Volume 27, Chapter 304.1: Wang Qiu'er Makes A Powerful Entrance

Xu Tianran was indeed the one who had planned the Holy Ghost Sect’s participation in this tournament. However, the Holy Ghost Sect was a sect of evil soul masters, formed by disciples of the Holy Ghost Church. It wouldn’t be a good thing if they were allowed to win the tournament, the people would be extremely unhappy. The reason why the Holy Ghost Sect was competing in this tournament was because they were here to deal with the Tang Sect, Shrek Academy, and even the Body Sect, who had yet to reveal themselves.

Their main mission was to remove all obstacles for the Sun Moon team. Xu Tianran had personally explained this plan to Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen. If they met the Holy Ghost Sect in the finals, they would be the champions.

Since his words were so obvious, it was very easy to tell what he was suggesting to the both of them.

Both Hongchen siblings knew what Xu Tianran expected. Today’s match was more important to them than the last tournament. After all, last time, they weren’t the core of the Sun Moon team then, even though they had lost to Shrek's team in the finals. They weren’t commanding their team, either! However, it was different this time. They were representing the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, the Illustrious Virtue Hall, their grandfather and the entire empire. They couldn’t afford to lose today’s match!

Xiao Hongchen sat down in the waiting area. Even though he knew that the current Shrek's team didn’t consist of the best talents from Shrek Academy, he was still very nervous. Their performances had been only so-so, and they didn’t really impress anyone that much. The only person worth taking notice of was their team leader. However, there weren’t any Soul Emperors apart from her. Compared to the Tang Sect, their abilities weren’t that impressive.

However, Xiao Hongchen’s heart felt very heavy today for some reason. It was like how he felt when they faced the Tang Sect. Don’t tell me this team is able to threaten us? If we can’t even beat a second-rate team, then…

As he thought until here, Xiao Hongchen couldn’t help but clench his fist. His fighting spirit soared.

“Elder brother, calm down,” Meng Hongchen said to him.

“Okay.” Xiao Hongchen took a look at his younger sister. This time, Wang Dong wasn’t their competitor anymore. Meng Hongchen was indeed very normal.

“Younger sister, let’s do our best today. We must win today.”

Meng Hongchen smiled. She was much more confident than Xiao Hongchen, “Elder brother, this is only Shrek's second-string team. Don’t worry, we’ll win for sure!”


The resting area...

Ever since Wang Qiu’er had left, Huo Yuhao had started to ponder a lot. He suddenly raised his head and said, “I understand now.”

Wang Dong’er was puzzled as she looked at him and asked, “What do you understand?”

Huo Yuhao said, “I know why Qiu’er came up with this lineup. Brilliant! The Sun Moon team is definitely in trouble today.”

Wang Dong’er gently strangled him and said, “Can you not be so mysterious?”

Huo Yuhao chuckled and replied, “If you let me kiss you, I’ll reveal everything.”

Wang Dong’er rolled her eyes. “It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me, but be careful tonight…”

Huo Yuhao snapped, “What are you going to do tonight? You are not even accompanying me to sleep now. Don’t tell me you are going to chase a cripple off the bed? Hmph!”

Wang Dong’er came up with a scheme, and revealed a captivating smile on her face. “If you can guess what I’m going to do, I’ll sleep with you tonight.”

“Really?” Huo Yuhao was delighted.

“Of course not. Even if you don’t tell me, I can watch and find out.” Wang Dong’er’s attitude suddenly changed completely, and Huo Yuhao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She was becoming more and more like a little witch. I regret this! Why did I let her regain her conscience? However, I kind of enjoy this feeling…

“Let’s see. Wang Qiu’er will be the first in the individual elimination round,” Huo Yuhao said so softly that only Wang Dong’er and the rest of the people from the Tang Sect could hear him.

Wang Qiu’er will be the first to fight? Everyone was confused. It didn’t make sense! With Wang Qiu’er’s status as the team leader, she should be the one holding the fort.

Just as they were full of doubts, Wang Qiu’er had already leapt up onto the stage and walked towards the center.

On the other side, a tall and large youth from the Sun Moon team also jumped up onto the stage. He hadn’t appeared when they had fought Tang Sect. Evidently, he was one of the substitutes.

“It’s indeed Wang Qiu’er. Yuhao, you are brilliant!” Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but exclaim.

Xu Tianran had an epiphany, “I understand too. In fact, Qiu’er should be the first to fight.”

