Volume 27, Chapter 298.3: A Fake Martial Soul True Body!

Xiao Xiao’s cultivation could not compare to Xue Bing’s and hence, he was only trapped by Cauldron Seal for three seconds. However, in these three seconds, one could clearly see that the power of the anaconda had been severely weakened. This was the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron’s trademark ability to weaken its target’s soul power.

With much difficulty, Xue Bing was able to escape from Cauldron Seal. However, as he struggled, he felt a sense of disorientation. This was an inherent result of the suppressive power of the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron.

Xiao Xiao knew that her cultivation was not as good as her opponent’s. At this moment, there was no use holding back. The third, second, and first soul rings on her body all started to shine.

The first to activate was the third soul ring. The split Threelives Soulcrush Cauldrons suddenly grew massively, to the point where their diameters exceeded three meters. Following that, the first soul ring kicked into effect. The three cauldrons were simultaneously lifted thirty centimeters off the ground and then, they came crashing down simultaneously.

As a huge tolling sound rang out, three black halos of light started to spread, fusing at the center of the three cauldrons… right where Xu Bing, in the shape of an anaconda, was located.

Xu Bing, who had just regained control of his body, froze as the intense tremor hit him. Following that, he saw three cauldrons, almost as big as three small mountains, coming straight toward him from three different directions.

The first soul skill of the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron was Cauldron Quake, the second one was Cauldron Sweep, and the third one was Cauldron’s Might. After the fourth soul skill, Cauldron Seal, was activated, these three soul skills were used almost back-to-back by Xiao Xiao. Her control of her soul skills was godly.

With Cauldron’s Might, the three Threelives Soulcrush Cauldrons attacked. Even as a Soul Emperor, Xue Bing spat out a mouthful of blood after he was hit by the three cauldrons. Evidently, he was rather severely injured.

At this moment, he saw Xiao Xiao make a face at him as she said, “I admit defeat!” With that, she turned and ran off.

I won? Even if it was a victory, he felt a profound sense of injustice! When Xue Bing returned to his human form, his face was so dark that it was no different than if he had lost. However, the Unbreakable Douluo was already in front of him, and he couldn’t do anything even if he wanted to. He remembered the example of his teammate earlier on.

Xiao Xiao jumped down from the arena and said, “Yuhao, I didn’t finish my task.”

Huo Yuhao chuckled and said, “No, you have done it very well.” As he said that, he looked at the arena once more, and then said in a loud clear voice, “Referee, we decide to forgo the individual elimination round and hope we can progress straight into the group round, could you kindly allow it?”

Forgo the individual round? This is the perfect chance to score points! Are they afraid of Xue Bing, who can use his Martial Soul True Body?

Many observers thought this way too, as they would never have imagined that they would be able to witness such power in a group of soul masters and soul engineers below the age of twenty. This was unbelievable!

Zheng Zhan nodded and said, “The Tang Sect forgoes the individual round. In the individual elimination round, the Tang Sect earns four points while the Clearjade Sect earns seven points. Both sides are permitted one minute of rest to prepare for the group round.”

Those in the crowd who did not understand thought that the Tang Sect feared their opponent’s Martial Soul True Body. However, those who were more discerning realized that Huo Yuhao had made an excellent decision.

With Xue Bing’s power, he could possibly win one or two rounds, but was the Tang Sect weaker than the Clearjade Sect? Xu Sanshi had yet to fight, and he had also demonstrated the cultivation of a six-ringed Soul Emperor. Despite Xiao Xiao conceding defeat in the previous round, was it really defeat? She managed to massively drain Xue Bing’s power, and if they moved straight into the group round like this, it would be impossible for Xue Bing to recover all his power. Furthermore, only six members of the Clearjade Sect could participate. Among them, You Chen and Qin Yueyue had lost, and they were both drained. Under these circumstances, the Tang Sect would have a comparative advantage in the group round. Five of their team members had yet to take part, and were all fresh.

Points-wise, it was only a consolation for the weaker team. For a team that could dominate completely in this competition, it was nothing. When Huo Yuhao said that he wanted to abandon the individual round and move straight into the group round, it was clear that he no longer cared about these points. Coupled with the fact that they had already beaten the team from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, they would be able to enter the top eight as long as they could beat the Clearjade Sect.

One minute was not a lot of time. Soon, the members of both teams went onto the arena. They looked at each other, and the atmosphere instantly turned severe.

The captain of the Clearjade Sect finally appeared. This was the first time she had appeared since she took part in the tournament. She still donned her mysterious black robes and covered her face. However, an icy-cold aura was being emitted from her body in the direction of Wang Dong’er. Taking into account that Adler was her brother, this enmity was set in stone.

