Volume 27, Chapter 306.3: An Armor Made of Beautiful Ice Crystals

Wang Qiu’er was on the verge of death. However, something strange happened. A white, icy flower started to bloom behind the back of her neck.

As a ding sounded, Ding Xiaobu’s blade was deflected away by the flower.

Following this, a miraculous scene occurred. That icy flower rippled with rings of golden light. A weird light distorted the air. The entire stage was dyed golden, with Wang Qiu’er’s body the center of it. After this, a huge, golden vertical eye drifted up in mid-air, and gusts of air dragged Wang Qiu’er’s body upward.

Every gust of air left a dazzling radiance around Wang Qiu’er. Wherever they passed, pieces of armor would appear on her body.

First, her chest was covered with armor. On this section of the armor, there were bright, flowery patterns. The icy flower kept on extending around her. What was weirder was that a vertical eye also appeared on Wang Qiu’er’s forehead. The eye was shining with golden light. On closer inspection, the light from the eye seemed to actually belong to…

The golden armor quickly engulfed Wang Qiu’er’s entire body, her aura soaring. Sonorous dragon roars were ringing out continuously. Her pale-white hair started to regain its glow and powdery-blue color from the roots. An illusory, golden dragon-shaped projection started to revolve around her body. The armor behind her back was carved with the image of the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion. However, her long hair covered half the image. Despite this, the scorpion tail that extended all the way to her hip region could be seen clearly.

Wang Qiu’er slowly stood up straight, like a newly born war goddess. She pointed her spear forward, and the golden vertical eye in the air suddenly turned into a streak of golden light before it descended. Under the illumination of the golden light, Wang Qiu’er’s entire body became thirty percent larger, and the golden dragon that surrounded her also seemed to turn real.

What was going on?

After he witnessed the changes to Wang Qiu’er’s body, Xiao Hongchen revealed a grim look in his eyes.

Did she mutate? Is she from the Body Sect, and this is the second awakening of her Body Soul? How is this possible? Her martial soul is already so strong. If this is its second Awakening, it completely violates the laws of nature!

“Ding Xiaobu, out.” Just as Xiao Hongchen was in a daze, Zheng Zhan had already used his Divine Unbreakable Shield to block the golden light that had almost pierced Ding Xiaobu’s chest. This time, he was forced several meters back due to the impact, and knocked into Ding Xiaobu.

Wang Qiu’er, who was completely covered in armor, revealed a strange look in her eyes. She had mushroomed in size. She was like a valkyrie that had descended upon the battlefield.

Just one gaze caused Zheng Zhan to shudder. This aura…

Nine streaks of silver light descended from the sky. The Netherworld White Tiger was deflected away again. It was a fusion skill that could be used continuously in a fight, which was very rare. However, its fighting strength would weaken as time passed if the users’ cultivations weren’t strong enough. After its initial outburst, the Netherworld White Tiger was restrained by Qiu Yi’s Class 7 shield and Lan Xiu’s Nine Glories.

On the other side, the Hongchen siblings, who were trapped in the Empyreal Net, also demonstrated their strongest abilities.

“Gua!...” Meng Hongchen let out a weird sound. Following this, she grew a size larger. She seemed to be lifting the sky with her hands before her sixth soul ring lit up. She was going to use her sixth soul skill, which she had never used before.

She sucked in her gut and grit her teeth. She appeared ferocious now, even though she was bleeding profusely from her nose and mouth.

Her back arched, and a bulge quickly rose. Layer upon layer of icy-blue light started to rise continuously form her, and a terrifying aura was soaring.

Xiao Hongchen was much stronger than his sister. A streak of dark-gold light shone from his body. He fell forward and also let out the same sound as his sister before turning into a Three-Legged Golden Toad.

However, he only maintained the Three-Legged Golden Toad form for a moment before another transformation occurred. He changed into a golden powder that quickly disintegrated before gathering together again. In the blink of an eye, he had turned into a huge soul fort with countless barrels. Countless streaks of light shot out and resisted the Empyreal Net. There were even a huge number of soul rays that were aimed towards Wang Qiu’er and the rest of Shrek’s team. Ning Tian and Cao Jinxuan were the focus of the greatest firepower. This showed that Xiao Hongchen could tell that the two of them were very important in enhancing Wang Qiu’er’s strength.

