Volume 27, Chapter 305.2: Intimidating One's Enemies, Entering the Team Fight

In the next instant, Ding Xiaobu activated two more Invincible Barriers. However, he felt like he was flying within the barriers.

His Invincible Barriers could only keep him from harm, but they couldn’t stabilize him. Under the repeated attacks of the Golden Dragon Spear, he started flying around within his Invincible Barriers.

“I want to see how many Invincible Barriers you’ve got,” Wang Qiu’er said coldly. As her sixth soul ring lit up, her eyes turned bloodthirsty and flashed with red light. 

Ding Xiaobu started to scream. “I, I concede defeat!”

The red lights retracted, and Wang Qiu’er stood up straight as she held her spear. There was a mighty aura around her, and she appeared extremely valiant and heroic!

Ding Xiaobu crashed onto the ground and started to pant heavily. As he glanced at Wang Qiu’er again, his face was filled with fear.

He was really scared. Wang Qiu’er had only used her first and second soul skills earlier to defeat Ye Canshang. She had also forced Meng Hongchen to concede defeat without even using a single soul skill. However, she had used her sixth soul skill on him!

At that moment, he felt that he was going to sustain the entire impact of Wang Qiu’er relentless attacks even though he was protected by the Invincible Barriers. As for the referee, Ye Canshang’s death had left him without any confidence.

Everyone only had one chance to live. No one was completely unafraid of death, and so Ding Xiaobu had surrendered. Even though he still had five Invincible Barriers he could use, and he had more than eighty percent of his soul power remaining, he was eager to concede defeat.

Wang Qiu’er looked at him coldly and said, “I hope you’ll be so lucky in the team round later.”

As she spoke, her Golden Dragon Spear had already turned into a streak of golden light and disappeared. She took out two Milk Bottles again before she turned around and walked back towards Zheng Zhan.

“Referee, we are going to give up on the next few individual elimination rounds. Let’s go straight to the team round.” After she finished informing him, she walked straight down from the stage.

One against three! Meng Hongchen was even among those three! From the looks of it, Wang Qiu’er was invincible. In the eyes of the spectators, Wang Qiu’er didn’t meet any resistance at all, and beat Ye Canshang, Meng Hongchen and Ding Xiaobu. Among the three, one died, and the other two conceded defeat.

When Wang Qiu’er stepped down from the stage, all the spectators were boiling. However, they weren’t cursing Shrek, but blaming the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy.

They had lost too badly.


When Ding Xiaobu walked down from the stage, he was given a tight slap.

Xiao Hongchen knocked him to the ground. The look in his eyes made him seem like he wanted to kill someone. “Idiot! What were you doing? You had so many Invincible Barriers! Why did you concede defeat?”

Ding Xiaobu also acknowledged his cowardice and mumbled, “But, but she used her sixth soul skill. I was scared…”

Meng Hongchen said, “What are you scared of? So what if it’s her sixth soul skill? She’s only a Soul Emperor. Do you think that she can destroy two Invincible Barriers in one shot? Even an eight-ringed soul master can’t do it in fifteen seconds. Don’t you know that?”

After being slapped by Xiao Hongchen, Ding Xiaobu tolerated the pain and humiliation. However, he reacted when he saw how furious Meng Hongchen was. He glared at her and said, “What about you? Why didn’t you try to resist Wang Qiu’er’s attack when you faced her? Why did you choose to concede defeat?”

“Me? Was I in the same situation as you? Do you know how much soul power she unleashed?” Meng Hongchen got even angrier seeing that he was trying to include her in this.

Ding Xiaobu snorted. “Yes, her abilities will get even stronger if she manages to accumulate her power. However, who gave her the time to accumulate her power?” He wasn’t feeling subservient, especially after his humiliating defeat.

A handsome-looking and refined young man separated Xiao Hongchen and Ding Xiaobu. “Alright, alright! We’re all on the same team. The fights are over. We have to recover in the team round. Do you think we can win by quarreling? What we need now is to work together. We can’t lose the team round.” His gaze met Xiao Hongchen’s before he nodded.

This young man was in the starting seven against the Tang Sect, but he hadn’t managed to fight that day.

Once he appeared, Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen’s fury calmed down.

Xiao Hongchen patted Ding Xiaobu’s shoulder and said, “I was reckless. Let bygones be bygones. However, Xiaobu, you should know what the result will be if we lose the next round. All of you should remember what the Prince Regent mentioned yesterday. There are still six of us left. We can die, but we can’t lose this round.”

