Volume 27, Chapter 306.1: An Armor Made of Beautiful Ice Crystals

It was an honor to become a Soul Sage before the age of twenty! In fact, only Xiao Hongchen knew the price he had paid for this. In the next five years, his cultivation wouldn’t see any further improvements. He made this sacrifice so that he could become a Soul Sage before the tournament! It was very difficult to tell how he might improve in five years’ time. However, he didn’t have any regrets. He wanted to beat all his opponents and reach the highest peak of the Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Tournament!

Countless cannon barrels fired off. Meng Hongchen also appeared behind him. She was wearing an icy-blue suit of armor and holding a long blue sword in each of her hands. With the fastest speed she could muster, she burst towards Wang Qiu’er.

Her earlier surrender was tactical. She was going to defeat Wang Qiu’er this time to save her reputation!

There was another person behind Xiao Hongchen, Ye Nongfeng. At this point, Ye Nongfeng lifted a special soul tool to his shoulder. The back of the soul tool was cylindrical, while the front of it was full of coils. Rings of glaring light were undulating without any rhythm on these coils and gathering towards the triangular tip of the soul tool.

Ye Nongfeng’s nickname was the Destroyer. His abilities weren’t that great, and his one-to-one combat abilities were extremely weak. However, he specialized in creating and using all types of unidirectional offensive soul tools. He was willing to sacrifice everything to pursue this extremity. Such a person possessed great strength when used in a team fight, just like the Tang Sect’s Eye of Fear. He also possessed the ability to turn the tables in a fight. He and Qiu Yi were a combination: he was in charge of attacking, while Qiu Yi was in charge of defense. They were initially secret weapons that were brought in as substitutes. However, a few of the Sun Moon team’s main team members had been killed by the Tang Sect, so they now had no choice but to fight. They were now revealing their true abilities for the first time!


Up on the main stage, the pale-looking Xu Tianran finally smiled. He looked at Jing Hongchen and heaved a sigh of relief. He said, “Hallmaster Hongchen, you are really good at hiding things! These young people are the future pillars and talents of the empire.”

Jing Hongchen sighed and replied, “My grandson was very stubborn when it came to this tournament. To be honest, he consumed some special medicine to enable himself to cross the Rank 70 barrier and become an advanced-level soul engineer. However, he’ll be affected by that medicine for the next few years. Before he’s twenty-five, I’m afraid he’ll be unable to make any further improvements.”

Xu Tianran said seriously, “His spirit is commendable. He’s willing to sacrifice for the glory of the country. No matter what happens to the Sun Moon team in the end, he’ll be a pillar of our empire in the future.”

Jing Hongchen was relieved after hearing Xu Tianran’s words. He was also very excited right now. As long as his grandson and granddaughter could defeat Shrek's team in this fight, they would make history for the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy.


The four who burst forward with Wang Qiu’er didn’t panic because their opponents demonstrated great strength. The four of them gathered together, and layers of light started to spread rapidly, forming a huge protective net that covered all four of them. This was the Lan sisters’ soul skill, the Hairnet!

The four of them maintained their formation and quickly moved towards Wang Qiu’er. With Ning Tian’s enhancement, the Lan sisters’ Hairnet became very resilient even though they only had four rings. The Hairnet managed to block all the streaks of lights that were fired towards them. However, it was very difficult for them to advance.

Xiao Hongchen didn’t panic at all. Lan Xiu and Meng Hongchen were enough to restrain Wang Qiu’er. Not to mention that Wang Qiu’er was depleted from the earlier fights, could she resist the suppression of two Class 6 soul engineers even if she was in her peak state? Lan Xiu was also a Class 6 soul engineer! Otherwise, how could he possibly control the Nine Glories, which were Class 6 soul tools?

After Wang Qiu’er was forced back, she didn’t continue to fight her way out anymore. She started to shift positions quickly, and avoided the pursuit of the silver lights in the air.

However, the Nine Glories seemed to be alive under Lan Xiu’s control. The nine streaks of silver light intersected in the air. At times, they formed a cage. At other times, they formed a net. Wang Qiu’er was greatly restrained, and couldn’t get close to the Sun Moon team.

Wang Qiu’er still remained very persistent even though she was greatly suppressed. Her gaze was as cold as ever. Her spear kept on flashing, and she occasionally lifted her head to observe the Nine Glories.

She seemed to be waiting for something.

