Volume 27, Chapter 307.2: The Last Clash

“Is the Sun Moon Empire trying to be a sore loser?” a cold voice sounded. Following this, a streak of light descended from the sky and landed beside Wang Qiu’er.

It wasn’t an outsider; it was the eldest senior sister of Shrek Academy’s inner courtyard, Zhang Lexuan.

Jing Hongchen looked at the tragic state his grandson was in, and was completely heartbroken! It took only a simple inspection to ascertain that Xiao Hongchen’s internal organs were critically hurt, and his limbs were completely fractured. It was unknown whether he could even survive, much less recover!

“I said there’s something wrong with this fight. We need an investigation!” Jing Hongchen bellowed, his eyes completely red.

Zhang Lexuan replied coldly, “Alright, point out the problem if you think there is one. Even though this is the Sun Moon Empire and we’re from Shrek, I believe the Sun Moon Empire’s citizens can see for themselves. What right do you have to doubt our students? Tell me. If you can point out any evidence to prove that we used unfair methods, we’ll concede defeat.”


Just as they were bickering on the stage, Huo Yuhao’s body shuddered slightly. However, he soon regained normalcy. It was just that his expression was a little pale. He coughed gently and used his hand to cover his mouth. He rubbed away a tinge of blood at the edge of his lips.

“You’re back?” Wang Dong’er whispered into his ear.

Huo Yuhao looked over at her and smiled. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide it from you.”

“You must tell me what happened when we return. What was with Qiu’er’s armor?” Wang Dong’er asked softly.

“This… I still have a tournament tonight,” Huo Yuhao reminded her.

Wang Dong’er snorted and didn’t continue speaking. However, she grabbed his right hand and transferred some of her soul power to him.


Zhang Lexuan wasn’t going to give in. Jing Hongchen wanted to end the fight and treat his grandson’s injuries, but that had to wait now.

“Alright. Let’s clear things up. Wang Qiu’er, tell me, what’s your background? Why do you look so much like the martial soul fusion skill exhibited by Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong? We need an explanation.”

Wang Qiu’er laughed scornfully. “Is there a problem just because I look like her?”

Jing Hongchen coldly replied, “You look identical to a martial soul fusion skill!”

Another voice sounded at this point. “Hallmaster Hongchen, you don’t have to find a reason. Qiu’er is only identical to me because we are sisters.”

As this voice sounded, a figure jumped onto the stage and came up beside Wang Qiu’er.

Jing Hongchen was in a daze. He realized at this point that Wang Dong and Wang Qiu’er looked very similar.

“Sisters?” Jing Hongchen muttered. Following this, he was shocked when Wang Dong’er removed the hairband that held her hair together. Her powdery-blue hair flowed down, and she gently rubbed off the camouflage on her face and neck, revealing her true appearance.

Suddenly, an identical pair of faces appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Such a ravishing look actually belonged to two people. Wang Dong and Wang Qiu’er. They…

Meng Hongchen shivered when she saw this. She wanted to say something, but she couldn’t. Her eyes rolled upwards before she collapsed to the ground.

Wang Dong’er said loudly, “My name is Wang Dong’er, and this is my elder sister, Wang Qiu’er. The Raiment of Light that Yuhao and I exhibit is mainly controlled by me. Is there a problem because it looks like me? Are our identical looks a reason to decide the outcome of the fight? Hallmaster Hongchen, your grandson and granddaughter lost the fight. You are representing the Sun Moon Empire if you are trying to be a sore loser.”

“The, the two of you…” Jing Hongchen hadn’t expected such a situation. Wang Dong was actually a woman. He still recalled that his own granddaughter seemed to…

“Hallmaster, quickly treat your grandson. He’s critically injured.” Zheng Zhan was already beside Jing Hongchen at this point, and whispered in his ear. At this point, Zheng Zhan also seemed very grim. As the referee, he had been humiliated because Jing Hongchen stopped him from announcing the result of the fight! However, Jing Hongchen’s grandchildren were already in such a state. This fight was very important to the Illustrious Virtue Hall, and he understood this clearly!

Jing Hongchen shot a vicious glare at Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er before he snorted in anger. He raised his hand and wielded a beam of red light, dragging his grandchildren’s bodies to him before flying off.

Zhang Lexuan immediately turned his attention to Zheng Zhan and said, “Referee, I think it’s time to announce the result.”

Zheng Zhan nodded. After taking a deep look at them, he announced, “The round is over! Shrek Academy wins the team round!”

“We’ve, we’ve won…” Ning Tian muttered to herself.

Dai Huabin hugged Zhu Lu and was filled with excitement and wild joy. The Lan sisters hugged each other and started weeping.

