Volume 27, Chapter 299.2: Eye of Fear

As for a Class 9 Eye of Fear, one was rumored to exist only in the Sun Moon Empire’s secret weapons vault. No one knew how strong it was, as it had never been used in battle.

Creating a Class 7 Eye of Fear was already very complicated, as difficult as creating three ordinary Class 7 soul tools. While the offensive abilities of an Eye of Fear were quite strong, it had a great flaw in that it couldn’t lock onto its target. It was dependent on the aiming of the person who used it. If its target moved, it would be useless. It was very important to predict the movement of one’s opponent in order to use this soul tool well. Conversely, it wasn’t easy to predict the movement of an opponent who had to be dealt with using an Eye of Fear!

Along with the fact that it was very expensive and complicated to create an Eye of Fear, most Class 7 soul engineers were unwilling to make one.

Another major flaw of the Eye of Fear was that it was easily broken. It would break as long as it was accurately hit even once, and the strength required wasn’t high. Furthermore, an Eye of Fear couldn’t move once it rose into the air. It had gained a nickname after it was created. It was called the Terrifying Chicken Ribs!

However, this Terrifying Chicken Ribs managed to kick You Chen out of the team round. Otherwise, he would have been blown apart by its terror ray.

This attack along, with Wang Dong’er’s four Hexagram Arrays, was enough to defeat You Chen!

This was the teamwork of the Tang Sect team. After firing his Eye of Fear into the air, He Caitou revealed a grin. It was like it had nothing to do with him. He had a second, outer helmet on for the moment, and a control button in his hands. The button enabled him to position the Eye of Fear. As for aiming at You Chen, it was something that he didn’t need to worry about. With Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection helping him, the powers of the Origin of Destruction were bound to be enhanced to the limit by the Eyes of the Asura.


The huge Anaconda fell from the air and knocked into one side of the wall. Xu Sanshi lunged forward to block before sliding his body back by a meter. He managed to deflect Xue Bing away in that moment, and prevented him from disrupting their formation.

Xiao Xiao also acted at this point. Her black Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron instantly grew in size until it reached three meters in diameter. It fell from the sky and crashed down onto the head of the Anaconda True Body.

Wang Dong’er had just completed her four Hexagram Arrays and returned to Huo Yuhao’s side. Jiang Nannan didn’t move, and remained at Xu Sanshi’s side.

Na Na shifted, moving behind Xu Sanshi.

The front three of the Clearjade Sect also adjusted their positions. Qin Yueyue raised her blade up high under Qing Qing’s enhancement, and an intense blade light shot out, more than thirty feet in length. The armor on her body was also like a burning green sun. Her aura was soaring at an alarming speed.

Accumulation. She chose to accumulate her power now. While she only had five rings, the might of her attack would be extremely terrifying afterwards if given time to power it up.

 But the Tang Sect seemed to be unbothered by this.

A streak of deep blue sword light appeared like a bolt of lightning and struck the Anaconda True Body.

The Anaconda let out a pathetic scream, and a deep wound surfaced on it. Light shot out in all directions because of this. As Xue Bing activated his Martial Soul True Body, it naturally didn’t possess any blood. However, it was surging with soul power undulations! The sword light that struck it carried the strength of Ultimate Ice. Xue Bing was being suppressed!

The cute Snow Lady drifted up into the air. As she saw the Anaconda True Body, she seemed very scornful. The Snow Empress’ Three Ultimate Techniques – Unparalleled Chill, Empress’ Sword!

The Tang Sect was undoubtedly even more terrifying when they fought as a team. With Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, they easily suppressed their opponents.


Zheng Zhan sighed as he watched everything. The Tang Sect is too strong. It seems like the Sun Moon team was right to give up in the team round! Five against seven. They wouldn’t have been able to beat the Tang Sect, considering how strong and coordinated they are…


At this point, the Clearjade Sect was at a complete disadvantage. They hadn’t given their all yet, but they were already down one member. The rest of them were also being suppressed. Their earlier formation, which was quite strong, was of little value at this point. This left them like headless chickens.

Cain finally acted. When her team members were all in disastrous situations, she burst out like a shadow. She was extremely quick, far quicker than You Chen. As they saw her figure flash, she was already in the air above the Tang Sect team. As she lifted her hands, ten streaks of dark-golden light shot towards the Snow Lady. Not only that, but she also let out a high-pitched shriek.