It wasn’t just him who had realized what was going on. He Caitou’s eyes also had a look of revelation as he smiled. It was just that he didn’t utter a sound at all.

He Caitou and Huo Yuhao were already among the top six in the underground tournament. In the next round, the top three would be decided. It was tonight. If they made the top three, they could represent the Duskwater Alliance in the finals of the tournament between the three different organizations.

They had earned quite a lot of money in the first few rounds of the tournament. It was a pity, however, that they had only obtained some rare metals. While they had several million gold soul coins, they were useless if they couldn’t be used to purchase rare metals.

Number 96 and 98 were also in the top six. Huo Yuhao or He Caitou would face at least one of them. Huo Yuhao had met Gao Dalou again, but he hadn’t revealed his true identity. He was making Gao Dalou wait patiently. Huo Yuhao would only bring him back after the tournament ended. He wouldn’t be afraid to reveal his true identity then.

“Shrek's team versus the Sun Moon team. First fight of the individual elimination round. Both parties, please report your names.” The referee for today was still the Unbreakable Douluo. As he was very fair and left many competing teams satisfied, this Titled Douluo and Class 9 soul engineer personally refereed some of the more important fights.

Undoubtedly, there was no fight as important as the one between Shrek's team and the Sun Moon team!

Zheng Zhan was also troubled as he looked at the members from both sides. He knew about the enmity between Shrek's team and the Sun Moon team. This was a life and death battle! Neither party could afford to lose this match.

“Shrek, Wang Qiu’er.” Wang Qiu’er was still wearing a veil. Her powdery-blue hair flowed behind her back. Although her appearance couldn’t be seen, her large, beautiful eyes, as well as her captivating figure, still left a deep impression in everyone’s minds.

“Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, Ye Canshang.” While he was very tall and large, he didn’t have much flesh on him. He gave everyone the impression that he was a bag of bones. There was even a weird sense of eeriness about him.

“Both parties, please step back and prepare for the match.” Zheng Zhan instructed. He even skipped the part where he was supposed to ask both parties not to hurt the other party. He knew it was futile.

Wang Qiu’er turned around and walked to her position, and Ye Canshang did the same.

Wang Qiu’er stood at her position and watched her opponent. She squinted, and revealed a dim, mysterious light in her eyes.

Ye Canshang was also staring at her. However, he was smirking. His mouth suddenly enlarged, and he grinned so widely that his lips almost reached his ears. He revealed white teeth and blood-red gums. It was an awful scene.

If it was any ordinary lady, she would have screamed in fear. However, Wang Qiu’er looked very calm.

Zheng Zhan lifted his right hand up high and looked at both parties before shouting, “Match, start!”

Wang Qiu’er immediately moved when Zheng Zhan announced the start of the fight. Everyone heard a muffled sound coming from the stage.

The soundproofing barriers around the stage were unidirectional. The noises from outside couldn’t be heard inside, but the noises from the inside could be heard on the outside.

Wang Qiu’er burst forward like a golden cannon shell as the muffled sound reverberated out.

Wang Qiu’er was very ferocious in the earlier rounds, but she hadn’t gone too overboard. However, she revealed a different aura today.

Ye Canshang didn’t delay either. Two yellow and three purple soul rings rose from his feet. Following this, a black light flashed on his body. A black figure separated from his body and appeared in front of him. However, his soul rings were still on his body.

It was a black skeleton with an eerie aura. It had the same figure as Ye Canshang.

As Ye Canshang’s first soul ring shone, the skeleton doubled in size. Its bones also became thicker.

This was Ye Canshang’s martial soul, Skeleton. It was a skeleton that used his body as a blueprint. It was a very special existence. As a soul engineer, he didn’t need to lift any heavy weapons, he could just rely on his Skeleton! That was why he could handle a much heavier weight in a fight, at least a few times greater than a normal soul engineer. This wasn’t considered very useful for a soul master, but it was very practical for a soul engineer.

However, his opponent today was Wang Qiu’er!

After Ye Canshang unleashed his first soul skill, Skeleton Expansion, Wang Qiu’er had already arrived in front of him.

With the terrifying strength that Wang Qiu’er possessed, she could easily slide one hundred meters through the air.

A huge golden fist hurtled toward Ye Canshang’s head.

A dangerous gust of wind swept towards his face!

Ye Canshang only felt an uncomfortable feeling in his chest before golden lights shone brightly in front of him.

What’s this rhythm? It’s too quick. Isn’t she supposed to be an assault-type soul master? Why is she faster than an agility-type soul master?

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