Volume 27, Chapter 307.1: The Last Clash

As a dark-golden light flashed, Xiao Hongchen changed into a single heavy cannon. The body of the cannon was extremely thick, and the barrel was more than a meter in diameter. Intense golden light shot out towards Wang Qiu’er, who wasn’t very far away.

The poisonous crystals were crushed and scattered in the air, but the golden light was about to reach her.

Wang Qiu’er didn’t dodge. Patches of ice flowers condensed in front of her body, which quickly formed a layer of diamond ice crystals. Golden sparks quickly rose from her body. Roaring mightily, the golden dragon around her body instantly grew in size and blocked Xiao Hongchen’s attack.

As she focused her gaze on him, Wang Qiu’er thrust her spear out again. Golden light flashed, and the cannon was crushed. However, the golden light was like a fluid, flowing away to regroup and form another heavy cannon. That cannon was fired at Wang Qiu’er once again.

At this point, nine streaks of silver light descended and engulfed Wang Qiu’er at the same time. The Nine Glories had unleashed their strength once again.

The Netherworld White Tiger had already ended. Both Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu were attacking frantically as they panted in exhaustion. However, their attacks were resisted by Qiu Yi’s shield. Lan Xiu had exploited this opportunity to help Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen.

Nine streaks of silver light crashed down. Wang Qiu’er lifted her head to look at the sky. It was only at this point that the look in her eyes became clear again.

A sonorous dragon roar sounded. She trembled, and a frightening force was released from her body. The dragon surrounding her quickly expanded and destroyed the rays that were targeting her. After that, she bent her upper body back and unleashed her spear, hurling it upwards before she straightened her waist and charged towards Xiao Hongchen.

Her Golden Dragon Spear flew out five meters and changed into nine streaks of golden light.


Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom! 

Nine booms sounded at the same time. The Nine Glories instantly turned into broken scrap. Their rays weren’t able to stop the attack from the Golden Dragon Spear!

Lan Xiu collapsed to the ground after his soul tools were destroyed. He had used all his spiritual power on these nine soul tools, so his spiritual power was critically damaged at this point.

Xiao Hongchen’s cannon paused for a moment as Cao Jinxuan started to bleed from his eyes and nose. His Time-Elapsing Clock had made an opening for Wang Qiu’er again!


Wang Qiu’er collided hard with the huge cannon. Xiao Hongchen wasn’t flung back from this collision. When the dark-golden lights dissolved, he was in his normal form and flipped upwards. It seemed like he was trying to trap Wang Qiu’er.

Not far away, the pale Meng Hongchen leapt towards him. She was a streak of white light that collided with her brother.

It was their martial soul fusion skill, Hongchen’s Yearning!

Wang Qiu’er was restrained by the golden lights that had risen again. However, she released a chill from her body and prevented the golden lights from taking proper form again. 

When Meng Hongchen arrived, both siblings let out an intense golden glow. Their terrifying auras changed into a colorful rising whirlpool. The Hongchen siblings and Wang Qui’er were all in the center of the whirlpool!

Everyone was stunned by this scene. This was a life-and-death battle! There was no other way of resolving this fight!

If Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen were able to defeat Wang Qiu’er, they wouldn’t have a problem defeating the rest of Shrek’s team. If the opposite happened, the Sun Moon team wouldn’t be able to resist Shrek’s team any further, either.

Everyone subconsciously stopped. All of their gazes were fixed on the whirlpool, which was a mix of gold, red, blue, white, and many other colors. Within the terrifying whirlpool, there was a violent undulation of soul power. Even Zheng Zhan felt a little afraid as he looked at the whirlpool.

“Why did you help me?” Stuck in the whirlpool, Wang Qiu’er’s called out in her mind.

A gentle voice replied, “I wasn’t just helping you; I was helping Shrek, too. Shrek’s glory doesn’t just belong to all of you.”




The whirlpool continued to grow in size. From an initial diameter of three meters, it quickly expanded to ten meters, and was even expanding at an increasing rate. When it reached close to thirty meters in diameter, everyone had to retreat frantically so that they wouldn’t be affected by it. 

