Volume 27, Chapter 299.3: Eye of Fear

How is this possible? Cain was astonished. However, she had no choice but to resist the attack. She clawed at the air, creating a dark golden light projection. Her wings also opened to their maximum span behind her.

However, a cool hand pressed against her back just as she was about to use her strongest defense to resist this attack.

None of her team had expected such a huge change to occur. They would still have had a chance if Cain managed to destroy the Eye of Fear. However, Cain and Xu Sanshi’s positions were suddenly switched at the perfect moment.

At this point, Qin Yueyue completed her accumulation and slashed down with her blade. Her target was now Cain, who was momentarily lost after she switched positions with Xu Sanshi.

The cool hand contained the Snowless Glacier!

Cain knew she was in deep trouble.

Everything had happened too quickly. The Mysterious Underworld Displacement had the same effect as Instant Teleportation. Zheng Zhan thought he was seeing things as everything changed. There was no time to react.

Everyone from the Tang Sect knew that they had won. As this strike was unleashed, Huo Yuhao also completed another attack. Purplish-gold light flashed in his eyes before Xue Bing screamed pathetically from afar. He was already weakened, but his Martial Soul True Body was immediately dispelled under the attack of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock.

The Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron immediately divided into three separate cauldrons before the Cauldron Quake was unleashed on him. Xue Bing was locked in place. At this point, Jiang Nannan was already in front of him, and she kicked him in the chest. He was immediately overcome when Jiang Nannan got close to him.

Even Huo Yuhao believed that they had won this round. Furthermore, Cain was surely going to be killed under the combined attack of Qin Yueyue and the Snow Lady!

The Snowless Glacier could kill a Soul Sage, given enough time to accumulate. Cain was only a six-ringed Soul Emperor. The combination of the Mysterious Underworld Displacement and the Snow Lady was too strong.

However, something changed at this moment.

Cain’s body cracked as she was struck by the Snow Lady’s palm, before being hit by the blade lights. She instantly split into three parts, which flew off in three different directions.

These three figures turned into three dark-golden bats in the air.

One of the bats turned a deep blue after flying less than three meters. After that, it broke apart. The other two bats quickly flew in two different directions. One of them headed for Huo Yuhao, while the other flew towards Xue Bing, who was being restrained by Jiang Nannan.

What’s this? Huo Yuhao was also shocked.

The bat flying towards him had a wingspan of three meters. There was a dark-golden circular ring on its neck, and it screeched as it got close to Huo Yuhao. This screech caused Huo Yuhao to enter a momentary trance.

Following this, the back of the bat shone with a streak of bloody light. A projection that looked exactly like another bat appeared and plunged towards Huo Yuhao’s chest.

This skill was sixty to seventy percent similar to the Bloodshadow Human Puppet that Adler had used against Wang Dong’er!

Although Huo Yuhao was in a momentary trance, his reaction was still very quick. A huge, half-transparent light shield blocked his body.

The blood-red eyes of the bat seemed to be filled with disdain. Didn’t Wang Dong’er tell Huo Yuhao that the Bloodshadow Human Puppet was able to ignore any form of defense?

However, the body of the bat turned rigid in the next instant. The bloody red projection collided with the shield. It didn’t manage to penetrate through, and even staggered after it struck the shield.

Milky-white glows surfaced on the shield, and seemed to form a smiley face. Following this, an exact copy of the blood-colored bat projection was deflected away directly towards the dark-golden bat.

The dark-golden bat screamed in pain before creating a dim golden light projection behind it. This projection changed into spots of golden light that surged towards the shield.

To both parties, their opponent was using very weird abilities. Neither of them expected the other party to possess such abilities.

Cain escaped death, but she didn’t feel very well after being attacked repeatedly.

Wang Dong’er and the Snow Lady were still beside Huo Yuhao. The dark-golden bat was stalled for a while after it was hurt by the shield. This momentary delay offered time for Wang Dong’er’s Butterfly Goddess Slash to cut towards the bat. A huge ball of light instantly changed into a hundred and eight blades that surrounded the bat.

Another strange scene appeared again. The dark-golden bat blew apart again and changed into countless smaller bats that absconded in different directions, managing to escape from the very concentrated attack of the Butterfly Goddess Slash.

However, not all of them managed to escape, as a few of the smaller bats were still killed.

On the other side, the other dark-golden bat was in a much better situation. The Bloodshadow Human Puppet changed its target to Jiang Nannan, and she had no choice but to escape. Xiao Xiao directly used one of her cauldrons to cover Jiang Nannan, which blocked off the puppet’s attack. However, in doing so Cain also managed to alleviate Xue Bing’s crisis.