Huo Yuhao poked fun at Wang Dong’er next to him and said, “It appears that your charisma doesn’t always work for you. Look, this female captain doesn’t seem to like you that much!”

Wang Dong’er snorted and said, “That is because I have yet to use the thirty-six tricks I have up my sleeves! If not, who knows what may happen? After all, I didn’t kill her brother. He drank my blood to replenish himself and then blew up.”

Huo Yuhao chuckled. He too was curious. Why does Wang Dong’er’s blood have such power? In other words, if Adler dared to drink her blood, he should be able to break it down, so why did he die from it?

The Unbreakable Douluo stood at the center and beckoned both teams forward.

As they approached each other, the Tang Sect could clearly sense the chilling aura of the captain of the Clearjade Sect.

Zheng Zhan said in a heavy tone, “The competition is about to start. Both of you have many people on your teams and hence, I can’t afford to look after every single one of you. Once again, let me remind you that this is only a competition. You only live once, so please cherish your own lives, as well as the lives of your opponents.”

As he said that, he turned to look at the captain of the Clearjade Sect and said, “It’s regretful that your brother died. At the same time, I wish to apologize to you for failing to protect him. However, he was not killed by Wang Dong’er. I think you know better than me why he exploded.”

The captain of the Clearjade Sect did not respond. She continued to give Wang Dong’er her death stare.  

“Can the participants from both sides please state your names, starting from the Clearjade Sect.”

“Clearjade Sect, Qin Yueyue.”

“Clearjade Sect, You Chen.”

“Clearjade Sect, Chen Jun.”

“Clearjade Sect, Qing Qing.”

“Vice-Captain of the Clearjade Sect, Xue Bing.” Xue Bing’s face was pale as he stared at Xiao Xiao. He knew the taste of being hit consecutively by four of Xiao Xiao’s soul skills!

The Clearjade Sect captain was the last to open her mouth. In her raspy, icy-cold and feminine voice, she said, “Clearjade Sect, Cain.”

Cain? What an odd name. Among the two other members of the Clearjade Sect who had yet to take part, Chen Jun was a tall youth and Qing Qing was a plain-looking girl with a nice body.  

“Tang Sect, Huo Yuhao.”

“Tang Sect, Wang Dong.”

“Tang Sect, Xu Sanshi.”

“Tang Sect, He Caitou.”

“Tang Sect, Jiang Nannan.”

“Tang Sect, Xiao Xiao.”

“Tang Sect, Na Na.”

The seven members of the Tang Sect reported their names. Before the match even began, the tension between the two sides appeared capable of igniting the very air.

For the Tang Sect, this was one of the strongest teams they had met since they took part in this Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Tournament. To them, this was a test, especially for Huo Yuhao as their captain.

“Both teams, step back.”

The two teams slowly moved back. Wang Dong’er continued pushing Huo Yuhao’s wheelchair, and hence spoke to no one as she walked slowly away. They could clearly sense that Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection was joining all of them into a singular entity, like a huge net that enveloped the entire arena. In the mind of every member of the Tang Sect, they all had a bird’s-eye view of the entire arena.

When they approached their respective corners of the arena, the two sides started to line up.

On the Clearjade Sect’s side, Qin Yueyue, who had battled against Xiao Xiao, stood at the forefront. On Qin Yueyue’s left was Chen Jun, and on her right was Qing Qing. Behind her stood the powerful Xue Bing. Cain stepped behind Xue Bing, and You Chen stood behind Cain. Evidently, he was ready to attack with his astounding speed.

On the Tang Sect’s side, Xu Sanshi, who always played a defensive role, stood at the front. To his left stood Xiao Xiao, and to his right stood Jiang Nannan. Behind Xu Sanshi was He Caitou, and behind He Caitou was Wang Dong’er and Huo Yuhao. Na Na stood all the way at the back.

The two formations both sides took up were not conventional, but they were well-coordinated.

Zheng Zhan, the Unbreakable Douluo, looked at both sides. Even with his cultivation, he felt a sense of pressure in his heart. After all, no one knew what the result of this competition would be. These youngsters were not only exceptionally strong, but devious as well! He could not manage the entire arena by himself. After all, five-ringed and six-ringed soul masters were already considered the crème de la crème! 

He forced these thoughts out of his mind and looked at both teams. He raised his left hand and cried out, “Begin!” as he chopped down.

With this, both teams started to move immediately. While the Clearjade Sect only had six people, they were undoubtedly going on the offensive.

Qin Yueyue, who stood at the front, was now supported by her teammates. Her entire body brimmed with strength as she unleashed her Broadsword martial soul. She advanced rapidly, and almost instantly her entire body was covered with a thick layer of armor.

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