Volume 27, Chapter 304.3: Wang Qiu'er Makes A Powerful Entrance

Zheng Zhan’s expression was dismal as he announced the start of the second individual round. Even though he was a Titled Douluo, he couldn’t stop a Soul Emperor from killing someone. This was a humiliation to him!

Meng Hongchen immediately moved after Zheng Zhan shouted. Learning from her previous lesson, she didn’t immediately unleash her close-combat soul tool. Instead, she unleashed her martial soul.

A layer of peculiar-looking icy blue engulfed her entire body. Her two yellow, two purple, and two black soul rings suddenly lit up, revealing her cultivation as a Soul Emperor.

All the spectators cheered when they saw her six soul rings. Previously, Wang Qiu’er had shown how dominant she was. Her aura was so suppressive that the spectators couldn’t catch their breath. Right now, Meng Hongchen showed that she wasn’t inferior to Wang Qiu’er, and managed to release everyone from Wang Qiu’er’s domination.

Meng Hongchen’s first and second soul rings shone concurrently, and an icy blue ring suddenly spread from Meng Hongchen’s feet. She had already made her mind up. Isn’t your attack very strong? Alright, I shall use my defense to slowly wear you down. No matter what, you’ll enter the domain of my Icevenom Ring. No matter how strong you are, you’ll still be poisoned if you don’t have the Ultimate Ice like Huo Yuhao. Even if I can’t beat you in this round, you’ll be unable to fight in the team round once my Vermillion Clear Icetoad’s poison acts up in your body. When that happens, the Sun Moon team will win!

Meng Hongchen was very clear-headed. Against someone like Wang Qiu’er, who was very adept at close-combat, she was the best weapon against her.

However, Meng Hongchen and even Zheng Zhan were stunned when Wang Qiu’er didn’t initiate an attack. As a close-combat soul master, she didn’t intend to advance. She took a step with her left foot, and her upper body made a a half turn. She lifted her Golden Dragon Spear to her shoulder with her right hand and stretched it out.

Meng Hongchen suddenly felt an indescribable and terrifying aura around her body. When she looked at Wang Qiu’er again, she saw Wang Qiu’er’s eyes glowing strangely, and her entire person seemed to turn blurry. The two tips of her spear were emitting blinding golden lights. The golden lights even condensed to form sparks that appeared extremely threatening. Wang Qiu’er’s entire body started to emit blinding golden lights.

A layer of golden scales spread from her spear and extended throughout her entire body. Very soon, the scales engulfed every part of her body except her face. Of her six soul rings, the first two were shining brightly.

Among all the spectators, only Huo Yuhao knew what they were. They were Wang Qiu’er’s first soul skill, Golden Dragon Body, and her second soul skill, Dragon’s Strength.

Not only this, but Huo Yuhao also knew that Wang Qiu’er had activated an innate ability of her Golden Dragon, the Golden Dragon’s Pride. She had raised the terrifying strength of her Golden Dragon to its limit, and even activated her Golden Dragon’s Perception. Huo Yuhao used his great spiritual power to sense everything that was going on, and discovered that there was a line connecting Wang Qiu’er and Meng Hongchen at this point.

Wang Qiu’er was like a volcano that was about to erupt right now. Her entire body was covered in intense, golden sparks. As the sparks grew more and more intense, her body was slowly being concealed by them. The golden sparks slowly consolidated to form the appearance of a huge golden dragon head. This golden dragon head let out terrifying roars.


Even though the entire Sun Moon team knew that Shrek's team leader was extremely strong, they hadn’t expected her to be THIS strong. Wang Qiu’er’s abilities were beyond what Meng Hongchen had imagined. She only felt that she had trouble breathing now, as if her entire body was being restrained by a tough yet invisible string. The terrifying feeling made her extremely breathless. It was like Wang Qiu’er’s spear was going to penetrate through her body in the next moment.

She didn’t hesitate any further. She quickly ended her first two soul skills, and an icy-blue suit of armor quickly covered her body. Her entire body was under the protection of this armor. This time, it wasn’t a weapon that appeared in her hands, it was an icy-blue shield.

It was at least a Class 6 or greater soul tool. Meng Hongchen felt slightly better for a moment, but she was horrified to discover that the golden dragon head formed by the sparks on Wang Qiu’er’s body was about to change into a true Golden Dragon.

She had been given too much time to accumulate her power.

Meng Hongchen made the wrong call because of what had  happened in the last round. She knew why she had made a mistake. This Wang Qiu’er was simply too cunning. She isn’t just strong; she even knew what I was thinking.

