Volume 27, Chapter 306.2: An Armor Made of Beautiful Ice Crystals

Xiao Hongchen hadn’t expected Shrek’s control-type soul master to break Lan Xiu’s control instantly, severing his connection with his Nine Glories. This changed the entire situation!

Meng Hongchen also wanted to return, but she had to handle Wang Qiu’er first! Since she couldn’t dodge, she could only sweep her swords and activate the abilities of these two Class 6 soul tools.

An intense chill spread out from both swords. Two streaks of icy-blue light intersected as they shot towards Wang Qiu’er. While my swords aren’t as long as your spear, my sword lights are faster than you!

However, Meng Hongchen didn’t understand Wang Qiu’er’s character. How could she let Meng Hongchen escape with such a good opportunity presented to her?

The red lights used to deal with Ding Xiaobu earlier appeared again. Wang Qiu’er’s eyes turned blood-red. The golden scales on her body opened up, and her aura changed. The spear continued on its trajectory and seemed to completely ignore the two blades.

You underestimate me too much! Meng Hongchen was furious. She couldn’t dodge at this point. She quickly summoned her soul power. She thought to herself, I’d like to see who’s going to be hurt more!

Pfft pfft..


The two light blades landed on Wang Qiu’er’s body first. However, Wang Qiu’er didn’t even move. The blades flashed once before dimming after they struck her. Her scales started to tremble violently, and her clothes were also torn in two areas.

After that, Meng Hongchen flew back.

A crisp, snapping sound rang out, and her Class 6 swords were broken into four pieces by Wang Qiu’er’s spear. After that, the spear struck Meng Hongchen in the chest.

That banging sound was generated from the spear. Wang Qiu’er’s fourth soul ring also shone at this point.

Fourth soul skill – Golden Dragon Explosion! Sixth soul skill – Golden Dragon’s Bloodlust!

With the help of these two soul skills, Wang Qiu’er was in her peak condition right now. Why did she choose her Golden Dragon’s Bloodlust? It was a decent soul skill for an ordinary soul master, but it was very average for a true, elite soul master. After all, this soul skill could only be used on one person. To most soul masters, using such a soul skill only increased their physical strength by thirty percent. The effect on their soul power wasn’t too pronounced.

However, it was different for Wang Qiu’er! She possessed Ultimate Strength! How strong would she be if her physical strength increased by another thirty percent? Moreover, she would be in the Bloodlust state of a Golden Dragon. The increase wouldn’t just be thirty percent! In addition, she still had Ning Tian’s Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda strengthening her. Her strength had reached a frightening level!

None of the Sun Moon team understood Wang Qiu’er, which left Meng Hongchen at a huge disadvantage.

Meng Hongchen spat blood as she flew through the air. She collided with the barrier on the other side of the arena before falling to the ground. Not only were her swords broken, but the protective armor in front of her chest had also cracked. Her arms were hurt, and she was bleeding profusely.

This attack hurt her internal organs. Meng Hongchen was critically injured!

“Younger sister!” Xiao Hongchen shouted. His eyes turned red, and he burst out. All his barrels combined to form a huge cannon that was more than half a meter in diameter before it fired towards the Lan sisters’ Hairnet. At the same time, he rushed towards Meng Hongchen.

At this point, a strange bolt of white lightning appeared silently in front of Xiao Hongchen. The bolt of lightning targeted Wang Qiu’er, who was still in her original position after she took down Meng Hongchen.

This bolt of lightning was too sudden. An intense glow quickly engulfed Wang Qiu’er. It was so quick that she didn’t have time to dodge.

Wang Qiu’er’s body started to shake tremendously, and an astonishing scene appeared. Her powdery-blue hair started to turn pale-white. It lost its glow, and she fell to her knees. She was aging at an alarming speed.

This was…

Apart from Huo Yuhao, the rest of the Tang Sect’s members stood up. He Caitou was the most shocked. This was a soul tool that he and Huo Yuhao had never seen before.

These were aging rays. It was a new soul tool that the Illustrious Virtue Hall had invented. Once one was struck by these aging rays, their life power would quickly be depleted and they would quickly turn old and frail. In a worst case scenario, they might even die. If their life power wasn’t replenished in time, or wasn’t strong enough, they would die from old age.