What was going on? Who were the victors and losers? Even though many people reckoned that the Hongchen Siblings wouldn’t lose given their combined seven-ringed and six-ringed abilities, Wang Qiu’er still showed how dominant she was! However, no one knew that Wang Qiu’er was using her martial soul fusion skill right now. It was a fusion skill between her and a certain someone. 

It was the Dragon Roar of Destiny!

In the center of the whirlpool, a golden vertical eye slowly appeared. It was filled with depth and majesty, and could even see past the mysteries of destiny.

Countless streaks of golden light were released from that golden vertical eye. The entire whirlpool stopped, and then started to decrease in size at an alarming rate.

In mid-air, a slender figure formed from the golden vertical eye. The golden lights returned to Wang Qiu’er’s hand as her spear. Right now, her veil was already crushed. Her ravishing looks were visible in front of everyone at this moment.

“This is…”

It was such a familiar appearence! Commotion immediately ensued. Why? Why is she onstage? Isn’t she the lady formed from Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s martial soul fusion skill?

Her ravishing looks were too memorable. Right now, everyone was shocked.

On the main stage, Jing Hongchen had already lost his cool, and shouted, “Stop the fight!” However, it was a pity that his voice couldn’t pass through the barriers.

Wang Qiu’er changed into a streak of golden-white flowing light before she dashed down. She turned into a huge golden dragon covered in icy armor as she moved.

This was Wang Qiu’er’s fifth soul skill in her Dragon Roar of Destiny state, Golden Dragon’s Roar!


Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!...

The entire stage was boiling as if it had been struck by a Class 9 stationary soul cannon shell. A frightening explosive force was being unleashed, with the whirlpool at the center of the explosion.

The rest of the members from both teams were instantly flung into the air by the horrifying impact of the explosion, smashing into the barriers at the sides. The center of the stage even caved in a few meters.

Zheng Zhan protected his body using his Divine Unbreakable Shield. He stared at the the core of the explosion. Even he couldn’t intervene in such a confrontation. Any movement of his could potentially affect the result of the fight!

Young people nowadays are too strong! The explosion that had just occurred was probably at a Soul Douluo’s level of power. However, they were only two Soul Emperors and a Soul Sage!

Debris fell from the sky. The shockwaves from the explosion lasted for more than ten seconds before they faded away.

The soul engineers who maintained the defensive formation around the stage experienced more than a one-third dip in their combined soul power, but they managed to keep the barriers from being damaged. After all, the explosion was proportionally distributed around the entire stage. If the explosion had been targeted at one point, these barriers might not have been able to resist it.

The entire stage seemed to have been hammered by a titan. There was a huge depression forty meters in diameter and five meters in depth at the center of the stage now!

Everyone’s attention was first captured by a golden figure. Wang Qiu’er was standing proudly at the center of the stage in the depression. Right now, her armor had already disappeared, and she had returned to her original size. However, she still looked as beautiful as the Goddess of Light!

A stream of blood flowed down the edge of her lips. However, this didn’t affect how ravishing she appeared. Right now, she had left a deep and memorable impression in many people’s minds as she stood there like a valkyrie.

Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen were separated to either side of her. Meng Hongchen was down on one knee, and spitting out blood. She seemed completely out of energy now.

Xiao Hongchen’s condition was even worse than hers. He was back in human form. He looked as if he had been knocked down, as there were many wounds on his body, and his limbs were twisted around. It was difficult to tell if he was alive or dead.

Wang Qiu’er slowly turned around and looked at Lan Xiu and Qiu Yi before coldly asking, “Are we still going to continue this team round?”

Zheng Zhan had no choice but to intervene. He could tell that the Hongchen siblings weren’t in good shape. If he didn’t announce the end of the fight, their lives might be in danger.

“The team round goes to Shrek…”

“Wait a minute!” A furious voice sounded. The barriers around the stage were removed, and Jing Hongchen burst onto the stage. He arrived beside Xiao Hongchen in the blink of an eye and quickly gave him a pill. After that, he stood up and shouted, “There’s something wrong with this fight! We need to investigate thoroughly. Do not announce the outcome yet!”

After he finished speaking, a commotion ensued. While they had lost the team round, everyone had to admit that it was an exciting fight, and extremely intense. But Jing Hongchen’s sudden appearance stalled the announcement of the result of this fight, and left everyone with an ominous feeling.

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