked up, and was momentarily stunned, and his eyes coincidentally met Huo Yuhao’s stare. Their gazes met, and he was met with Huo Yuhao’s calm and composed smile.

He grunted coldly and muttered, “So that’s the thing you’ve been hiding? Let’s not talk about the fact that your carving knife is not even ranked, and even if it is ranked, it’s more important to see who the user is.”

Huo Yuhao didn’t respond at all. He picked up a piece of rare metal known as Multiridged Devilgold and began his own construction.

This metal had a unique characteristic. This metal always seemed like it had uncountable ridges even when it was first mined, but everything else was as smooth like a mirror. This was how the name Multiridged Devilgold came about.

Multiridged Devilgold was different from other metals because it was inherently resistant to soul power. Any soul power that was infused into it would be rejected, and it could even produce a reactionary force several times the power of the soul power infused inside. If the soul power infused inside exceeded the range that the Multiridged Devilgold could take, the metal would explode.

Multiridged Devilgold wasn’t considered very rare because it was still produced in relatively large amounts. It was typically the best choice for crafting defensive soul tools.

This was especially true when soul engineers wanted to craft formation arrays for a protective soul barrier. The product would possess the Multiridged Devilgold’s natural resistance to energy and soul power once completed, an excellent effect.

The only problem was that Multiridged Devilgod was extremely tough, and at the same time naturally resistant to soul power. This meant it was a lot more difficult to create formation arrays from this metal.

However, this was no problem at all before Huo Yuhao’s Life Guardian Blade. The sharp bluish-green blade cut nimbly into the Multiridged Devilgold, and the Life Guardian Blade absorbed every single ounce of life energy from the metal with every stroke and every part it touched. With Huo Yuhao’s precise control, life energy was only sucked away from the places that the blade actually cut into, and those parts naturally became extremely weak without any life energy at all. Huo Yuhao was engraving and cutting into the Multiridged Devilgold as if he were slicing tofu, and the metal was quickly forged and engraved into a disc-like shape about the size of his palm.

Ajin knew quite a bit about crafting soul tools, so he could commentate properly. His jaw hung open as he looked on from his high seat.

“Oh my heavens! That’s just incredible! Multiridged Devilgold is extremely resistant to soul power, but it’s become as weak as tofu beneath 66’s mystical carving knife.”

98 was also carving and sculpting a rare metal. He was focused on creating his own soul tool, so he no longer looked at Huo Yuhao; all his energy and attention was focused on the soul tool in front of him. His Darkness Green Dragon flickered with faint green light with every stroke, and caused the metal to ripple at the same time.


The Golden Hall outside was in an uproar compared to the competition stage’s silence. Everybody was discussing things vigorously with their companions and the people they were familiar with.

Ten hours was a really long time, and many people started to leave after watching the show for more than two hours. However, they were just getting something to eat, and weren’t actually leaving.

The Duskwater Alliance’s service was exceedingly good. Food and refreshments were provided outside the Golden Hall, everything free of charge.

The audience could also redeem blankets free-of-charge, and the sofas that they were given to sit on were spacious and very comfortable for lying down. Even though these sofas couldn’t compare to actual beds, it was much better than sitting up for the next couple of hours.

The Golden Hall’s lighting became progressively dimmer over time, so the competition stage’s lighting stayed the strongest.

Some officials got onto the stage discreetly and delivered some food and drinks to the competing soul engineers before they slunk away. They even had thick cotton layers beneath their shoes so that they could avoid making too much sound, and could avoid affecting the competitors.


Time continued to pass, and soul tools were completed one after another. Ajin stepped off his high seat after another period of commentating to rest as well. It was getting late, and the gamblers had to rest. They couldn’t absorb any more commentating anyway.

The six people on stage were very focused, and they didn’t want to waste even a single second of time.

The contestants would signal to the judges after each soul tool was completed, so that the judges could assess them and confirm that they had been completed. These soul engineers could keep their soul tools only after the judges had given their approval, and these soul tools would be used in the face-off afterwards.