It was a powerful Class 7 soul tool! It was still in the experimental stage, and could only be used on one subject. The person who researched this soul tool was none other than the one using it right now, Ye Nongfeng. He was known as the Destroyer, one of the most extreme talents among the younger generation of Illustrious Virtue Hall’s disciples. He was only interested in soul tools that could cause annihilation!

Wang Qiu’er’s forehead and right arm started to show wrinkles.

After unleashing this attack, Ye Nongfeng also started to look very pale. He was only a Class 5 soul engineer. He had needed to use a Milk Bottle to activate this soul tool. More than eighty percent of his soul power had already been depleted, but his eyes were filled with a look of maniacal excitement. Wang Qiu’er was the first human subject he had used this soul tool on, and its effects were very obvious. This aging ray was invented and designed by him, and some other strong individuals in the Illustrious Virtue Hall then helped him to complete it. Jing Hongchen had deliberately modified this soul tool for him to use as a reward for his pioneering spirit.

Indeed, it performed a miracle right now.

“Team leader!” the rest of Shrek’s team exclaimed at this moment. To them, Wang Qiu’er wasn’t just their team leader, she was their spiritual leader. If Wang Qiu’er collapsed, their morale and fighting spirit would be gone.

“Bastard!” The Hairnet was destroyed. Dai Huabin activated his White Tiger’s Devilgod Transformation to resist Xiao Hongchen’s attack. Seeing that Wang Qiu’er had descended to such a state, his eyes turned red. He peered into the sky and roared furiously. He used his right hand to pull Zhu Lu into his embrace.

Instantly, a beam of strong white light shot into the sky. The entire stage turned into a world of black and white. A huge white tiger appeared from the sky, and seemed to traverse through space, instantly arriving in front of Ye Nongfeng, clawing at him!

At this point, Lan Xiu also recovered from Cao Jinxuan’s Time Lock, and quickly activated his Nine Glories. He was about to stop the attack of the Netherworld White Tiger.

However, the Netherworld White Tiger was a martial soul fusion skill. It was a skill that two noble families of the Star Luo Empire had combined to unleash for thousands of years. Their ancestors had even followed the first-generation Sea God, Tang San, into the Divine Realm.

The Netherworld White Tiger resisted the nine deflection rays. After that, the tiger swept Qiu Yi to one side with its claws. Following that, it shut its claws and furiously attacked Ye Nongfeng until he was completely crushed. It was only when the Nine Glories struck again that the tiger was forced back. Qiu Yi quickly returned in front of Lan Xiu, and his shield shone with silver light, boosting his defense to its maximum level. The attack of the Netherworld White Tiger had been too sudden, and it came when they were at an advantage. Ye Nongfeng’s death was due to his carelessness!

On Shrek’s side, Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu weren’t the only ones who acted. The Lan sisters also demonstrated their full abilities at this point. They held each other’s hands and burst into the sky. In the blink of an eye, they filled the sky above the stage before descending. They were going straight for Xiao Hongchen, Meng Hongchen, and the Nine Glories.

This was their fusion skill, Empyreal Net.

This was the true ability of Shrek’s team. Two martial soul fusion skills were used at the same time, increasing their fighting strength significantly. Of course, the price to pay for using these two fusion skills was also very big. After using them, their soul power would drop significantly. If not for the fact that Wang Qiu’er was struck by the aging ray, they wouldn’t have used their fusion skills.

At this point, a figure silently crept up behind Wang Qiu’er and stabbed a transparent Draconic Dagger towards the back of her neck.

Ding Xiaobu, who had disappeared earlier, finally appeared. He had used some method to conceal himself temporarily.

“Team leader!” Cao Jinxuan and Ning Tian shouted at the same time. However, they had discovered it too late. At this point, the dagger was already stabbing towards Wang Qiu’er’s neck.

As he looked at the pale, long hair in front of him, Ding Xiaobu’s eyes were filled with excitement. If he could kill Wang Qiu’er, there would be a great reward for him!

Where was Zheng Zhan? When the Netherworld White Tiger appeared, he was already lagging. The situation was too complex. Wang Qiu’er and the Hongchen siblings had taken most of his attention.

He hadn’t expected a martial soul fusion skill to appear in front of Ye Nongfeng, who had lost most of his fighting strength. When he rushed over, it was already too late. Ding Xiaobu was also exploiting this distraction and attempting to kill Wang Qiu’er!

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