Cao Jinxuan looked around him and realized there was no one to celebrate with. At this point, Zhou Sichen rushed up to the stage and picked him up.

“We’ve won! We’ve defeated Sun Moon! We’ve defended Shrek’s glory!”


In the resting area, everyone from the Tang Sect apart from Huo Yuhao stood up, clenching their fists tightly. At this point, they felt as if they had returned to five years ago when they defeated the Sun Moon team in the last tournament. Yes, Shrek had won! Shrek’s glory had been defended once again!

It is indeed unfair. Huo Yuhao thought to himself as he sat in his wheelchair. So what? So what if it’s unfair, if I’m doing this for Shrek’s glory? Is it fair that the Sun Moon team is using soul tools specially created for them by the Illustrious Virtue Hall? In this world, there’s no absolute fairness.

“Cough cough!” Huo Yuhao covered his mouth with his hand and wiped away another patch of blood. He was even more hurt than Wang Qiu’er during the final clash. After all, he had helped her block many attacks. Rather than saying Shrek had won, it was more accurate to say that both parties had suffered greatly. If not for the fact that Meng Hongchen’s soul power had been depleted earlier, and she was also injured, the last confrontation between both parties might have even been even worse.

Huo Yuhao had changed into a suit of armor and relied on Wang Qiu’er to control their fusion skill. Furthermore, he had used his Imitation so there was no way anyone could find out.


On the stage, Wang Qiu’er gently collapsed onto Zhang Lexuan. However, she revealed a rare smile on her face. She turned her gaze to Huo Yuhao. She didn’t say anything, but she revealed the slightest tinge of gentleness in her weakened state.

Zhang Lexuan smiled at Wang Dong’er, saying, “Dong’er, thanks.” 

Wang Dong’er shook her head and replied, “We are all from Shrek Academy. Eldest senior sister, you don’t have to stand on ceremony! Furthermore, I think everyone will believe me if I claim to be Qiu’er’s sister. Qiu’er, are you willing to be my elder sister?”

Wang Qiu’er was stunned for a moment. A weird look flashed across her eyes. “Elder sister?”

Wang Dong’er realized that she had misunderstood her, and rushed to correct her words. “It’s fine in that way, but not fine in that other way.”

Wang Qiu’er was in a momentary daze, and she revealed a bitter look on her face. “I know. I’d like to rest for a while. Eldest senior sister, let’s return.”

“Okay.” Zhang Lexuan sent Wang Dong’er a deep gaze before helping Wang Qiu’er off the stage.


This exciting fight was finally over. Shrek had defeated the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy. At this point, they had won six matches along with the Tang Sect. They were going to qualify! Their last match with the Tang Sect was going to determine their placing in the group.

Wang Qiu’er was spent today. Although it wasn’t obvious, it was clearly evident that she was gravely hurt from how weak she was. Fortunately, Shrek didn’t lose any members. What kind of sparks would be created in their clash with the Tang Sect?

After the Sun Moon team’s loss, the spectators were feeling down. However, they were most embarrassed by Jing Hongchen’s intervention. Their hatred for Shrek had diminished a little. Of course, it also had to do with Wang Qiu’er and Wang Dong’er. They were both too beautiful! If they were from the Sun Moon Empire, they would have been goddesses in everyone’s eyes.


Up on the main stage, Prince Regent Xu Tianran’s expression was changing unpredictably. However, this didn’t continue for too long. After a while, he put a smile on his face and said, “Tell the imperial physician to make a trip to the Illustrious Virtue Hall to treat the Hongchen siblings. He must heal them at all costs.”

“Your Highness, you are very generous,” Ju Zi complimented him.

Xu Tianran smiled at her and said, “Let’s go, let’s return. Imperial Tutor, I’ll need to rely on you for the remaining rounds of the tournament.”

“Okay.” The Imperial Tutor grunted, but Xu Tianran didn’t seem to be bothered. Ju Zi stood up and pushed his wheelchair as he left.

“Your Highness, do we need to pacify the citizens? I’m afraid today’s defeat…” Ju Zi said softly as she pushed him along.

Xu Tianran replied, “What’s there to pacify, since their skills aren’t up to par? Let it die down. The tournament hasn’t ended yet, so I don’t think their attention will dwell too much on this matter. Send someone to investigate Wang Qiu’er’s background. I still think there’s something wrong. She seems a little too strong. Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen’s martial soul fusion skill can even trouble an eight-ringed Soul Douluo, but Wang Qiu’er is only a six-ringed Soul Emperor. How was she able to win so easily? She was even depleted in the earlier fights. Something must be wrong. Humiliation! It’s a humiliation! If not for the fact that Jing Hongchen is still useful… hmph!”

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