All these changes happened extremely quickly. Qin Yueyue only managed to retract her blade after Xue Bing had already been saved.

However, a streak of red light that exuded a terrifying aura descended from the sky at this moment. This time, its target was Qin Yueyue!

No matter how capable Cain was, she couldn’t save Qin Yueyue after she was repeatedly attacked and forced to save Xue Bing.

Zheng Zhan reacted again and blocked the attack for Qin Yueyue. At the same time, he announced her elimination. Two out of the original six members from the Clearjade Sect were eliminated!

It was the Eye of Fear’s turn to demonstrate its strength again, and after firing, it started to accumulate its strength again.

He Caitou also unleashed his attack. Countless soul rays and cannon shells were fired towards Xue Bing and Cain. On the other side, Xu Sanshi landed right in between Qing Qing and Chen Jun. This was going to be a clash between shields.


Their shields collided with a startlingly loud impact.

While Chen Jun’s shield was much bigger than Xu Sanshi’s shield, he was much inferior in terms of strength. After the collision, he took several steps back, very unsteady on his feet.

Qing Qing was alert, and quickly retreated. The lights released from her scepter were now directed at Chen Jun.

Xu Sanshi snorted, and his shield shone with a layer of black light. His entire body was also dyed black as his third soul ring shone brightly.

“Let me deal with these two!” With his abilities as a Soul Emperor, it would be very embarrassing if he couldn’t deal with two Soul Kings. He was once regarded, along with Bei Bei, as one of the new-generation Gemini of Shrek Academy!

Huo Yuhao didn’t rush to attack. He exploited He Caitou’s wide area attack, and all of them gathered together into their formation once again. 

Wang Dong’er replaced Xu Sanshi, while Xiao Xiao and Jiang Nannan were at her sides. He Caitou and Huo Yuhao were now behind her. Lastly, Na Na was behind Huo Yuhao now as she pushed his wheelchair in place of Wang Dong’er. From the start until now, Na Na hadn’t made a single move.

In fact, Na Na was a little unfamiliar in terms of her abilities and coordination with Shrek’s Seven Monsters. Huo Yuhao’s mission for her was to cover for everyone. If their opponents crept around the back side, her job was to slow them down.

“What martial soul is that?” Na Na asked.

Huo Yuhao shook his head. He was also unsure what Cain’s martial soul was. However, the result of this team round had already been decided. The only thing was that they hadn’t fully accomplished their goal yet. The Clearjade Sect team was definitely stronger than they had expected.

“Dong’er!” Huo Yuhao called out gently.

“Yes,” Wang Dong’er nodded gently in reply. Their minds connected, and she understood what he wanted even as he spoke.

An intense beam of golden light rose from Wang Dong’er’s body. Her upper body bent back, her waist supported her as she formed a bow shape with her body. She grabbed onto Huo Yuhao’s shoulders with her hands and did a handstand on his body. The rest of the Tang Sect quickly separated to the side.

The air seemed to freeze at this point. Countless streaks of blinding light started to spew out from Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er.

Time seemed to stop at this moment too.

The Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ golden-blue wings expanded rapidly. Almost instantly, their size doubled.

Originally, she only had front and rear wings, but right now, there was an additional pair of  jade-green wings in the middle. They were smooth, shiny, and dazzling. A strong aura of life came from this additional pair of wings, as if they were saying that the true meaning of life was light and water. Their aura of life complemented her aura of light.

As the dazzling wings opened up, blue, golden, and green lights seemed to shine with countless other colors. There seemed to be countless beads of gently rolling water on the wings. They refracted all the light shining from them. Countless streaks of light shone brightly, and layers and layers of frost were released as well, starting from the bottom of her feet. They made her slender figure appear even more elegant.

As the frost spread, everything around her seemed to turn into a world of ice and snow. As the chilly aura spread, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er’s fused body also started to shockingly transform. Huo Yuhao disappeared, and a slender figure quietly appeared amid the tri-colored glow.

It was a lady, a lady that seemed to have already matured, more than a hundred and eighty centimeters tall. Her slender figure was extremely captivating.

She had long, powdery-blue hair that flowed all the way to her feet. Her eyes were a bright gold, and her figure was beyond perfect. Her ravishing looks made all the ladies present pale in comparison. Every streak of light and every curve on her body complemented the other. No one could describe how they felt when they first saw her. However, everyone’s attention was captured by her the instant she appeared.

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