Meng Hongchen clenched her teeth, as she knew that Wang Qiu’er had almost finished accumulating her power. Once she erupted, it was bound to be a lethal attack.

Even Zheng Zhan was starting to get nervous. He wondered what effect Wang Qiu’er’s attack would bring about. The strength unleashed by the Golden Dragon Spear frightened him. Was it the kind of power that a Soul Emperor could unleash? Her spear wasn’t any form of soul tool, but its strength wasn’t lower than a Class 8 soul tool. No wonder Shrek Academy was the top academy in the world!

“Hoo...!” A low-pitched dragon roar sounded out, and the huge dragon head finally rose. The dazzling golden light formed its body, and its terrifying aura made everyone shudder.

Meng Hongchen took in a deep breath, and layer upon layer of icy-blue light started to rise from her body. However, they looked very insignificant compared to the glorious and terrifying gold from Wang Qiu’er.


This was Wang Qiu’er’s true ability! Wang Dong’er twisted her head to look at Huo Yuhao. She discovered that Huo Yuhao was watching very intently, but he wasn’t worried at all. He was only relieved.

“Hmph! Are you happy to see Qiu’er so strong?” Wang Dong’er asked softly.

“Yes!” Huo Yuhao subconsciously answered. However, he soon realized something wasn’t right, and quickly added, “I’m happy for Shrek that Qiu’er is so strong. It seems like they really have a chance today. I only hope that the referee will let them clash this one time. Qiu’er’s accumulation is simply too scary.”


A streak of golden light shot out just when the dragon roar was at its most resounding state. The huge Golden Dragon that had already risen into the air chased after the streak of golden light, and a terrifying golden glow instantly illuminated the entire stage. There was only one target.

“I concede defeat!” An unexpected scene occurred. Meng Hongchen grabbed her head with both her hands and quickly squatted down. At the same time, she activated her Invincible Barrier. As she screamed at the top of her voice, it was loud enough that she could break all the windows of a house if she were close enough.

Zheng Zhan was extremely tense. After hearing her scream, he acted immediately. A white barrier rose up and tried to stop the Golden Dragon Spear.

However, the streak of golden light was too strong, and instantly pierced through the barrier. Its speed didn’t decrease, and it continued to shoot forward.

The Golden Dragon that followed behind even tore the barrier to pieces.

However, Zheng Zhan stood in front of Meng Hongchen as it did. He formed a ring with both his hands in front of his chest, and a white shield appeared in the space before him.

When the streak of golden light was less than three feet from this shield, a hissing sound suddenly echoed through the air. Huge patches of distorted light started to spread with the shield as the center.

When the Golden Dragon sensed this, a terrifying roar sounded again. The entire stage became a frightening world where white and gold intersected.


Jing Hongchen couldn’t remain seated anymore. He stood up suddenly and watched the fight anxiously. His expression changed.

How’s this possible? How can Shrek Academy have such a strong competing member? He didn’t know how strong Wang Qiu’er’s Golden Dragon Spear was. However, he was very familiar with Zheng Zhan! The first barrier that Zheng Zhan enacted was a Class 7 defensive-type soul tool. It was strong and extremely resilient. It was a type of barrier that only Zheng Zhan possessed, that could resist any weapons that were flung at it.

However, that Class 7 soul tool could only briefly stop Wang Qiu’er’s attack before it was crushed. Right now, Zheng Zhan was using an extremely strong soul tool that he had relied on to become famous, the Divine Unbreakable Shield. It was a Class 9 soul tool! But from the looks of it, it didn’t seem like the shield had gained the upper hand. In terms of quality, it didn’t seem to be better than Wang Qiu’er’s streak of golden light, and the Golden Dragon that accompanied it.


Meng Hongchen’s face was very pale right now. She knew that if she hadn’t chosen to concede defeat, she would have faced this horrifying strike! Not only would she have been killed, she would have been obliterated!

The clash between gold and white lasted for a few moments before things died down. The streak of golden light also slowly revealed its original form… Wang Qiu’er’s Golden Dragon Spear!

Wang Qiu’er was still standing where she was, and as the light faded her figure was slowly revealed. As she moved her right hand, the spear turned into a streak of flowing light and returned to her palm. Her golden scales also faded away.

Zheng Zhan heaved a sigh of relief and lowered his head to look at the Divine Unbreakable Shield. He was horrified to find a slight indentation in the center of the shield!

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