At this point, Meng Hongchen arrived. Her pair of swords carried streaks of sword light that were unleashed towards Wang Qiu’er. In the air, the nine streaks of silver light descended at the same time. Three streaks were aimed towards her right arm, while the other six wove a cage that moved towards her body. They seemed to be trying to pin her to the ground.

As Meng Hongchen arrived, the Vermilion Clear Icetoad’s poison also started to engulf the entire Shrek team.

However, a layer of blurry, golden light started to shine from everyone from Shrek's team. The golden glow didn’t appear to offer any form of defense, but it managed to block out the poison.

Shrek's team was prepared, knowing that Meng Hongchen could poison them. Shrek Academy had its own Soul Tool Department too!

Every member of Shrek's team was wearing a type of accessory known as a isolation-type soul tool. It could isolate all types of aura from one’s body. Such soul tools were very effective against lethal poisons and polluted gases. They were specially used to resist the abilities of certain special martial souls.

They could even isolate some special elements. Simply put, it could greatly isolate the fire elements of an opponent’s attack even though the impact of the attack couldn’t be avoided.

Of course, there was a price to pay for using such a soul tool. The depletion from using such a soul tool was equivalent to a Class 5 protective soul barrier. Even if one wasn’t attacked, the depletion would still persist. However, the effect was very useful for Shrek's team right now. They were isolating the poison from the Vermilion Clear Icetoad!

Wang Qiu’er stood straight, without moving, as she faced a crisis. Against Meng Hongchen’s sword lights, there was only a cold look in her eyes.

You are still so arrogant at this point? Meng Hongchen was furious now. Although she had conceded defeat earlier for tactical reasons, she wasn’t convinced by Wang Qiu’er at all. They were both Soul Emperors, and she even possessed the abilities of a Class 6 soul engineer. She didn’t think she was inferior to Wang Qiu’er at all!

At this point, the nine streaks of silver light that were crashing down towards Wang Qiu’er stopped in the air.

Yes, they stopped. Following this, a weird streak of light appeared above Lan Xiu’s head. It was only large as a palm as it drifted above Lan Xiu, but Lan Xiu seemed very lost, and the Nine Glories that he controlled started to dim.

They weren’t the only ones with a control-type soul master! Cao Jinxuan’s first and fourth soul rings lit up at the same time.

Just as the silver lights stalled in the air, Wang Qiu’er exploited the flaws that had been exposed. She ducked out of the encirclement of the silver lights. Following that, she stabbed her spear ferociously towards her opponent’s chest.

Meng Hongchen’s Class 6 ice swords couldn’t compare to the Golden Dragon Spear in terms of length! Her sword lights had been unleashed towards Wang Qiu’er’s vital areas under the assumption that she wouldn’t be attacked by the Golden Dragon Spear.

Shit, their control-type soul master is up!

Meng Hongchen didn’t dare to delay any further. The chest portion of her armor cracked open, and a barrel the size of a human head popped out. A beam of intense light shot out towards Wang Qiu’er.

This was an extremely powerful Class 6 energy-gathering soul cannon.

What about Wang Qiu’er? She didn’t even have any intention to dodge, and followed her spear. She was one with her spear. A sonorous dragon roar reverberated across the entire venue as her third soul ring lit up.

A golden dragon head burst forward from her right hand. It seemed like it wanted to swallow the Golden Dragon Spear.


The energy-gathering soul cannon charge was instantly destroyed as it was struck by the spear. The indestructible spear continued to shoot forward, its tip was about to reach the cannon’s mouth.

Meng Hongchen was horrified, and an icy domain shone beneath her feet. This was her third soul skill, Ice Reflection. Within the domain of the Ice Reflection, she could shift her body as if she were using Instant Teleportation. Her first thought right now was to avoid the spear!

As a light flashed, Meng Hongchen shifted three feet to the side. The spear struck nothing, but Wang Qiu’er landed following this. She forcefully stomped her right leg on the ground.


When her right foot hit the ground, it felt as if a mature elephant had landed after jumping off a building. Immense soundwaves and quakes affected the clashes in the other areas.

The ground cracked open, and the domain formed by the Ice Reflection was immediately crushed. The spear generated a gust of wind as it swept across. It seemed to form a golden wheel as it shot forward.

This was Wang Qiu’er’s fighting style, extremely strong and forceful!

“Meng, come back!” Xiao Hongchen shouted. He had originally thought that Lan Xiu and Meng Hongchen would be sufficient to deal with Wang Qiu’er. At least, he believed they could suppress her, and after he dealt with the rest of them, this team round would more or less be decided.

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