After three hours, 98 had already finished two soul tools, while Huo Yuhao had yet to finish a single one; he was the only person among the six contestants who hadn’t raised his hand yet. Some of the gamblers who weren’t resting and were still very excited, and those who had placed their bets on him, were getting worried. Of course, this was a minority, as only those who could take a high risk would choose to bet on the underdog.

98 completed four soul tools in six hours. This was an astonishing speed, as all four soul tools were Class 5 soul tools.

Class 6 soul engineers didn’t have to craft Class 6 soul tools if they were limited by time. Soul engineers would have to consider defending themselves first before anything else in a contest between soul engineers, rather than attacking their adversary. Therefore, one soul tool was clearly not enough for combat, and having a balanced and suitable combination of soul tools was the best choice.

Six hours went by, but Huo Yuhao still hadn’t raised his hand a single time. There were many seemingly sophisticated components on his crafting desk. Some were formation arrays, while others were parts and accessories that the judges couldn’t fathom. Nobody knew what exactly he was doing, and they were perplexed that he still hadn’t finished a single soul tool.

98 would look up at Huo Yuhao from time to time. His eyes seemed a little doubtful as well. What’s this fellow trying to do? Why doesn’t he have a single completed soul tool yet? He must have some ability to boast of if he dares to use that thing as his stake. Is he panicking? No, he must be using some special method or technique. His eyes are very focused, and it doesn’t look like he’s giving up.

98 naturally paid more attention to Huo Yuhao as these thoughts ran through his head. His eyes darted to the crafting desk opposite him intermittently, and his hand movements were naturally a little slower than before.

He quickly discovered that Huo Yuhao was actually crafting one single soul tool. Those parts and accessories were laid around the table to form a vague shape. He’s only crafting one soul tool? Is he trying to gamble everything he has on some excessively powerful attack?

His eyes closed into slits, and he pondered for a moment longer before he began to craft another soul tool. His movements were conspicuously faster than before as metal dust and fragments drifted all over the place. His eyes flickered with dark and cold light as he thought to himself, You want to ambush me with an extremely powerful soul tool, huh? Then I will foil your plans before you can even execute them properly.

All six contestants continued crafting their soul tools nervously and hurriedly. They raised their hands again and again, and the gamblers who were resting before began to wake up. The ten hours were almost up, and Huo Yuhao was the only odd one out among the six contestants who hadn’t created a single finished product.

Eight hours went by. Huo Yuhao had been working anxiously this entire time, but he finally looked up from his work. There was a clear look of fatigue on his face. He had formidable spiritual power, but he had been tensed up and nervous for many hours. He was truly feeling a little exhausted from crafting this soul tool before him.

There were almost a hundred accessories and components laid out on the crafting desk before him.

Huo Yuhao had designed this soul tool with the Life Guardian Blade as its core ever since he remembered that he had the carving knife. This was also the first time that he had attempted to make it, and it was because of this fact that he had to be very careful and meticulous throughout the entire process. Of course, his meticulousness was also highly related to the soul tool’s inherent complexity.

Huo Yuhao glanced at the hourglass next to him. I have one hour left. I guess I have enough time to finish it.

Huo Yuhao wasn’t in a hurry. He sat there with his eyes closed so that he could focus his attention, and he channeled soul power across his body to adjust his body’s state and his state of mind.

His soul power couldn’t complete its circulation because his left arm and his legs were frozen. Therefore, he found it a lot more difficult to adjust his condition and his body’s state. This was also a substantial reason why he felt so exhausted after just ten hours. If he had done this before he was injured, he could continue for two days and two nights without a problem.

I have to accelerate my absorption of the Ultimate Ice origin energy of heaven and earth. Fortunately, I’ve found some methods recently…

Fifteen minutes went by, but Huo Yuhao was still sitting there motionless, and the round was inching towards its end. There were very few people who had placed their bets on him, but these few people were still exceedingly displeased as they watched him, and many of them even started to curse and shout.

There would be a corresponding doll on the soul engineers’ respective desks for each soul tool that they completed. At this point, the soul engineer with the most soul tools had six finished products, but Huo Yuhao hadn’t even completed one. He wouldn’t even be allowed to enter the faceoff after this if he didn’t have a single completed soul tool.

Everybody looked on as the ten hours slowly ticked down to fifteen minutes...

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