Cao Jinxuan and Ning Tian didn’t panic at all. Ning Tian stepped onto her shuttle before landing in front of Cao Jinxuan. Although her shuttle couldn’t fly very high and could only remain three meters above the ground at most, it was still very quick. Following this, a layer of golden light lit up on her body. Invincible Barrier!

Xiao Hongchen was a seven-ringed Soul Sage and a Class 7 soul engineer. The strength of the soul tools that he unleashed was extremely high. However, he couldn’t overcome an Invincible Barrier used by a five-ringed Soul King! The appearance of soul tools gave many auxiliary-type soul engineers the ability to defend themselves on a battlefield, it wasn’t something only realized in the Sun Moon Empire!

The Seven Treasures Glazed Sect had been very invested in soul tools over the past few years. Their aim was to mitigate the defensive weaknesses of their direct disciples.

With the defense of the Invincible Barrier, Xiao Hongchen couldn’t kill Ning Tian and Cao Jinxuan without using his full strength.

Compared to the two of them, the Lan sisters weren’t doing too well. The two of them had used quite a lot of strength to unleash the Empyreal Net. However, there was a limit to how much their strength would increase even if they were using a fusion skill. Their control of the Empyreal Net could match up to a Soul Emperor, but they were facing a Soul Sage!

Their Empyreal Net was quickly dispelled by the soul rays. The Lan sisters looked very pale. In such an intense fight, their inferior cultivations were still limiting factors. No matter what, there was still a gap between the overall abilities of Shrek’s team and the Sun Moon team.

A similar situation occurred for the Netherworld White Tiger. The illusory light from the tiger’s body started to dim. Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu’s fusion skill couldn’t last any longer.

While it seemed like Shrek had gained an advantage earlier, this advantage was now slowly being eroded by the Sun Moon team.

Wang Qiu’er moved at this point. She lunged forward with her left leg and her spear in front of Xiao Hongchen. She was very quick. It was very different from earlier when she had used her strength to enhance her abilities.

Her spear thrust out, and the soul rays that were targeted towards her were destroyed. Her target was the Steel Fortress that Xiao Hongchen had formed!

At this point, Meng Hongchen erupted after she completed her preparations. She bent forward and grabbed hold of her ankles. The bulge on her back burst open, and streaks of white, fluid light shot out towards Wang Qiu’er.

Even though there were only slightly more than ten streaks of these lights, an indescribable, nausea-inducing feeling surfaced when they appeared behind her. Even Xiao Hongchen quickly backed off and increased his distance from his sister.

This was the Vermilion Clear Icetoad’s sixth soul skill, Corrosive Ice. She condensed her poison into a fluid before combining it with her soul power. Not only was its impact force great, the intensity of the poison was also extreme. This was Meng Hongchen’s most lethal soul skill. She had tested it once before; one drop of her Corrosive Ice was sufficient to kill a Diamond Mammoth, an extremely large soul beast.

As for humans, even a Soul Douluo wouldn’t be able to handle the poison. Five and six-ringed soul masters’ Invincible Barriers would also be completely corroded upon contact with her poison. More frighteningly, her Corrosive Ice could lock onto its target, and would pursue it. There was no way to avoid it, and it could pursue its target for up to a minute.

The streaks of fluid that contained massive amounts of poison were targeted towards Wang Qiu’er. Meng Hongchen was critically hurt by her earlier, and hated her immensely. She had used all her strength in this attack. Right now, her face was also very pale. The strength of her Corrosive Ice meant that she had used up almost all of her soul power. Its strength was equivalent to three six-ringed soul skills used by an ordinary soul master!

Wang Qiu’er seemed to sense something, and stopped. When the poisonous fluid was about to touch her, it suddenly stopped in mid-air, as if it had been frozen. It was converted into ice crystals, and the stench of the poison also disappeared.

Meng Hongchen’s life power seemed to have been sucked dry. Her entire face turned pale-white, and she took two steps back. She lost control of her voice as she said, “Impossible, impossible! How can my Corrosive Ice be frozen?!”

She wasn’t the only one who was surprised. Xiao Hongchen, who was clearly aware of his sister’s abilities, was also astonished. He was in his Martial Soul True Body right now. When he realized things were amiss, he changed form once again.

The greatest strength of his Golden Toad True Body was that it could quickly turn into a soul tool of any form. It was different from using soul skills. When he entered such a state, the soul tools that he agglomerated were no longer restricted by size, only by his own cultivation. It also meant that any soul tool that he formed now was at least Class 7!

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