Everyone in the Tang Sect jerked as one, and were slightly delayed as they tried to unleash their abilities.

Quick! Even Huo Yuhao hadn’t expected Cain to be so ferocious!

However, the Snow Lady wasn’t afraid. She wasn’t under Huo Yuhao’s control. She possessed her own intelligence, and the fighting capabilities of the Snow Empress.

Against the dark golden rays, her body swayed a little, and she flitted aside like a streak of deep blue light before brushing past them. At the same time, she moved to place her small palm on Cain’s chest.

The Snow Empress’ Three Ultimate Techniques – Empress’ Palm, Snowless Glacier. She immediately used her killer move.

The roar might have been effective on the Tang Sect members. However, how could it have any effect on the Snow Lady?

Cain didn’t continue fighting the Snow Lady. As her attack had no effect, she quickly shifted positions, too fast to be caught.

This time, she appeared above Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er. She clawed down at their heads.

As the team leader of the Clearjade Sect, Cain knew that Huo Yuhao was the one commanding the entire team, even though he seemed like he was the weak link by being in a wheelchair.

If he was removed, the Tang Sect’s coordination would be messed up. Whatever crisis Zheng Zhan could see, Cain could also see. To win this team round, she had to get rid of the brains behind the Tang Sect.

Dang, dang!

Two crisp sounds echoed out. Cain was stunned. Neither Huo Yuhao nor Wang Dong’er had blocked her attack! It was a big shield instead!

Cain’s fighting style was to immediately shift her position after she attacked. Otherwise, she would be in trouble once she was cornered by the Tang Sect. She didn’t hesitate at all, her figure flashing away as she returned to the air. This time, she opened up a pair of dark-golden wings behind her back, driving herself up towards the Eye of Fear above her.

At this point, the Eye of Fear had only charged for three seconds. She had chosen the perfect time. If she didn’t destroy it immediately, it could pose a threat to her entire team. None of them knew who its next target would be.

However, the weird thing was that no one from the Tang Sect stopped her. No one even tried.

After Xu Sanshi blocked Cain’s attack, he moved back in front of the entire team again. His shield was still in front of him, and he watched Qin Yueyue, who was almost done with her power accumulation. At this point, she was already targeting him.

Xu Sanshi had to be overcome first, no matter whether it was because he was a six-ringed Soul Emperor or because he was a defense-type soul master. In their previous clashes, neither Xue Bing nor Cain managed to make any headway because of him.

A weird smile appeared on Xu Sanshi’s face. Jiang Nannan shook her head gently when she saw that smile, and also started to act. She moved with a flash, and leapt forward diagonally. Her target was the Anaconda True Body of Xue Bing!

Huo Yuhao’s eyes shone with divine light. The Snow Lady returned to his side again, but she stopped behind Xu Sanshi’s back. She raised her small and delicate hands. Wang Dong’er could tell that rings and rings of icy-blue light were forming in the center of the Snow Lady’s right hand at a rapid rate. Was she… accumulating the power of her Snowless Glacier? What was she doing? The Snowless Glacier would only have sufficient effect if it struck the opponent directly!

However, Wang Dong’er was only a little doubtful. She was also drifting in the air under the guidance of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection. Streaks and streaks of Hexagram Arrays rose into the air as both parties fought each other. Their target was the Anaconda True Body.

Xue Bing was unfortunate. He had already been struck once by the Unparalleled Chill as he was careless. Right now, he could only try to maintain his Anaconda True Body. The intense pain and the Ultimate Ice were greatly diminishing his fighting strength.

While a Martial Soul True Body was strong, his was not a true Martial Soul True Body. As his abilities were diminishing, he also didn’t dare to face Wang Dong’er’s Hexagram Arrays directly. He was also afraid to rush forward. Xiao Xiao’s Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron coordinated with Wang Dong’er’s Hexagram Arrays to suppress him, preventing him from advancing any further.

At this point, Cain was already in front of the Eye of Fear. She reached out with her claws, about to destroy it. However, a weird feeling engulfed her body suddenly. Cain only felt the space surrounding her distorting furiously. Her claws found nothing. Following that, she realized a familiar yet frightening streak of green light was crashing down from the sky. Her head was its target!

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