“Yes.” Ding Xiaobu wasn’t very confident. When he saw Xiao Hongchen softening his stance, he immediately nodded like a donkey and stood to one side.

Xiao Hongchen turned to the young man and said, “It seems like we’ll have to change our strategy for the team round. Lan Xiu, what’s your suggestion?”

Lan Xiu gestured, and all six of them gathered together to discuss their strategy.


On the other side, Shrek had a few minutes to adjust their tactics before the team round started.

“Team leader, how are you?” Dai Huabin asked in concern.

“I’m fine. Let’s follow the plan.” Wang Qiu’er said.

Zhu Lu, who was standing behind Dai Huabin, revealed a strange look in her eyes and lowered her head slightly. Her hands were tangled up in front of her body.

Huo Yuhao was monitoring them throughout. With his spiritual power, it was easy for him to hear what they were discussing. Dai Huabin still knows how to show concern even though he’s such an arrogant character? Qiu’er’s control over them is pretty strong. Or…

A strange thought appeared in Huo Yuhao’s head.

After Wang Qiu’er finished speaking, she immediately sat down in the waiting area and shut her eyes. She tried her best to suck in the soul power in the Milk Bottles to restore her soul power. Only she knew that she hadn’t won the last three fights easily, even though they had appeared to be a breeze for her. The depletion of her soul power in the fight against Meng Hongchen was especially great.

However, she had had no choice. She had had to use the quickest method to defeat her opponents and reduce their numbers to increase their own morale. Although she had exerted herself quite heavily, she had managed to fulfill her plan.

She had used up more than sixty percent of her soul power earlier. If not for the fact that Ding Xiaobu was frightened, it might have been an even greater number.

She needed time to restore her soul power through the Milk Bottles. Although her speed of restoration greatly increased as she used two Milk Bottles at the same time, the burden on her also greatly increased. When Zheng Zhan’s voice resonated from the stage, she had recovered only half of what she had expended.

She stood up again and opened her eyes. Her dominant aura surged out. At this instant, the aura that she revealed was even more dominant than before. It was so domineering that it almost tore the huge stage apart.

“Let’s go,” she said softly. Her toes pointed toward the ground, and she changed into a streak of golden light as she ascended to the stage. Behind her, the rest of the team followed her up to the stage.


On the other side, the six members from the Sun Moon team also went up on stage. Both parties faced each other as they proceeded towards the center of the stage.

Zheng Zhan was impressed as he looked at both parties. The youths today are indeed very strong!

“Both parties, please report your names.”

“Shrek, Wang Qiu’er.”

“Shrek, Dai Huabin.”

“Shrek, Zhu Lu.”

“Shrek, Ning Tian.”

“Shrek, Cao Jinxuan.”

“Shrek, Lan Susu.”

“Shrek, Lan Luoluo.”

Everyone from Shrek sounded very serious.

“Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, Xiao Hongchen.”

“Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, Meng Hongchen.”

“Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, Lan Xiu.”

“Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, Qiu Yi.”

“Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, Ye Nongfeng.”

“Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, Ding Xiaobu.”

After hearing them report their names, Wang Qiu’er’s gaze turned towards Ding Xiaobu. She looked at him coldly. Ding Xiaobu shuddered a little as she watched him. Had Wang Qiu’er’s pupils turned vertical?

Just as they were reporting their names, no one noticed that Huo Yuhao’s body was already shaking slightly. Following this, a gust of clear wind blew past him. The light around him distorted slightly.

Even the rest of the members from the Tang Sect didn’t sense anything.

“Both parties, retreat and prepare for the start of the fight.” Zheng Zhan didn’t even instruct them before the fight began. Was there any point? They were arch-enemies, and were unlikely to heed his advice.

As both parties retreated, they were already fighting through their gazes. When their gazes met, it seemed as if there were countless projections of knives grating against one another, creating sparks.

Wang Qiu’er suddenly felt something. When she turned around to look at the Tang Sect in the waiting area, she saw Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao was looking at her without any expression. There weren’t any emotions on his face.

Wang Qiu’er was a little stunned. She squinted, then quickly recovered. She led her team members to their side of the stage.

As they turned around, Shrek’s team went into their formation. Wang Qiu’er was standing in front of everyone, the core of the entire team. To her left was Dai Huabin, to her right was Lan Susu. Zhu Lu was behind Dai Huabin, while Lan Luoluo was behind Lan Susu. Directly behind Wang Qiu’er was Cao Jinxuan, followed by Ning Xuan. It was the same triangular formation, only with a change in personnel.

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